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Gulf Daily News Wednesday, 14th January 2015
Chuckle Club, Rugby and
Football Club, Saar, 8.30pm.
Call 36663509.
Activities at the British Club, Adliya, cardio mash, 9am-10am (members and guests), bridge 1pm-7pm
(members and guests), squash section 6pm-8.40pm (members and
guests), darts 7.30pm (members
and guests), library 9.30am-3.30pm
(members only). Call 17728245 for
more information.
Ballet beginners adult
and private class, Ballare School of Performing Arts, Saar, 9.30am10.30am;
10.30am-11.30am; IDTA
ballet prep, IDTA modern jazz prep/primary,
hop (16+ years), modern
jazz grade 1/2, 4.30pm5.30pm; ballet primary/
grade 1, contemporary
5.30pm6.30pm; commercial theatre (13+ years), street
dance (ages 11+ years),
adult ballet, 6.30pm7.30pm; pointe class,
7.30pm-8.30pm. Piano
lessons. Call 17300021
for information.
Classes for all ages, Victoria
Dance, Hamala and Um Al
Hassam - ballet, tap, modern
jazz, hip hop, break dance,
contemporary, stretch, combat, bokwa, river dance,
singing, guitar, piano, musical theatre and dance fusion. Call 39876215 for more
Bahrain Ballet Centre classes held at Royal Country
Club, Riffa, beginners
ballet, 3.15pm-4pm, primary ballet, 4pm-4.45pm,
Grade 1, 4.45pm-5.30pm.
Piano classes held at Budaiya and Marina Club.
Call 17750777 for more
Ballet classes, Life in Music
school, Sanad, 4pm-7pm.
Call 36798866.
Dance classes, Harmony
Music Gate, street dance
advance (10-17 years),
4.30pm-5.30pm, creative
movement (3-5 years),
3.30pm-4.30pm. Hip-hop,
jazz, contemporary, musical instruments classes, karate classes and art
classes, 9am-7pm. Call
13622112 or 36464360 for
more information.
Bollywood dance classes,
Bollywood Steps, Ramli
Mall second floor, behind
Sharaf DG, next to Al Gosaibi gym, 10am-9pm. Call
39323453 for more information.
BSB Academy of Performing Arts, Hamala, individual classes in piano,
violin, viola, cello, guitar, bass, voice, flute,
clarinet, oboe, bassoon,
trumpet, trombone and
French horn and group
classes in music theory,
Royal Country Club, belly dancing (ladies)
9am and 6pm, freeletics (mixed) 11am, spinning (mixed) 6pm, Nia (mixed) 7pm. Junior
Classes, beginners ballet (3-5 years old) 3pm,
primary ballet (6-8 years old) 3.45pm, Grade
2 ballet (9-12 years old) 4.30pm. Call
“Well, accord
The American Women’s Association
(AWA) is a non-profitable organisation
with an active member base consisting
of a variety of nationalities. Visit www. for more information
on becoming a member and being part
of a vibrant group of women.
to Google Im
voice, speech and drama, Afro-Arabic drumming and exploring instruments course. Group
classes - little voices,
LAMDA speech and drama, exploring instruments, mini music makers, junior percussion,
drum circle, vocalzone,
twinkle toes and musical mayhem. Visit Facebook page http://www. f Pe r f o r m i n g A r t s B S B
or call 17610943 or
17610973 for more information.
Albareh Art Gallery, Adliya,
9am-5pm. Call 17717707.
Studio Ceramics, off Budaiya Highway, 9.30am-6pm.
Drop in for painting, book
for special crafts, summer
school camp, and birthday parties. Visit www. or call
Oil painting, pastels, water-
ages it’s not
a catapult.”
colour, and acrylic classes,
Ella Art Gallery, Adliya, 9am1pm and 3.30pm-8pm. Call
17292815 or 39073299.
Creative classes by Art
Lounge with Marion, Yathreb Garden, house number 4, opposite Saar Music
Centre, Saar. E‐mail [email protected] to
register or call 39212060
for more information.
Saudi artist Faisal Samra’s
private gallery, House 64,
Road 4102, Block 341, Juffair. Open to the public by
appointment only. Call Mr
Samra on 39645994.
a d u l t s , teens
and chil- d r e n
by Alexandra
Palitra Studio. Visit
palitra for more in-
The Association Francophone de
Bahrain (AFBH) is a non-profitable
organisation consisting of members
of all nationalities, whose common
interest is the use and practice of the
French language through a large number
of morning and evening activities. Visit or call 33403763 to become a member or for more information.
FC Toastmasters Club meeting, Pars International Hotel, 8pm to 10pm. Open to Filipinos
interested in developing their communication and leadership skills. Call 39422723.
The Pakistani Women’s Association’s Crafts
Club - free of charge, Janabiyah Gardens
Recreation Centre, Janabiyah highway,
9.30am-11.30am. Contact Saadia on
36742723 or Naheed on 33340605 for
more information.
Amigos kids’ activities, Dilmun Club, Saar,
5pm-6pm. Call 17690926.
