Breakthrough Plus Level 2 Wordlist - Macmillan Breakthrough

Breakthrough Plus Level 2 Wordlist Abbreviations used in this wordlist: adj = adjective n = noun phrase = phrase phr v = phrasal verb v = verb Words and Phrases Unit 1 Translation Sample sentence check your e‐mail (phrase) clean up your room (phrase) do your homework (phrase) eat dinner (phrase) get dressed (phrase) get home (phrase) get up (phr v) go out with your friends (phrase) go to bed (phrase) go to college / work (phrase) have lunch (phrase) メールをチェックする Do you check your e‐mail every day? Do you always clean up your room on Sunday mornings? I can usually help you do your homework. Sometimes we sit outside and eat dinner together. Get dressed quickly – you're late. I usually do my homework when I get home. I always get up late on Sundays. You can go out with your friends once a week. I usually go to bed before midnight. Do you ever go to work on the weekend? We have lunch in the park when the weather is nice. 部屋を掃除する 宿題をする 夕食を食べる 着替える 帰宅する 起きる 友達と出かける 寝る 大学/仕事に行く 昼食をとる make a cup of coffee (phrase) skip breakfast (phrase) take a shower (phrase) talk on the phone (phrase) wake up (phr v) コーヒーを淹れる Expansion go home (phrase) go out for dinner (phrase) go to work early (phrase) have a good time (phrase) have a party (phrase) have a snack (phrase) make a cup of coffee (phrase) make dinner (phrase) make your bed (phrase) stay at home (phrase) stay in (phr v) stay up late (phrase) take off your make‐up (phrase) take off your shoes (phrase) take out the garbage (phrase) wash the dishes (phrase) wash your hair (phrase) wash your hands (phrase) 帰宅する Unit 2 cook a meal (phrase) go biking (phrase) 食事を作る 朝食を食べない シャワーを浴びる 電話で話す 起きる 食事に出かける 職場に早く着く 楽しむ パーティーをする お菓子を食べる コーヒーを淹れる 夕飯を作る ベッドを整える 家にいる 家にいる 夜更かしをする 化粧を落とす 靴を脱ぐ ゴミを出す 食器を洗う 髪を洗う 手を洗う サイクリングに行く I always make a cup of coffee in the morning. On weekdays I often skip breakfast. I take a shower every day. My mom says I talk on the phone too often. I never wake up before 7am. Most evenings I go home for my dinner. Sometimes we go out for dinner to an Italian restaurant. I hardly ever go to work early. We always have a good time on vacation. It's my birthday – let's have a party. Every morning I have a snack at 11 am. I'm going to make a cup of coffee – would you like one? Dad doesn't make dinner very often. Please make your bed every day before you go out. I usually stay at home in the evening on weekdays. I always stay in until I finish my homework. We can stay up late on Saturday night. Always take off your make up before you go to bed. Take off your shoes when you come into the house. We take out the garbage every Thursday morning. I sometimes wash the dishes after dinner. Do you wash your hair twice a week? Please wash your hands before dinner. I love to cook a meal for my wife. Shall we go biking? No,I don't enjoy it very much. go jogging (phrase) go to a karaoke bar (phrase) go to a nightclub (phrase) go to a party (phrase) ジョギングに行く go to the fitness center (phrase) go shopping (phrase) have a picnic (phrase) play basketball (phrase) play computer games (phrase) play soccer (phrase) surf the net (phrase) ジムに行く Expansion go to an amusement park (phrase) hockey (n) judo (n) listen to the radio (phrase) 遊園地に行く rent DVDs (phrase) rock climbing (n) rugby (n) sailing (n) skiing (n) table tennis (n) take a trip out of town (phrase) visit the zoo (phrase) volleyball (n) DVD を借りる カラオケに行く クラブに行く パーティーに行く 買い物に行く ピクニックをする バスケボールをする コンピューターゲームで遊ぶ サッカーをする ネットサーフィンをする ホッケー 柔道 ラジオを聴く ロッククライミング ラグビー セーリング スキー 卓球 遠くに出かける 動物園に行く バレーボール Every morning we go jogging in a local park. On Sunday evenings I usually go to a karaoke bar. I go to a nightclub with my friends on Saturday nights. I'd love to go to a party with you on Friday night. I only go to the fitness center occasionally – I don't like exercise very much. My sister loves to go shopping for clothes. Can we have a picnic on Sunday? I'd really like that. I usually play basketball twice a week at college. I like to play computer games with my friends in the