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Jean-Philippe VERGNE
My research examines how socially contested organizations affect the birth, death and renewal of
industries operating at the vanguard of capitalist economies.
Theories | Usually, I combine theory on social evaluations of firms and industries (categorization,
stigmatization, institutionalism) with evolutionary models (resource-based view, path dependence).
Methods | Adjusted to each study; often a mix of two of the following: field observation, interview,
econometric modeling of panel data, simulation, survey, fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis.
Software | STATA, NVivo, SPSS, fsQCA, LSD (Laboratory for Simulation Development)
Empirics | My favorite settings have been the global arms industry and sectors deeply affected by
piracy (17th cent. international trade, cultural industries, media, biotech/genomics, crypto-currency).
Ivey Business School | Western University | London, ON | Canada
Assistant Professor of Strategy | since 2011
F.W.P. Jones Faculty Fellow | since 2014
Stern School of Business | New York University | NYC | USA
Visiting Scholar | 2010
PhD in Strategy | 2011 | HEC Paris | Jouy-en-Josas | France
Title | Firm strategy and categorization in the global arms industry, 1996-2007
Committee | R. Durand, HEC | J. Battilana, Harvard BS | H. Rao, Stanford GSB
Awards | Grigor McClelland Best Dissertation Award | Fondation HEC Best Dissertation Award
MPhil in Economics | 2006 | La Sorbonne University, Maison des Sciences Economiques | Paris
Magna cum laude
MPhil in Organization Science | 2005 | La Sorbonne University, IAE | Paris
Magna cum laude
MSc in Management | 2005 | HEC Paris | Jouy-en-Josas
2015. Asset divestment as a response to media attacks in stigmatized industries. Forthcoming at
Strategic Management Journal (with R. Durand) ▼
2014. Categorizing categorization research: Review, integration, and future directions. Journal of
Management Studies, 51(1): 56-94 (with T. Wry) ▼
2013. Qwerty is dead, long live path dependence! Research Policy, 42(6-7): 1191-1194 ▼
2012. Stigmatized categories and public disapproval of organizations: A mixed methods study of the
global arms industry (96-07). Academy of Management Journal, 55: 1027-52 (lead article) ▼
2012 Award for Best Published Paper on Reputation | Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation
Finalist 2012 | Organization & Management Theory (OMT) Best Published Paper Award
2011. Toward a new measure of organizational legitimacy: Method, validation, and illustration,
Organizational Research Methods, 14(3): 484-502 ▼
2011. The path of most persistence: an evolutionary perspective on path dependence and dynamic
capabilities, Organization Studies, 32(3): 365-382 (with R. Durand) ▼
2010. The missing link between the theory and empirics of path dependence: Conceptual
clarification, testability issue, methodological implications, Journal of Management Studies,
47: 736-759 (with R. Durand) ▼
2013. The Pirate Organization: Lessons from the Fringes of Capitalism. Cambridge (MA): Harvard
Business Review Press (with R. Durand) ►
Finalist |► 800-CEO-READ Business Book Award 2013, General Business
Reviewed in |► Administrative Science Quarterly |► The Financial Times |► The Economist
2010. L’Organisation Pirate: Essai sur l’Evolution du Capitalisme. Lormont, France: Le Bord de l’Eau
Editions (with R. Durand) ►
[ Title hidden as per double-blind review guidelines ] (with C. Depeyre). Revise and Resubmit at
Academy of Management Journal
Contesting the contestation: When new ventures disapprove of their stakeholders (with C. Srikant)
Smoke signal or smoke screen? Why the media do not disapprove equally of overpaid CEOs (with G.
