Community Information System (CIS) Support Assistant
Knockbracken Healthcare Park
Band 3
ICT Service Development Manager
RESPONSIBLE TO: Co-Director for ICT and Telecommunications.
The Community Information System (CIS) is a person centred community
information system that has been implemented within the South East
community area of the Belfast Trust and is now to be rolled out to the North
and West community area. The post holder will be responsible for providing
first level support to CIS users of all levels and experience and this will
include new users to the system.
The CIS support assistant will ensure that all relevant policies and service
desk procedures are followed, that work is undertaken according to
priorities and predetermined standards and that other team members
update the service desk system as necessary.
Main Duties/Responsibilities
1. To complete tasks assigned by the CIS Service Desk Team Leader,
ensuring that these are carried out in accordance with appropriate
protocols and procedures and ensuring that appropriate quality
standards are maintained at all times.
2. To work as a member of the CIS Service Desk Team in order that the
team delivers a prompt and knowledgeable service to keep any
downtime of the CIS to a minimum.
3. To manage user expectations in accordance with relevant Service
Level Agreements (SLAs) and Trust priorities.
4. To participate in the operation of the service desk system within the
CIS service desk team. This will include the completing assigned
incidents and work requests, ensuring that relevant protocols and
procedures are adhered to and any incidents and work requests
assigned to other Service Groups and/or third parties are followed up
and closed in a timely manner. The CIS support assistant will work to
ensure that response time and resolution time objectives are met as
defined in appropriate SLAs.
5. To attend training sessions in the use of the service desk system and
ensuring that all appropriate documentation is maintained and there
is ongoing compliance with all HSC and Trust policies and procedures.
6. To comply with all relevant legislation, policies and procedures for
data security and confidentiality, in order to preserve the integrity of
all trust information and prevent the unauthorised access to Trust
information systems. The post holder will liaise with other sections
and departments as necessary in the reporting and managing of
security incidents.
7. To follow all specified quality standards, processes and procedures
(e.g. ITIL) in order that information reports generated from the
service desk system are timely, relevant and accurate.
8. To assist as required, in data input, data quality activities, run crystal
reports and assist in resolving any queries which may arise from the
9. To liaise as required with all third party hardware, software and
service providers, as well as clinics and GP practices, ensuring
compliance with all relevant service level agreements and/ or /
10. To participate in any service desk rota to ensure that the Paris
Support function is attended to all times, particularly during holiday
Risk Management
11. To ensure that all identified risks are reported to the service desk
team leader and that relevant health and safety procedures are
followed at all times.
12. To assist the team leader in achieving the required level of Controls
Assurance compliance and that all Controls Assurance documentation
is competed in a timely manner.
Personal Development
13. To ensure a personal commitment to maintaining a high quality of
service to users through continual development of practice
14. To formulate, in conjunction with the Service Desk Team Leader, a
personal development plan to identify and address personal
development needs.
15. Any other duties as may be assigned by the Service Desk Team Leader
General Responsibilities
Employees of the Trust are required to promote and support the mission and
vision of the service for which they are responsible and:
– At all times provide a caring service and to treat those with whom they
come into contact in a courteous and respectful manner.
– Demonstrate their commitment by their regular attendance and the
efficient completion of all tasks allocated to them.
– Comply with the Trust’s Smoke Free Policy.
– Carry out their duties and responsibilities in compliance with the Health
and Safety Policies and Statutory Regulations.
– Adhere to Equality and Good Relations duties throughout the course of
their employment.
– Ensure the ongoing confidence of the public in-service provision.
– Maintain high standards of personal accountability.
– Comply with the HPSS Code of Conduct.
Records Management
All employees of Belfast Health & Social Care Trust are legally responsible for
all records held, created or used as part of their business within the Belfast
Health and Social Care Trust, including patient/client, corporate and
administrative records whether paper based or electronic and also including
e-mails. All such records are public records and are accessible to the general
public, with limited exceptions, under the Freedom of Information Act 2000,
the Environment Regulations 2004 and Data Protection Act 1998. Employees
are required to be conversant with the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust
policy and procedure on records management and to seek advice if in doubt.
Environmental Cleaning Strategy
The Trusts Environmental Cleaning Strategy recognizes the key principle that
“ Cleanliness matters is everyone’s responsibility, not just the cleaners” Whilst
there are staff employed who are responsible for cleaning services, all Trust
staff have a responsibility to ensure a clean, comfortable, safe environment
for patients, clients, residents, visitors, staff and members of the general
Infection Prevention and Control
The Belfast Trust is committed to reducing Healthcare associated infections
(HCAIs) and all staff have a part to play in making this happen. Staff must
comply with all policies in relation to Infection Prevention and Control and with
ongoing reduction strategies. Standard Infection Prevention and Control
Precautions must be used at all times to ensure the safety of patients and
staff. This includes: Cleaning hands either with soap and water or a hand sanitiser at the
appropriate times (WHO ‘5 moments’);
 Using the correct ‘7 step’ hand hygiene technique;
 Being ‘bare below the elbows’ when in a clinical environment;
 Following Trust policies and the Regional Infection Control Manual
(found on intranet);
 Wearing the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE);
 Ensuring correct handling and disposal of waste (including sharps)
and laundry;
 Ensuring all medical devices (equipment) are decontaminated
appropriately ie cleaned, disinfected and/or sterilised;
 Ensuring compliance with High Impact Interventions.
This job description is not meant to be definitive and may
be amended to meet the changing needs of the Belfast
Health and Social Care Trust.
Community Information System (CIS) Support Assistant
(Band 3)
Knockbracken Healthcare Park
1. 4 GCSE’s at Grade A-C including English Language and Maths or
equivalent/higher qualification AND 1 years’ experience in
clerical/administrative role
Two years experience in clerical/administrative role.
2. A working knowledge in at least one of the following:
Microsoft Office (e.g. 97/2000/2003/2007)
Microsoft Windows (e.g. 2000/XP/Vista)
3. A working knowledge of IT helpdesk systems and procedures
4. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
5. Ability to meet deadlines.
Knowledge of ITIL Best Practice in relation to ICT Service Support.
Where educational/professional qualifications form part of the criteria you will
be required, if shortlisted for interview, to produce original certificates, and
one photocopy of same, issued by the appropriate authority. Only those
certificates relevant to the shortlisting criteria should be produced. If
educational certificates are not available an original letter and photocopy of
same detailing examination results from your school or college will be
accepted as an alternative.
If successful you will be required to produce documentary evidence that you
are legally entitled to live and work in the United Kingdom. This
documentation can be a P45, payslip, National Insurance Card or a birth
certificate confirming birth in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland.
Failure to produce evidence will result in a non appointment.