Rabbi Sholem Fishbane Executive Director ‫בס"ד‬ AKO 2014 VA’ADIM CONFERENCE AGENDA CAPITAL RETREAT CENTER Waynesboro, Pennsylvania November 2‐4, 2014 Welcome to Baltimore (or close to it)! All meals being served throughout the conference are STAR‐K Certified, Yoshon, Pas Yisroel, Bishul Yisroel, and Cholov Yisroel where applicable. All meat and poultry are from Star‐K approved facilities/Chassidishe Shechita (list available upon request), and all fish is Mashgiach Temidi and anisakis‐
free. The possibility of a mincha minyan will be determined on Sunday based on the number of attendees at the hotel. [Shekiah during the conference is at 5:07‐5:04.] Ma’ariv will be at 9pm. 6‐8PM Pre‐conference pilpul chaveirim with buffet dinner hosted by Star‐K Nesiya Lodge Dining Hall MONDAY MORNING 7:00 Daf Yomi – Rabbi Ari Senter Nesiya Lodge 1st Floor Boardroom Coffee & Tea available beginning at 6 AM [Netz is at 6:40‐6:42 during the conference]. 7:45 Shacharis Dining Hall, Lower Level 8:45 Breakfast Dining Hall, Upper Level 9:45 Conference Begins Nesiya Lodge 1st Floor Ballroom Welcome – Dr. Avrom Pollak, Star‐K, Conference Host Goals and Introduction of Attendees – Rabbi Sholem Fishbane, cRc/AKO 10:15 Shemittah 5775 10:15 Source Review 11:00 Greenhouse Produce, Non‐Jewish Produce (shiur) Rav Usher Anshel Eckstein, ‫שליט"א‬, Belz Kashrus 11:45 Running a Local Va’ad – Costs, Fees & Strategies Moderators: Rabbi Yitzchak Feldman, Va’ad of Northern California Rabbi Josh Feingold, Va’ad of Columbus 12:35 Caterers can pick any lock, here’s how to outsmart them Rabbi Tsvi Heber, COR Rabbi Chaim Ribiat, COR MONDAY AFTERNOON 1:15 Lunch Greetings: Dining Hall, Upper Level Rav Jonathan Seidemann, Rav of Kehilas KBT 2:15 Mincha 2:30 Factory Inspections; what large agencies expect from you Rabbi Dovid Heber, Star‐K Dining Hall, Lower Level Association of Kashrus Organizations  2701 W. Howard Street, Chicago, IL 60645 773‐465‐3900  [email protected] AKO
Kosher Tech Proven technology for a local Va’ad Rabbi Yaakov Vann, RCC 4: 20 Coping with Party Planners Rabbi Moshe Berger, ORB Rabbi Dov Schreier, OU 5:05 Hafrashas Challah; getting it right Rabbi Pinchas Juravel, Kof‐K 6:00 Insect Update Sifting through myths, scares and real concerns Rabbi Sholom Tendler, Star‐K MONDAY EVENING 6:45 Dinner Dining Hall, Upper Level Greetings: Rav Yakov Hopfer, Rav of Shearith Israel Cong., Nosi of Va’ad HaRabbonim of Baltimore 8:15 Ma’ariv 8:30 Inspiring cooperation using love Rabbi Kalman Weinfeld, OK Rabbi Lenny Steinberg, OU 10:00 Barbeque Reception – Pilpul Chaveirim Dining Hall, Lower Level TUESDAY MORNING 6:45 Daf Yomi – Rabbi Moshe Elefant Nesiya Lodge 1st Floor Boardroom Coffee & Tea available beginning at 6 AM 7:30 Shacharis Dining Hall, Lower Level 8:15 Breakfast Dining Hall, Upper Level 8:45 Yarchei Kallah – ‫ רוב וקבוע‬,‫ספק תערובת איסור‬ 8:45 Source Review 9:45 Shiur, Rav Moshe Heinemann ‫שליט"א‬, Star‐K 11:00 Accommodating the Sephardic Community Rav Emmanuel Goldfeiz, Rav of Kehilat Beit Yaakov, Rav Hamachshir of Star‐S 11:45 Local Va’adim vs. Larger Agencies The stuff we weren’t consulted on and we don’t even know about! Moderator: Rabbi Zvi Holland, Star‐K Rabbi Moshe Elefant, OU Rabbi Levi Teitelbaum, Ottawa Va’ad HaKashrus AKO 2014 Va’ad Conference Agenda – Page 2 AKO
TUESDAY AFTERNOON 12:30 Lunch Greetings: Dining Hall, Upper Level Speaker TBD 1:15 Mincha Dining Hall, Lower Level 1:30 Tour of the Star‐K certified Capital Camps kitchen Rabbi Mayer Kurcfeld, Star‐K Capital Camps, owned and operated by the Washington DC Federation, is a summer camp, day camp and retreat center all wrapped in one complex. Star‐K is present every day of the year in a model kashrus‐client relationship. We will be touring the various foodservice sites, focusing on the challenges of administrating a high standard of kashrus in an environment that is so demanding. 2:45 Encouraging whistleblowers Rabbi Binyomin Taub, RCBC 3:15 Creative Ideas That Have Enhanced Va’ad Kashrus 5‐minute presentations by members of the audience 4:15 What AKO can do for us Rabbi Mordechai Fried, KM 4:45 Closing Remarks Rabbi Sholem Fishbane, cRc/AKO Dinner arrangements will be available for those leaving late or staying overnight as well as for those who must leave early. A minyan for ma’ariv will be arranged for Tuesday evening. THANK YOU FOR ATTENDING!! AKO 2014 Va’ad Conference Agenda – Page 3