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Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September 2014
July - August - September 2014 / Tammuz - Av - Elul 5774
Publication Number 3 for the Year 2014
Share Casual Friday Night Services with Kol Ami Friends
Hosted in the intimate settings of congregants’ backyards and homes,
our Friday night summer Shabbat services are a meaningful and
wonderfully informal way to welcome Shabbat and bring our community together.
Everyone is Welcome!
Kol Ami Trip to Israel with Rabbi Ilana . . .
16 . . . Todah Rabbah to our Generous Donors
High Holiday Appeal . . .
18 . . . Esther’s Garden Blooms
Rethinking Relationships . . .
25 . . . Legacy Planning & Kol Ami
RSRS Teacher of the Year . . . 12
Summer B’nai Mitzvah . . . 14
28 . . . Social Action News
34 . . . First Day of Religious School
Kol Ami Living
The Quarterly Bulletin of
Congregation Kol Ami
For All Our People
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Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September
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(Times are subject to change, please check our website)
July 4 - 5 ………………. Balak
Patio Picnic & Fireworks
Shabbat on Kol
Ami’s Patio, Picnic & Fireworks
viewing (kitchen is closed)
Irwin Berry
David Bruce
1st Summer
July 11 - 12 …………..Pinchas 6:30p Birthday & Anniversary
Birthday & Anniversary Shabbat Shabbat at the Lapin home
9:00a Traditional Service
9:00a Traditional Service
Danny Burman Art Warsoff
10:00a Reform Service
Michael King
9:00a Traditional Service
10:00a Reform Service
John Cuomo
Sheldon Elman
August 1 - 2 ………….. D’varim 6:30p Storyteller Potluck Shabbat at
9:00a Traditional Service
Storyteller Shabbat
the Markewitz/ Mayer home
Hank Levine
Paul Daniels
July 18 -19 ………….. Mattot 6:30p Shabbat at the Lessnick home 9:00a Traditional Service
July 25 - 26 ………... Mas’ei 6:30p Shabbat at the Wellington
6:30p Birthday & Anniversary
9:00a Sarah Rivera Bat Mitzvah at Carol
Shabbat in Millcreek Canyon’s BowBirthday & Anniversary Shabbat
Shabbat Morning Service
man Fork
August 8 - 9 ….. Va-etchannan
John Cuomo
Larry Green
Junior - Eli Rivera
9:30a Noah Blumenthal & Willa
Gibson B'nai Mitzvah
Shabbat Morning Service
Irwin Berry
Jim Isaacson
Jeff Stevenson
Junior - Aimee Klein
August 22 - 23 ……… R’eih 6:30p Shabbat at the Litvack home
9:00a Ian Shapiro Bar Mitzvah
Shabbat Morning Service
Franklin Onwukeme
Geri Siegel
Junior - Carlos Crouse
August 29 - 30 … … Shof’tim 6:30p Shabbat at the Field home
9:00a Sarah Brownstein
Bat Mitzvah
Shabbat Morning Service
John Cuomo
Robyn Isaacson
Susan Schulman
Junior - Michael Palmer
Irwin Berry
Michael King
Art Sandack
Junior - Julia Snyder
Hank Levine
Jordan Gerton
August 15 -16 ……….. Eikev
6:30p Shabbat at the
Silberman/Gibson home
6:30p Last Summer Shabbat at Kol
9:00a Zev Gorfinkle Bar Mitzvah
September 5 - 6 …... Ki Tetzei Ami‘s Patio — Dairy/Vegetarian
Shabbat Morning Service
September 12 - 13 … Ki Tavo 6:30p Birthday & Anniversary
Birthday & Anniversary Shabbat Erev Shabbat Service (PC)
9:00a Traditional Service
10:00a Reform Service
6:30p Erev Shabbat Service (PC)
9:00a Traditional Service
Matt Davidson
September 26 - 27 … Ha'Azinu 6:30p Erev Shabbat Service (PC)
9:00a Traditional Service
John Cuomo
Amador Rivera
September 19 - 20 …
Nitzavim & Va-yeilekh
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Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September 2014
From Our Rabbi, Ilana Schwartzman
We all contribute to the community in a different way.
It’s always interesting to me how my body can be in one
place and time and my mind somewhere completely
At the beginning of the summer, I am
contemplating the beginning of the Religious School year,
the high holidays, and the congregational trip to Israel. It’s
no wonder that I sometimes lose track of what day of the
week it is!
As I write to you today, I am especially grateful for all those
people who are working to make sure the synagogue
calendar and events go smoothly. Just today, I met with the
senior staff—David Asman, Interim Religious School
Director; Cantor Loeb; and both Matthew Weinstein and
Jean Budinger as they transition Synagogue Director
position—and Liz Paige, the President of Kol Ami. Each one
of these people has a list of calls to make, emails to send,
and priorities to negotiate.
With each of us so involved in various aspects of synagogue
life, I think back to my application to rabbinical school, over
Join Us!
Kol Ami’s Israel Trip
December 2014
Rabbi Ilana Schwartzman
will lead our congregation on a trip
to Israel in late December 2014.
Mark your calendar now!
Email [email protected] for
additional details and itinerary information.
a decade ago, when I wrote an updated version of the story
of the grasshopper and the ants. If you remember the
original fable, it was a story about the industrious ants who
worked all summer to make sure they could sustain
themselves in the cold of winter when nothing was growing,
and the lazy grasshopper who laid around, taking in sun
while they were working. Sure enough, as the days got
shorter and colder, the grasshopper needed to go to the
ants to ask for help because he had squandered away his
summer. The original lesson was that there is always work
to be done and that if we shirk our work, we will be in dire
straits later.
I prefer to think of this story somewhat differently. I think
that while the ants were heave-hoeing through the summer,
the grasshopper was doing a different kind of work. He was
collecting the memory of the sunshine, the warmth of the
stone under his thorax. He was taking in the songs on the
breeze, and the story of the blue sky. So that while it was
true that in the winter, he had no food to contribute, he had
something else that the ants very much needed. He had the
hope of the spring to come, he had the sound of the rustling
of leaves, and he had the story of the sunshine to keep them
all warm.
We all contribute to community in a different way. Some
teach, some lead, some sing, and some organize. The
important thing to remember is that we all need one
another. We are symbiotic.
As we learn in Pirke Avot from Ben Azzai: “Do not scorn any
man, and do not discount any thing. For there is no man
who has not his hour, and no thing that has not its
place” (4:3).
Lunch & Learn at the Wellington
(4522 South 1300 East)
with Rabbi Ilana Schwartzman
Usually every 4th Wednesday of the Month
11:15am - 1:00pm
$5/lunch for non-resident
RSVP: Betty 801-278-5509
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Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September
From Our President, Liz Paige
Reflecting Back - a Year of Many Accomplishments
Between counting the Omer, the holidays of Passover and
Shavuot, and preparing for the High Holidays during the
month of Elul, I have had a lot of time to reflect on the past
year, both personally and on the year for our congregation.
Reflecting on the past year, we, as a kehilla kadosha, a holy
community, have accomplished a lot:
● Receiving a grant for solar panels from the Blue Sky
Foundation, having the panels installed on our building, and
researching other changes we can make to our building to
be more sustainable
● Earning a grant to help start Esther's Garden from Salt
Lake City, and seeing dozens of volunteers plant the first
fruit trees and vegetables
● Enrolling 170 children in our school, including 30+ children
who would not have been able to attend if it were not for
the generosity of our donors and scholarships
● Having three visiting educators: a children's story-teller
for Purim, a StorahTeller during Passover and a visiting rabbi
during Shavuot--all of whom enriched our learning and
connected us to the national Jewish learning community
● Sending our confirmation students, thanks to the support
from the United Jewish Foundation of Utah, with Rabbi
Wenger to Washington D.C. to participate in a four-day
conference on social action with other youth from the
Religious Action Center and from congregations across the
● Beginning our Legacy Society, a planned giving effort that
includes Kol Ami, the Federation, Jewish Family Service, the
JCC, the McGillis School and Temple Har Shalom, which will
insure our community's future
● Watching our youth program's identity continue to
develop as children in 3rd-12th grade participate in and
design fun programming for themselves, thanks to the
support of the youth department
staff, donations and a grant from
the Federation
● Finalizing a new emergency
procedures manual
● Working with the US Attorney's office on the court case
regarding the shooting of our building in 2012
● Supporting countless families and individuals through lifecycle events
● Supporting our office through the transition to Matthew,
and now Jean, as our synagogue director
● Supporting David as our interim religious school director
● Researching ACA approved healthcare for our staff
● Celebrating the Mitzvah Network and Geri Siegel's many
gifts to our community
● Diligently keeping oversight on the synagogue's finances
● And let's not forget the special programs and services for
every holiday and the five or six services we have per week!
It was quite a year, and these are just some of the many
accomplishments of which we should be aware and proud. I
cannot thank Rabbi Ilana, Cantor Loeb, the entire staff! the
board! and our scores of volunteers! enough for their work
and commitment to ensuring the success of our
congregation's programs, services, and community.
Looking to the coming year, I want to thank everyone in our
congregation for your continued commitment to
Congregation Kol Ami. When we started this past year, we
were just 300 households. We are now ending the year at
Your participation is what enables us to go from strength to
strength. In this next year, please help us to become an
even better congregation by:
Congregation Kol Ami
- Wednesday, August 20 7:00pm
President’s Report, Budget Review
Committee Reports, Election of new Board Members
Cantor Loeb’s Contract, Cantor/Educator Search
Land Sale for Parley’s Trail, Strategic Planning
All members in good standing are encouraged to attend!
It’s time to
Renew your Membership!
Our new fiscal year begins
in July and we have a
wonderful year ahead of us!
M e m b e r s hi p R e n e w a l
on Kol Ami Website!
Take advantage of early bird
membership discounts.
“It’s through your support that we
are strengthened.”
- Liz Paige
Page 5
Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September 2014
Reflecting Back
continued from previous page
The Series Continues…
Enjoy a nosh and learn more about our friends!
● Participating in our strategic planning process through
surveys, task forces, and talking with our strategic planning
group's members. This process will enable us to clearly
articulate our vision for the next 3-5 years and to know
which next steps we must take to reach these goals
● Volunteering on a committee such as membership
outreach, holiday planning, fundraising, or youth
department to allow these areas to develop and further our
congregation's mission
● Coming to services to check out candidates for our
Educator/Cantor position (the search will begin in
November) and sharing your thoughts about the next
potential member of our senior staff team
● Contributing to this year's High Holiday Appeal, which
supports our annual budget
● Becoming a charter members of our Legacy Society by
including Kol Ami in your estate planning
Listen as Barbara Bannon, long-time Salt Lake theater
critic, moderates a panel of fellow artists as they talk
about the wonderful and challenging opportunities of
bringing outstanding professional theater to Utah.
Panelists will include Karen Azenberg - Artistic Director
of Salt Lake’s Pioneer Theater Company, Nancy
Borgenicht, - Creator and writer of “Saturday’s
Voyeur,” and Kirstie Rosenfeld - Freelance Theater
Director and Producer.
Together, we are the congregation for all our people and
only together can we truly provide for the needs of our
entire Jewish community. As you reflect on the past year
and think about the year to come I hope that the role Kol
Ami plays in your life and your role in Kol Ami will grow.
Award winning University of Utah Professor of
Psychology Donald Strassberg will talk about surprising
findings about the sexual interest of straight, gay,
lesbian, and bisexual men and women. Don will also
discuss what is known about sexual satisfaction at the
different stages in life.
Finally, I want to thank you for the opportunity to serve our
congregation as president. This has been a life-changing
experience this past year and I am excited about the next
year of my time as your president. Thank you for your
support, patience, ideas, and encouragement.
Wishing you a happy new year,
Dinner at the Shul
Cooking & Eating & Connections
Here at Kol Ami, the first Shabbat of each month is
celebrated with a community dinner. Dinner at the
Shul is an opportunity to step away from the busy
workweek, greet the Sabbath, and enjoy a meal with
friends and family. Please join us!
Dinner at the Shul is free (though donations are
encouraged!), and features a variety of delicious dishes
prepared by volunteers from the congregation. If you
are available to volunteer, please contact Katie Hunt.
([email protected]).
Dinner at the Shul Begins Again in September!
Friday, September 5
Friday, Oct. 10 in the Sukkah (not 10/3 due to Yom Kippur)
Friday, November 7
Friday, December 5
Sunday, Sept 14 10am-Noon
Sunday, Oct 26 10am-Noon
Sunday, Nov 16 10am-Noon
Selected by Sundance in 2013 and recognized by the
Israeli Film Academy, “Fill the Void,” written and
directed by the well-known ultra-orthodox filmmaker,
Rama Burshtein, is a thoughtful movie that centers
around an agonizing decision a young Hasidic woman
must make when she is pressured into an arranged
marriage to an older widower. Cantor Loeb will lead us
in a discussion following the screening of one of his
favorite films.
New Division Director
Sonnenreich Takes Position in AG Office
We send out a big “Mazel Tov!” to David Sonnenreich on his
recent promotion. David is now the Division Director of the
newly formed Markets and Financial Fraud Division of the
Utah Office of the Attorney General. His division includes
the areas of Antitrust, Mortgage & Financial Fraud (including
securities fraud), and the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit. We
congratulate David and wish him well as he takes on this
new leadership role in our great state!
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Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September
Tisha B’Av - Mourning the Misfortunes of our Ancestors
An explanation about the Ninth of Av from our Religious Practices Committee
Five misfortunes befell our ancestors ...
on the ninth of Av. ...On the ninth of Av
it was decreed that our fathers should
not enter the [Promised] Land, the
Temple was destroyed the first and
second time, Betar was captured and the
city [Jerusalem] was ploughed up.
