Peter Anderton AoB Bio

 Peter Anderton Peter is passionate about getting the bounce back into life and his boundless energy has led to him being described as the ‘Tigger’ of the corporate world. He is also more than a little bit geeky about alignment -­‐ he believes that any organisation, team or individual has already got whatever they need to be successful -­‐ all they really need to do is line up in one direction and get out of their own way! A great coach and an even better facilitator, Peter has spent much of his time working as an Organisational Development manager in the corporate world focusing on strategy, change, leadership team development and coaching. That said, Peter also likes to keep things simple – that’s why he loves the messages contained in the ‘Art of Being Brilliant’ and is passionate about getting these principles embedded into schools (whether it be via teachers, parents or delivering directly to the kids) Peter is a qualified NLP master practitioner and a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD. He is also a chartered engineer, which might explain a weakness for leadership models and diagrams with interlocking circles that he tries to indulge when no-­‐one is looking! Peter is an active member of the Christadelphian Church in Burton and is married to a wonderful woman who doubles as his personal navigation system. They have two wonderful boys. He’s not a comedian but as his sense of embarrassment is dramatically underdeveloped he is generally good for a laugh! Nice words about Peter Anderton ‘Peter was just what we needed; he was able to allow the team to park the past and move towards the future in a fun and engaging way, helping the leadership team and individuals work out their choices for how they behaved and progressed. I cannot speak highly enough of Peter and his style; he has an incredible energy, enthusiasm and passion for his work and has a wonderful, innovative way of capturing everyone in the room’. Emma Wilson, Director of Communities, New Charter ‘Peter has tremendous credibility at 3M and to me ranks as one of the best I have worked with in terms of coaching, facilitation and leading organisation change. He is very engaging and fearless of seniority in ensuring the tough issues are tackled’. Zoe Dickson, HR Director at 3M Asia Pacific ‘I’ve had nothing but positive feedback and the mood in the camp since has been happier than I can ever remember. All in all a huge triumph!’ Russell Langley, Director of Marketing & Communications, University of Derby 'Everyone was fully engaged from the moment he started the training session. Everything was well prepared and the delivery was excellent. Many staff across the schools commented that it was the best day's training they have ever had!' Mary Hirst, Head Teacher