evening. Tim usually plays soccer on Saturdays, but I hate soccer. Arnold likes to go online and surf the net in the evenings. The kids like to go to an amusement park on vacation. Do you play hockey? No I'm not good at ball games. I'm learning judo at the fitness center. I like to listen to the radio a lot in the car. I don't rent DVDs any more – I download movies from the internet. Rock climbing is a very dangerous sport. We like to go to a rugby match most Saturdays. Do you enjoy sailing on the lake? I don't like going skiing; it's too cold. It was great; we won the table tennis match last night. When the weather's good we'll take a trip out of town. The kids love to visit the zoo and see all the animals. Tim is playing a lot of volleyball to keep fit. Unit 3 bring in the wash (phrase) hang up your coat (phrase) pick up your pen (phrase) put away the groceries (phrase) put down your bag (phrase) put on your hat (phrase) put out a fire (phrase) turn down the radio (phrase) turn off the TV (phrase) turn on the light (phrase) turn up the air conditioning (phrase) write down your address (phrase) 洗濯物を取り込む Expansion find out (phr v) go over (phr v) look up (phr v) put off (phr v) set off (phr v) stop by (phr v) take care of (phr v) throw away (phr v) 調べる Unit 4 art (n) book a trip abroad (phrase) buy a novel (phrase) cooking (n) 芸術 コートを掛ける ペンを拾う 日用品を片付ける 鞄を置く 帽子をかぶる 火を消す ラジオの音を下げる テレビを消す 電気を消す エアコンの温度を上げる 住所を書く 確認する 調べる 延期する 出発する 立ち寄る 面倒を見る 捨てる 海外旅行を予約する 小説を買う 料理 Can you please bring in the wash when you get home? Chris, hang up your coat please . Don't put it on that chair. Don't forget to pick up your pen before you leave. Is it OK if I put away the groceries as well? Please don't put down your bag there. It's raining so put on your hat. Would you mind putting out that fire, please? Can you turn down the radio – I'm doing my homework? Do you want me to turn off the TV now? Could you please turn on the light? Is it OK if I turn up the air conditioning? Can you write down your address for me before you go? Could you find out what time the next train is, please? Don’t forget to go over your notes before the interview. Could you look up what time the next train is, please? I’m sorry, but can you put off the meeting until next week? What time do you usually set off for work in the morning? Please stop by on your way home. I’d love to see you. Could you please take care of the children while I am away? Do you mind if I throw away these old magazines? I saw a good programme about art on TV last night. Yesterday I went to book a trip abroad for 2 weeks. I love reading and I buy a novel every month. I entered a cooking competition last year. exercise (n) 運動 gardening (n) ガーデニング go to a concert (phrase) languages (n) movies (n) music (n) plant some seeds (phrase) take an evening class in (phrase) French (n) take photos (phrase) travel (v) visit a museum (phrase) watch a movie (phrase) コンサートに行く Expansion action (adj) bird (n) bird watching (n) cat (n) classical (adj) documentary (n) dog (n) fishing (n) game show (n) jazz (n) photography (n) アクション 言語 映画 音楽 種を植える 夜間のクラスを受講する フランス語 写真を撮る 旅行 博物館に行く 映画を観る 鳥 バードウォッチング 猫 クラシック ドキュメンタリー 犬 釣り クイズ番組 ジャズ 写真 I do a lot of exercise to stay fit. Yesterday I planted some flowers in the backyard – I love gardening. My parents want to go to a concert because they like listening to music. I studied languages at college for 5 years. I went to the movies with my friends last weekend. At college I played rock music in a band. When did you last plant some seeds? Oh last month. I’d like to to take an evening class in Spanish this term. Last Sunday Michael went to French evening class. I always take photos when I go on vacation. I like going to new places. Really? I like travel too. Yesterday it was raining so we went to visit a museum. Did you watch a movie last weekend? The action movie we saw yesterday was very exciting. My grandma had a pet bird – it was very noisy. Last weekend we went out of town on a bird watching trip. Do you like pets? Yes, I do. I have a cat at home. My parents