-Mishnah Ta'anit 4:6
Tisha B'Av, the 9th of Av, is also known as
the Fast of the Ninth of Av. It is a day of
mourning to commemorate the many
tragedies that have befallen the Jewish
people, many of which have occurred on
the ninth of Av.
In our Kol Ami community, we mourn
the passing of Rafi Schwartz, of blessed
memory, for whom we named our
religious school. Rafi passed away on
Tisha B’av.
We welcome all
Jewish Youth
in Grades 3 - 12!
To find out more or to join our
email list for updates.
[email protected]
by the
Tisha B'Av primarily commemorates the
destruction of the first and second
Temples, both of which were destroyed
on the ninth of Av (the first by the
Babylonians in 586 B.C.E.; the second by
the Romans in 70 C.E.).
Although this holiday is primarily meant
to commemorate the destruction of the
Temple, we also recall other tragedies of
the Jewish people that have occurred on
this day, most notably the expulsion of
the Jews from Spain in 1492 and the
expulsion of the Jews from England in
Tisha B'Av is the culmination of a three
week period of increasing mourning,
beginning with the fast of the 17th of
Tammuz, which commemorates the first
breach in the walls of Jerusalem, before
the First Temple was destroyed.
Traditionally, during this three week
period, weddings and other parties are
not permitted, and people refrain from
cutting their hair. In synagogue on Tisha
B’Av, the book of Lamentations is read
and mourning prayers are recited.
(Source: Judaism 101 -www.jewfaq.org/
Tisha B'Av this year begins at sunset on
Monday, August 4, 2014 and ends at
nightfall on Tuesday, August 5, 2014.
Congregation Kol Ami will hold Erev
Tisha B’Av services on August 4 at 8:45
p.m. in the Pepper Chapel, and a Tisha
B’Av morning service on August 5 at
9:00 a.m. in the Pepper Chapel.
KAJY - Another Amazing Year
Begins in September!
Event Highlights for the Coming School Year
KAJY is for ALL Jewish youth in grades 3 through 12! Some events are created for all
age groups but many of the activities are grade-specific. KAJY is divided into three
grade groups: KAJY Kids - 3rd thru 5th, Junior KAJY - grades 6 and 7, and Senior
KAJY - grades 8 thru 12. There are regular Board Meetings for all KAJY Officers and,
of course, there are monthly Lounge Nights, probably the most popular of all KAJY
events. Here is a brief list highlighting some of the exciting events coming in the
2014-15 school year:
Kickoff Event
September 14
1st Lounge Night
September 17
Halloween Sleepover October 18
Chocolate Seder
Mid March
KAJY Fundraiser
Senior Retreat
May 22 - 25
Mid April
Recycle … and Support Kol Ami Youth!
Bring your newspapers, junk mail,
cardboard, old phone books, & textbooks
to the drop-off box in the west parking lot.
(Please, no plastics or food item papers.)
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Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September 2014
Kol Ami: Of the people, for the people, by the people - all our people.
The founders of our congregation very carefully chose the name
for our kehilla kadosha , our sacred community.
Kol Ami literally means “all our people.”
We are a congregation founded in the principles of religious plurality and inclusion.
To paraphrase President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, we are a congregation “of the
people, for the people, by the people.” And as Lincoln said, we must insure that our congregation
does not “perish from this earth.”
While our congregation is not in danger of “perishing” this next year,
our financial security is only guaranteed by dues, religious school fees and donations.
As you may know, member dues and fees only make up 43% of our annual budgetary needs.
Kol Ami depends on the generosity of our members.
Kol Ami depends on your generosity to make up the difference.
Your contributions enable us to:
► Educate the children in our religious school,
including scholarships for those who would
otherwise be unable to afford religious school. We
anticipate that we will have at least 30 children in
need of scholarships this coming year.
► Have vibrant celebrations of Shabbat and our
holidays led by our talented and caring clergy.
► Offer programming, such as dinner-in-the-shul,
Esther’s Garden, Focus on the Community, Shavu’ot
scholar-in-residence, professional Jewish storytellers for family services, and others—all of which
inspire and bring us together as a community.
► Support one another in times of joy and hardship
through the loving kindness of our Mitzvah
► Have a professional administration and staff that
works on our behalf to support our membership,
programs and facility.
Maintain our facility and make needed
improvements such as putting solar panels on our
building, repairing the HVAC system, and enhancing
the sound system in the sanctuary.
► Keep our dues low so that we will continue to be
a congregation for “all our people” regardless of
financial means.
► Insure a strong Jewish community that will serve
our current members, be a voice in the community
for religious diversity, tolerance and social justice,
and be here for future generations.
On behalf of the congregation’s board, clergy and staff, I want to thank you for your past generosity
of time, talent and treasure. Last year, I asked that we each try to give 110% of what we gave
previously and many of you answered that call. Approximately 75% of our congregation
participated in last year’s High Holiday Annual Appeal. Our most successful appeal to date.
Please help us reach an even higher rate of participation. Make your High Holiday donation today!
Please give to the best of your ability. If possible, join us in giving 110% of what you gave last year.
Please make your pledge today.
All donations are due by the first business day after Simchat Torah, Monday, October 20.
Thank you for choosing Kol Ami as your congregation. Thank you for your generosity in giving to
this year’s High Holiday Appeal. I look forward to another year together—all our people.
Todah Rabbah, Liz Paige - President
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Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September
Rabbi Wenger Wanders
An Outside Look from the Inside, by Rabbi Wenger
It's been such a wonderful spring for Rochelle and myself.
Our wanderings were so meaningful for Congregation Kol
Ami and for ourselves that I thought I would take a few
inches of the bulletin to share them with you. Our major
event was the growth of our twin grandchildren who are
visiting us as I write these words. You have no idea how they
have changed our lives. But I only want to reflect on those
events that we shared with you.
March brought the high point of my teaching year as I
travelled to Washington DC with four of my best teen-age
friends. We participated in the L'taken seminar of the Union
of Reform Judaism, learning how to lobby for Jewish issues
that spoke to our hearts. Noa Bauman, Gabi Cheng, Maddie
Sessions, and Andrew Shapiro made me so proud as they
advocated for social justice causes before our congressmen
and senators, even those who were not entirely
Pesach brought the best innovation to our family Seder. We
read the Haggadah reclining in our recliners in the living
room, like free women and men, only repairing to the table
when it was time to eat Matza, Maror, and the Hillel
sandwich. Everyone felt freer and the conversation flowed.
Teacher appreciation Shabbat coincided with the cutest
Shabbat of all - the K, 1, and 2 family service. Everything
about it was cute except the overwhelming honor that the
religious school community presented to me — the Rafi
Schwartz outstanding teacher award.
I used the occasion to urge you all to support your child's
Jewish education all the way through high school. I said, on
that evening, that the best tribute you could pay to me was
to give me your children to teach throughout their high
school years. It was a bit of shameless self promotion, as I
was looking forward to ....
Shavuot and Confirmation: Our four confirmands taught us
about Judaism and Tikkun Olam after they received their
Bibles and certificates at the Tikkun on Shavuot Eve. I was
even prouder as their Jewish hearts shone through their
words and personal witness. The tree they planted in
Esther's garden will remind me of their legacy as they grow
into strong Jewish adulthood.
All in all, from teaching the Shabbat morning parsha to
seventh graders and adults, to bringing new Jews into our
community as I sit on Batei Din for Jews by choice, to
teaching confirmation class alongside Ayelet Engelman, I've
been able to experience the highs of the rabbinate without
A Gift to Kol Ami - Confirmation Class 5774 Plants a Tree
Andrew Shapiro, Noa Bauman, David Asman,
Ralph Golberg (grandparent), Rabbi Wenger, Madelin Session
plant an apple tree in Esther’s Garden .
the heavy burdens borne selflessly by Rabbi Schwartzman ,
Cantor Loeb, David Asman,
Sarah Stein, Matthew
Weinstein, Pamela Lubar, Debra Winkler, our Board and all
our dedicated volunteers
We've had the best this
year because Kol Ami strives to be the best Synagogue we
can be.
For me, I've skimmed the cream! For if a Rabbi isn't a
teacher, he's no rabbi at all. I've enjoyed teaching you more
than any other aspect of the complex role of the modern
rabbi. I so respect and admire my fellow teachers, both
those who have received the Rafi Schwartz award and those
who deserve it as much as any of us. I'll especially miss Josh
Goldberg who motivated our middle-schoolers and teens
with a love of Israel and Jewish history. Josh learned from
the best, of course, Professor Bob. All his hard work in Israel
and at the University of Utah paid off as he moves on to run
his own religious school in Napa, California. And I'll remain
here, eager to teach next year.
But, as the old saying goes, if a cow is going to give milk, it
has to graze. So I'll be grazing, studying modern Hebrew at
my Alma Mater, the University of Chicago, and gorging on
opera and chamber music in Santa Fe. Then I'll return,
refreshed, ready to share Torah and our Jewish journey
together. I'll teach some more and even write for the Kol
Ami newsletter from time to time. Thanks to all of you for
making it possible.
Rabbi Fred Wenger
Page 9
Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September 2014
Rethinking Relationships
David Asman, Interim Religious School Director
I recently was made aware of
Wolfson’s book
Relational Judaism: Using the
Power of Relationships to
Community. In it, he suggests
that to be relational in our
school communities we need to
measure success by being on the
lookout for signs of connection.
For example, do people linger to
talk to each other at religious school drop-off? Do our
curricular priorities reflect the qualities of the community
we hope to be?
In the excerpt that follows, Dr. Wolfson makes his point:
“If Jewish organizations are to survive and thrive, what they
offer will need to change dramatically…and soon. Jewish
institutions must rethink their value proposition. If the
‘value’ they offer is a calendar of programs, access to
Jewish information, gyms, pools, health clubs, cultural
events, even activities to ‘repair the world,’ our people can
get all that for much less money than the cost of Jewish
institutional affiliation. But, if our value proposition is the
opportunity to be in face-to-face meaningful relationships
with Jews and Judaism in a relational community that offers
a path to meaning and purpose, belonging and blessing, we
have a shot at engaging our people in a twenty-first-century
Relational Judaism.” Wolfson, R. (2013). Relational Judaism:
Using the Power of Relationships to Transform the Jewish
Community. Woodstock, Vermont: Jewish Lights Publishing.
dialysis…as long as it didn’t interfere with his ability to go to
class when the new semester started. When new and
meaningful relationships presented themselves, he jumped
at the chance. My mom continues to receive notes in which
longtime friends and casual acquaintances alike, express
their good fortune in having had the pleasure to know my
My dad showed me it’s never too late to live life to the
fullest. As long as one’s able to take advantage of
opportunities that arise, we have an obligation to ourselves
and our loved ones to engage them…the sooner, the better.
When I spoke at his funeral on April 20th, the first attribute I
talked about was the way he put such an emphasis on
relationships. I can see why my mom had a crush on him in
elementary school. They married on August 17, 1947, and
were still crazy about each other right up to the 17th of April,
sixty-six and a half years later. I can still remember what the
recovery room nurse said when my father awoke after his
triple bypass surgery back in 2009. She came out to the
waiting area, and told us that the first words out of his
mouth were “How’s Carol?” That was my dad. He was all
about relationships.
Thank you for letting me share my story. What’s yours?
David, Interim Religious School Director
Dr. Wolfson goes on to suggest that for us to connect at a
more meaningful level, we need to share our stories. Please
allow me to share one of mine.
Little did I realize, when my first year as interim director of
the Rafi Schwartz Religious School began, that by the end of
the year, my emphasis on experiential Jewish education
would prove to be so personally meaningful. As I designed
school programs to provide opportunities for the students
to live their Judaism and not only learn about it, I didn’t
know at the time that I would be living the part of Judaism
that dealt with the time-honored traditions of mourning.
My beloved father died on April 17, 2014. He was a real
mensch. He did his part to make it extremely easy for me to
follow the fourth commandment: Honor your father and
your mother (Exodus 20:12).
For the past two decades, he audited classes at Rutgers
University in New Jersey, taking every opportunity to better
himself. The more he learned, the more he wanted to learn.
When his kidneys failed a few months ago, he agreed to
Planiting a Tree in Honor of David’s Father
David Asman and his religious school students planting a tree
in Esther’s Garden on the last day of school.
Page 10
Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September
Rafi Schwartz Religious School - Year End Celebration!
A fun time was had by all at the Rafi Schwartz Religious
School Year-End Celebration!
At our final student assembly we honored and thanked our
graduating seniors , our TAs, Yotam Ardon, Ali BromleyDulfano, Rebecca Leaman, and shared memories of the year
with a final slideshow and songs.
Then we all went outside to participate in the dedication of
Esther’s Garden. Students stood in a circle around the garden
site as Rabbi Ilana led the groundbreaking ceremony, and RS
student Setareh Khadjenoury cut the ribbon. Trees were
planted by our Confirmation Class and in memory of David
Asman’s father as everyone gathered around, sharing the
meaningful moment together.
Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September 2014
RSRS - Celebrates the Beginning of Summer!
Then it was time to party! We celebrated the beginning of summer
with a family BBQ, bouncy houses, balloons, and best of all —
spending time with good friends! The garden-themed balloon
creatures (butterflies, spiders, caterpillars & ladybugs) made by our
balloon artist, in honor of Esther’s Garden, were a big hit with the
kids. The day was a perfect kick-off for the summer.
Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make the last day (and this
year) a success! We will miss you over the summer, and look forward
to welcoming your families back next year. If anyone wants to help
this summer with plans and preparations for the upcoming school year,
please contact us. Also, don’t forget to register for next year. Your
early registration assists us as we order textbooks, hire teachers and
plan class sizes and budget for the 5775 year.
Thank you for a wonderful year, and have a fantastic summer!
Sarah Stein, Assistant Director
Rafi Schwartz Religious School
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Page 12
Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September
Teacher of the Year - Rabbi Wenger
Kol Ami Confirmation Class Trip - Social Action Seminar, Washington DC - March 2014
Andrew Shapiro, 5774 Confirmation Class
During the “Teacher Appreciation”
Friday night services on May 9, 2014,
Rabbi Wenger was presented with the
Rafi Schwartz Teacher of the Year
Award. As a member of the fourperson 2013-14 Kol Ami Confirmation
Class, I was honored to be asked to say
a few words to the congregation about
our class relationship with Rabbi
Wenger. The following is a copy of the
remarks I presented that night.
They say it is easy to sit up,
and take notice. However, what is
more difficult, is to stand up and take
action. Tonight, we take a few minutes
to celebrate the fact that someone
stood up and took that action! Action
commitment and hard work.
Representing this year’s “large”
confirmation class, I am honored to
share the appreciation we have for the
contributions and connections Rabbi
Wenger brought to the class
experience. And as usual, I would like
to start with a quote: The famous
spiritual leader, Mahatma Gandhi,
once said this about Education …
A small body of determined spirits,
fired by an unquenchable faith in
their mission, can alter the course of
Every week, Rabbi Wenger made a big
effort to make the curriculum and
weekly discussions relevant, and he
was willing and able to explore topics
and ideas that were interesting to this
age group. His personality and
teaching style created an enjoyable
environment for learning and thinking.
Of course, the highlight of the year was
our Confirmation Class trip in late
March to Washington DC, where we
participated in a four-day Social Justice
Seminar on Capitol Hill, with
approximately 300 other Jewish High
2014 - 5774 Congregation Kol Ami Confirmation Class
Gabi Cheng, Rabbi Fred Wenger, Andrew Shapiro, Noa Bauman & Madelin Session
“Hopefully, more students and future confirmation classes will have the same opportunity to
participate and learn with Rabbi Wenger as we did this year.” -Andrew Shapiro
School students from across the
country. And who could be better than
Rabbi Fred… a man of History, an
Educator, a Rabbi with wisdom and
age… to lead us into the political
epicenter of our country? OK. Did I
leave out the part that he is also a man
with “directional challenges?”
When the trip began, Rabbi Wenger
whisked us through the airport on the
coattails of his “travel expertise,” and
made sure we all got access to his “pre
-check” status in order to avoid the
security lines. One-by-one, we zipped
past the slow moving masses right
through security! That is, all of us,
except one. When I turned around,
Rabbi Wenger had watched us go
through the pre-check line … while he,
on the other hand, accidentally walked
into the line requiring a full body scan!
Really, it was a fantastic educational
experience and we were lucky to have
Rabbi Wenger as our guide.
addition to the opportunity to visit the
Smithsonian, the Holocaust Museum,
and the Monuments, we participated
in seminars and workshops discussing
a wide range of social justice issues
such as immigration reform, global
warming, LGBT equality and nondiscrimination, international conflict
minerals, church and state separation,
reproductive rights, homelessness and
Our Washington DC experience
culminated inside the Senate Office
Buildings on Capitol Hill! We wrote
our own persuasive speeches on a
current piece of social justice
legislation and presented our lobbying
speeches in the offices of Congressmen
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Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September 2014
Spend the SUMMER
at Camp
at the JCC
Bernie Camp offers 10 weeks of a safe, fun, and Jewish
environment with a staff dedicated to ensuring a great
summer for each of our campers. Camp is full of fun,
games, swimming, field trips and more, but we also focus
on building lasting friendships and developing social and
life skills. Along with weekly Shabbat experiences, camp
offers Israeli culture activities with our Shlicha from the
Jewish Agency for Israel, Inbar Wechsler, and activities
based on Jewish values from the Jewish Community
Center Association’s TAG (Torah, Avodah, Gimilut
Chasadim) curriculum.
Bernie Camp runs 10 weeks, June 9 - August 15, 2014.
Registration is conveniently available in weekly segments
(as few as 1 week or as many as all 10 weeks). Camp is for children entering 1st grade through
10th grade. For younger children, we have Camp K'Ton Ton through our Early Childhood Center.
We would love to see you this summer! Please visit www.slcjcc.org to see our 2014 Bernie Camp Guide or contact
the Bernie Camp Director Lauren Fredman at 801-581-0098 ext. 135 or [email protected]
Teacher of the Year
continued from page 12
Matheson, Chaffetz and Stuart; and in
the offices of Senators Hatch and Lee.
It was an incredible learning
experience to participate in the
political process. There we were, in
the center of the political landscape, in
the hallways and endless elevators of
the legislative labyrinth, in the
proverbial belly of the whale… and
who better to make sure we got into
our meetings on time and out of the
maze of offices safely, but our trusted
guide, our own Rabbi Wenger.
Wait … did I mention he is
“directionally challenged?” The Rabbi
did get us out of the building on time
to catch our bus, but alas, he got
temporarily lost in the congressional
caverns and had to catch a taxi and
meet us at the airport for our flight
back to SLC!
In all seriousness, Rabbi Wenger was
not in Washington just as our
chaperone, or just as our teacher, but
also as our friend. And that’s why this
trip and this confirmation class has
been so rewarding. Even a couple
weeks after the trip, when we were
retelling experiences, I tried to refer to
one of my highlights in a serious way,
and Rabbi Wenger cut me off and said,
“So, more importantly, how is she?”
See … a friend really knows what
To have someone so rich in experience
like Rabbi Wenger as our instructor
this year has been a tremendous
opportunity. Rabbi Wenger has put so
much into this community for so many
years in so many ways: as a religious
leader, a teacher, a guide and a friend.
Hopefully, more students, and future
confirmation classes will have the
same opportunity in the coming years
to participate and learn with Rabbi
Wenger as we did this year.
In summary, and to paraphrase the
quote I used at the beginning from
Mahatma Gandhi on Education, Rabbi
Wenger took this small class of
determined students, kept us fired up
with information, and gave us a chance
to alter the course of history: in
Washington, in Salt Lake, right here in
Kol Ami.
Thank you Rabbi Wenger and
congratulations on receiving the Rafi
Schwartz Teacher of the Year award!
Andrew Shapiro,
2014 Kol Ami Confirmation Class
Page 14
Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September
Mazal Tov to Our B’nai Mitzvah
for July, August & September 2014
Sarah Eva Rivera - August 9
Sarah Eva Rivera was born in Brooklyn New York and moved to SLC Utah shortly after 9-11 with
her parents. She's attending Bonneville J.H.S. with a 4.0 GPA. She's in the Chorus group and also
with the Cadet Band. She'll be taking all honors classes next semester. She is interested in taking
up law and would love to follow her uncle and older brother into the New York Police Department
and continue the family tradition by becoming a homicide detective. She loves computers and
video games. She had volunteered at the synagogue as a T.A.
Sarah wanted to have an impact with her Bat Mitzvah project. She believes it is important to not
just take care of people who need help, but also animals. She found a project that lets her do
both. Sometimes, people get into bad situations when they are ill. If they have pets, they may not
be able to provide for them sufficiently anymore. Because of this, Sarah is collecting pet food for
the Utah AIDS Foundation. This project provides pet food for people suffering from HIV/AIDS so
that they can take care of their pets and at the same time get help for themselves.
Noah Blumenthal - August 16
Noah just finished 7th grade at Rowland Hall Middle School. He is passionate young man with
varied interests. He loves learning and exploring new ideas. Some of his favorite subjects at school
are Science, Math, and Latin. When not in school Noah enjoys playing the piano, making art,
running, climbing, and spending time with his cats and dogs. Noah participates on the crosscountry team at school, the Front Climbing team, and runs track for a local county team. One of
his favorite places is Best Friend’s Animal Sanctuary in Kanab Utah, where he has volunteered
many times. He has a special place in his heart for his four legged friends.
For his Mitzvah Project he has volunteered at the Sanctuary and at the local adoption center in
Sugarhouse to help support their no kill mission to “Save Them All”. Noah wants to thank his
teachers, TAs, Rabbi Ilana, Cantor Loeb, and David Asman for all their help in preparing for his Bar
Mitzvah. He is looking forward to sharing this special day with his family and friends and especially
with his cousin Willa Gibson.
Willa James Gibson - August 16
Willa is entering the 8th grade at the Salt Lake Arts Academy, where her favorite classes are
Humanities and Drama. These classes allow her to explore her passion for literature and creative
writing. Willa also loves to dance and is a member of the Children’s Dance Theater. People
sometimes think of Willa as a shy person, but she comes alive on stage when she is acting in a play
or performing a dance. Willa is a runner and has been a member of the Central City Cheetahs track
team for five years. Her favorite event is the 400 meters. Willa has competed in the Utah Summer
Games and the USATF Western Regional Championships.
For Willa’s mitzvah project, she wanted to do something hands-on around the issue of hunger, so
she is volunteering this summer with the Real Food Rising urban farm, which is a project of Utahns
Against Hunger. She is creating burlap sack gardens and harvesting the produce to donate to the
Utah Food Bank. Willa feels lucky that she and her cousin Noah are able to have their b’nai mitzvah
together. She is excited to share this special day with her family and friends.
Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September 2014
Ian Darius Shapiro - August 23
Page 15
If you’re reading this in July, I’m currently enjoying a part of the summer before my Bar Mitzvah at
BB Camp, a Jewish summer camp in Oregon. Connecting with Jewish kids my age from other parts
of the country is a lot of fun, and it’s also a great way to help build my Jewish identity. This is my
second summer at BB Camp and I want to thank the board members of BB Camp and Kol Ami for
the financial assistance that helped make my trips to summer camp possible. I highly recommend
BB Camp to anyone who is looking for an excellent Jewish summer camp experience!
I am a fourth-generation Jewish kid from Utah. That’s a pretty rare title here in Salt Lake City and I
am very proud of my family’s long connection to this community. On August 23 rd I will take my
historic turn on the Bimah, following a long list of great-grandfathers, grandfathers and
grandmothers, a dad and mom, uncles and aunts, and cousins who have stood there before me.
When I’m not studying for my Bar Mitzvah, you will usually find me on a soccer field. I’ve been playing competitive, year-round
soccer since I was 7. I also love to board and ski the winter powder, crave the full court press with my Junior Jazz team, and I
also train and compete in Triathlons throughout the summer!
For my Bar Mitzvah project, I am volunteering my time at Camp Kostopulos in Emigration Canyon. “Camp K” is an incredible
place. They run an overnight summer camp for kids who have many physical and mental disabilities. Even though the kids at
Camp K have many challenges, they just want to be like any kid at any camp. I hope that my time with them helps make their
experience more fun. It’s really an amazing camp - and a wonderful place to volunteer!
Sarah Brownstein - August 30
Sarah will be starting 8th grade at West High this fall as part of the ELP (Extended Learning
Program). She enjoys school and excels at math and school in general. She loves music, dance,
reading and crafts. Her true love is gymnastics. She has been involved with gymnastics for over 10
years, since she was 3 years old, and is currently a competitive gymnast working towards a goal of
competing in the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020. Some would say she spends more time upside down
than right-side-up. For her Mitzvah project Sarah would love to create an opportunity to share her
love of gymnastics with kids in need.
Sarah has attended religious school at Kol Ami since she started Training Wheels at 3 years old and
is looking forward to celebrating her Bat Mitzvah.
She is very excited to see everyone who will be there for her bat mitzvah, but wishes that her
golden retriever, Shadow, and her two dwarf hamsters, Bella and Ash could share this day with
her. As you can see, she also loves to spend time with animals, but with 25-30 hours in the gym
every week, she doesn’t get to spend as much time with animals as she would like.
Zev Krensky Gorfinkle - September 6
Zev is an eighth grader at the McGillis School. He has been selected as a Young Scholar with the
Davidson Institute. He is an avid collector of rocks, ancient coins, objects from the natural world
and works of art from the many places he has visited. He enjoys history and has travelled to
places far and near to learn about different cultures. He loves science and math and has
aspirations to be a particle physicist one day.
He enjoys outdoor activities, including soccer—he has played on teams since he was five—
skiing, hiking and backpacking.
Zev has always had a commitment to social justice. For many years he organized an annual yard
sale and donated all proceeds to organizations that work to end homelessness. His mitzvah
project will focus on issues of environmental justice in our own community.
He would like to thank his many teachers and mentors who have helped him prepare for his bar
mitzvah; especially Josh Goldberg, Cantor Loeb, Rabbi Ilana, Ali Bromley-Dulfano and the Cantor’s TAs, Paul Daniels, Rabbi
Wenger, Molly Korewa, and Bert Spiegel.
His parents and family laud his commitment and perseverance that has brought him to this important event in his Jewish life.