Wernicke & S. Brenner)
Legitimate but illegal: An organizational theory of piracy-driven industry evolution
2015. Gilles Deleuze : Contribution aux sciences de l’organisation. In O. Germain (ed.), Les grands
inspirateurs de la théorie des organisations, Paris: Management & Société, forthcoming ▼
2014. The year capitalism was turned upside down. The New Criticals, blog, Feb (invited piece) ►
2014. Cyberespace et organisations «virtuelles»: L’Etat souverain a-t-il encore un avenir? Regards
Croisés sur l’Economie, 14(1): 126-139 (invited contribution, with R. Durand) ▼
2014. Commentary on Peter T. Leeson’s ‘Economic analysis of computer piracy’. Tracés, Special issue
on piracy, 1: 203-206 (invited contribution, with R. Durand) ►
2013. Stigma in the arms industry. Reputation, 8: 3 (invited contribution) ▼
2013. The Pirate and the Capitalist: A love story? Policy, 42(6-7): 1191-1194 (invited contribution) ▼
2013. How pirates led struggle for free markets and open trade, Bloomberg, May (invited
contribution) ►
2013. Lessons from the dark side of capitalism, Ivey Business Journal, Feb (invited contribution) ►
2013. Why we need pirates in cyberspace, Christian Science Monitor, Jan (invited contribution) ►
2012. No territory, No profit: The pirate organization and capitalism in the making, [email protected]@gement,
15(3): 264-272 (invited contribution, with R. Durand) ▼
Since 2014 | Industry Disruption in the Age of Fast Technological Change & Widespread Piracy
QuantumShift – Executive Development program, Ivey Business School
Since 2014 | The Dark Side of Capitalism? Pirates, Mavericks and Industry Renewal | Honors in
Business Administration, Ivey | New course developed based on my research ►
Since 2011 | Strategic Analysis and Action | Honors in Business Administration, Ivey
2006-2011 | Leadership & Organization Workshop | Executive Education & MBA, HEC Paris ►
2008-2009 | Advanced Business & Corporate strategy | MSc program, Ipesup Paris
| The future of the Space Travel and Mining industries | with K. Mark | Working draft
| Bitcoin: Crytocurrency and the future of finance | with K. Mark ►
| OWNI: Disrupting the French media landscape | with K. Mark ►
| The Gallery Project: Strategic Entrepreneurship in the Art Business | with A. Miller ►
| F.W.P. Jones Faculty Fellowship Award
| Early Career Impact Award, Ivey Business School
| Invited Speaker, South by Southwest Interactive Festival, panel on Outlaw Innovation ►
| Ivey Business School Research Merit Award
| Keynote speaker at DevConFu (Latvia), Innovation from the fringes of Cyberspace
| Best Published Paper on Reputation in 2012, Oxford University’s Reputation Centre
| Finalist, AoM’s OMT Best Published Paper Award 2012. The four finalists are selected
among papers published in 2012 in AMR, AMJ, ASQ, OS, OSt, JMS, ASR and AJS
| Internal Research Grant, Ivey Business School | Ethanol as renewable fuel | $12,000
| Best Paper Award (with C. Depeyre), AoM annual meeting (Orlando), BPS
| Invited speaker, TEDxWestern University
| Ivey Business School Research Merit Award
| Invited speaker, Ivey Idea Forum, ING Leadership Center, Toronto
| Roland Calori Award, ‘best young researcher’, AIMS (International Strategic Management
Association), with C. Depeyre
| Best Paper Award (with R. Durand), AoM annual meeting (Boston), OMT
| SSHRC grant | Dissemination of research results on piracy & the digital economy | $32,000
| Fondation HEC’s Best Doctoral Dissertation Award
| Invited speaker, Google Zeitgeist Annual Conference
| ► Grigor McClelland Doctoral Dissertation Award | sponsored by EGOS, SAMS and JMS
| Invited as one of 100 Leaders of Tomorrow for the 41st St. Gallen Symposium
| Invited expert | Parliament hearing, International Affairs and Defense Commission | Paris
| Leonora Lindsley Memorial Fellowship Award (NYC) – $6,000
| Doctoral fellowship, HEC Paris | €12k yearly since 2006 | Society & Organizations grant, €3k
| Best Paper Award, AoM annual meeting (Anaheim), Management History
| Valedictorian, MPhil in Economics (thesis written on Capitalism and Piracy)
| Ministry of Research (Paris, France), Scholarship for Excellence in Research – €4,000
| Valedictorian, MPhil in Organization Science (thesis on The Dutch East India company)
Conferences and Invited Presentations
► South by Southwest Interactive, Austin | AoM, Philadelphia, PDW on ‘Categorization’ |
SMS, Madrid | ► Keynote speaker at DevConFu, Jurmala | ‘I, Consumer’ Symposium, Riga
