Who R U? Print It! - Virginia Career VIEW

Who R U Assessment
Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
Being outside
Growing plants and flowers
Hiking and camping
Protecting the environment
Identifying leaves, plants, and trees
Hunting and fishing
Caring for and studying animals
Visiting a farm
Visiting a state or national park
Learning about ecosystems
Studying rocks, soil, or mining
Planting flowers and shrubs
Reading and making maps
Diving and working underwater to install or
repair equipment
Operating machinery
Using machines to make candy, cheese,
cakes, and other foods
Total Checks
Business, Management & Administration
Serving as an officer in a school club
Starting your own business
Counting money
Working with a school or organization
Working with others
Sharing your ideas with others
Using computers
Interviewing people
Following a budget
Managing workers in a large facility
Writing/ recording information in a
Entering data and organizing files
Being a group leader on projects with
Total Checks
Arts, A/V Technology & Communications
Singing, writing songs, being in a choir
Creating graphic designs, art, and projects
on a computer
Dancing, watching dance performances
Making a video or video diaries
Taking pictures and creating photo projects
Making crafts, sculptures, or other art
Painting, drawing, or taking art classes
Writing or editing a report, blog, or article
Being part of a play, performance, or show
Designing a website
Interviewing others/ reporting information
Working with computer editing and movie
maker programs
Playing musical instruments
Writing poems and stories
Working with sound and video equipment
Installing wires, cables, and satellite
Total Checks
Architecture & Construction
Using hand tools or power tools
Building things
Putting things together
Painting houses, buildings, or rooms
Sketching out building designs
Working with electrical circuits
Helping to build something
Measuring, leveling, sanding, refinishing
Mowing grass, planting shrubs and flowers
Working outside
Recording measurements of land
Interested in wind and solar energy
Total Checks
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Who R U Assessment
Health Science
Working as a team member
Knowing what to do in an emergency
Learning first aid and fire safety
Volunteering as a sports team manager
Learning about science, anatomy, and
Using a microscope and conducting
Knowing how to eat healthy, exercise, and
live a healthy lifestyle
Understand how the human body works
Following directions from others
Helping people who have disabilities
Researching in science and math
Understanding good dental health
Total Checks
Saving and/or spending money
Using math skills
Playing computer math games
Being the treasurer of a school/ community
Organizing a fundraiser
Collecting and counting money for a school
or community event
Making and following a budget
Playing video games to earn rewards to
Working with numbers
Talking to people
Making lists and keeping records
Total Checks
Hospitality & Tourism
Training animals for a show or competition
Visiting different states and countries
Learning about other cultures
Planning a party or special event
Learning a second language
Cooking and serving snacks or a meal
Working with different people
Cooking, backing, and making menus
Making different coffees and teas
Working at a concession stand
Watching or playing sports
Going to a community center or YMCA
Being a team member
Showing people different places and things
to do
Visiting a museum and working with
Total Checks
Education & Training
Teaching and training others
Being a team or group leader
Helping others study school work
Reading to others
Playing online learning games
Being a role model or mentor
Organizing items and recording data
Tutoring others
Helping people make decisions about
classes, goals, and careers
Teaching others hows to exercise, use
exercise equipment, and eat healthy
Working as a camp counselor
Creating new ways to learn
Visiting a library
Visiting a museum and research exhibits
Total Checks
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Who R U Assessment
Human Services
Working with people of all ages
Listening to others talk
Being a youth mediator
Collecting food, clothes, etc. for people in
Helping others by volunteering your time
Being a make up artist in a play or
Cutting and styling hair
Teaching and caring for small children
Leading others in religious services
Helping people deal with illnesses in a
Working with businesses to interview and
evaluate people’s skills and abilities
Directing community programs
Sewing, altering, or making clothes
Total Checks
Transportation, Distribution & Logistics
Making and flying model airplanes
Repairing bikes, vehicles, and engines
Sorting and delivering items from a
Visiting transportation museums
Riding on a boat or ship
Riding long distances
Flying in a plane
Riding on a train
Traveling to different places
Using remote controlled devices
Lifting or carrying items
Creating and designing machines
Total Checks
Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security
Knowing and following laws and rules
Knowing what to do in an emergency
Learning first aid and fire safety
Following current events
Teaching others how to be safe
Investigating situations
Interviewing people
Protecting others through public service
Working as a team
Helping people who are injured or sick
Understanding the court system and laws
Communicating during different situation to
people of all ages
Keeping people safe at a pool, ski resort,
or other recreational area
Total Checks
Information Technology
Learning new computer programs
Playing different videos games
Using smart phones, tablets, computers,
and other electronic devices
Using the Internet
Making apps
Learning how to understand and write
computer language codes
Teaching people how to use different
Trying out new software, apps, programs,
videos, and other computer devices
Giving directions and solving problems
Total Checks
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Who R U Assessment
Government & Public Administration
Interested in laws and the court system
Talking in front of others
Improving your city or town
Volunteering as a legislative aide
Driving and delivering items
Interested in aircraft carriers and
Recording measurements, entering data,
inspecting records and information
Planning and directing military operations
Conducting investigations and looking at
Talking to leaders about making positive
changes in your community, school, or
Total Checks
Science, Technology, Engineering &
Visiting science and natural history museums
Learning about fossils and artifacts
Watching the weather and tracking storms
Studying plants, animals, and the environment
Studying oceans and/ or space
Designing experiments
Exploring and using new technology
Understanding how things live and grow
Understanding how things operate
Learning about chemicals and chemical
Using and drawing maps
Studying history, data, and research
Researching food, crops, plants, and animals
Using computers to make charts, sketches of
buildings, and plan rooms using (CAD) software
Using math to solve science and engineering
Studying different kinds of energy
Visiting state parks, forests, and historic sites
Total Checks
Marketing, Sales & Service
Cutting and styling hair
Selling products for a school fundraiser
Designing and/ or modeling clothes
Going shopping
Having a yard sale or bake sale
Arranging and selling flowers
Trying new products
Decorating your room
Total Checks
Putting things together
Working with metal
Repairing small machines
Working with robotics
Installing or repairing electronics and
Creating new uses for materials and new
Working with computers and data
Working with tools and controls
Working inside at a large facility
Working with chemicals and controls
Sewing, weaving, and stitching
Making furniture
Making pottery and ceramics
Designing, cutting, and creating jewelry
Total Checks
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Count the check marks in each section and place the total in the following boxes.
Food & Natural
Arts, A/V
Technology &
Management &
Architecture &
Health Sciences
Hospitality &
Education &
Human Services
Law, Public
Corrections &
Distribution &
& Public
Marketing, Sales
& Service
Engineering &