LMF Software and Firmware Upgrade Procedure

Rev 12/23/14 LMF Software and Firmware Upgrade Procedure 1. Download the latest WinLase Software and Firmware files. Go to lsd.amadamiyachi.com and select the “Software” link in the left column. 2. Download the newest Software revision (4‐66396) and corresponding Firmware (4‐66397 or 4‐71594). This page contains both Released and Beta software versions. Unless otherwise directed, be sure to download the latest released version, as indicated by a letter in the “Software Revision” column. In the example shown below, Rev E is the latest released revision. Save both files locally, then unzip the WinLase software file (4‐66396) only. Depending on your computer, the “.lcf” firmware file (4‐66397) may be displayed as a zip file. To avoid file corruption, DO NOT unzip the “.lcf” file. Rev 12/23/14 3.
Also download the LEC File Manager, unzip it and then install it on your PC. Once these three files are downloaded, the upgrade process can begin. Before beginning the upgrade process, determine your current platform version. In WinLase, place your mouse cursor over your Laser Marker icon and right‐click your mouse. Select “Properties”. 7. Determine the Platform version from the Properties Window. If the Platform Version is 1.5.5 or earlier, contact Miyachi Unitek for further assistance before continuing the upgrade procedure. A Platform Version of 1.5.5 or earlier will require a different upgrade procedure. If the Platform Version is 1.5.6 or newer, continue with the upgrade. 8. Open (Run) the LEC File Manager: Start > All Programs > WInLase LAN 5 > LEC File Manager Rev 12/23/14 9. When the LEC File Window Console window appears, select your Laser from the Device IP Address drop‐down menu. 10. Choose Firmware under the Manage drop‐down menu. 11. Select Backup, choose a backup destination and then select OK. Rev 12/23/14 12. Once the backup is complete, select Update from the LEC File Management Console window. When prompted, navigate to the firmware file (example: downloaded from Step 2. 13. Once the Firmware file is updated, the computer will need to be restarted. 14. Backup the old WinLase Settings. If a previous version of WinLase is already installed on your PC, use Windows Explorer and navigate to the C:\Marker folder. Within the C:\Marker folder is another folder called Marker. Copy this entire folder to the desktop. This folder contains all of your WinLase settings. 15. Once the backup is complete, uninstall the older version of WinLase. ‐ Select the Start button, followed by Control Panel. ‐ When the Control Panel displays, select Add/Remove Programs. ‐ In the Add/Remove Programs window, find WinLase and select Uninstall. ‐ Follow the on‐screen prompts and remove WinLase. 16. Once WinLase is uninstalled, use Windows Explorer to delete the C:\Marker folder. 17. Navigate to the unzipped WinLase file from Step 2 and run the Setup file. Follow all on‐screen prompts to finish installing the newer version of WinLase. 18. Copy the Marker folder saved on the desktop (from Step 14) to the C:\Marker folder. 19. Restart the PC and operate WinLase as normal. End of procedure