Wish you all a very happy peaceful mad prosperous New Year!! This

Wish you all a very happy peaceful mad prosperous New Year!!
This probably is one of the most brief and potent message from Sri Akka during the sat sang!!
1. 2015 adds upto 8, the number signifying Saturn.Being a slow moving planet,It can cause
inertia( mandha nilai).But the date 1/01/2015 adds up to 10=1.this number signifies Surya. We
become energised when we chat the Surya Gayathri.
2. 8 is a powerful number.
3. this year visit:Ashtagam lakshmi temple,Ashta Bhairavars.
4. Chant Shani Gayathri/ Surya Gayathri
5. Deity to be worshipped for the year: Reclining Lord Vishnu ,Sthalasayana Perumal
Mahabalipuram,Padmanabhasamy Temple etc.
6. Shloka to be chanted 9 times :
Ya Devi sarva bhoodheshu shanthi roopena samasthitha
Namasthasmai namasthasmai namasthasmai namo namaha.
Chanting this slokha will arrest rising temper which is bound to flare up at the slightest
7. Gopura Darisanam papavimochanam:
Chidambaram temple gopurams represent the four Vedams.
At Thirukannangudi Krishna temple the main Gopuram is not visible.like Chidambara Rahasiyam
in Chidambaram, this Gopuram should also be felt ,Sookshamamagha.
8. Worshipping Lord Narasimhar on Swati Nakshathram is beneficial and mostly so for swathi
Nakshathram people!
9. Thai Pongal falls on 15th Jan.
Time to keep Pongal Paanai:8:40-9:40 am during Surya Horai or Sukra horai
Kanu pidi between 5:40-6:40 am not later than that.
10. Mrs.Lekha Aravind was asked to speak about the significance of Horai.
Sri Akka wished that all of us learn and understand the importance of Horai.
11. Love Marrige:This year will be favourable for Love marriage.It will be a very happy occassion
for both sides of the family .Acceptance will be a lot easier.
The evening concluded with Devaram recital by Sri Chaitanyananda and his disciples of the
Srividya Temple Society,Rochester.