Page 16
Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September
For Your Support of our Community and Congregation
Donations listed were received by May 31, 2014
In honor of the Congregation
Susan Bernard
Joseph & Susan Moore
(Religious School Fund)
In honor of the Children of the Religious School
Susan Bernard
In loving memory of Richard's mother, Ethel Jaffe
Richard & Helene Jaffe
In honor of the Cantor for his officiating at
the Bris of our Twins
Benjamin Kalm & Jennifer Vigor-Kalm
In honor of the birthday of Cantor Loeb
In memory of Irvin Crouse's mother,
Lucy "Mimi" Crouse
Elliot & Debra Winkler
In appreciation of Fran Lapin
and to say "Thank You"
In memory of the sister of Rita Elman,
Esther Billing
To congratulate Carol & Eric on the
birth of their twin grandsons
Freida & Harv Sweitzer
In loving memory of Ronnie's mother,
Beverly Rosenberg
Ronnie & Barrie Rosenberg
In memory of sister, Ellen Whitting
Virginia Hecker & Ross Borders
In honor of Joel Rosenberg and the
American West Symphony
David & Sharon Sonnenreich
In loving memory of mother, Barbara B. Levy
Alyssa Levy
In appreciation to Katie Hunt for all your work
John & Helene Cuomo
In honor of those who prepare Dinner at the Shul
Donald & Ronnie Strassberg
Pete Schwager
In loving memory of father, Erich Silberberg
Raul & Susi Soria
In loving memory of grandmother, Lev Berman
George & Mzia Sturua
In memory of David Asman's father,
Michael Asman
Denise Doebbeling
A Brick in honor of the Congregation
David Anson & Karen Nielsen-Anson
Cathy & Thomas Collins
Michael & Sheryl Ginsberg
Douglas Grossman & Irene Stukshis Grossman
Stephen & Karen Pepper
Donald & Ronnie Strassberg
A Granite Stone to say it takes a Village
and our Congregation
Rebecca Levine
Emily, Noa, Tali, & Shira Bauman
Ethan & Rachel Hinterman
A Tree in honor of David Asman's father,
Michael Asman
David Anson, Karen Nielsen-Anson & Family
Emily Bauman & Family
Siamak Khadjenoury,
Lisa Cohne Khadjenoury, & Family
Scott & Nicole Fenwick & Famly
Rachel Goldstein & Family
Liz Paige, Perry Hull, & Anna
Jim & Amy Ireland & Family
Michael & Heather King & Family
Rick & Helen Rappaport & Family
Ronnie & Barrie Rosenberg & Family
David Sandweiss, Kris Campbell, & Family
David & Sharon Sonnenreich & Family
Brad & Miriam Strassberg & Family
Douglas Grossman &
Irene Stukshis Grossman & Family
Sarah Stein
Children of the Religious School
Faculty of the Religious School
In honor of Setareh Khadjenoury & her
wonderful, lasting Bat Mitzvah Project
Sidney & Bettye Louick
In memory of father, Louis Fessinger
Bruce & Lynn Cohne
In honor of the Congregation
David & Lisa Burger
Denise Doebbeling
Harry & Rita Levy
Mickey Roos
Sheila Tart-Zelvin
David & Eliana White
In honor of Kol Ami's 2014/5774
Confirmation Class
Bert & Lois Spiegel
In honor of Paula Akimseu becoming a
Bat Mitzvah
Caroline Peck & Sharon Stetz
Pete Schwager
Sheila Tart-Zelvin
In loving memory of Alyssa's uncle, Ed Levy
Alyssa Levy & J. S. Morley
In loving memory of Ben's grandmother,
Yetta Doctorman
Ben & Alexandra Doctorman
In loving memory of brother, Bruce Zalkind
Larry & Roberta Zalkind
In loving memory of Elaine's cousin, Paul Nadick
In loving memory of our mothers,
Tillie Silverstein & Rose Miller
Joel & Elaine Miller
In loving memory of father, Leo Goldsmith
Michelle Goldsmith
In loving memory of Carol's father,
John Maass
Gerald & Carol Einhorn
In loving memory of grandparents,
Arthur & Clara Teutsch
Pete Schwager
In loving memory of Joe Park Beatty
Susan, Joe, Soonhee, & Sarah Schulman
In loving memory of Judy's aunt, Beverly Evdasin
Floyd Eschler & Judy Sher Eschler
In loving memory of Maria Kushnir &
David Shereshevsky
In loving memory of Riva's father,
Vladimir Michnevich
Mark Kushnir & Riva Kushnir
In loving memory of mother, Mabel Monsey
Sheldon Monsey
In loving memory of mother, Samra Sakhai
Siroos Sakhai
In loving memory of Richard's grandfather,
Marcus Weinsoft
Richard & Heidi Weinsoft
In loving memory of Sandy's aunt, Clarice Anschel
Sandra Kesselman & Jerry Pawl
In loving memory of Verner's father, David Zinik
Verner & Dona Zinik
In loving memory of Vladimir's mother, Klara
Vladimir Kozhevnikov & Yelena Spivak
In loving memory of wife, Sonya Shaposhnikov
Leon Shaposhnikov
In loving memory of your brother, Harry Margulies
Rose Fraden
In loving memory of your mother, Emma M. Hinz
Tamar Prero & Vicki Hinz
In memory of mother, Beatrice Shmookler
Barry Shmookler
In memory of David Asman's father,
Michael Asman
Cheryl Palmer & Michael Palmer
In memory of father,
Mikhail Davidovich Milyavskiy
Pavel Milyavskiy
In memory of mother, Irene Aronovich
Hynda Rudd
In memory of mother, Sonya Pepper
Gene & Marilyn Pepper
To wish a speedy recovery to Anne Dolowitz
To wish a speedy recovery to Bonnie Rokeach
Freida & Harv Sweitzer
To wish the Congregation success
in our strategic planning efforts
Stephen & Michelle Lessnick
Tzedakah l'Pesach 5774
in honor of the Congregation
Dale Brouillette
Page 17
Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September 2014
In honor of the Minyan-aires
In honor of the Congregation
Jack Johnson
Boaz Markewitz & Jeanmarie Mayer
David Sandweiss & Kristine Campbell
In honor of President Liz Paige
In honor of Cantor Laurence Loeb
In honor of Rabbi Ilana Schwartzman
Lourdes Secola Ocanto
In loving memory of brother,
David Izrailevich Milyavsky
Galina Bakina
In appreciation of my being honored by the
Koffee House
Ira Tannenbaum
In loving memory of wife, Jeanie Marks
John David Marks, Sr.
In memory of those who perished in the
Holocaust/Yom Ha'Shoah
David & Vivian Dowsett
Ralph & Jeannie Golberg
Norman & Libba Sapitsky
Ira Tannenbaum
In loving memory of mother, Elise Schneider
Joseph & Susan Moore
In loving memory of mother, Betya Shaposhnikov
Leon Shaposhnikov
To say thank you to Geri Siegel &
the MItzvah Network
To say "thank you" to Betty Yanowitz
for all she does for the Community
Clifford & Nancy White
In loving memory of sweet mother, Sophie Weiner
Judi Peddersen
In loving memory of dear mother,
Sonya Shaposhnikov
Rita Shimanovich & Alexandra Mitelman
In loving memory of our sweetest grandmother,
Sonya Shaposhnikov
Shimanovich, Mitelman, Williams,
& Perry grandchildren
In loving memory of the greatest
great-grandmother, Sonya Shaposhnikov
Williams & Perry Great-Grandchildren
In honor of the Mitzvah Network for all of the
kindness, calls, notes, cards, and food that so
many members of the committee delivered, sent,
and/or prepared
Sandy & Anne Dolowitz
In loving memory of father, Sam Sapitsky
Mark Sapitsky & Richard Metzner
To wish a speedy recovery to
Marsha & Ed Bronsky
Freida & Harv Sweitzer
In honor of Geri Siegel and the Mitzvah Network
Robert & Cathy Dern
In honor of the Congregation
Clifford & Nancy White
In loving memory of Trudy's parents,
Morris & Clara Pepper
Irv & Trudy Littman
In honor of the Congregation
William Abrams
Daniel & Ellen Burman
Ira & Lili Field
James & Robyn Isaacson
Bill King
Brad & Miriam Strassberg
Joshua & Anais Weiss
In honor of the Congregation &
the Religious Practices Committee
Richard & Heidi Weinsoft
In honor of Isaac Bromley-Dulfano
Isabel Dulfano
In honor of my becoming a Bat Mitzvah
Paula Akimseu
In honor of Olivia Borrack becoming a Bat Mitzvah
David Anson & Karen Nielsen-Anson
In honor of our son, Sam, becoming a Bar Mitzvah
Scott & Nicole Fenwick
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Page 18
Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September
Esther’s Garden - Community Celebration Blooms on May 18, 2014
by Setareh Khadjenoury
For my Mitzvah project I
asked the congregation for
support in design and
implementation of an orchard
on the property East of Kol
Ami. Esther’s Garden, named
after Queen Esther the Jewish
heroine from Ancient Persia,
will be a fruit-producing orchard offering educational opportunities
as well as a space for meditation and volunteer work for all.
With the outstanding help of the Esther’s Garden Committee
members, the first phase is almost complete. Three vegetable beds
are growing tomatoes and peppers and other vegetables. I want to
especially thank my father, Siamak
Khadjenoury, as well as Boaz
Markowitz, Gary Lapin and Sara Rose
Tannenbaum for their expertise and
manual labor; Nano Podolsky and
Marsha Bronsky and Rochelle Kaplan
for their know-how; Andrew Shapiro
and David and Eric Markowitz for their
help in the digging and wheelbarrowing; and Karen and Konrad Krier
and Scott Fenwick for helping put in
more than 15 trees over several
dedicated Sundays. From the beginning
Bunk Fox has been the Garden’s
guardian angel. When push came to
shove, Bunk got his bobcat and his
nephew and together moved the earth
on several occasions until the all senior
gardeners were satisfied with the
Please stop by and enjoy the garden and
all the promise it holds for the future.
Some of the fruits of our labor will have
matured in time for Sukkot.
Do you have passion or interest in
fertilizing our community’s blossoming
future? Please email the Esther’s
Garden Committee at
[email protected] or
[email protected] to offer your services.