Children’s classes, My Gym Children’s Fitness Centre, Seef, waddlers, 9.30am10.30am; gymsters, 10.45am-11.45am;
practice and play, 11.45am-12.30pm;
tiny tykes, 3.30pm-4.15pm; mighty
mites, 4.30pm-5.30pm; practice and play,
5.30pm-6.15pm. Call 17566566 for more
Developmental kinesiology for children with
special needs, learning and behavioural difficulties and adult stress management. Brain
Body Dynamics, Ola Tower, Sanabis, 9am to
5pm, by appointment only. Call 38880188 or
Enrichment classes for children, Bright Beginnings, Adliya, dance, 3.30pm-4.15pm.
Call 17710405.
Bahrain Society for the Prevention of Cruelty
to Animals (BSPCA) sanctuary, Askar, 9am5pm. Those interested in adopting pets,
walking dogs or volunteering, Call 17591231.
Rescued animals will be accepted 24 hours a
Seventh Day Adventist, Sabbath Service, St
Christopher’s Cathedral, Manama, 9pm.
Call 36451764 or 39094260 for location.
Alcoholics Anonymous, American Mission
Hospital, 7.30pm–9pm. Call 17530020 or
ACOA (adult children of alcoholics) meeting, Amwaj, 7pm. Call Dr Anne on
Toddler art class, art toddies free play, Saar,
10am-8pm. Call 39789878 or 39965338 for
Tony the Dogfather and CSBPA relocated animal rescue centre in Saar. Call
39629889 or 33363352 for more information on rescuing, sponsoring, adopting,
walking, volunteering or donations.
Keyboard, guitar, tabla, drums, violin, light and
carnatic music, drawing and painting, clay
modelling, cinematic and classical dance,
karate, yoga and chess classes, Kalabhavan
music and arts training centre, Adliya, 4pm8pm. Call 17717271.
Party Bridge Club, male/female, partners/singles. Contact [email protected]
Classical dance classes, 7pm-8pm, Kerala
Catholic Association, Segaiya.
Call 39300835.
Chess classes, group and personal training, by international chess master. Call
33266677 for directions and information.
Art classes on how to re-
cycle household waste into art,
The Green Scene, Hoora. Call
Vrushali on 33839227 for more
Birds Kingdom bird sanctuary, Amwaj Islands, 9.30am-5pm.
Closed Mondays. Call 16030597.
Al Kurar House for traditional handicrafts, Muharraq, 8am1pm and 4pm-6pm. Call 17320955 or 17322549.
Wahooo! water park (heated to 30 degrees), Bahrain City
Centre Mall, Seef, opens at 11am. Entry BD11 for those
over 1.2m tall, BD7 for others, BD4 for children under
three. Visit or call 17173000 for the
weekly schedule.
Iqra’a Children’s Library, Muharraq, 8am-1pm and 4pm-7pm.
Call 17320955 or 17322549.
Sightseeing and city tours in Bahrain, Aradous tours, 8am-8pm.
E-mail [email protected] or call 36788001 for more
Full and half-day sightseeing tours of Bahrain, Farhat International Tours and Travels, Manama, 9am-1pm. Call
36313142 or 17216411.
Dolphin watching trips, boat trips, Al Dar Island beach resort,
off Sitra Coast, 9am-5pm. Call 17704600.
Al Areen Wildlife Park and Reserve, 9am-4pm. Call
Ahmed Al Fateh Mosque (Grand Mosque) visit programme,
every 30 minutes from 9am-4pm. Visits are put on hold during prayer times. No prior appointments needed unless big
groups or special arrangements are required. Call Farahat Al
Kindy on 17727773, 39734440 or fax 17729695.
Bahrain National Museum, 8am-8pm. Call 17298777.
Al Jasra Handicrafts Centre, Al Jasra, 8am-2pm. Call 17611900.
Saar Islamic Centre Mosque, visit by prior appointment
only, Call 17727773 or fax 17729695.
Beit Al Jasra (Al Jasra House), Al Jasra village, towards Saudi
Causeway, 7am-2pm. Call 17611454.
Shaikh Isa bin Ali’s house, Muharraq, 9am-6pm. Call
Shaikh Ebrahim Bin Mohammed Al Khalifa Centre for Culture and Research, Muharraq, 8am-1pm and 4pm-7pm. Call
Mohammed Bin Faris Music House, Muharraq, 8am-1pm
and 4pm-7pm. Call 17322549 or 36619038.
Full and half-day tours of Bahrain, 8am onwards. Call 36654246
or 77080111.
The Craft Industries
Development Centre,
Isa Al Kabeer Avenue,
opposite Police Fort,
Manama, 7am-2pm.
Call 17254688.
Industry and Commerce,
Seef, 7.30am-1.30pm.
Exhibition - ‘In Dialogue’, The Waterline Gallery, Bahrain
17102600 for more
infor mation.
Permanent stamps exhibition, Postal Directorate, Transportation
Call 17523403.
Group and individual
art and design classes for adults at artist
Marianne Pasman’s
private gallery, Saar.
Call 39922642 to arrange appointments.