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The Center of Yourself
You have spent hours on your resume. You are on LinkedIn. You care about your career. You accept lots of
recommendations and endorsements. You list all of your promotions. You create a glowing profile page. You list all
your promotions and results and strengths. But what are you best at? What are your intangibles? Why should people
hire you over the next person with a similar profile? What do people say about you? What will you contribute?
These questions should be easy to answer, but that isn't always the case. Here some additional questions you can
ask to understand yourself better.
1. Who do you think you are? Are you truly self-aware? What is your likeness? How would you describe
yourself to others?
2. Who do other people think you are? Ask people. Is it different than how you see yourself? Yes? Uh-oh!
3. What inspires you? What makes you tick? What it is that you enjoy doing most? What motivates you in life?
Ask yourself these questions, write down the answers - physically write them down.In a month are they true?
4. How do you respond to challenging situations? Look back at your life and career. Think about the times
that you were in unique situations - where you were challenged. How did you respond? The answers
maysuggest what you are best at - and not so good at. .
5. Ask "how" you are best at, not "what" you are best at. This is all about your process. Sometimes
outcomes aren't a true representation of how you got from A to B. "How" is indicative of your strengths and
your motivation.
There is one final question to ask yourself when trying to understand what your purpose in life is: what do you want
to be remembered for?
Creating Your Personal Lasting Impact
What is my contribution to the world? This is a tough question to ask, but not impossible to answer. Asking a question
like this forces you to confront yourself head-on. It forces you to search deep within yourself that you may realise that
who you thought you were all this time isn't who you need to be.
Who you need to be and what you are here to do isn't an outcome either. Outcomes are important, but they are not
your contribution. Your contribution is reflected in the impact that you create. Impact isn't achieving 116% of the goal.
Impact isn't finishing first. Impact isn't finishing a project on time. Impact isn't an endgame - Impact resonates.
Impact challenges the conventional way of doing things. It forces people to ask new questions that lead to breakthrough answers. It inspires others to be better and do better. Impact is what people strive for. It is the why to the
Impact - the impact you create in your life is a direct reflection of your purpose. It isn't what you do, it is why you do it
and how you do it that matters. Your purpose is not a thing or an outcome, rather it is your why and how.
This is what you need to focus on. This is what you will be remembered for. This is what matters.
Make Plenty of Mistakes
Some last advice to you : make mistakes. Make a lot of them and learn from them. Mistakes are a necessary evil in
life: you will make them, but if you decide to do so - you will learn from them.
Confronting yourself like that is scary. Once you start being honest with yourself you have no choice but to come clean
with answers. You have to answer directly to you!
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