We can always use weed-whackers,
waterers, gardeners of all varieties and
resilient tree planters – the ground is
extremely rocky - and eventually,
8:30am Minyan (PC)
29 Tammuz
8:30am Minyan (PC)
22 Tammuz
8:30am Minyan (PC)
15 Tammuz
8:30am Minyan (PC)
8 Tammuz
MS = Main Sanctuary
PC = Pepper Chapel
Lib = Library
SH = Social Hall
AG = Abe Guss Sanctuary
NMPR = North Multi-Purpose Rm
SMPR = South Multi-Purpose Rm
YL = Youth Lounge
Rosh Chodesh
7:30am Minyan (PC)
1 Av
7:30am Minyan (PC)
23 Tammuz
7:30am Minyan (PC)
16 Tammuz
7:30am Minyan (PC)
9 Tammuz
2 Av
24 Tammuz
6:00pm Israeli Scout
Performance (SH)
Tzom Tammuz
17 Tammuz
10 Tammuz
3 Tammuz
26 Tammuz
7:30am Minyan (PC)
19 Tammuz
7:30am Minyan (PC)
12 Tammuz
7:30am Minyan (PC)
5 Tammuz
3 Av
7:30am Minyan (PC)
30 4 Av
11:30am Lunch & Learn at the 7:30am Minyan (PC)
25 Tammuz
18 Tammuz
11 Tammuz
4 Tammuz
14 Tammuz
21 Tammuz
6:30pm Shabbat at the
8:32pm Candlelighting
Traditional Service (MS)
Reform Service (PC)
Torah Study (Lib)
Shabbat Ends
28 Tammuz
6:30pm Shabbat at the Lessnick 9:00am Traditional Service (MS)
12:30pm Torah Study (Lib)
8:38pm Candlelighting
9:43pm Shabbat Ends
20 Tammuz
6:30 pm Birthday & Anniversary 9:00am Traditional Service (PC)
Shabbat at the Lapin Home
10:00am Reform Service (MS)
8:42pm Candlelighting
11:15am D’var Torah & Service
Conclusion (MS)
12:30pm Torah Study (Lib)
9:48pm Shabbat Ends
13 Tammuz
4 7 Tammuz
Independence Day
9:00am Traditional Service (MS)
Office Closed
12:30pm Torah Study (Lib)
6:30pm 1st of the Summer
9:52pm Shabbat Ends
Shabbatot with Picnic Supper on
Kol Ami Patio—kitchen closed
8:44pm Candlelighting
Fireworks viewing
6 Tammuz
24 27 Tammuz
July 2014 Tammuz/Av - 5774
Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September 2014
Page 19
8:30am Minyan (PC)
5 Elul
8:30am Minyan (PC)
28 Av
8:30am Minyan (PC)
21 Av
8:30am Minyan (PC)
14 Av
8:30am Minyan (PC)
7 Av
7:30am Minyan (PC)
24 29 Av
7:30am Minyan (PC)
17 22 Av
7:30am Minyan (PC)
10 15 Av
7:30am Minyan (PC)
8:39pm Tisha B’Av Begins
8:45pm Erev Tisha B’Av
Service (PC)
Tisha B’Av
25 30 Av
18 23 Av
10 Av
11:30am Lunch & Learn @ the 7:30am Minyan (PC)
2 Elul
7:30am Minyan (PC)
25 Av
7:30am Minyan (PC)
13 18 Av
1 6 Av
8 13
22 27 Av
9:30am Noah Blumenthal & Willa
Gibson B’nai Mitzvah @ Shabbat
Morning Service (MS)
12:30pm Torah Study (Lib)
9:09pm Shabbat Ends
15 20 Av
9:30am Sarah Brownstein Bat
Mitzvah @ Shabbat Morning
Service (MS)
12:30pm Torah Study (Library)
8:46pm Shabbat Ends
29 4 Elul
6:30pm Shabbat at the Field
7:47pm Candlelighting
28 3 Elul
6:30pm Shabbat at the Litvack 9:00am Ian Shapiro Bar Mitzvah @
Shabbat Morning Service (MS)
7:58pm Candlelighting
12:30 pm Torah Study (Lib)
8:58pm Shabbat Ends
21 26 Av
6:30pm Shabbat at the
Silberman/Gibson Home
8:08pm Candlelighting
14 19 Av
6:30pm Shabbat Service in
9:00am Sarah Rivera Bat Mitzvah
Millcreek Canyon’s Bowman @ Shabbat Morning Service (MS)
Fork in The Terraces
12:30pm Torah Study (Lib)
8:17pm Candlelighting
9:19pm Shabbat Ends
7 12 Av
6:30pm Storyteller Shabbat at 9:00am Traditional Service (MS)
the Markewitz/Mayer Home 12:30pm Torah Study (Lib)
8:25pm Candlelighting
9:28pm Shabbat Ends
5 Av
Av-Elul 5774
7:30am Minyan (PC)
6 11 Av
26 1 Elul Rosh Chodesh 27
7:00pm Annual Meeting
(Social Hall)
19 24 Av
12 17 Av
9:00am Tisha B’Av Morning
Service (PC)
9:29pm Tisha B’Av Ends
9 Av
11 16 Av
3 8 Av Erev Tisha B’Av 4
MS = Main Sanctuary
PC = Pepper Chapel
Lib = Library
SH = Social Hall
AG = Abe Guss Sanctuary
NMPR = North Multi-Purpose Rm
SMPR = South Multi-Purpose Rm
YL = Youth Lounge
August 2014
Page 20
Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September
13 Elul
Labor Day
Office Closed
8:30am Minyan (PC)
6 Elul
Tzom Gedalia
8:15am Minyan (PC)
9:00am Religious School
4 Tishrei
8:15am Minyan (PC)
9:00am Religious School
9:30am Sukkah Building
26 Elul
8:15am Minyan (PC)
9:00am Religious School
19 Elul
7:30am Minyan (PC)
5 Tishrei
7:30am Minyan (PC)
27 Elul
7:30am Minyan (PC)
20 Elul
8:15am Minyan (PC)
7:30am Minyan (PC)
9:00am First Day of Religious
10:00am RS-Training Wheels
12 Elul
MS = Main Sanctuary
PC = Pepper Chapel
Lib = Library
SH = Social Hall
AG = Abe Guss Sanctuary
NMPR = North Multi-Purpose Rm
SMPR = South Multi-Purpose Rm
YL = Youth Lounge
6 Tishrei
28 Elul
21 Elul
14 Elul
7 Elul
7:30am Minyan (PC)
23 Elul
7:30am Minyan (PC)
16 Elul
7:30am Minyan (PC)
9 Elul
1:30pm Neighborhood
Luncheons (Congregant
5:00pm Tashlich (Sugarhouse
8:00pm 2nd Day Erev Rosh
HaShanah Service (PC)
3 Tishrei
9:00am Traditional Service (MS)
12:30pm Torah Study (Lib)
8:10pm Shabbat Ends
9:00pm Alternative Selichot
Service (PC)
10:00pm Cheshbon HaNefesh (PC)
11:00pm Traditional Selichot (PC)
25 Elul
9:00am Traditional Service (PC)
10:00am Reform Service (MS)
11:15am D’var Torah & Service
Conclusion (MS)
12:30pm Torah Study (Library)
5:00pm PJ Library Havdallah
8:22pm Shabbat Ends
18 Elul
9:00am Zev Gorfinkel Bar Mitzvah
@ Shabbat Morning Service (MS)
12:30pm Torah Study (Lib)
8:34pm Shabbat Ends
11 Elul
2nd Day, Office Closed
9:00am Traditional Service (MS)
9:00am 2nd Day Rosh HaShanah 12:30 pm Torah Study (Lib)
Service (MS)
7:30pm Shabbat Ends
6:30pm Erev Shabbat Service(PC)
7:01pm Candlelighting
2 Tishrei Rosh HaShanah
6:30pm Erev Shabbat Service
7:13pm Candlelighting
24 Elul
6:30pm Birthday & Anniversary
Shabbbat Service (PC)
7:24pm Candlelighting
17 Elul
6:30pm Last of the Summer
Shabbatot, a Dairy Pot-Luck on
the Kol Ami Patio
7:36pm Candlelighting
4 10 Elul
24 1 Tishrei Rosh HaShanah 25
Erev Rosh HaShanah
1st Day, Office Closed
No Religious School
9:00am Traditional Service
1:00pm Office Closes
9:00am Family Service
7:04pm Candlelighting
8:00pm Erev Rosh HaShanah (Mountainview Sanctuary)
10:20am Youth Services
Service (MS)
10:30am Reform Service
(Mountainview Sanctuary)
29 Elul
4:15pm Religious School
22 Elul
4:15pm Religious School
6:30pm 6th Grade Parents’
Meeting (PC)
9 15 Elul
2 8 Elul
September 2014 / Elul-Tishrei 5774/5775
Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September 2014
Page 21
Page 22
Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September
July - August - September Birthdays
David Dowsett
Ira Field
Sandra Goldberg
Malka Kassel
Paul Johnson
Darren Rosenstein
Peter Intrator
Marilyn Morris
Mary Jo Knudsen
Beth Goldberg
Ellen Burman
John Mertens
Sharon Brown
Eileen Davies
Lori Zobel
Helene Cuomo
Benjamin Dowsett
Melinda McAnulty
Kevin Bates
Bryan Davis
Hank Levine
Jason Skollingsberg
Jonathan Cohen
David Sandweiss
Petr Serguievski
Ed Gorfinkle
Howard Leaman
Anais Weiss
Ronna Cohen
David Goldberg
Deborah Kesner-Steinberg 20-Jul
Sonja Bates
Martha Slattery
Garrett Stern
Shoshana Jansen
Rachel Benator
Richard Jaffe
Samara Monkarsh
Hal Pollock
Rachel Intrator
Uri Loewenstein
Frank Yanowitz
Eliyahu Rooff
Ari Monkarsh
Barbara Goldstein
Terri Davis
Lynn Maxine Rosen
Diane Hartz-Warsoff
Arthur Brief
Susan Schulman
Jacques Behar
Isabel Dulfano
1297 East Miller Avenue
Salt Lake City, UT 84106
David Grauer
Vivian Dowsett
Sheila Gelman
Charles Saltzman
Jennifer Elsken
Bianca Shama
Ruth Shirah
Cheryl Palmer
Glenda Alvarado
Rachel Navarro
Elliot Winkler
Robert Gordon
Jackie Osherow
Robert Goldberg
Anan Robles
Vicki Hinz
Julie Jacobson
Estelle Harris
Terry Jeffries
Barry Feinman
David Grunwald
Siroos Sakhai
Marvin Goldstein
Virginia Hecker
Robin Saunders
John Cuomo
William Brant
Erin Litvack
Rita Elman
Gail Kaplan
David Osofsky
Cheryl Grossberg
Ken Vidal
Irena Tocino
Joshua Goldberg
Ruth Hansen
Richard Melenson
Raul Soria
Avner Kalay
Cheryl Winston
Denise Doebbeling
Nano Podolsky
Randy Tillery
Sams Engelman
Ronnie Strassberg
Maria Raquel Aguilar
Sara Shapiro
Douglas Adler
John Rhinehart
Judith Wolfe
Marc Jackson
Lillian Land
Virginija Mann
Greyson Reynolds
Joelle Kanshepolsky
Susan Moore
Jewel Naffziger
Richard Weinsoft
Nathan Cantor
Orlene Cohen
Rachel Kessler-Weinstein
Yefim Beylin
Samuel Stevenson
Michael Ginsberg
Aaron Peterson
Evan Zobel
Orly Ardon
Reed Pruyn
David Welsh
Rob Singleton
Miriam Turner
Heather King
Debora Mart
Leonid Kopytkovskiy
Hannah Lobell
Gordon Siegel
Michael Cuomo
Nancy Rose Jackson
Tara Peters
Samuel Gebhardt
Joshua Dunie
Sam Grossberg
Daniel Kieda
Andrew Oelsner
Larry Schwarz
Carol Borman
David Kronenberg
Darrel Brodke
Brad Strassberg
Loren Weiss
Linda Freedman
James Gebhardt
Liz Paige
Karen Azenberg Mericola
Andrew Franta
14 Sep
Page 23
Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September 2014
The United Jewish Federation of Utah
Invites Your Family ...
. . . P J (as in pajama) Library
“Building a Stronger Jewish People, One Book at a Time.” Each month the PJ Library sends, for
free, an age-appropriate Jewish-content book or CD to children from age six months to eight
years in our community. Please go on www.shalomutah.org to register your child. Currently, the
PJ Library program is co-sponsored by Congregation Kol Ami, Temple Har Shalom, the United
Jewish Federation of Utah, and the Harold Grinspoon Foundation. We enhance the Jewish family
life of over 150 kids each month.
. . . Shalom Utah and Shalom Baby
Are you new to the Utah Jewish community? Do you have a new baby? We would love to
welcome you and your family with a basket full of information about the Jewish community in
Utah. Please email your name, address, and phone number to Drora Oren at
[email protected] or call Drora at 801-581-0102.
United Jewish Federation of Utah
Together, we’re building Community!
w ww . s h a l om u t a h . o r g
2 North Medical Drive
SLC UT - 84113
Todah Rabbah and Thank You!
Page 24
Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September
Todah Rabbah and Thank You!
For Your Support of our Community and Congregation
continued from page 17
In honor of our twin grandchildren
Carol & Eric Hochstadt
In honor of Sarah Rivera becoming a Bat Mitzvah
Amador Rivera
In honor of the anniversary of Ed & Marsha
In loving memory of wife, Sonya Shaposhnikov
Leon Shaposhnikov
In loving memory of Gary's father, William Lapin
Gary & Fran Lapin
In loving memory of Les' father, Alex Kelen
Les & Joyce Kelen
In memory of Rita's sister, Esther Billing
Sheldon & Rita Elman
In honor of Stewart Pepper & August Azzarello
Laurence London
In honor of Stewart Pepper & August Azzarello's
recent marriage
In loving memory of Doris Guss &
William R. Pepper
Phillip & Vicki Pepper
In loving memory of Caryn Pepper Zadik
Stewart Cary Pepper & August Azzarello
In memory of Lila Kahn and Ronnie Iken
Larry & Tobi Morgan
In honor of Paula Akimseu becoming a
Bat Mitzvah
In honor of Ralph Golberg
In loving memory of cousin, Blanch Tannenbaum
In memory of David Asman's father,
Michael Asman
In memory of Elliot Winkler's cousin,
Leon "Laibel" Hirsh
Ira Tannenbaum
In memory of Elliot Winkler's cousin,
Leon "Laibel" Hirsh
In memory of Stuart Lieberman
In memory of the sister of Ray Kesner,
Alida Kesner Renedo
To wish a speedy recovery to Anne Dolowitz
To wish a speedy recovery to Arnold Lieberman
To wish a speedy recovery to Ross Borders
To wish speedy recovery to
Cantor Laurence Loeb
Rabbi Ilana Schwartzman, Kol Ami Mitzvah
Network, & Congregation Kol Ami
In loving memory of Wilford's mother,
Blanch Arnovitz
Barbara Arnovitz
To enhance Purim activities in
honor of the Congregation
Malka Kassel
In honor of the Rabbi
Evan & Lori Zobel
In honor of the Rabbi &
all she does for the Congregation
Amador Rivera
In honor of Rabbi Schwartzman with admiration,
respect, affection, and love for being a shining
light to the Community
In loving memory of Irv & Sylvia Bring
Richard Tobe & Susan Bring Tobe
In honor of Rabbi Ilana Schwartzman
In honor of Rabbi Fred Wenger
In honor of Rabbi Joel Schwartzman
In honor of Dr. Micah Rosenfield
Jim & Amy Ireland
For kindness shown by the Mitzvah Network & the
Congregation to Sandy & Anne during Anne's
recent surgery
In honor of Elliot & Debra Winkler
In honor of Freida & Harv Sweitzer
In memory of Irvin Crouse's mother, Lucy Crouse
In memory of Ray Kesner's sister,
Alida Kesner Renedo
Sandy & Anne Dolowitz
In loving memory of Eric's father, Alfred Hochstadt
Carol & Eric Hochstadt
In loving memory of Ralph's father,
Marvin Golberg
Ralph & Jeannie Golberg
In loving memory of Jude's mother, Shirley Kruter
William & Judith Schmid
In loving memory of Max's mother, Eva Chait
Maxwell & Lynne Chait
In loving memory of mother, Jean Levy Eisen
Sherry Eisen Stoddard
In loving memory of grandfather, Louis Hyman
Sheldon Monsey
In honor of the birthdays of Shira & Danny Soria
In memory of Irwin Berry's wife, Maxinne Berry
Elliot & Debra Winkler
In honor of the Children of the Religious School
Joshua & Lisa Lipschutz
In appreciation of the teachers of the
Religious School
Donald & Ronnie Strassberg
Ron & Janna Zamir
In honor of David Chortkoff becoming a
Bar Mitzvah
In honor of Sam Fenwick becoming a Bar Mitzvah
In loving memory of Bert's father, Harry Spiegel
Bert & Lois Spiegel
In memory of David Asman's father,
Michael Asman
Rabbi Ilana Schwartzman, Kol Ami Mitzvah
Network, & all your friends at
Congregation Kol Ami
John & Helene Cuomo
James & Donna Milavetz
In honor of Lili Field to say thank you
for all her help in the Synagogue kitchen
Knute & Mazal Peterson
In honor of the 100th birthday of Ada Mae Stein
In honor of Isaac Bromley-Dulfano becoming
Bar Mitzvah
In honor of Sam Fenwick becoming Bar Mitzvah
In honor of Nathan Levinzon becoming a
Bar Mitzvah
Frank & Betty Yanowitz
In honor of Rabbi Wenger & his work for the
Confirmation Program
Maeera Shreiber & Vincent Cheng
In memory of Elliot Winkler's cousin,
Leon "Laibel" Hirsh
Jean A. Budinger
In honor of Marnina Winkler's graduation from
Utah Valley University
In honor of the 1st birthday of Ethan Soria
In honor of the anniversary of
Michael & Sheryl Ginsberg
In honor of the birthday of Avi Steinberg
In honor of the birthday of Carl Arky
In honor of the birthday of Laya Kesner
In honor of the birthday of Richard Evans
In honor of the birthday of Sandy Dolowitz
In memory of Michael A. Katz's mother, Belle Katz
In memory of David Asman's father,
Michael Asman
In memory of Ray Kesner's sister,
Alida Kesner Renedo
In memory of Rita Elman's sister, Esther Billing
In memory of Ira Tannenbaum's wife,
Surki Tannenbaum
To wish speedy recovery to Debbie Smith
Elliot & Debra Winkler
In loving memory of Blanch Tanenbaum
In memory of Fred's brother, Louis Tannenbaum
In memory of mother, Rose Stone
Irene Tannenbaum
In memory of Leon Shaposhnikov's wife,
Sonya Shaposhnikov
To wish a happy 100th birthday to Ada Mae Stein
Freida & Harv Sweitzer
In loving memory of Herman's mother,
Sara Spiegel
Ruth Ellenbogen Spiegel
In loving memory of Norman's friend,
Gary Shapiro
In loving memory of father, Sam Sapitsky
Norman & Libba Sapitsky
In loving memory of father, Simon Shapiro
In loving memory of Vivian's father, Samuel Guss
Joel Shapiro
To favorite teacher, Rabbi Fred Wenger
Freida & Harv Sweitzer
In honor of KAJY
David Anson & Karen Nielsen-Anson
Boaz Markewitz & Jeanmarie Mayer
Susan Schulman
Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September 2014
Page 25
Page 26
Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September
Calling All Torah and Haftarah Readers — Kol Ami Needs You!
