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Keeping parents and students informed
Term 3 Letter 2 Friday 16 January 2015
Restaurant News
Just to keep parents informed that the restaurant have replaced their drinks in
accordance with new Government standards (pure fruit juice in a new 150ml pack
size). They also have a selection of gluten free filled rolls.
First Give Project
This year Year 10 CPSE students have participated in a new charity project called
First Give. They work in partnership with secondary schools to help young people
to give their time, tenacity and talents to improve their local communities. The
programme encourages an entire year group to identify social issues in their area
and engage with local charities that address them.
Similar to the YPI scheme, teams of students champion a chosen charity in the
hope of securing grant money to award to the charities of the three ultimate winning
Congratulations to all the participants in a fantastic inaugural First Give Year 10
final held on Wednesday afternoon in front of a judging panel consisting of two
representatives from First Give and Ms Graves. The final was made up with a group
representing each form who had won the right to champion their charity to the
judging panel. The teams were not only a credit to themselves but also to the Year
10 cohort and the Academy.
It was a very close call with very
high quality media presentations but
the winners, thanks to an exceptional
presentation were GOSH (Great Ormond
St Hospital) represented by the 10T4
team (Alsan Crandon, Alice BlackburneMaze, Polina Loseva, Sophie Ziang and
Cardisha Tobias-Dalphins). They won
£1000 for GOSH and 200 house points
for Discovery. In second place were 10T3
who were awarded £250 for their chosen
charity, Mozaic, and 180 house points for Challenger. In third place were 10T2 who
were also awarded £250 for their chosen charity, The Salvation Army, and 150
house points for Endeavour.
Finally a word from Louisa Searle the representative from First Give who
described the presentations as the best she has ever seen, in particular the IT skills
of students. She said all teams should be proud of themselves.
Well done to all the participants across Year 10 for actively engaging with the local
community and advocating charitable causes.
Leading questions for Putney MP, Justine Greening
Local MP, Justine Greening came in this week for Q & A sessions with Year 11
Citizenship students and Year 12 Government & Politics students. On arrival she
gave a short resume of her own career and recent projects she had been involved
in before opening the floor to the students. The questions posed were quite diverse
and covered varied political topics such as her thoughts about radicalisation of
British citizens, change of the voting age to 16 year olds, child exploitation and
abuse relating to cultural beliefs.
Students were very aware of political
issues and were interested to hear
another person’s perspective. Justine
was also asked how she came to
enter the world of politics and had
she any advice to anyone who had
ambition to become a diplomat. She
was very helpful and suggested anyone
interested in politics to volunteer their
help with a local party and just get
involved. She also offered to send
details of how to join the Foreign Office.
The sessions were very interesting and invaluable to the students involved and it
is very much hoped she will return at a later date for another Q & A session.
Stem Club
STEM students started their Engineering
voyage in to the sky this week, building
their flying machines ready to analyse
during next week’s test event. Students
will also get the opportunity to break a
Guinness world record for the longest
flight time of a paper aeroplane.
It is important students learn about
the engineering fundamentals of flight
before they can embark on the next
exciting step – powered flight…up, up
and away!
Multicultural Event
This will take place on Thursday
22 January during the lunch period
for all Year 7 and 8 students. This
was proposed by a group of Year
11 citizenship students – Nazeema
Ishmael, Brandon De Shong Charles,
Caprice Vannucci, Eshe Barzey and
Julia Jarnot
The aim of the event aim is to hold
activities to give our students an
increased awareness and understanding
of the variety of cultures that exist
within the Academy. On the day there
will be stalls which will allow them to
experience other cultures’ food, art
and music. The restaurant will also
be providing a variety of dishes which
reflect our community. The Performing
Arts department will be holding
sessions on African Drumming and
a Drama workshop in F block on the
day to complement the activities in the
Grease Tickets
A reminder that
ticket booking
forms are available
from Reception,
Reprographics and
Performing Arts or can
be downloaded from our website. There
are three performances over three
nights from 9-11 February with tickets at
£4 adults and £2 concessions. Please
complete the booking form and hand in,
along with your payment to any of the
above department.
Doors open at 6.30pm for a 7pm
prompt start but please note that the
gates will be closed at 6.50 with no
admittance after this time so please
arrive in good time.
Ashcroft Technology Academy 100 West Hill London SW15 2UT Tel 020 8877 0357 Fax 020 8877 0617 email [email protected] website
World War One Battlefields Trip – Friday 3 July 2015
As part of the Humanities curriculum, students in Year 8
will conduct an enquiry into World War One. In order to
enrich their study of this topic, we are offering students the
opportunity to visit World War One battlefields in the area
surrounding the town of Ypres, Belgium. This will enable
students to develop a deeper understanding of the war and
what it was like to fight on the front line. We will be using
a professional tour company, Anglia Tours Limited, who
will provide tour guides whose expertise will be integral to
students’ experiences in Belgium.
