Week 7 - Brighton College Abu Dhabi

P r e p Po s t
Summer term
House Headlines
After a busy exam week Bithna
House are looking forward to a
well-deserved restful weekend,
to gear up for the final four
weeks of the House Competition!
Week 7
Year 5 English and Science
Collaboration - UFO Debate!
Exams complete - Hosn
now focus their attention
on the forthcoming
house matches
Pupils feeling confident
and breathe a sigh of
relief with the end
of exams!
Wilde said, “ One can
never be over-educated
or over-dressed”. Roll on
the Year 8 Dinner. Fujairah
will be there with bells on!
As part of an English and Science Department
collaboration, the Year 5 pupils recently completed an
investigation into UFOs. Their research began with
looking at the history of UFOs, dating back as far as
Alexander the Great, before looking at more modern day
sightings, the majority of which appear to occur in the
USA. The pupils then interviewed renowned scientists,
Mrs. Robitaille and Mr. Abdulahi, to collate contrasting
expert opinion on whether the topic of UFOs should be
taught at BCAD. Having considered all the evidence and
opinions, the pupils then produced some excellent
discursive essays reflecting all their research. The final
consensus is that Brightonians may have to wait a bit
longer before the topic of UFOs comes up in their
Science exam!
Prep Students Shine in UK
Junior Maths Challenge
Brighton College Prep School pupils achieved some amazing results in the 2014 UK Junior Maths
Challenge. Year 7 and 8 pupils sat the challenge along with thousands of other pupils in British schools
across the world.
Our pupils achieved the following certificates:
· 25 bronze
· 16 silver
· 11 gold
This is a total of 52 certificates – a huge improvement on last year's total of 31. This is a direct
reflection of all the hard work put in by your children under the guidance of our Maths team. In
addition three pupils have qualified for the next round – the challenging Olympiad paper to be taken
on the 12th June. Congratulations to
· Taysir Barakat (Year 8)
· Liam Patell (Year 8)
· Isaac Hammond (Year 7)
Very well done to all involved!
Schools Fantasy Football League
The final games have now been played and the first exciting season of SFL at
Brighton College has drawn to a close. The points have been tallied up and the results
are as follows:
League Winner
The Rockers
Madison Hughes
Points: 1272
Tyranno Suarez Reds
Jalal Thomas
Points: 1277
The Champions are on their way
Christian Perry
Points: 1387
Shary Jadoon
Points: 1298
Runner Up
Abdulrizaq Yusuf
Points: 1271
SMS Football Club
Sofia Mclachlan Vazquez
Points: 1221
Egyptian Sabrys 22 abu treika
Youssef Sabry
Points: 1044
FC SEbsters of Husn
Sebi Hirjoaba
Points: 1253
Third Place
Al Ahly Club of the Century
Hussein El Zeftawy
Points: 1245
Red Unicorns
Annika Mclachlan Vazquez
Points: 1165
Red Dragons
Edwin Holmes
Points: 1017
Football Rockers
Zahab Jafry
Points: 1056
Overall Brighton College SFL
Chamption: Christian Perry
Prizes will be awarded at the next school assembly. I would like to say a huge
well done to everybody who took part; there were some tight battles in the
House Leagues, especially Bithna where the Winner was decided by just one
point. Some pupils registered late in the competition but swiftly climbed the
League table with each passing week. Who knows what position they would
have finished if they had started with everybody else!
Keep a look out for the posters in September so that you can take part next
season – who will be overall Champion!
‘What’s in the News’
In one of our many ECAs, budding journalists have a look at 'What's in the
News' before discussing and debating the headline stories as well as any
interesting ones further into the papers.
BSME Under 11 Games Photography Exhibition
This week Prep School, parents, staff and pupils have enjoyed remembering the
Games with our super exhibition of the best photographs. The images have
captured the excitement, emotion and elation of this unique event, hosted by
Brighton College in March. We are now all looking forward to next year's BSME
events held throughout region in 2015.
For more sports news please have a look at our Sports Bulletin which contains
detailed match reports and upcoming events.
Mike Ballard Day
At the end of May Brighton College came together to support tthe Mike Ballard
Foundation. The children dressed as their favourite sport or sports person donating
10AED each. To continue their support many children bought in an amazing range of
cakes to sell at the Bake Sale which was held at break time. We had many helpers from
Years 7 & 8, who gave up their free time to run the sale. Overall the day raised 8600 AED.
Mike and his family are very grateful for our support and send many thanks. If you would
t o s u p p o r t t h e f o u n d a t i o n p l e a s e g e t i n c o n t a c t w i t h M i s s D ave y.
[email protected]
New Staff
I am delighted to be able to welcome and introduce Aly Wolstanholme. Aly will be joining
us as Head of Year 3 in September. Aly is a passionate educator with high aspirations for
her pupils. Aly is a regular at the Abu Dhabi Netball League and has been an inspirational
member of her team. She loves all aspects of the great outdoors and has made the most of
all the opportunities both in the UAE and further abroad. Having worked in the UAE for a
number of years Aly brings a wealth of experience of leading and mentoring in education.
We are thrilled that Aly will be joining us.
Aly Wolstanholme – Head of Year 3
From a young age I have always wanted to be a teacher. My favourite teacher from primary
school was kind, a good listener and made her lessons fun, so throughout my teaching
career I have aspired to be like her.
Growing up, I would regularly go on
fostered my love for nature and my
discover more of the world, I spent a
less advantaged local islands) as a
this I moved to Abu Dhabi, where I
used it as a base to travel to many
meeting new people, embracing
me as a person.
camping holidays with my family. This
sense of adventure. Wanting to
year in the Maldives (on one of the
voluntary teacher advisor. Soon after
have lived for the past six years and
different countries. Travelling,
different cultures has definitely shaped
Both at work and home I actively seek new challenges. Last year I completed the Dubai
92Km cycle ride and two sprint triathlons. I like to keep fit and can often be found on the
tennis or netball court being my usual competitive self with a determination to win!
I’m really excited about joining Brighton College, where my focus will be ensuring that all
learning is creative, fun and relevant, so that children are enthusiastic about coming to
school and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.
Wednesday 11th June 6pm and Thursday 12th
June 6pm
College Theatre