You are hereby invited to join our Torah Troupe.
This group of volunteers honors us by reading from the
Torah, or reading the Haftarah, each week. We need more
people each week to read one or more portion(s) of the
Torah readings. We also need Haftarah readers. We are
setting up an online link for you to sign up as far in advance
as you would like. David Asman and others are available to
work with you to help you prepare.
This is a wonderful way to celebrate the anniversary of your
bar or bat mitzvah, your birthday, anniversary, or the
yahrzeit of a loved one, or just to help out our community
and participate in our services.
Contact David ([email protected]),
Danny ([email protected]), or
Rabbi Ilana ([email protected]) to let us know
when you want to read and we’ll get you set up.
Torah readings – From Judaism 101 - http://
Plant a Tree in Israel
Many people plant trees in Israel either to
commemorate a birth, death, anniversary,
or just to do something good for the
environment. Trees can be ordered through Hadassah
for a cost of $18 per tree.
For more information
please contact:
Lois Spiegel
Each week in synagogue, we chant or read a passage from
the Torah. This passage is referred to as a parshah. The first
parshah, for example, is Parshat Bereishit, which covers
from the beginning of Genesis to the story of Noah. There
are 54 parshahs, one for each week of a leap year, so that in
the course of a year, we read the entire Torah (Genesis to
Deuteronomy) in our services. During non-leap years, there
are 50 weeks, so some of the shorter portions are doubled
In the synagogue service, the weekly parshah is followed by
a passage from the prophets, which is referred to as a
Haftarah. Contrary to common misconception, "Haftarah"
does not mean "half-Torah." The word comes from the
Hebrew root Fei-Tet-Reish and means "Concluding Portion."
Usually, the Haftarah is no longer than one chapter and has
some relation to the Torah portion.
If you have read before, even if it has been awhile, we can
help you prepare to read again. If you would like to learn to
read Torah or Haftarah for the first time, we will teach you.
If you are reading
this, so are you
Contact the Kol Ami
office for details.
The Kol Ami Mikveh
Kol Ami has a modern, heated mikveh available to
all of our members for immersions and other ritual
needs. If you have any questions about the mikveh
or would like to make an appointment, please
contact Debra Winkler.
(801) 484 - 1501 [email protected]
Page 27
Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September 2014
July - August - September Anniversaries
Alexandra & Ben Doctorman
David Anson and Karen Nielsen-Anson
Matthew Weinstein & Laura Kessler
Anne & Darrel Brodke
Sheila & Martin Gelman
Debra & Elliot Winkler
Helen Hu & David Weinstein
Rabbi Ilana Schwartzman & Art Kieres
Shira & Danny Soria
Gina Dalton & Loren Weiss
Geri & Gordon Siegel
Debra & Larry Niler
Florence & Richard Evans
Deanna Rosen & Richard Dunie
Jan & Todd Brownstein
Lynn & Bruce Cohne
Anais & Joshua Weiss
Beth Krensky & Ed Gorfinkle
Jessica & Ken Vidal
Melinda McAnulty & Ed Ganellen
Sharon & David Sonnenreich
Jennifer Elsken & Steven Mond
Michelle & David Oelsner
Liz Paige & Perry Hull
Ellen & Daniel Burman
Marsha & John Backels
Karen Azenberg & Augie Mericola
Dona & Verner Zinik
Lisa Goldstein Kieda & David Kieda
Jody & Zachary Katz
Jul 4
Jul 4
Jul 4
Jul 7
Jul 10
Jul 13
Jul 15
Jul 17
Jul 17
Jul 18
Jul 19
Jul 20
Jul 21
Jul 22
Jul 23
Jul 24
Jul 25
Jul 26
Jul 27
Jul 28
Aug 1
Aug 2
Aug 4
Aug 5
Aug 6
Aug 7
Aug 12
Aug 13
Aug 14
Aug 15
Kitty & Neil Kaplan
Rochelle Kaplan & Art Lipson
Tamar & Steven Lobell
Ann & Paul Bernstein
Estelle Harris & Rob Singleton
Donna & James Milavetz
Lili & Ira Field
Andrea Alcabes & Howard Lundgren
Ronnie & Donald Strassberg
Ronna Cohen & Stan Rosenzweig
Barbar & Terry Jeffries
Linda & Larry Vigor
Orly & Ehud Ardon
Alyshia & Ross Klein
Diane Hartz Warsoff & Art Warsoff
Lynn Rosen & Tad Calcara
Lois & Bert Spiegel
Abby Gottsegen Haas & Leonard Haas
Cynthia & Richard Melenson
Sharon Stetz & Caroline Peck
Pamela & David Anisman
Ingrid Nygaard & Charles Saltzman
Helene & Richard Jaffe
Joelle Kanshepolsky & Andy Gotshalk
Shannon & Greyson Reynolds
Barrie & Ronnie Rosenberg
Fira Litman & Yefim Beylin
Carla & Mark Cantor
Lavine & Alex Shapiro
Nancy & Clifford White
Laura & Lawrence Green
Aug 16
Aug 16
Aug 16
Aug 19
Aug 20
Aug 21
Aug 23
Aug 25
Aug 25
Aug 26
Aug 28
Aug 28
Aug 30
Aug 30
Sep 1
Sep 2
Sep 3
Sep 4
Sep 4
Sep 4
Sep 5
Sep 6
Sep 8
Sep 10
Sep 10
Sep 13
Sep 14
Sep 16
Sep 19
Sep 24
Sep 28
Page 28
Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September
Social Action Committee News
Helping Families Home - from the Congo and from Utah
Supporting our LGBT Friends, Family and Colleagues
by Kay Brief and David Litvack, Social Action Committee Co-chairs
Our volunteers are helping families navigate some of the
most difficult periods of their lives, searching for and settling
into homes. Through two committee initiatives, we help
local families achieve security and refugees settle into the
strange land of Utah. And, it is Kol Ami's people that power
both Family Promise and the Refugee Initiative, through
leadership and commitment of energy and time.
Mark Cantor and Family Promise
For the past six years, Mark Cantor has led our Family
Promise initiative with sensitivity, caring and, of course,
humor. He is stepping down, we sadly report. He has done
an exceptional job in establishing this volunteer work within
our congregation. He has provided effective leadership not
only in helping the homeless directly, but also by helping us
be our best selves and guiding us in tikkun olam.
the children’s Purim service, they thank each of you for
welcoming them and encouraging them to participate in the
meal, the socializing, and the skits. Who would have
guessed that Julie, the mother in the Muanda family, would
meet someone from her hometown in the Democratic
Republic of Congo over a Purim meal in Salt Lake City, Utah?
True story! Julie is enrolled in school and doing well and
both of the children (Elvis and Leticia) are doing well in the
local school system.
Please read about their work in the stories below by the
project chairs, Kristine Campbell and Mark Cantor. These
are two wonderful opportunities for our members to touch
the lives of others.
Questions or Suggestions? If you want to know more or
have suggestions or questions, please contact:
Kay Brief ([email protected]) or David
Litvack ([email protected]).
Consequently, we need another coordinator to coordinate
volunteers and liaison with the Family Promise team. Mark
wants to leave the work in caring hands and will work
closely with a new volunteer coordinator to guide him or
her through the process.
Summer plans and opportunities — with a
little help from Kol Ami friends!
Kol Ami Refugee Initiative
The Kol Ami Refugee Initiative (KARI) continues to work with
the Muanda family, a Congolese family who arrived in Salt
Lake City this past January after more than 10 years in a
Namibian refugee camp. As they come up on their 6-month
anniversary of life in the United States, we are celebrating
their successes in making this remarkable transition while
continuing to help them achieve new goals in months to
come. Volunteers Brian and
Baumann, and Kris Campbell
have had a wonderful time
getting to know the Muanda
family and look forward to
welcoming a second family
with the help of Morton and
Marty Pellat this summer. It
is a perfect time for new
volunteers to get involved.
The Kol Ami Refugee Initiative is going strong! Our five
active volunteers have continued to work with the Muanda
family who arrived from the Congo just six months ago. As
they settle in Salt Lake City, their needs are becoming less
and less acute (hurrah!) as time moves forward. They will
be transitioning off the matching grant assistance from
For those of you who had
the opportunity to meet the
Muandas at Kol Ami during
The Muanda family — Elvis, Leticia, Julie, Leon and
Melissa — savors the Chocolate Exhibit at the Museum of
Natural History on an outing with Kol Ami volunteers
Leticia and Elvis Muanda
By Kris Campbell
Page 29
Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September 2014
Refugee Initiative
continued from page 28
Catholic Community Services in the next month, and are
working to get assistance through the Utah Department of
Workforce Services.
Leon continues to work at Walmart, which is not necessarily
ideal but does provide income, as he looks into other
opportunities for work and education that are more
consistent with his training and experience. We are trying
to help him get his education history formally translated and
certified. Julie continues at school, and is hoping to work in
the fall when the kids go back to school. The kids will be
attending summer school, which is fantastic. We are looking
for bikes for them.
To our current volunteers: Thank you! You did a great job
helping the Muanda family get settled. There were some
fairly eventful and unanticipated transitions that they
experienced over their first six month, including medical
emergencies, family upheavals, school enrollment problems,
car purchases, car accidents, etc. I never visit without
hearing the family express gratitude for your support.
A new family: Will you help? We are on a list for a new
family that will arrive in the next few weeks. We are always
looking for volunteers to mentor them. Please contact me at
[email protected]
We prayed and marched together for equality and in
support of our LGBT friends, family and colleagues as part of
Kol Ami at Annual Pride Parade
the Utah Pride Interfaith Coalition in early June. Liz Paige
represented the congregation in the 13th annual interfaith
service, while members and their families and friends
carried the Kol Ami banner and marched in the annual
parade. Jenna Goldman and Barrie Rosenberg organized
our participation. Thank you!!!
By Mark Cantor
Spring is filled with promise. Congregation Kol Ami
compassionately fulfilled its promise to provide
companionship and meals to homeless families during the
week of April 6 – 13, 2014, at Christ United Methodist
Without breaking confidentiality, I can tell you that some of
their names are Mikah, Marley, Olivia, Brian, Valerie, Daniel,
Eric, Amanda and Bella. Real people working through real
issues to break the cycles of crisis and homelessness. I can
happily report that all the families in residence at Family
Promise during Kol Ami’s volunteer week last April are now
living in their own apartments! And, I can report with
confidence that our congregation’s presence and support
helped make their journey a little easier.
At least 35 members of Congregation Kol Ami volunteered
last April. Six volunteers came from other faith groups to
help with our Overnight Hosting, traditionally a volunteer
job difficult for us to fill. A heartfelt shout out goes to all the
Our volunteers included Rita, Mike and Rachel
Skolnick; Janet, Rachel and Jonah Kaufman; Liz, Ann and
Perry Paige/Hull; Susan Horn; David Sandweiss and family;
all the Fenwicks; Morton Pellatt and Marty Slattery; Debbie
Mart; Staci Parsons; Marv and Jeanne Goldstein; Gina and
Larry Dalton; Henri and Jackie Cohen; Staci Parsons; David
and Vivian Dowsett; David Litvack; Evan and Lorraine
Sanders; Shari Session;, Jamie and Will Brant; Kaho; Jesse
Montgomery; Abe Rumney; and Jack and Nancy Hobb.
