William Sy, Navy Lodge Program Associate of the

21 May 2014
William Sy, Navy Lodge Program Associate of the Year
William Sy, room attendant/houseman, Navy Lodge Mayport, Fla., has been named the Navy
Lodge Program’s Associate of the Year for 2013. Sy has worked at the Navy Lodge since 2011.
“From the start, William has shown a full commitment to improving, enhancing and providing
quality service at Navy Lodge Mayport,” said Gwen Ellis-Smith, General Manager, Navy Lodge
Mayport. “William has been the forerunner in planning and executing renovations at the Navy
Lodge. While he was hired as our houseman, his skill levels as a landscaper, carpenter, draftsman, plumber and artist make him so much more.”
During 2013, Sy designed and upgraded Navy Lodge Mayport’s lobby, saving the lodge money.
Sy took immediate ownership of the project, using his draftsmen’s skills to design a complete
lobby reset set around the existing front desk located in the center of the lobby. The renovation
included new ceiling fans, furniture and paint.
“He completed an all-inclusive upgrade on the existing front desk, creating an atmosphere of
newness and uniqueness,” said Ellis-Smith. “He designed and built a souvenir display case in the
lobby to display NEX souvenirs, saving NEX overhead expenses and at the same time vastly improving the appearance and showcase of the merchandise. We have received praise from returning guest as well as first time visitors who are in awe that the work was done ‘in house’ by one
of our own associates.”
During the holidays, Sy built a holiday wonderland for the base as well as guests spending the
holidays at the Navy Lodge. He drafted and built giant stars, sleighs and signage. The display
was included in the base’s annual ship lighting contest because of all the chatter around base
praising Sy’s work.
“William is a true shining star to all guests that he comes in contact with on a daily basis,” said
Ellis-Smith. “He is ‘The’ customer service example for all NEX and Navy Lodge associates to
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NEX revenues generated are used to support Navy Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) programs. In FY12,
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