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Skaltek AH
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AC-driven Accumulators
Basic Vision – Customer Need
Accumulators are an essential part of applications where continuous operation is
required. Skaltek’s AH-accumulators are the
result of more than 35 years of experience
from countless applications where accumulators are involved.
Careful attention to high quality design, combined with extensive Skaltek Know How, enable complex and demanding applications
to reliably operate for many years.
As for all other Skaltek products, the accumulators are designed with the safety and
well being of operators in mind.
Main Advantage – Customer Value
• When the accumulator is supplied by Skaltek, together with Skaltek pay-offs and/or
take-ups, there is a very clear and simple
responsibility division between Skaltek
and a third party (such as extruder supplier, etc.).
• The clever design of the Skaltek accumulators allows for a wide range of cables to
be run, with proper speed and tension
• The speed and tension signals provided by
the Skaltek accumulator enable optimal
regulation of the Skaltek pay-offs/takeups. This is crucial in order to maintain the
quality of the end product – the cable.
• The flexible and modular Skaltek machine
components offer high future value, as
they can easily be moved and rebuilt for
other applications, if required in the future.
Basic Product Information
1. All electrical accumulators are AC-driven,
in combination with a pneumatic device,
which controls the tension in the cable and
the position of the movable wheel carriage.
The pneumatic control system enables a
wide range of tension settings in the accumulator.
2. The AH-accumulators are built in sections based on 6 meter long steel beams.
This allows for a wide range of accumulation
lengths, where up to three sections (18 m)
can be combined.
Result – Reward – Return of Investment
Proper regulation of speed and tension is essential to being able to guarantee the quality
of the end product – the cable. End customer confidence is the Reward.
3. Accumulators with four different wheel
diameters are available: 400, 600, 800 and
1200 mm. All accumulators are horizontal,
mounted on columns, which are normally
supplied by Skaltek, depending on each
specific factory layout.
PI 55.10
AC-driven Accumulators
4. When more than one 6 meter sections
are used, there are pneumatically operated
arms with small rollers, which support the
weight of the cable as the movable wheel
carriage goes out. This prevents the cable
from hanging down and helps to maintain an
even tension in the cable as well as smooth
regulation. On the underside of the accumulator there are permanently mounted rollers
for the same purpose.
5. The AC-motor is mounted at the outer end
of the accumulator. A chain connects the
motor and the movable wheel carriage.
6. At the inner end of the accumulator, the
“fixed” wheel carriage is mounted. This set
of wheels is slightly movable, as it is connected with the pneumatic control cylinders.
The position of this set of wheels controls
the action of the movable wheel carriage.
In principle, this works like a dancer control
system, with the position of the pistons providing a plus/minus signal to the PLC.
7. Since the pneumatic pressure can be varied for the cylinders, the tension can be set
at a low level for smaller cables, while it can
be increased as the cables get heavier and
larger in diameter.
8. Depending on the layout and the application, an incoming and outgoing wheel may
be needed.
9. Normally incoming and outgoing speed
reference is provided within the Skaltek application. This makes it easy to combine a
Skaltek accumulator and an ARS-system,
a VS-system, or other Skaltek solutions, together with an extruder supplied by any other brand. The incoming and outgoing speed
reference combined with the position of the
movable wheel carriage provide for excellent
speed regulation of the Skaltek pay-offs and/
or take-ups.
10. According to each specific layout and
application, a platform with stairs can be
provided for stringing up of the accumulator.
The height of the accumulator can be built
according to the needs.
Reference – Product History
All Skaltek packaging lines have been been
equipped with pneumatic, fast-reacting accumulators since 1974. In 1976 Skaltek
built its first electrically controlled and driven accumulator. Since then more than 1000
applications have been supplied, where
Skaltek accumulators are a crucial part of a
responsible and reliable function, which is
expected to continuously operate day and
night, for many years.
Skaltek AH