Dear friends I want to thank you, both personally and on behalf of

Dear friends
I want to thank you, both personally and on behalf of IANPHI Europe, for all your
arrangements and great hospitality for our meeting. The meeting was verys successfull. We
achieved from IANPHI side what we wanted, and I hope that the meeting was also useful for
you. We were all impressed with the country and with all the good development work that
you are doing at your institute in the field of public health. The visit to the institute, although
short, was also very useful and interesting.
I look forward to our future contacts. And I wish you personally and the instute all the best
for the future.
Pekka Puska
President of International Association of National Public Health Institutes (IANPHI)
Dear Enver, Dear Genta,
Just a few word to say that we had a great time in Albania.
The visit of you Institute was also very useful, it is good that we were able to get in the
The meetings were very interesting and well organized. We had many opportunities to meet
and discuss with public health colleagues.
The visits to Kruja, Durres and Preza were very nice also. We had a great Saturday morning
Food was also excellent! The weather was with us too, no rain to look at the view around the
Durres Castle nor in Durres!!
It was said in several occasions that hospitality is a great value of the Albanian people, and it
is such a reality.
I hope the meetings will initiate what you expected from it.
Let’s be in touch for the evaluation, to see to make it workable for your Institute.
See you in Marrakech, Prague or Tirana
Kind regards,
Anne Catherine Viso
European Afairs Officer, Scientific Direction, Institut de Veille Sanitaire, France
Dear colleagues,
Also I would like to extend my warmest thanks for the wonderful event you organized in
Tirana. It was a great pleasure to see you both, to visit the beautiful country of Albania and
learn more about the interesting history of your nation. Your kindness and hospitality was
greatly appreciated!
I am hoping to write a short story about the event to the next IANPHI Newsletter (summer
issue), so in case you want to share any photos, you can send them to me or directly to out
communications manager Shenandoah Evans in the US office
([email protected]) . Also, any presentations during the IANPHI Meeting the
speakers have given a publishing permission for can be sent to me or Shenandoah to be put
on the IANPHI website.
I have encouraged my colleagues in Finland to consider Albania as a possible holiday
destination in the future, as I think your country has so many wonderful things to explore, and
I hope to be able to visit it soon again.
Warm regards,
Katja Heikkilainen
Advisor at International Association of National Public Health Institutes (IANPHI, Finland
Dear All,
I just wanted to send you this email to express my thanks for all of your hard work and
preparations for the highly successful IANPHI meeting last week. It was very interesting to
hear the perspectives from Albania and your regional neighbours in the first stage of the
I would also like to express my appreciation for the care and attention that you paid to us as
delegates- the liaison with the hotel, the personalised gifts you provided in our conference
materials, and for your time and enthusiasm is sharing your history and beautiful scenery
with us during the visit to Krujë. Despite the rain it was a wonderful afternoon!
I know from personal experience how much work goes into arranging a large event,
particularly with visitors from other nations.
I hope that I will be able to welcome you to Wales some time.
Gentiana- we did not get the opportunity to discuss your area of interest. You may be
interested in the work that we are doing to promote health and well being to our population
aged over 50. Here is a link that explains our online assessment tool that was formally
launched yesterday. Please feel free to try out the assessment (although you are far too young
for the demographic!) and come back to me with any questions or comments.
My very best wishes and regards to you all,
Susan Mably
Consultant in Public Health
Department of Policy, Research and Development, Wales, England
Dear Professor Roshi,
Thank you for these kind words. But first of all we should thank you, Pekka and Professor
Arjan Bregu as well as Minister of Health for inviting us to Tirana and organizing this great
and very useful meeting.
Best regards
Prof. Miroslaw Wysocki
Director of National Institute of Public Health (NIH, Poland
Dear Genta,
Can I first thank you for organising both the International Public Health Conference and the
IANPHI meeting and the surrounding events.
It was also a great pleasure to spend time with you and your colleagues. Your country is
beautiful, Albanians are very friendly and it was a great pleasure to have been able to visit.
I hope we meet again.
Best wishes,
Kevin Balanda
Associate Director at Institute of Public Health in Ireland
Dear Enver,
Dear Ms Qirjako,
After having returned without problems back to Berlin, I wish to thank you very much for
your friendly welcome in Tirana! You prepared everything in a perfect fashion and were able
to create a very pleasant atmosphere. I realized also from the other colleagues that everybody
enjoyed this meeting and also the strolls through the city and the touristic program with this
impressive museum.
I was particularly impressed by your description of the former situation in Albania. Many
things seemed virtually unreal to me and one cannot imagine that this was really the situation
for so many years.
Thank you for all the preparation! You did a good job!
Best wishes,
Reinhard Burger
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Burger
Robert Koch Institute, Germany
I would echo these sentiments. It was a very useful and inspiring meeting, both to learn
about the developments in Albania and to meet and share with colleagues who are working
on many issues that are similar to those we are addressing individually.
Thank you so much for organising the conference and the meeting, there was obviously much
hard work that went into it and the outcome was great.
Best wishes
Dr Paul Cosford
Director of Public Health Strategy, Responsible Officer, Public Health Strategy, Public
Health England (PHE)
Dear Genta
Many thanks for photos. What I missed before is the fact how I admire the fact how
Albanians recovered from the very oppresive regime which you had for 46 years. You are
great and you are true Europeans.
Miroslaw Wysocki
Prof. Miroslaw Wysocki
Director of National Institute of Public Health (NIH), Poland
Dear Gentiana,
Many thanks for these photos from the IANPHI meeting, a good remembrance of the many
people we met in Tirana and of the perfect organization by you and your colleagues. This
meeting was most useful for all of us and an eye opener on the future developments your
country is planning in public health. It was also a unique opportunity to visit your country
and to learn about its history.
I hope this meeting may help your institution for its further development.
Cordial greetings,
Dr. Johan Peeters
Director General of Scientific Institute of Public Health, Belgium
Dear Gentiana and other colleagues,
Many thanks again to our Albanian host for this excellent meeting and your
hospitality. To all other collegues I would like to say that it has been a
pleasure to meet you and work together during our meeting. Hope to meet you
all again.
Best regards
Annemiek van Bolhuis
Director Public Health and Health Services
National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, Netherlands
Dear all,
also from our WHO end - many thanks for the great opportunity to meet, share information
and discuss collaboration with the members of the IANPHI Europe group. The meeting was
full of inspirations and very well organized, thanks to Gentiana and Pekka, and I took a lot of
very useful information and contacts home and have briefed my WHO colleagues.
We will be happy to be on board again next time and thank you for keeping us in the loop.
With kind regards
Elke Jakubowski
Mrs. Elke Jakubowski
WHO Regional Office for Europe