"The Art of Drawing" with Ken Ottinger

“The Art of Drawing”
with Ken Ottinger
Ken Ottinger is a highly successful career professional artist who is working and teaching in the Prescott area.
Well known and extremely popular at Yavapai College, we are honored that he has agreed to teach a course here
at the Mountain Artists Guild. His instruction will change the way you see the world.
Course Description:
“The Art of Drawing” will teach artistic expression using Charcoal and Colored Pencil media. Both Wax Based
and Water Soluble Colored Pencil will be used to achieve various effects.
Beginning and Intermediate Students will complete a series of exercises to familiarize them with recognizing the
“value” of a given color and the application of color theory.
All students will review of principles creating the illusion of form and the application of the media (technique).
There will be several “Draw-Along” exercises. With the students approval, the instructor will select the subjects
to draw from utilizing photo reference and 3-D objects.
Students will be guided through the following principles:
• Analyzing which subject has “art Potential”
• Selecting the size, shape and texture of the chosen platform
• Working from photo reference and or 3-D objects
• Matching the students “temperament” to the proper media
• Overcoming the challenge of accurately drawing “hand to eye”
• Pricing and marketing your art work will be discussed.
Course Details:
Mondays and Wednesdays, 1 until 4 pm at the Mountain Artists Guild. Classes begin Wednesday, January 21,
2015 and continue until Wednesday, March 25, 2015. No class on Presidents Day, Feb 16.
18 Class Sessions of 3 hours each.
Cost: $180 Course Fee plus $20 Non-refundable Registration Fee. For Guild Members, Registration Fee is included in Course Fee for a total cost of $180.
$20 Registration Fee and $100 deposit due on registration. Remaining $80 due prior to final enrollment date
January 15, 2015.
The Finest Art Instruction in Prescott at $3.33/hour
Minimum Enrollment: 8 Maximum Enrollment:18
To Register, Call the Mountain Artists Guild at (928) 445-2510.