love classical music. We watched an interesting documentary on TV last night. My dad takes the dog for a walk every evening. Fishing is the most popular hobby in the world. I won $500 on a TV game show last year. My wife hates jazz, but I like it. One of my interests is photography ‐ I started it three years ago. playing cards (phrase) playing chess (phrase) playing pool (phrase) rabbit (n) rap (adj) トランプで遊ぶ reggae (n) science fiction (n) snowboarding (n) sports news (n) stamp collecting (n) レゲエ talk show (n) thriller (n) western (adj) トーク番組 Unit 5 angry (adj) bored (adj) embarrassed (adj) excited (adj) impatient (adj) nervous (adj) pleased (adj) scared (adj) upset (adj) 怒る Expansion anxious (adj) 不安 チェスをする ビリヤードをする うさぎ ラップ SF スノーボード スポーツニュース 切手収集 スリラー 西部 退屈する 恥ずかしい 興奮する イライラする 緊張する 満足する 怖がる 取り乱す My dad goes playing cards on a Friday night. I was good at playing chess when I was at school. We were playing pool very late last night. My sister had a pet rabbit, but it died last year. My sister listens to rap music, but I don't like it. Last year we went on vacation to Jamaica and listened to lots of reggae. I collect books and movies about science fiction. Last winter we went snowboarding – it was very exciting. What time is the sports news on today? Many years ago stamp collecting was one of my hobbies. There is a talk show on TV every morning but I think they are boring. We went to watch a thriller at the movie theater last night. My parents like to watch old western movies. I get angry when the computer is very slow. The play was too long last night and I was bored. I was embarrassed because I couldn't remember her name. She was really excited when she saw Leonardo DiCaprio. I am always impatient when the traffic is bad. I get nervous before an exam. I was really pleased when I passed all my exams. I am always scared of spiders. Were you really upset when you broke your camera? I was really anxious on my first day at school. disappointed (adj) relaxed (adj) 失望する Unit 6 blow up balloons (phrase) dance all night (phrase) dress up in traditional clothes (phrase) exchange presents (phrase) light candles (phrase) make a cake (phrase) 風船を膨らます put up decorations (phrase) send cards (phrase) デコレーションを飾る set off fireworks (phrase) 花火を上げる visit relatives (phrase) 親戚を尋ねる watch a parade (phrase) パレードを見る Expansion Congratulations! (n ) Don’t worry. (phrase) Good luck! (phrase) Oh no! What a shame. (phrase) おめでとう! Thanks for reminding me. (phrase) 思い出させてくれてありがとう。 That’s OK. (phrase) 大丈夫。 リラックスする 踊り明かす 伝統衣装を着る プレゼントを交換する ろうそくを灯す ケーキを作る カードを送る 心配しないで。 頑張って! それは残念だったね。 My parents were disappointed with my exam results. I always feel relaxed after my yoga class. I’ll put up the lights. OK! I’ll blow up balloons. We’ll dance all night at New Year’s Eve. We are going to dress up in traditional clothes at the carnival. We're going to exchange presents at the party. The children will light candles on Saint Martin's Day in Holland. My mother is going to make a cake called St. Basil’s Cake. In Peru, people celebrate Independence Day and put up decorations. We don't celebrate New Year – I'm not even going to send cards. On Saint Patrick's Day Irish people all over the world set off fireworks. This year on Independence Day I’m going to visit relatives in Lima. I’m going to wear a green hat and watch the parade on Saint Patrick's Day. It's my birthday today. Congratulations! Are you going to have a party? Don’t worry. I’ll help you choose something for Father's Day. I’m going to take my final exams tomorrow. Good luck! It rained all day. Oh no! What a shame. Did you get wet? Thanks for reminding me that it’s John and Gail’s wedding anniversary next week. I haven’t got anything to wear! That’s OK, I have a costume you can borrow. Unit 7 bag of pasta (phrase) bag of potato chips (phrase) bag of rice (phrase) bag of salad (phrase) bottle of olive oil (phrase) パスタ bottle of soy sauce (phrase) bottle of vinegar (phrase) bottle of water (phrase) bowl of soup (phrase) bowl of sugar (phrase) box of cereal (phrase) box of chocolates (phrase) bunch of bananas (phrase) bunch of grapes (phrase) can of soda (phrase) can of tomatoes (phrase) can of tuna fish (phrase) carton of eggs (phrase) 醤油 carton of fruit juice (phrase) carton of ice‐cream (phrase) carton of milk (phrase) jar of coffee (phrase) jar of honey (phrase) jar of jam (phrase) フルーツジュース ポテトチップス お米の袋 サラダ オリーブオイル お酢 水 スープ 砂糖 シリアル チョコレート バナナ ぶどう ソーダ トマト缶 ツナ缶 卵 アイスクリーム 牛乳 コーヒー ハチミツ ジャム Did you get a large bag of pasta? No, I just got a small one. I think I’ll buy a bag of potato chips , too. We eat one bag of rice every week. This bag of salad is old – can you buy a new one please? I will get a good bottle of olive oil for the salad. We'll have Chinese food tonight; do we have a bottle of soy sauce? Put this bottle of vinegar on the table please. I take a bottle of water with me when I go jogging. It's cold today–‐ let's have a bowl of soup for lunch. Do you have a bowl of sugar please? Would you like this box of cereal for breakfast? I always buy my Mom a box of chocolates on her birthday. That's a big bunch of bananas. I'll take a bunch of grapes to Grandma in hospital. Please take this can of soda to your brother. I'll put a large can of tomatoes in the soup. Shall I buy a can of tuna fish? I'm sorry I dropped the carton of eggs. Would you like a drink? There is a carton of fruit juice in the fridge. We ate a big carton of ice cream last night. We drink a carton of milk every day. This jar of coffee was cheap in the store today. Please pass the jar of honey for my toast. My Gran gave me a jar of jam she made. piece of cake (phrase) piece of fruit (phrase) piece of sushi (phrase) ケーキ piece of toast (phrase) slice of bread (phrase) slice of cheesecake (phrase) slice of pizza (phrase) トースト Expansion beans (n) beef (n) broccoli (n) cabbage (n) cauliflower (n) chicken (n) cod (n) crab (n) eel (n) lamb (n) lemon (n) lobster (n) mackerel (n) melons (n) mussels (n) oranges (n) oysters (n) pear (n) 豆 フルーツ 寿司 パン チーズケーキ ピザ 牛肉 ブロッコリ キャベツ カリフラワー 鶏肉 タラ カニ ウナギ ラム肉 レモン ロブスター サバ メロン イシガイ オレンジ 牡蠣 梨 We had a piece of cake and a cup of coffee in the coffee shop. I take a piece of fruit and a sandwich to work for my lunch. I like fish so I had a piece of sushi at the restaurant. Every morning I have a piece of toast with some jam for breakfast. Please can I have a slice of bread and some cheese? I had a slice of cheesecake for dessert – it's my favorite. I'm hungry so I want a big slice of pizza. We cook beans for supper a lot, because they’re cheap. How much beef would you like, Madam? Some vegetables are OK, but I hate broccoli. I'd like some cabbage and some carrots please. Cauliflower is my favorite vegetable. You can eat great fried chicken in the southeast of America. Cod and fries is a very popular dish in the UK. The seafood salad is crab or shrimp – which would you like? I have never eaten eel, have you? I often have lamb. It's my favorite meat. Can you put a slice of lemon in my soda please? Did you know Boston is famous for lobster? I eat mackerel often. it is good for you. We grow lovely, big melons in our garden. The fish shop didn't have any mussels today. There are always lots of oranges at the fruit market. For dinner last night at the restaurant I had a few oysters. I have some fruit – would you like an apple or a pear? salmon (n) sausage (n) shrimps (n) strawberries (n) tuna (n) zucchini (n) サケ Unit 8 boarding card (n) book your ticket (phrase) buy some duty‐free goods (phrase) cabin crew (n) carry‐on baggage (n) check your bags (phrase) collect your bags from the baggage claim (phrase) departure lounge (n) excess baggage (n) exchange money (phrase) flight number (n) get a visa (phrase) get travel insurance (phrase) get some vaccinations (phrase) 搭乗券 go through passport control (phrase) 出国審査 Expansion fill out (phr v) 記入する ソーセージ 海老 イチゴ マグロ ズッキーニ チケットを予約する 免税品を買う 乗務員 持ち込み荷物 荷物を確認する 手荷物引渡し所から荷物をとる 出発ラウンジ 超過荷物 換金する フライトナンバー ビザを取得する 旅行保険に加入する 予防接種をする The last time I ate salmon was when I had sushi two days ago. There will be sausage and burgers at the barbeque. These shrimps are very