ING Leadership Center, Toronto | Ontario Qualitative Research Workshop, Kingston | EGOS,
Montreal | ► TEDxWestern U. | Oxford Conference on Corporate Reputation, UK | Tilburg
University, NL | Amsterdam Business School, NL | Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
AoM, Boston | EGOS, Helsinki | SMS, Prague
► Google Zeitgeist, Arizona, USA | St. Gallen Symposium, Switzerland | Bocconi University,
Italy | Ivey Business School, Canada | Rotman School of Management, Canada | Université
Paris-IX Dauphine, France | EGOS, Sweden | MEDEF, France
AoM, Montréal | ASA, Atlanta, USA | Doctoral Research Seminar, June, NYU | HEC Montréal,
Canada | Rotterdam School of Management, NL
AoM, Chicago | Consortium for Cooperation and Competition, Copenhagen | Alberta
Conference on Institutions, U. of Alberta | Organizational Fraud Workshop, Queen’s
University | Medici Summer School, Italy | Cass Business School, City University of London
AoM, Anaheim | Conference on Path Dependence, Freie Universität Berlin
Professional Affiliations
Academy of Management (AoM) | European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS) | Strategic
Management Society (SMS) | American Sociological Association (ASA) | Society & Organizations ►
Editorial Activities
Editorial board member | Organizational Research Methods | since 2013
Editorial board member | Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences | since 2012
Ad Hoc Reviewer
Academy of Management Journal | Organization Science | Journal of Management Studies |
Organization Studies | Journal of International Business Studies | Industrial and Corporate Change |
Research Policy | Strategic Management Journal | Technology Forecasting and Social Change
Graduate student supervision
Supervisor | Chethan Srikant | PhD expected in 2015 ►
Dissertation Committee | Brent McKnight | graduated 2012 | now at DeGroote BS ►
Dissertation Proposal Committee | Mazi Raz | Rida Elias | Mehdi Hossein-Nejad | Yanfei Hu
Undergraduate student supervision
Coach, Ivey Team | HKUST International Case Competition 2012 | Ivey placed 3rd
Western University WorkStudy program
Administrative positions
Founder and coordinator (2011-2014) | Ivey Strategy & Organization Research Workshop (iSTOR)
Coordinator (since 2014) | Ivey Research Series
Coordinator (since 2013) | Ivey General Management PhD program, strategy group
|► The Toronto Star. Interview on state-sponsored cyberattacks
|► The New Criticals. Invited contribution on capitalism and piracy
|► The Daily Dot. Featured interview on Internet decentralization and governance
|► CBC. Featured interview about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies
|► The Globe and Mail. Article & interview about piracy
|► Policy. Invited contribution on capitalism featured on front cover | ► in Portuguese
|► Bloomberg. Invited contribution on the history of piracy and capitalism
|► Global Banking & Finance Review. Review of my book on piracy
|► Forbes India. Op-Ed on piracy and capitalism
|► Ideas for Leaders. What to learn from pirates
|► Yahoo! Finance, 14 Jan. Article & interview about piracy
|► The Christian Science Monitor, 5 Jan. Invited Op-Ed on piracy
|► Harvard Business Review, 4 Dec. Invited speaker on the HBR YouTube channel
|► The Economist, 15 Dec. Review of my book on piracy
|► CBC, The Lange & O’Leary Exchange, December. Live TV interview about piracy
|► The Financial Times, 12 Dec. Review of my book on piracy
|► The Globe and Mail, 2 Nov. Interview about the arms industry
|► The Financial Times, 24 Oct. Mention of my award-winning dissertation
|► J-WAVE, 9 Jun. Interview on Tokyo’s leading FM station about piracy
|► The Financial Times, 6 Mar. Article about piracy | ► reprinted in Business Day
|► The Financial Times, 21 Oct. Full length article about pirate organizations
2014 | Co-author of a TV documentary project on biotech entitled La guerre des gènes
2012 |► Producer and co-scriptwriter of the short film What is the Pirate Organization?
2010 |► Co-producer of the song L’Organisation Pirate
2005 | Procter & Gamble, Assistant Brand Manager, Haircare division (Paris, France)
2004 | French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Consultant at Alliance Française (Brussels, Belgium)
2003-2004 | H2C, Strategy consultant for entrepreneurial business ventures (Paris, France)
2003 | JAPA Communication, Assistant Advertising Manager (Clermont-Ferrand, France)