Annual Coordinators Meeting: On Monday, May 12, I
attended the annual FP coordinators meeting hosted by the
FP director, Tony Milner, and case manager Laurie
Robinson. Several new policies were announced that will
make coordinating and volunteering easier and more
consistent. Coordinators from the various faith groups were
able to get to know each other better and share ideas. Tony
and Laurie reported the successes and needs of the program
and conveyed their deep appreciation for all the
congregations and their volunteers.
Nicole Fenwick, Barrie Rosenberg, and Sam Fenwick proudly
carried our banner as other Kol Ami members carried the
giant Pride Flag behind them on June 8, 2014. Kol Ami also
joined in the annual Pride Interfaith Service a few days prior.
Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities! Our next commitment
to Family Promise will be Sunday, August 24, through
Sunday, August 31, 2014, again at Christ United Methodist
Church, 2375 E. 3300 S. If you haven’t yet had a chance to
volunteer, please go to the website www.fpsl.org to learn
… Continued on page 30
Page 30
Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September
Family Promise
continued from page 29
KAJY’s June trip to Moab
about the Family Promise program.
Family Promise is not a homeless shelter. It is a comprehensive
program that facilitates homeless families’ transitions into
sustainable lifestyles of financial self-sufficiency and the
security of living in their own apartments and houses.
Volunteer scheduling information will be made available as the
time approaches.
Seeking a New Volunteer Coordinator: After six years of
coordinating Congregation Kol Ami volunteers for Family
Promise, I am stepping down. I have fully enjoyed my time as
coordinator and the opportunity to get to know so many of you
through this worthwhile program! I have truly appreciated the
opportunity to get to know the families and staff of Family
Promise! The sense of personal satisfaction through service has
been profound.
The Congregation Kol Ami Social Action
Committee is actively looking for one or two congregants who
are interested in taking up this fulfilling responsibility.
Along with the orientation provided by the Family Promise staff,
I will provide training and co-coordinate the August 2014
commitment to insure that the transition to a new coordinator
is as smooth as possible.
If you are interested or would just like to know more about the
volunteer coordinator’s responsibilities, please contact Mark
Cantor at [email protected] or at 801-598-6721, and
visit the Family Promise website at www.fpsl.org for a better
understanding of the program.
Thank you to Congregation Kol Ami clergy, president, board,
staff, Social Action Committee and congregants for all your
support as we’ve worked together to help families achieve
lasting self-sufficiency!
Breast Cancer &
Caregiver Support
Social Connections, Support Groups,
Respite Care, Patient Navigation,
Counseling, Peer Mentoring,
Information & Education.
Please contact Rebecca at
Jewish Family Service
for more info or to participate
801.746.4334 [email protected]
as a Tribute
good food & community
add to any celebration.
Sponsor a Kiddush at Kol Ami to celebrate
family events such as a birthday, anniversary,
graduation, new job, new child,
passing professional boards, etc.
Friday Night Oneg Shabbat Sponsorships
starting at $72
Saturday Kiddush Sponsorships
starting at $100
You can either let us handle the preparations or
make the Kiddush even more memorable
by adding a few items of your own.
Please contact the office
for details and to reserve your date!
Call Debra @ 801-484-1501
Page 31
Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September 2014
A Guide to the High Holidays
From The Religious Practices Committee
In the seventh month, on the first day of the month, you shall observe
complete rest, a holy day commemorated with loud blasts — Leviticus 23:24
And this shall be to a law for all time: In the seventh month, on the tenth day
of the month, you shall practice self-denial, and you shall do no manner of
work, ... For on this day atonement shall be made for you to cleanse you of all
your sins: you shall be clean before the Lord. It shall be a Sabbath of
complete rest for you...It is a law for all time. ---- Leviticus 16:29-31
Welcome to High Holy Days at Kol Ami – a congregation for all our people. We offer this brief guide, which provides
practical information about our upcoming services as well as some general insights about the practices and customs
associated with this most sacred time of the Jewish year. We hope it is helpful, and we look forward to celebrating the
holidays with you.
Shabbat Shuvah – the Sabbath of Return
This special service adapts an ancient custom of the
Ashkenazi Jews. During the month of Elul (the month
immediately prior to Tishrei, when the High Holy Days
occur, Jews recite prayers of repentance and entreaty at
midnight in preparation for approaching Days of Awe.
The service is held on the Saturday night one week
before Rosh Hashanah, late at night when the outer
world is dark and quiet, and our internal preoccupations
with daily activities are muted. We ask ourselves: Where
have I been this year? Where am I going? What is the
meaning of my life?
Named for the Haftarah reading for the day, which opens
with the words (Hosea 14:2), "Return O Israel unto the
Lord your God..." Shabbat Shuvah is the Shabbat
between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. It is a most
auspicious time to consider the failings and missed
opportunities of the past and positively influence the
coming year.
Rosh HaShanah
The Jewish New Year. It is also known as the Day of
Judgment, the Day of Remembrance and the Day of
Shofar Blowing.
Tradition teaches that on Rosh Hashanah, God records
the destiny of all humankind in the Book of Life. The
Unataneh Tokef prayer that we say reminds us that on
Rosh Hashanah our fate is written, but on Yom Kippur
our fate is sealed. That is why traditionally we greet one
another by saying “L’Shanah Tova Tikatevu.” May you
be inscribed {in the book of life} for a good year.
It is also customary to gather with friends and family for a
holiday meal. Please join your Kol Ami family at the
neighborhood lunch that is being organized in your area
(details to follow closer to the date).
During the High Holy Day season it is customary to visit a
body of water (which contains fish) to “cast away” (this is
what tashlich means) one’s sins by throwing bread
crumbs in the water.
Yom Kippur – the Day of Atonement
Yom Kippur is widely seen as the most sacred day of the
year, a time for repentance and a return to the holy. It is
the final day of the Days of Awe, the day in which we
believe traditionally that our fate for the year to come is
inscribed in the Book of Life. It is a day of fasting for
Jews above the age of bar and bat mitzvah. We abstain
from eating and drinking because we are concerned with
the spiritual and not the physical. The prophet Isaiah
reminds us that the day’s purpose is to purify ourselves
and help repair the world.
The evening of Yom Kippur begins with the haunting
repetition of the Kol Nidre, which asks God to forget our
unfulfilled promises and pledges of the year to come.
Throughout Yom Kippur, worship includes the communal
confession of sin of the Ashamru and the al Chet.
Following morning services at Kol Ami will be several
congregant forums, and then worship begins again in the
afternoon for Mincha, where we read from the book of
Leviticus, and then from the book of Jonah, with its
powerful theme of repentance.
Following Mincha is Yizkor, the memorial service, ending
with Ne’eilah, the concluding prayers. During Ne’eilah,
the ark is kept open, and it is a tradition at our synagogue
that congregants have the opportunity to take a private
and personal moment in front of the Torah scrolls. A
single profound blast of the shofar concludes our worship
and our fast, and we begin a new year with cleansed
spirits. We invite anyone with a shofar to participate in the
final blast.
Page 32
Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September
A Special “Thank You” to our Volunteers
Carol Hochstadt
Eric Hochstadt
Pete Schwager
David Sonnenreich
Ira Tannenbaum
Richard Weinsoft
David Dowsett
Vivian Dowsett
Susan Schulman
Danny Burman
Caroline Peck
Liz Paige
Eric Shapiro
Mimi Turner
Rebecca Williams
Ronnie Strassberg
Virginia Hecker
Marsha Backels
Lisa Cohne Khadjenoury
Cathy Collins
Judy Intrator
Andrea Kaplan
Fran Lapin
Nomi Loeb
Janice Rinsky
Barrie Rosenberg
Katie Hunt
Jessa Brad
Jennifer Elsken
Daniel Housmann
Jordan Gerton
Ben Hoyle
Anna Hull
Debby Mart
Boaz Markewitz
Liz Paige
Sara-Rose Tannenbaum
Rick Rappaport
Ann Bernstein
Jean Budinger
Danny Burman
Bruce Cohne
Jackie Daniels
Matt Davidson
Bunk Fox
Liz Paige
Debbie Smith
John Cuomo
Irwin Berry
Danny Burman
Carol Hochstadt
Hank Levine
Sarah Skollingsberg
Lillian Lawreszuk
Summer Skollingsberg
Mimi Turner
Cathy Siegel
Ana Weiss
Geri Siegel
Jody Andes
Orly Ardon
Aaron Akimseu
Paula Akimseu
Emily Bauman
Noa Bauman
Shira Bauman
Tali Bauman
Caren Beemen
Irwin Berry
Ann Bernstein
Danny Burman
Ed Bronsky
Marsha Bronsky
Peter Brownstein
Gwen Campbell
Kris Campbell
Carla Cantor
Alan Cohen
Orlene Cohen
Bruce Cohne
Lynn Cohne
Helene Cuomo
Paul Daniels
Jackie Daniels
Matt Davidson
Cathy Dern
Denise Doebbeling
Valerie Doner
Vivian Dowsett
Rita Elman
Sheldon Elman
Jennifer Elsken
Florence Evans
Rachel Evans
Richard Evans
Ira Field
Lili Field
Hindy Friedman
Jim Gebhardt
Sheila Gelman
Sheryl Ginsberg
Jeannie Golberg
Ralph Golberg
Alber Goldberg
Sandi Goldberg
Theresa Goldberg
Tim Grayson
Cheryl Grossberg
Roberta Hansen
Lucille Hesse
Carol Hochstadt
Eric Hochstadt
Ben Hoyle
Katie Hunt
Julie Jacobson
Helene Jaffe
Gail Kaplan
Stacy Kaplan
Joyce Kelen
Les Kelen
Laya Kesner
Lisa Cohne Khadjenoury
Fran Lapin
Gary Lapin
Jesse Lapin
Michelle Lessnick
David Litvack
Cantor Laury Loeb
Nomi Loeb
Boaz Markewitz
Janice Mausberg
Karen McArthur
Cynthia Melenson
Elaine Miller
Marilyn Morris
Millie Nelsen
Karen Nielsen-Anson
Michelle Oelsner
Franklin Moshe Onwukeme
Jackie Osherow
Liz Paige
Mazal Peterson
Elaine Pollock
Sue Prottas
Helen Rappaport
Barrie Rosenberg
Ronnie Rosenberg
Mary Ann Samowitz
Debbie Sandack
Barbara Schallheim
Judy Scheffries
Pete Schwager
Susan Schulman
Rabbi Ilana Schwartzman
Cathy Siegel
Nancy Siegel
Jen Simonds
Bert Spiegel
Lois Spiegel
Jeff Stone
Ronnie Strassberg
Freida Sweitzer
Ira Tannenbaum
Randy Tillery
Suzanne Tornquist
Mimi Turner
Phyllis Walton
Rabbi Fred Wenger
Rochelle Wenger
Lynne Wimmer
Debra Winkler
Elliot Winkler
Betty Yanowitz
Lori Zobel
Beit Midrash Women's
Young Jewish Ladies
Cathy Dern
Vivian Dowsett
Sheryl Ginsberg
Erin Litvack
Karen McArthur
Liz Paige
Sue Prottas
Betty Yanowitz
Sharon Brown
Jean Budinger
Jackie Daniels
Paul Daniels
David Dowsett
Michael Ginsberg
Sheryl Ginsberg
Cheryl Grossberg
Nomi Loeb
Anita Orenstein
Susan Schulman
Ronnie Strassberg
Mimi Turner
Yotam Ardon
Jean Budinger
Pedro Burnier
Danny Burman
Carlos Crouse
Joel Dubiner
Rochelle Frank
TJ Frank
Alber Goldberg
Theresa Goldberg
Irene Grossman
Page 33
Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September 2014
Amy Ireland
Paul Johnson
Jody Katz
Jaden Lessnick
Pamela Lubar
Zoe Lubar
Karen Nielsen Anson
Mazal Peterson
Shaina Quinn
Tyler Quinn
Jonah Rosenberg
Kira Linden Spears
Michael Spears
Abe Stark
Adam Stark
TK Stark
Ari Steinberg
Avi Steinberg
Debbie Kesner
Josh Steinberg
Rebecca Williams
Religious School TAs
Michael King
Cheryl Grossberg
Carlos Crouse
Zoe Lubar
David Asman
Irwin Berry
Gabi Cheng
David Chortkoff
Matt Davidson
Ralph Golberg
Etan Keller
Mollie Korewa
Michael King
Julia Snyder
Franklin Moshe
Jackie Osherow
Michael Palmer
Charlie Shader
Cathy Siegel
Yahel Aguilar
Deborah Anson
Ben Bromley
Jean Budinger
Carla Cantor
Jackie Daniels
Paul Daniels
Shawna Edwards
Jenn Elsken
Nicole Fenwick
Alber Goldberg
Theresa Goldberg
Larry Green
Cheryl Grossberg
Laya Kesner
Ray Kesner
Beth Krensky
Karen McArthur
Amador Rivera
Mina Rivera
Andrea Santoyo
Mercedes Santoyo
Pam Silberman
Shayna Silk
Debbie Smith
Ryan Smith
JoLene Snyder
Susi Soria
Josefo Tapio
Mimi Turner
Debra Winkler
Marnina Winkler
John Cuomo
David Bruce
Danny Burman
David Chortkoff
Carlos Crouse
Paul Daniels
Matt Davidson
Sheldon Elman
Larry Green
Jim Isaacson
Michael King
Franklin Moshe
Amador Rivera
Eli Rivera
Art Sandack
Susan Schulman
Geri Siegel
Art Warsoff
are unpaid
not because
they are
but because
they are
- Anonymous
Kol Ami Gift Shop
is here for YOU!
Shop our collection of
beautifully designed Judaica and gifts.