small – do you have any large ones? We will have strawberries and cream at the picnic this afternoon. Did you buy any cans of tuna at the grocery store? We cook zucchini in olive oil with tomatoes and onions. You have to show your passport and boarding card at passport control. You could book your ticket on the internet. I have to buy some duty‐free goods at the airport. The cabin crew can get you a drink on the plane. Can I put my laptop in my carry‐on baggage? You have to check your bags before you travel. At the airport you can collect your bags from the baggage claim. You wait in the departure lounge for your flight. Can I take excess baggage? Yes – it is $25 per kilogram. Maybe you can exchange money while you’re downtown. Can you see the flight number on our tickets? Last summer I went to the US and I had to get a visa. Do I have to get travel insurance for this vacation? I had to get some vaccinations before I travelled to Kenya. You must go through passport control before you can get on the plane. You may need to fill out an immigration form. get off (phr v) get on (phr v) 降りる go through (phr v) take off (phr v) take out (phr v) 通り抜ける Unit 9 adventurous (adj) 冒険的な boring (adj) dangerous (adj) difficult (adj) つまらない exciting (adj) expensive (adj) hang gliding (n) horseback riding (n) わくわくする hot‐air ballooning (n) 気球に乗る mountain biking (n) sailing (n) マウンテンバイクに乗る scary (adj) scuba diving (n) skydiving (n) tiring (n) water‐skiing (n) 怖い 乗る 離陸する 出す 危険 難しい 高い ハンググライダー 乗馬 セーリング スキューバダイビング スカイダイビング 疲れる ウォータースキー When you arrive get off the plane and pick up your baggage. Then get on the plane and find a seat. When you arrive at the airport go through to the departure lounge. The plane will take off at 3 pm. When you travel, it’s a good idea to take out travel insurance. Your friends tell me you’re a very adventurous person. I have been scuba diving but it was fairly boring, actually. I didn’t see any fish. Have you ever tried water skiing? No – I think it’s dangerous. Water‐skiing’s really difficult! I can’t seem to keep my balance. In 2011 Annie went hang‐gliding. She thought it was really exciting. I enjoyed visiting France last year, but it was expensive. I never want to go hang gliding ‐ I think it's scary. Jessica thinks horseback riding is frightening. Last year I went hot‐air ballooning with my family and I really liked it. We went mountain biking in the hills outside the city. It was fun, but very hot. We've been sailing and it was fun. It was my first time skydiving, and to be honest it was pretty scary. Last summer I took a scuba diving course in Thailand. I’ve been skydiving in Hawaii. It was amazing. The camel ride we went on was very hot and tiring. I think water‐skiing is fun, but it is dangerous. Expansion confused (adj) confusing (adj) disappointed (adj) 混乱する disappointing (adj) frightened (adj) frightening (adj) relaxed (adj) relaxing (adj) worried (adj) がっかりさせられる worrying (adj) 心配させる Unit 10 backache (n) be stressed out (phrase) cold (n) cough (n) drink a lot of water (phrase) fever (n) the flu (n) go to the dentist (phrase) go to the doctor (phrase) headache (n) lie down (phr v) 腰痛 problems sleeping (phrase) 睡眠障害 混乱させられる がっかりする 怯える 恐ろしい のんびりする のんびりさせる 心配する ストレスが溜まる 風邪 咳 水をたくさん飲む 熱 インフルエンザ 歯医者に行く 病院に行く 頭痛 横になる I'm confused – I don't know which way to go. I can’t understand the instructions. They’re very confusing. We are disappointed that our team lost the football game. My brother hasn’t written to me for months. That's very disappointing. I am frightened that I will fall. What did you think of the horror movie? It was very frightening. We were all very relaxed on vacation. I spent two weeks at the beach. It was really relaxing. Are you OK? I'm worried about you. My brother hasn’t written to me for months. That’s very worrying. Do you have backache? Maybe you should lie down and rest. My brother will be stressed out if has failed the course . Well, for a cold you should take a hot bath. My cough isn't getting better. What should I do? You should take some vitamins and drink a lot of