MCI 2014-15 English Homework 6

Licence MCI 2014-15
English Homework 6
Friday, January 9 @ 6pm to be sent to [email protected]
A) Comparative and superlative forms. (23 points)
1. Read the situations and complete the sentences. Use a comparative form. (6pts)
Licence MCI 2014-15
2. Complete the sentences. Use a superlative or a comparative. (10pts)
3. Write a new sentence with the same meaning. (7pts)
B) Telephoning expressions. (17 points)
1) 10 points
a. Anke Schmidt works at JKL Consulting in Stuttgart. Listen to these two phone calls she receives and say
in which:
the caller gets through.
the caller leaves a message.
the caller gives his or phone number.
Anke says she will ring back.
Anke says she will ask a colleague to ring back
b. Now listen again and write down the two messages.
Don’t forget to download the answer sheet to find out how to organize your answers!
Licence MCI 2014-15
2) 7 points