November 2014 - Eden Christian Academy

Parent Association Meeting Minutes
November 10, 2014
9:00-10:30 AM
Mt. Nebo Campus Student Union
Opening Prayer – (Todd Aiken)
●The meeting was called to order by Elizabeth Cejer. Todd Aiken opened in prayer.
Elizabeth welcomed everyone to the meeting.
II. Introductions – (Elizabeth Cejer)
●The following were in attendance: Elizabeth Cejer, Deneen Hicks, Chris Stang,
Michelle Rice, Shawna Haynes, Kathy Chopp, Michael Kettel, Julie Cook, Todd Aiken,
Heather Stark, Aimee Azur, Christine Kaniecki, Rebecca Martelli and Kristin Bovard.
●Elizabeth stated the purpose of the meeting.
III. New PA Secretary – (Elizabeth Cejer)
●Elizabeth welcomed the new PA Secretary, Chris Stang.
IV. Berkeley Hills Update – (Julie Cook)
●The Staff Appreciation Luncheon was held on October 30, 2014. It was a great
success. Mums served as centerpieces and were raffled off to the staff. Mrs. Hyland
was presented with an official welcome gift from the PA committee members and the
volunteers of the luncheon.
●The Berkeley Hills PA concluded to not pursue the Christmas store this year. In lieu of
that, to help fund the Fathers Day Bowling, Julie Cook is leading a Christmas ornament
sale. The ornament, purchased through Red Oak, will feature this years Eden's
themed verse and picture. It will be sold at all three campuses. The purchasing flyers will
be distributed to the volunteer coordinators this week. The orders will arrive on each campus
for the parents to pick up in the office. Extra ornaments will be purchased by the PA to sell at
the Christmas concert and at the Gala.
V. Wexford Update – (Deneen Hicks)
●The Staff Appreciation Luncheon was held on October 23, 2014 and it was a success.
Due to dietary needs such as gluten free and vegan, a soup and salad lunch was
●Game night is to be held on November 11, 2014. As of now, a few families have
signed up however it is anticipated that many families will sign up at the last moment
as they have in the past. A reminder email will be sent out this week. The Game
Night will include a bake sale, water for sale, a $1 photo booth and inspirational plaques
donated by Michelle Rice's neighbor. There is a need for approximately 10-12
volunteers, such as siblings and/or upper school
students to help with teaching the kids how to play the games. The volunteers would
need to come a ½ hour prior to the start of game night.
●The Christmas Shop will be held on December 9 & 10, 2014. Flyers will be sent home
explaining that the store is for the children to purchase gifts for parents, siblings and
grandparents for $2.50 per item. On Monday, December 8 there will be a small
assembly to promote the Christmas store. Each class will be allotted 30 minutes in the
store. The gift boxes, wrapping paper and supplies are to be donated with many of the
gifts to be pre-wrapped to save with time.
VI. Mount Nebo Update – (Todd Aiken)
●Career day – (Todd Aiken )
Career day was held on October 30, 2014. This year was opened up to allow the
senior class to career shadow for the day. There were two mandatory sessions that
were required. One being a Grove City Admissions Director that spoke about building
transcripts and portfolios and how to prepare for college entrance. The other was the
lead recruiter from Dicks who focused on building a resume and how to prepare for
questions and interviews. Eden received great feedback by the presenters who
mentioned how professional the students presented themselves.
●Teacher Appreciation Luncheon – (Elizabeth Cejer)
The Teacher Appreciation Luncheon will be held on campus tomorrow. Barb Ostaffe will chair
the event with the assistance of Aimee Azur & Beth Ehms.
●Mid-Term “Focus Fuel” Packs – (Kristin Bovard)
The Focus Fuel Packs are geared to be a source of nourishment since there are no hot
lunches available during Mid-Terms. The Focus Fuel packs have already been placed
on the hot lunch order form and the link went out on the Friday weekly announcements.
When ordering, there is a place to check off a bible verse or to add your own message
to the bag. Orders may be placed up to the week before Mid-Terms.
●Parent Sponsor Program – (Elizabeth Cejer)
Elizabeth Cejer, Todd Aiken and Steve Good had meetings to discuss the Parent
Sponsor Program. They are kicking it off with the 2014-15 winter sports. A Parent
Sponsor Fact Sheet has been created outlining the role of the Parent Sponsor. The
Fact Sheet is to be emailed out this week in an effort to recruit Parent Sponsors for each of the
basketball teams.
●WinterFest – (Todd Aiken)
WinterFest will be held at the Mt. Nebo campus on January 3, 2015. It will consist of JV &
varsity boys basketball games, as well as a varsity girls basketball game, and then a social
event to be held at the Mt. Nebo Field House after the games. Aimee Azur proposed a
bonfire, smores, and hot chocolate event in the campus breakout portion of the PA meeting.
Alumni will be invited. The PA is currently looking for someone outside of the steering
committee to chair the social event portion of Winterfest. The possibility of also
planning a Spring Fling event and a Homecoming Weekend of events in the Fall was also
VII. Updates on Upcoming events and Review of Recent Events
●Spirit wear sales – (Kristin Bovard)
The Spirit Wear sale ended and was a huge success. The merchandise should arrive
next week. The remaining stock of Spirit Wear will be sold at WinterFest. Going
forward, the PA Committee will continue to keep the active Spirit Wear sales at the All
School Picnic. The profit to the PA up to this point is approximately $300.
●International Students/Host Families Dessert – (Deneen Hicks)
There has been an extremely low response in the number of families interested in
coming to the dessert. As of right now, the function may not move forward.
●Gala – (Shawna Haynes)
On behalf of Jennifer Cranston, auction items are in great need. Eden auction letters of
intent need to have contact information on it. There will be an information meeting with
Jennifer Cranston at the Wexford campus on November 19, 2014 to discuss the
Classroom Creations, Teachers Treasures and auction items.
●Ski Trip – (Elizabeth Cejer)
The 2015 Eden Ski Trip is being headed up by Laura Hasley. An informational and
reservation form has been created. It outlines information about the resort, what the
package includes as well as the package pricing. The Volunteer Coordinators will make copies
of the form to have on the front desk of each school. The form is also available on the Weekly
Email Updates.
VIII. Other Items or Ideas
●Elizabeth Cejer announced that following the closing of the meeting, campuses could
choose to breakout to discuss details within items specific to their campuses.
●Kristin Bovard suggested having Christmas cookies donated by Eden parents to have set up
next to the Christmas ornaments for sale, as part of a small reception after the elementary
Christmas concert. Kristin offered to organize.
IX. The meeting was adjourned. The following meeting is Monday, December 8,
X. Campus Breakout Sessions
Anyone who has the link can access. No sign-in required.