water too. Yes, you’re very hot. I think you have a fever. I feel terrible – I think I have the flu. You’ve had a toothache for ages. You should go to the dentist. I think you should go to the doctor, too. Take some aspirin. Your headache will get better. Why don't you lie down and relax? Yes I'll do that. You shouldn't drink coffee late at night because you will have problems sleeping. sore throat (n) sprained ankle (n) stay in bed (phrase) 喉の痛み stomach ache (n) sunburn (n) take aspirin (phrase) take some medicine (phrase) 腹痛 take some vitamins (phrase) toothache (n) try to relax (phrase) ビタミン剤を飲む use lotion (phrase) ローションを塗る Expansion aching muscles (phrase) 筋肉痛 antibiotics (n) 抗生物質 appointment (n) asthma (n) blood pressure (n) chest infection (phrase) doctor’s office (phrase) 予約 eye drops (n) infection (n) inhaler (n) 目薬 捻挫 ベッドに留まる 日焼け 鎮痛剤を飲む 薬を飲む 歯痛 のんびりする 喘息 血圧 胸部の感染 病院 感染 吸入器 I’ve drunk honey and lemon, but my sore throat hasn't improved. For a sprained ankle you should take aspirin and lie down. If I were you I’d get plenty of rest. You should stay in bed, really. Have you got a stomach ache? You shouldn't eat any food, just drink water. Gary has a bad sunburn. He should use a lotion. Kevin has a headache, so he should take aspirin. If you don’t feel very well why don't you take some medicine? You’ve been sick a few times recently, so I think you should take some vitamins. For a toothache, you should visit a dentist . Tony’s really stressed out. Yes, he should try to relax. If you have sunburn you can use lotion, or mix olive oil and vinegar, and put it on the sunburn. Whenever I have aching muscles I take a hot bath. He said I had a chest infection and gave me a prescription for some antibiotics. I was sick, so I called the doctor’s office and made an appointment. My asthma is bad – where is my inhaler? The doctor took my temperature and blood pressure. I have taken the antibiotics and my chest infection is better. I went to the doctor’s office and explained the problem. My eyes are really sore, so I'm going to the drugstore for some eye drops. The doctor gave me some antibiotics for my infection. Do you have your inhaler with you? insect bite (phrase) lotion (n) prescription (n) temperature (n) upset stomach (phrase) 虫さされ Unit 11 bad‐tempered (adj) confident (adj) disorganized (adj) easygoing (adj) 気の短い forgetful (adj) optimistic (adj) outgoing (adj) 忘れっぽい punctual (adj) romantic (adj) 時間を守る selfish (adj) sensitive (adj) sociable (adj) stingy (adj) 自己中心的 strict (adj) 厳しい Expansion clever (adj) 賢い considerate (adj) 思慮深い ローション 処方箋 体温 腹痛 自信がある だらしない のんきな 楽観的な 社交的な ロマンチック 繊細 社交的 ケチ Why don't you put some lotion on that insect bite. That’s a bad insect bite – you should use lotion. I'll take this prescription to the drugstore now. I feel very hot . Can you take my temperature please? If I were you I'd take some medicine for your upset stomach. I guess the most bad‐tempered person I know is my sister. Things aren’t so bad. Try to be more confident. My roommate is the most disorganized person I've ever met. I love working here. The atmosphere is so relaxed and easygoing. Kai is so forgetful. He left home this morning without the front door key! I’m optimistic that I can finish all my homework before Sunday. Would you say you are more outgoing than your friends? What's your new instructor like? A lot more punctual, so I'm very happy about that. For me the best was definitely Rome – it’s such a romantic city. He is so selfish ! He should turn his phone off in the movie theater. Martin is very sensitive. He gets upset very easily. I don’t want to see anyone tonight. I’m not feeling very sociable. Tim is very stingy. He never buys any drinks when we go out. My high school science teacher was really strict. We always had to do our homework. Mike is not as clever as his sister – she will pass all her exams. The music is too loud. Please turn it down and try to be more considerate. creative (adj) dependable (adj) efficient (adj) energetic (adj) fashionable (adj) imaginative (adj) intelligent (adj) irritable (adj) lively (adj) moody (adj) 独創的 reliable (adj) stylish (adj) thoughtful (adj) 信頼できる well‐organized (adj) 几帳面な Unit 12 digital camera (n) DVD recorder (n) e‐reader (n) flat‐screen TV (n) デジタルカメラ GPS navigation system (n) GPS ナビ It won’t eject (phrase) 取り出せない It’s just crashed (phrase) クラッシュした 信頼できない 効率が良い エネルギッシュ おしゃれ 想像的な 賢い 怒りっぽい 活発 気分屋 スタイリッシュ 思いやりのある DVD レコーダー E リーダー フラットスクリーンテレビ My father is the most creative and imaginative person in my family. The school bus is not very dependable. It is often late. The trains in Switzerland are much more efficient than at home. I'm tired; can we do something less energetic? Paris is the most fashionable and stylish city in Europe. Did you like that book? It's very imaginative. I think dogs are more intelligent and clever than cats. I am always irritable in the morning until I have a coffee. The children are less lively and energetic today. Why are you so moody and irritable? You should take a vacation. Are you reliable? Yes, I think so. I always do what I say I’m going to do. Stylish and fashionable clothes are so expensive. I like my new teacher. He is very thoughtful and considerate. She’s a well‐organized student. She’s working very efficiently this semester. I’ve just bought a digital camera, but it doesn’t work. Hey, that DVD recorder looks good. Is it new? Are you enjoying reading books on your new e‐reader? I've only had this flat‐screen TV since the day before yesterday. The screen is scratched already on my new GPS navigation system. I think this new DVD player has just broken. It won't eject the DVD. This new computer is great. Oh no! What's wrong? It's just crashed. It’s making a funny noise (phrase) 変な音がする MP4 player (n) MP4 プレーヤー notebook PC (n) ノート型パソコン photocopier (n) コピー機 portable gaming console (n) tablet (n) The battery’s dead (phrase) 携帯型ゲーム機 The keyboard’s broken (phrase) キーボードが壊れた The lens is scratched (phrase) The memory card’s stuck (phrase) The paper’s jammed (phrase) The picture’s fuzzy (phrase) The remote control won’t work (phrase) レンズが傷付いている The screen’s gone blank (phrase) touch‐screen monitor (n) 画面になにも映らない wireless router (n) ワイヤレスルーター Expansion download (v) firewall (n) hard disk (n) laptop (n) ダウンロード タブレット 電池が切れた メモリーカードが詰まっている 紙が詰まっている 映像が不明瞭 リモコンが動かない タッチパネル ファイヤーウォール ハードディスク ラップトップ Is the photocopier broken? It's making a funny noise. Have you used your new MP4 player yet? Sure! I've already downloaded a lot of music. I've had this notebook PC for two weeks now and it's really light and great when I travel. We've had this photocopier for over 3 years. We should get a new one. Dave has just bought a portable gaming console but he hasn't tried any games yet. Do you want to have a look at my new tablet PC? You turn it on like this … Oh no, the battery's dead! The keyboard's broken on this laptop already, and I've only had it a week. I haven't used this new digital camera yet, but the lens is scratched. I can't use my cell phone. The memory card's stuck. The paper's jammed in John's printer. The picture's fuzzy on my new flat screen TV. Can you fix it? The remote control won't work. I think the battery's dead. John has just bought a new plasma TV but the screen's gone blank. My new tablet PC has a touch‐screen monitor. Since I bought a wireless router, I’ve been able to use my laptop in my bedroom. It takes only a few seconds to download a movie. We use a high quality firewall to protect all our data. There isn’t a lot of space left on this hard disk. It’s almost full. The new V300 laptop is so thin and light you can take it anywhere. modem (n) monitor (n) モデム smartphone (n) spam (n) スマートフォン virus (n) ウイルス web browser (n) ウェブブラウザー モニター 迷惑メール I can’t get online because my modem isn’t working. This 40‐inch flat‐screen monitor is the best on the market. My favorite gadget is my Smartphone. I’ve had it for nearly a year. The biggest problem with e‐mail is all the spam you get. It seems that every week a dangerous new virus is spread over the internet. The latest version of this web browser means you can surf the internet more quickly.