G052. 倒置

G052. 倒置
What is this?
Have you a pen?
“Good morning, Mr Brown,” said he.
Said the policeman, “Come, say no more.”
(c)条件を示す if が省略された文
Were I a bird, I would be flying in the air. (= If I were a bird, ... )
Had he been your friend, he would have helped you.
(d)there, here を用いて存在を示す構文
Here are some desks.
There lived an old monkey.
(e)古英語での命令文・願望文(現代では祈願文には may を使う)
Listen you to me.
Long live the King!
(f)so, neither, nor で始まる文
So did I.
I did not see him. Neither did she.
What a fine study you have!
How tall you are!
(h)the 比較級 + the 比較級
The smaller it is, the more expensive it is.
All stopped talking. Come the steps up the stairs!
Give up I never could!
He made a fortune: this he did without any difficulty.
That you should put into practice first of all.
He came first; that I know.
Who came to settle here first, we don’t know.
Scientist he was not!
Bright it was with all these beautiful flowers!
Great was her surprise when she heard the news.
He now had enough money, and nothing else did he want.
Blessed are the poor in heart.
Mysterious is man and wife.
Up went the kite!
Carefully and with great caution they proceeded.
Happily did they lived together!
Away went the cars at full speed!
Little did his father dream that he should meet his son again!
Out they ran.
Off ran the dog like a shot!
Not even a day can we live without water.
Never have I seen such a tall tree.
Never passed a day without his father coming to see him.
Not till then did he realize the value of friendship.