Alfa Laval VO 5 separator

VO 5
Low capacity disc stack centrifuge for fats and oils refining
The Alfa Laval range of centrifuges for the vegetable oil
refining industry is continuously modernized to take advantage
of developments in materials, mechanical design and fluid
dynamics. The VO 5 is a small-sized separator in this range of
Continuous degumming, neutralizing and washing of fatty oils,
such as various vegetable oils, lard, tallow and fish oil.
The table below shows nominal capacities. Actual throughputs vary according to the type of oil and fat to be treated.
Degumming, neutralizing, washing 2500 kg/h
Standard design
The VO 5 is a top fed self-cleaning separator. The machine
consists of a frame with a lubricating oil bath, a horizontal belt
driving device, and a vertical bowl spindle. The bowl is fixed
on top of the spindle and covered by the frame hood. All process wetted parts are made of stainless steel. The bowl is of
the solids ejecting disc type, with a hydraulic operating system
for sludge discharging. The separator is driven by a standard
electrical motor with friction clutch. Gaskets and sealings are
made of nitrile rubber.
Design features
The VO 5 is based on a simple, robust and well-proven,
open design concept. Furthermore, the VO 5 is easy to
maintain. The design reduces the pressure drop across the
separator and results in a low feed pressure requirement to
the machine. The bowl of the VO 5 is specifically designed
for fatty oil separation. Its geometry permits minimal pressure
drop and high flow rates. The outlets are equipped with
stationary paring devices for removal of the different phases.
The paring device on the light phase is a fixed paring disc,
while the paring device on the heavy phase is adjustable.
VO 5 complete with motor
The diameter of the heavy phase paring device can easily
be adjusted by changing the length of the paring tubes. This
makes it possible to adjust the position of the separation
interface in the disc stack, facilitating optimal separation.
With the working environment in mind, the VO 5 is designed
to operate at low noise levels. This is achieved through a
rubber-damped bearing assembly, and an outer bowl design
engineered for low wind noise.
Standard equipment
Each VO 5 comes complete with starter and control unit,
electric motor, inlet and outlet connections and auxiliary
Operating principles
The centrifugal force causes separation in the disc stack (1),
forcing the heavier particles (heavy phase and sludge) towards
the periphery of the bowl and is discharged automatically
through ports (2), while the light phase flows towards the
centre of the bowl.
The heavy phase is pumped out of the separator through the
heavy-phase outlet (3) at the top. Similarly, the lighter oil is
pumped out for further processing through a separate lightphase outlet (4) also in the top of the separator.
Typical bowl drawing for solids ejecting open centrifuge. Drawing
details do not necessarily correspond to the centrifuge described.
Shipping data (approximate)
1367 mm (4 ft 5 13/16 inch)
Centrifuge incl. bowl and motor
500 kg (1 102 lbs)
140 kg (309 lbs)
50 kg (110 lbs)
Technical specifications
Throughput capacity
Bowl speed, synchronous 50/60 Hz
Sludge space 2l
Motor power installed
703 mm (2 ft 3 43/64 inch)
Starting time
Stopping time with brake
Inlet pressure
Pressure, light phase outlet
Pressure, heavy phase outlet
Sound pressure
Overhead hoist lifting capacity
PCHS00105EN 1305
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8375/8400 rpm
Bowl volume
Motor speed, synchronous 50/60 Hz
1317 mm (4 ft 3 27/32 inch)
max. 6 m3/h
3000/3600 rpm
7.5/8.6 kW
approx. 6 min
approx. 10 min
0-400 kPa
100-400 kPa
0 kPa
84 dB(A)1)
min. 1000 kg
According to ISO 3744
Alfa Laval reserves the right to change specifications without prior notification.