A more detailed letter and parental consent form is available
from Ms Newton in Humanities. If your son/daughter wishes
to participate in the trip a deposit of £25 and completed
permission slip will be due no later than Friday 6 February.
Big Schools’ Birdwatch
Big Schools’ Birdwatch is a fun and straightforward survey
designed for young people, with an ID resource available
specifically designed for KS3.
This is organised by the RSPB to help create a national
data base of the different species seen in school grounds,
local parks or other
green spaces
as reported by
students. We will
be taking part and
presently a group
of Year 7 students
are busy making
bird feeders to
hang around the
grounds to entice
as many species
as possible. In a week or two they will carry out their survey
and report their findings to the RSPB.
Amongst the pigeons, sparrows and blackbirds they may
even spot green parrots which seem to be gaining residency
in the neighbourhood.
Badminton Success
Congratulations to our KS3 Badminton Team
winning the Wandsworth School Games Final.
As the winners they will now go onto represent
the borough in the South London School Games
competition at Westcroft Leisure Centre in
Carshalton, Surrey on Thursday 5 February. Well done
to Ricco Francis 9T7, Jamar Osman 9T6, Huzaifah Segujja
9T7, Omer Kulasi 9T6 and Mahamed Ali 9T4.
Sixth Form News
You will be aware that this year the sixth form
had record breaking results with 43% of
our students progressing to top Russell
Group universities. Expectations this
year are equally high with 4 students being
offered places at Oxbridge. This is quite exceptional
for a sixth form of our size with a fairly comprehensive intake:
Tracey Achonwa has an offer to read Human Sciences at
St Hugh’s, Oxford. Her offer is conditional on achieving AAA
in her A levels. Both Muyiwa Aiyenuro and Zak Moustiri have
offers to read engineering at St John’s and Churchill College,
Cambridge, respectively. Both must achieve A*A*AA in their
A levels. Finally Ivan Khokhlov has an offer to read History at
Corpus Christi, Cambridge. Ivan is taking the IB and needs 41
points. Needless to say we wish these and all of our year 13
students well as they approach their finals.
We also look forward to the Year 11 interviews taking place
on the next two Saturdays and welcoming them into the sixth
Dates for your Diary
Year 8 Parents’ Evening - Wednesday 21 January.
Appointment cards have been issued to students.
Year 7 Academic Tracking Day - Thursday 29 January.
Letters have been issued (also by email to parents). Please
select your preferred time to speak to your son/daughter’s
Form Tutor. Students will attend their normal lessons and be
excused at the time of their appointment.
Chicken & Sweetcorn Lasagne
with Garlic Bread
Vegetable Burger
Beef and Vegetable Pie with
New Potatoes
Sweet and Sour Vegetables
with Rice
Vienne Burger with Cheese
Focaccia Base
Vegetable Tikka with Rice
Roast Chicken
Cauliflower Cheese
Homemade Fish Cake with
Potato Wedges
Vegetable Pasta Bake
Stone Baked Pizza
Jacket Potato
Pasta King
Jacket Potato
Chicken Joes Wrap
Jacket Potato
Stone Baked Pizza
Jacket Potato
Chicken Joes Wrap
Jacket Potato
Salad and Peas/Sweetcorn
Vegetable Soup
Green Beans and Salad
Cauliflower and Peas
Broccoli and Sweetcorn
Roast Potatoes, Carrots and
Leek and Potato Soup
Spring Vegetable Soup
Tomato and Basil Soup
Minestrone Soup
Salad Bar
Salad Bar
Salad Bar
Salad Bar
Salad Bar
(small bowl with multi choice) (small bowl with multi choice) (small bowl with multi choice) (small bowl with multi choice) (small bowl with multi choice)
Any sandwich
(max price £1.50)
Any sandwich
(max price £1.50)
Any sandwich
(max price £1.50)
Any sandwich
(max price £1.50)
Any sandwich
(max price £1.50)
Fruit Crumble and Custard
Peach Conde
Greek Yogurt with Summer
Orange Cake with Custard
Selection of cold desserts
Fresh Fruit
Selection of small cold
Chocolate Chip Sponge
Fruit Cake
Homemade Cookies
Fresh Fruit
Selection of small cold
Iced Sponge
Cold Chocolate Cake
Homemade Cookies
Fresh Fruit
Selection of small cold
Banana Bread
Jam and Coconut Sponge
Homemade Cookies
Fresh Fruit
Selection of small cold
Chocolate Sponge
Lemon Drizzle Cake
Homemade Cookies
Selection of cakes
Homemade Cookies
Lunch rota for next week
1st sitting Year 11/7— 1.05
2nd sitting Year 10 — 1.15
3rd sitting Year 8 — 1.25
Multi-choice menu
Choose a hot meal
from Option 1 plus
something from
Options 2 or 5
Choose a soup from
Option 2 plus
something from
Options 3 or 4 or 5
Choose a sandwich
from Option 4 plus
something from
Options 2 or 5
Choose the Salad Bar
option plus something
from Options 2 or 5
Freshly made
to order each
4th sitting Year 9 – 1.35