2014 Research Poster Competition at ATS

2014 Research Poster Competition at ATS
May 27th, 2014
San Diego, CA
The goals of the annual CTS Research Poster Competition are to foster and acknowledge
excellence in respiratory research and to provide junior investigators with a forum for the
interchange of ideas and to network with peers and senior investigators. The competition
showcases the contributions of up and coming Canadian researchers in a format that facilitates
networking among peers with national leaders in respiratory research and the international
respiratory research community. The poster competition is a partnership initiative of the CTS
and the American Thoracic Society (ATS).
Established investigators associated with the CTS adjudicated 30 posters selected from among
all of the abstracts submitted to the 2014 ATS International Conference by Canadian-based
respiratory research trainees, graduate students and clinical and basic research fellows. The
selected posters fall into two streams: clinical and basic science research. The ranking of the
abstracts comes directly from the scores given by members of the different ATS Assembly
Programming Committees, thus selection of abstracts for presentation is based on excellence
determined through international peer review. We also ensured that a broad spectrum of
research approaches, disease focus and regional representation is met.
The top ranked poster presentations at the competition receive CTS awards of high recognition:
the Frederick Hargreave Clinical Research Award and the James C. Hogg Basic Research Award.
These are announced at the annual CTS Awards Reception held during the ATS International
Conference. In addition to the poster competition we featured Dr. Sam Wadsworth as a
keynote speaker to address entrepreneurship as a career option for emerging scientists.
A real sense of excitement has developed with this program since its inception in 2011.
Invitation to the event is seen as high accolade by Canadian investigators and there is
significant honour in being selected as the top presenter in one of the research categories.
James C. Hogg Basic Research Poster Award
The James C. Hogg Basic Research Poster Award was created to honour Dr. Hogg in
recognition of his brilliant career in basic science and his influence on the knowledge of COPD
Congratulations to François Potus (Université Laval) who won this award for his poster
presentation on “Antiogenesis Defect in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Right Ventricle
Failure: Role of Small Non-Coding RNA”.
Honorary mention goes to the runners up: Oluwasean Ojo (University of Manitoba) and Sami
Shariff (University of Calgary).
Frederick (Freddy) Hargreave Clinical Research Poster Award
The Frederick (Freddy) Hargreave Clinical Research Poster Award was created to honour the
late Freddy Hargreave, who made significant contributions to respiratory medicine and research
over his lifetime. He was a pioneer in improving the understanding of asthma and its
association with chronic cough and COPD. He was very innovative and helped change our
thinking about the treatment of asthma as well as other diseases such as COPD and chest
Congratulations to Daniel Langer (Queens University) who won this award for his poster
presentation on “Inspiratory Muscle Training Reduces Respiratory Neural Drive in Patients with
Two runners-up were also recognized in this category: Marc Fortin (Université Laval) and
Andreea Morogan (McGill University).
Congratulations to our 2014 Awardees!
Left to right: Sami Sharif, Oluseun Ojo, Andrew Halayko (CTS Executive and Chair of Research
Committee), François Potus (Basic Award), Daniel Langer (Clinical Award), Marc Fortin, and Andreea
CTS gratefully acknowledges the American Thoracic Society for their collaboration and
partnership in support of this important research initiative.
We also extend our deep appreciation to our industry partners who sponsored the 2014 CTS
Research Poster Competition:
Forrest Laboratories Inc.
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