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Speedreading – RD115
Marie Maguire-Cook
E-mail address: [email protected]
Office: G-119
Course Description: This class teaches an effective speed-reading process. It also
develops skills needed to become a more intelligent reader and a more accomplished
student. These skills include speed studying, speed researching, recognition of the writing
structures of fiction, various types of non-fiction, and critical reading. This course is
Course Prerequisites: RD30 or college-level reading skills as determined by Placement
test score.
Required text and materials:
Speed Reading Naturally, 2nd edition, Lillian P. Wenick
Report folder with 4 dividers
(Optional but highly recommended) Inexpensive stop watch &
Expected Outcome
Triple current reading speed
Assessment Method
AK – Demonstrates ability to Posttest score at triple the
transfer learning in familiar pretest score
and unfamiliar contexts in
order to complete tasks.
Improve reading
AL 2 - Puts forth the time
and effort necessary to
70% or better score on
comprehension tests and/or
accurate inclusion of major
fiction elements such as
plot, time and characters.
Define and demonstrate
knowledge of speed-reading
AL- 4 Pursues goals by
creating strategies over
Completion of required
number of assigned novels
Grading The course is a letter graded class. It is anticipated that you will receive an
“A”, however; there are certain requirements in order for you to receive an “A”:
The “A” student will miss a maximum of 3 class sessions.
The “A” student will submit his/her portfolio on the assigned dates for midterm and final evaluation.
The “A” student’s portfolio will be submitted in a neat, organized manner
with all required work included.
The “A” student will complete 5 additional reading assignments and 5 novels
along with the comprehension questions.
Your grade for this course will go down in direct proportion to the number
of class sessions you miss as well at the number of portfolio entries missed,
and the orderliness and organization of your portfolio.
Academic Honesty – “Cheating, plagiarism, and other acts of academic dishonesty
are regarded as serious offenses. Instructors have the right to take action on any
suspected acts of academic dishonesty. Depending on the nature of the offense,
serious penalties may be imposed, ranging from loss of points to expulsion from the
class or college.”
Classroom Behavior – “Expectations for classroom behavior are outlined in the
Student Code of Conduct, available in the catalog, schedule, and online. Students
may not engage in any activity which the instructor deems disruptive or
counterproductive to the goals of the class. Beepers, pagers, cellular phones can
be a nuisance and are not to be brought into the classroom. Instructors have the
right to remove students from class for not following the Code of Conduct or
other specified classroom rules.”
Americans with Disabilities Act – “Students with a documented disability that may
require assistance should contact the Disability Services Office for coordination
of your academic accommodations. The Disability Services Office can be reached
by calling 541-245-7537 in Medford or 541-956-7337 in Grants Pass.
Smoking Restrictions – The Rogue Community College Board of Education policy on
Smoking is “Smoking is not permitted on the premises of Rogue Community College
except in designated areas. This includes electronic cigarettes. For more
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