Request For Quotation PW-Q-1 4-02 Our File No

Request For Quotation
PW-Q-1 4-02
Our File No. F18144521114
The Township of Tiny is seeking a quotation for the Supply and Installation of
Commercial Stainless Steel Appliances for the Township of Tiny Community
Centre, Tiny ON. The successful bidder shall be responsible to ensure all
measurements are accurate to meet the needs of this Quotation.
The Request for Quotation must be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly
labeled PW-Q-14-02 and be received at the Township of Tiny Municipal Office
located at 130 Balm Beach Road West, Tiny ON LOL 2J0 no later than 1:00pm
Monday November 3, 2014.
Township of Tiny Community Centre, 91 Concession 8 East, Tiny ON
Specific Instructions:
1) 36” Commercial Electric Range, 6 Round plate Teflon Elements
Infinite heat controls
26 1/2 standard oven, including 1 chrome rack
Stainless front, sides, kick plate, landing ledge, backguard and high
shelf, porcelain interior, 12kW, ETL, CE
208v/60/1 -ph, 81 .73amps, 1 7.0kW, standard
Cost $
2) Under-counter Commercial Dishwasher, high temperature
70 rise built in booster heater, fresh water rinse
Approximately (24) racks/hour capacity, with side panels and top
Stainless steel upper and lower wash/rinse arms, drain pump, rinse
aid & liquid detergent pumps std.,
20 x 20 racks (1) flat & 1 peg, lhp, ETL, ENERGY STAR®
Cost $
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Request For Quotation
PW-Q-1 4-02
Our File No. F18144521/14
3) Commercial Refrigerated Merchandiser
Two (2) section, (8) shelves, white laminated vinyl exterior, white
interior with 300 series stainless steel floor
> Exterior: Permanent non-peel, non-chip white vinyl, standard
> Interior: White aluminum, standard
• Two (2) Low-E thermal glass sliding doors
• Fluorescent interior lights
• Leg levelers
• 1/3 HP, 115v/6011-ph, 6.2amps, 9’ cord, NEMA 5-15P
• Warranty 5 year compressor, 3 year parts and labour
Illuminated sign decal: S-TS-01
• Self-contained refrigeration standard
Cost $
The Township of Tiny will provide the following:
Will obtain and arrange to have the plumbing and electrical disconnected
before and during installation.
Will dispose of existing appliances
The Bidder shall provide and arrange for the following:
The Bidder will arrange to meet on site with staff to verify measurements
for appliances
The Bidder shall abide by all Acts, By-laws and Regulations relative to the
performance of the work.
Prior to installation of any works, the Bidder will;
a) The Bidder will arrange to meet on site with staff to verify
measurements for appliances and installation
b) Read, sign and return regarding the Accessible Customer Service
Policy ACC-001 and return the Validation of Understanding
c) Provide written confirmation liability insurance of no less than
$2,000,000.00 showing the Township of Tiny as additional insured.
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Request For Quotation
PW-Q-1 4-02
Our File No. F18/44521114
d) Provide current WSIB Clearance Certificates for himself and current
Certificate(s) for any subcontractors. A copy of all Clearance
Certificate(s) shall be submitted forthwith upon acceptance of the
tender and prior to the commencement of any work.
e) Read sign and return Schedule A (attached) regarding Health &
Bidders Name
Bidders Address
Contact Person
Total costs for commercial appliances and installation
Complete Quotation Total
Submitted by _______________________________ Date ___________________
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Request For Quotation
PW-Q-1 4-02
Our File No. F18144521114
(to be submitted with Quotation)
1. The Contractor shall demonstrate the establishment and maintenance of a
health and safety program with safe work objectives and standards in
compliance with legislation and municipal policy.
2. The Contractor shall ensure that workers in their employ are aware of
hazardous conditions and substances in the workplace and are wearing
protective equipment.
3. The Contractor shall make themselves aware and have an understanding
of the Township Health & Safety Policy.
4. Prior to commencement of any construction works, the contractor’s
authorized representative shall meet with the Township Park Lead Hand
or designate and Manager of Public Works to review the quotation.
This is to confirm that the Bidder has carefully read the requirements listed
“Schedule A”.
Dated at
_this _______dayof _________,2014
Name of Company
Signature of Bidder
Position of Bidder
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