William Morris Gallery Schools engagement project brief

William Morris Gallery Schools Engagement Project
The William Morris Gallery is seeking to appoint a consultant/s or organisation to deliver this project
working closely with the William Morris Gallery Learning team.
Since reopening in 2012 over 8300 school students have visited the William Morris Gallery – many of
whom have participated in a successful programme of artist-led workshops. The Gallery is keen to
ensure that all Waltham Forest schools have the opportunity to benefit from the Gallery’s resources
so is establishing this schools audience development project as part of its HLF funded programme
.Analysis of our visitor statistics shows that there are 28 state-funded primary schools and six
secondary schools who have never visited the William Morris Gallery.
Overall aims:
1) To build on and improve communications with Waltham Forest schools to ensure that every
school in Waltham Forest is aware of the gallery’s schools offer and Arts Award programme
2) To offer 10 schools who have not attended the gallery since reopening in 2012 a free outreach
visit and subsequent artist- led workshop in the gallery, specifically targeting LBWF schools
beyond the E17 postcode.
3) Through evaluation identify the main barriers to attendance and factors that would encourage
1) Carry out an email /telephone survey of non-attending schools to identify
A named contact responsible for organising visits for future mailings
Barriers to visiting to date
If/how a William Morris visit could support their current curriculum in Art &
If they want to be considered for the free workshop programme
2) Building relationships
If more than 10 subscribe the consultant will need to create a selection process and
also a project agreement with the head teacher with cancellation clause to ensure
commitment to a ‘free’ offer.
Run a network event at the gallery for named teachers of schools interested in
participating to promote the gallery’s offer.
Ensure that the Learning Team have a named contact for every non- engaging
Waltham Forest school for future mailings
3) The workshop programme
This will be delivered by arrangement with WMG’s regular team of freelance artists.
Each outreach visit should consist of a 10-15 minute presentation at a staff meeting
wherever possible plus 2 hours of practical activity delivery to pupils. The consultant will
need to timetable this with the school and the freelancers
The consultant will arrange a training/planning meeting for freelance team and Learning
officer to agree presentation and workshop content. Where possible the Learning Officer
will also attend the staff meeting presentations at the schools.
The gallery workshop will normally be a two-hour artist-led session taken from the regular
4) Evaluation
The consultant will set up simple user friendly evaluation for the outreach and gallery
workshops and attend a small number of visits to monitor their effectiveness – Evaluations
will include an assessment of the likelihood of future visits. The evaluation framework
should be agreed with the WMG Learning Officer.
This should be summarised in a final report which should also include summary of the initial
telephone survey identifying barriers to visits and whether William Morris visit fit with their
curriculum. The Gallery is currently undertaking some audience research with a teachers’
focus group through the Audience Agency. The consultant will have access to these findings
and can build on these where relevant.
The final report should be no more than 6 sides of A4 including an analysis of the evaluation
5) Budget
There is a project fee of £2100 to cover 10 days of consultancy time.
There is a further budget of £3000 to cover all the costs of the 10 outreach + gallery visits including
planning, travel and materials.
The consultant would provide regular budget reports to the Learning Officers
6) Time frame
The ten outreach and gallery visits should be completed by the end of the summer term.
The draft evaluation report and final financial summary to be submitted by 31 September
with final version completed by October 15th 2015.
7) Consultants Specification
The consultant/s /organization would need to demonstrate:
At least 5 years’ experience of successfully organising arts activities within an educational
An understanding of the National Curriculum at both primary and secondary level and of the
role of museums and galleries in supporting and enriching this
An understanding of the William Morris Gallery and an enthusiasm for promoting its work to
Experience of working with and commissioning artists
Experience of providing effective project reporting and evaluation
Efficient project management skills including use of IT, excel
Good communication skills to negotiate and manage the different requirements of schools
and artists
An ability to represent the Gallery, and to effectively promote our services acting on behalf
of the Learning Officer
A valid DBS check
 Knowledge of schools and arts networks in Waltham Forest
Please submit an application via pro-contract
This should include
1) a CV or organization profile identifying the individual/s from the organisation who would be
responsible for delivering the work
2) A cover letter outlining how the consultant meets the specifications quoting examples of
practice where appropriate
3) A proposed project plan with time frame and milestones based on information provided
Applications should be submitted by 5pm 16 January. Selection will be by interview on Friday 23
January so that work can begin on the project by the beginning of February.
If you have any questions please contact us via Pro-contract.