The Gift Shop is open during
Religious School hours.
Sundays 9am-noon &
Wednesdays 4:15pm-6:15pm
If you need to schedule an appointment to come
in at another time, please contact:
Sarah Skollingsberg at
[email protected]
Gift Shop proceeds benefit
the Rafi Schwartz Religious School.
Page 34
Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September
Rafi Schwartz Religious School
Jewish & Hebrew Studies for Pre-K through 12th Grade
Together, we can give your children the foundation they need to be confident in their Judaism and
proud of their heritage, having fun along the way!
For information about programs or enrollment, please contact the RSRS Office: 801-484-1501 ext.26
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
First Day of School: Sunday, September 7, 2014
Opening Day Celebration
Welcoming a new year of Jewish Learning
The day will include an opening assembly, parent orientation & schmooze,
Student program with special theme (TBA) and visit by Cosmo the Camel
and his real animal friends and other special guests! Everyone is welcome!
Don’t forget to register for school now, if you haven’t already done so, so you can enjoy
this special day without worrying about business! Registration forms are available at www.conkolami.org.
See you
Pictured: End of Year School Celebration, Sunday, May 18th, 2014
Page 35
Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September 2014
Rafi Schwartz Religious School
First Sunday of Religious School
PJ Library Havdallah
Sunday: Sept. 7th, 2014 - 9am-12pm
Saturday, Sept. 13th, 2014
At Kol Ami
First Day of Classes for Training Wheels—6th Grades
Parent & Volunteer Orientation
Open House & Late Registration
Special School Program
First Wednesday of Religious School
Wednesday, Sept. 10th
 4:15-6:15pm: First Day of Class for 7th-10th Grades
(2nd Day of Class for 3rd—6th Grades)
 After School: 6th Grade Parent Orientation:
Beginning the B’nai Mitzvah Process
Pre-School Programming:
Discover the joys of being Jewish in a hands-on, friendly
environment where your children will experience fun-filled
sessions celebrating the Jewish holidays & learn the AlefBet. Contact the RS Office for more details & session dates.
Hadassah Training Wheels
(3 year olds & parents):
MONTHLY: One Sunday/month 10am-12pm
See Kol Ami calendar for session dates.
Yeladim (4 year olds):
WEEKLY: Sundays 10am-12pm
Consecration Ceremony &
Simchat Torah Celebration
Save the date: October 16, 2014
Celebrate the formal beginning of the religious training
of the RSRS Kindergarten & new students to the 1st &
2nd Grade classes, as they participate in a special
ceremony marking their new beginning in the world of
Alef-Bet and Jewish knowledge, together with the entire
(Followed by Kol Ami Simchat Torah Service.)
 Early Childhood Families (Pre-K-3rd Gr)
 Led by Rabbi Ilana, the Children’s Library & the
RS Early Childhood team
 Begin the year together with a special PJ Library
story-time Havdallah program
 Songs, Stories, Games & Treats
 Get to know young families & make new friends
 Learn about PJ Library Program
 Come in your Pajamas
Post-Confirmation Discussion Group
For 11th & 12th Grade Students
Meets once a month for one hour at Blue Star Coffee &
Juice Bar to discuss issues relating to Judaism, the
Jewish community, current events, Israel and the
Middle East AND YOU. Facilitated by David Asman,
Interim Director of the Rafi Schwartz Religious School.
Don’t miss this opportunity to continue your Jewish
education and keep up with your Kol Ami friends in a
fun and informal environment! Meeting time TBA
Rafi Schwartz Religious School
Jewish & Hebrew Studies
for Pre-K through 12th Grade
For information about programming, enrollment,
volunteering & employment, tuition and
scholarships, please contact the RSRS Office:
David Asman, Interim Director:
801-484-1501 ext. 28 / [email protected]
Sarah Stein, Assistant Director:
801-484-1501 ext.26 / [email protected]
Page 36
Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September
Grave Matters
Why We Mark our Graves, by Carol Hochstadt
As you walk around any of our
three cemeteries this summer,
you may see small markers in the
ground on which is engraved a
Star of David with no writing. The Cemetery Association has
purchased these markers and will be installing them wherever
we know of an unmarked burial. In most cases we know who
is buried in a particular plot, but some were identified on the
old maps we inherited as "Unknown." We believe that every
Jew who is buried in our cemeteries deserves to have a
marker, even if the family has not taken care of this final
Why do we mark our graves? Going back to biblical times, we
find in Genesis 35:20: “Over her grave Jacob set up a pillar; it is
the pillar at Rachel's grave to this day." Markers were erected
then as a means of warning kohanim (priests) of the presence
of a grave; the kohanim could then avoid the ritual impurity
that would be the result of being in close proximity to a grave.
There are two Hebrew words associated with gravestones "matzeva" (to guard or bear witness) and "tziyun" (marker).
When we inscribe a grave marker, we create a physical place
to visit and we both honor and memorialize the deceased. The
expression "an unmarked grave" implies consignment to
oblivion. On the other hand, some rabbinical authorities
believe that a person of merit requires no inscription because
the person lives on and is remembered because of his or her
deeds. But most people, even those with great merit, feel
comforted by the thought that their name (and perhaps some
descriptive words) will be inscribed on a permanent stone
marker. One of the often recalled tragedies of the Holocaust is
that the six million have no markers.
There is, however, one instance when Jews have intentionally
left certain graves unmarked. A baby who dies before
attaining thirty days of age has traditionally been buried with
no marker. We unfortunately have many of these grave sites
in our cemeteries, and out of respect for the implied wishes of
the parents, we will not be placing our markers on those
graves. Today, some people facing this tragic loss may decide
to place a marker.
Historically, unmarked graves implied severe financial
hardship. But today we have seen unmarked graves for a
variety of reasons such as: 1) the family lives out of town and
will not be visiting the grave; 2) the survivors are acting out
their anger or disdain for the deceased; and 3) terminal
Most people consider a grave marker to be so important that
even if someone's remains are lost, making burial impossible,
they will purchase a gravesite and erect a "cenotaph" (from
the Greek for "empty tomb"). In the case of some famous
people, cemeteries have had to create a cenotaph over an
empty grave, leaving the deceased's actual final resting place
unmarked to avoid vandalism and rowdiness. There are some
who believe that a person's neshama, or soul, hovers over the
grave -- and that creating a marker gives the soul a defined
place to stay. Whatever their reasons, most would agree that
installing a marker is very important. Fortunately, it is possible
to purchase simple monuments; Judaism encourages us to not
embarrass our neighbors by erecting an opulent marker.
Our solution to the problem of our unmarked graves is not
perfect, but we hope this will alert people to the presence of
graves and that it will bring comfort to the souls of our
"permanent residents."
Leaf (Small)
Memorial / In Honor
Leaf (Large)
Memorial / In Honor
Leaf (Small)
B'nai Mitzvah
Memorial Plaque
To purchase, please contact
The Synagogue office
801-484-1501 or [email protected]
Advance Payment Required.
Page 37
Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September 2014
~ In Memoriam ~
Our Community Mourns the Loss of:
Sherry Adkins
mother of Gary Adkins
Stuart Lieberman
son of Arnold Lieberman
Michael Asman
father of David Asman
Naomi Ann Shaw Norwood
former congregant
Constance Backman
mother of Richard & Carin Backman
Valerii Peniughin
brother-in-law of Victor Ilcov-Belei
Lucy "Mimi" Crouse
mother of Irvin Crouse
Robert Fleming Poff
father of Bonnie Rokeach
Leon "Laibel" Hirsh
cousin of Elliot Winkler
Ronald Lee Turner
Brother of Marvin Turner
The United Jewish Federation of Utah invites you to enjoy
the exciting and entertaining Israeli Scouts Caravan Performers!
JULY 15 - 6:30 pm
A Wonderful Family Entertainment Tradition!
► This song & dance troupe introduces Israeli culture and folklore
for audiences of all ages, races and religions, and expresses the
vast cultural diversity in Israel.
►Laugh and sing along as these ten fantastic High School seniors
tell their stories through song and artistry. They were chosen after a
competitive “American Idol” like national search. The Israel Scouts
are part of the International Scouting movement.
July 15 - Congregation Kol Ami
July 16 - Camp Tomahawk, Fire Bowl, Bear River Scout Reservation
July 17 - The pavilion at the Bear Lake Aquatics Center
July 18 - Temple Har Shalom, Park City
The Israeli Scouts are proudly sponsored by the United Jewish Federation of
Utah, the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints Foundation, and the Great
Salt Lake Council Boy Scouts of America. They will certainly entertain.
If you wish to host 1 or 2 Israelis (16-17 years old) for the week of July
14-19, please contact Drora 801-581-0102 or [email protected]
Page 38
Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September
Planned giving today
for a secure tomorrow
Your community
Your legacy
Your money
Your choice
For more information on how you
can benefit this year and in the future
with a UJET Donor Advised Fund, please contact:
257 East 200 South, Suite 700 - Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
801.532.2617 - [email protected] - www.ujetutah.org
BBYO … is looking for YOU!
BBYO is the largest Jewish Youth group in the world for
teens 13-18: AZA for boys and BBG for girls. Join BBYO
and you will learn leadership skills, have the opportunity
to participate in community service and creative
programming — all the while finding your Jewish
identity. In BBYO you will meet teenagers from all over
the world, and will establish lifelong friends. No matter
what your interests are, BBYO has something for YOU!
B ’ n a i B ’ r i t h Yo u t h O r g a n i z a t i o n
Salt Lake City BBYO meets twice a week at the JCC. Programming from 4-6pm on Sundays, meetings and
study nights from 6-8pm on Tuesdays. Leadership, fun events, conventions, and exciting opportunities await!
For more info about BBYO, or how you can be a part of it, please contact:
David Bernstein
AZA President
Emma Shear
BBG President
Jared Strand
City Director
David Abolnik
AZA Advisor
Page 39
Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September 2014
Office Hours
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Congregation Kol Ami Board of Trustees
Executive Committee
Board Members
Liz Paige
Darrel Brodke
Gary Lapin, Adult Education Chair
Past President and Religious
Practices Chair
Ben Chortkoff
Stephen Lessnick
Jackie Daniels
Rick Rappaport
Vice President & Treasurer
Jennifer Elsken
David Litvack, Social Action Co-Chair
and Library Committee Chair
Don Strassberg
1st Vice President
Nicole Fenwick
Boaz Markewitz
2nd Vice President
Jordan Gerton, Sustainability Chair
John Cuomo
Daniel Burman
Art Sandack
Cathy Siegel, Membership Chair
Pam Silberman
Sheryl Ginsberg
Michael King, Religious School Chair
Ian Zipursky
Congregation Kol Ami Clergy & Staff
Ilana Schwartzman
[email protected]
801.484.1501 x24
Laurence D. Loeb, PhD
[email protected]
801.484.1501 x21
Jean Budinger
Interim Synagogue Director
[email protected]
801.484.1501 x22
David Asman
Interim Director
Rafi Schwartz Religious School
[email protected]
801.484.1501 x28
Debra Winkler
Administrative Assistant
Main Office & Clergy
[email protected]
801.484.1501 x21
Pamela Lubar
Accounting Department
[email protected]
801.484.1501 x23
Fedor Shashkov
Building Maintenance
801.484.1501 x21
Victor Ilcov-Belei
Building Maintenance
801.484.1501 x21
Frederick L. Wenger
Rabbi Emeritus
[email protected]
801.484.1501 x21
Sarah Stein
Assistant Director
Rafi Schwartz Religious School
[email protected]
801.484.1501 x26
Yotam LIvnat
Youth Director
[email protected]
801.484.1501 x33
Additional Contacts:
Sarah Skollingsberg (Gift Shop)
Carol Hochstadt (Cemetery Association)
Cathy Siegel (Membership)
Katie Hunt (Dinner at the Shul)
Extension 53
Extension 25
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Page 40
Congregation Kol Ami — July / August / September
Congregation Kol Ami
For All Our People
2425 E. Heritage Way │ Salt Lake City, Utah 84109
www.conkolami.org │ (t) 801-484-1501 (f) 801-484-1162
PERMIT #1289
Address Service Requested
All Summer Friday Shabbat services begin at 6:30pm
July 4
Summer starts on the Kol Ami Patio
2425 E Heritage Way - SLC, UT 84109
Bring a picnic supper and stay to watch the fireworks after services!
July 11
Home of Fran & Gary Lapin
2853 Cobblemoor Lane, Sandy
July 18
Home of Stephen and Michelle Lessnick
1101 Oak Forest Road, SLC
July 25
The Wellington
4522 South 1300 East
August 1
Home of Boaz Markewitz & Jeanmarie Mayer 9934 Summit View Drive, Sandy
Bring a potluck item for supper and enjoy our special guest, storyteller Susan Stone!
August 8
Millcreek Canyon, Bowman Fork in the Terraces
August 15
Home of Pam Silberman & Bryan Gibson
738 South 600 East, SLC
August 22
Home of Erin & David Litvack
368 East 600 South, SLC
August 29
Home of Ira and Lili Field
4190 Mt. Olympus Way, SLC
September 5
Summer ends on the Kol Ami patio
2425 E Heritage Way - SLC, UT 84109
Bring a veggie/dairy potluck item to share after services!
Summer Shabbat is a wonderful community tradition at Kol Ami. Everyone is welcome!
Please share the Shabbat with us whether you know or don’t know the host. Friday night Shabbat
services are led by Rabbi Ilana and include singing and lovely liturgy from the Reform siddur. Services
are usually followed by a light Oneg, provided graciously by the host. Our congregation, clergy, board
and staff are grateful to all who have opened their homes to our community this summer!