Abi -Newsletter - Randolph Surgery

It’s been a busy and hectic 18 months for everyone working
hard to look after you since the NHS Health and Social Care Act
became operational on April 1st 2013 – and the Randolph
Surgery has been riding the waves too - on your behalf. We’ve
waved goodbye to some old faces and enjoyed introducing
some new ones:
A big WELCOME to:
Ella - our Practice
Valerie, Zeynib and Jade –
Aria – Health Care Assistant
(who takes all the blood tests
and blood pressures, and offers
NHS Health Checks)
Sahar – our Clinical Coordinator
Mo – assistant to Ella and Sahar
Maxine Carter – has stepped
up to become Head of
We also welcome Dr Aba
Carboo and Dr Fleur Navey
(both experienced GPs) and
Afodia Maisanda and Jo Ross
– our two highly experienced
And FAREWELL to Rose, who has
worked as a Practice Nurse at the
Randolph Surgery longer than
anyone. She is moving up to
Wolverhampton to be nearer family
in September. And also nurse AnnMarie, who moved back to Scotland
earlier this year.
Rapid Access GP Telephone
Where else can you get such
quick access to a doctor in the
This Randolph Surgery service tops
the bill as far as our patients are
concerned and we’re very pleased
to be able to continue offering it.
You’ll get a call back within 2
hours, and it’s often much quicker
than that. If you want or need rapid
advice from a GP, choose a time to
log a call when you know you can
receive one back within two hours.
Appointment system:
Keeping you out of hospital!
Same Day or advance
The Randolph Team does its absolute
best to keep you out of hospital –
unless you really need to be there.
You have a choice – book ahead to
see a particular doctor - or if it’s more
convenient – call in the morning
around 8am for a first come first
served Same Day appointment. If
these appointments have all been
taken - the receptionist will offer to put
you on the Duty Doctor call back list –
it’s to make sure we’re offering you as
safe a service a possible. Parents of
children under the age of five will
always be put through to the Duty
Doctor to ensure the best decisions
can be made about how and when to
prioritise their children’s’ needs.
Need to see a GP at the weekend in
Maida Vale?
There are two walk-in centres open
on Saturdays and Sundays for
patients who require urgent care.
North West London Medical
Centre (56 Maida Vale) 84pm
3rd Floor Medical centre
(165 Lanark Road) 10-6pm
Flu vaccination clinics 2014/15
We are offering two Saturday morning
clinics in October for patients who
qualify for a flu jab:
Saturday October 11 and 25
October 2014 (9am to 1pm).
Our Rapid Access GP Telephone
Service is one way we do this – the
Duty Doctor will give you telephone
advice, or an appointment to see a
GP (on the same day or at another
time), a nurse, or advise you to attend
a walk-in centre in the local area –
whatever is most appropriate.
We’ve also established Care Plans
for our most vulnerable and elderly
patients. For those patients on the
register, your “responsible GP” is
working hard with community nursing
services and social services to ensure
that we’re all working together as a
coordinated team to keep you safe at
Randolph Surgery Patient
Participation Group:
This group meets every two months
on a Monday evening to discuss
anything that’s important for patients.
Everyone is welcome. If you want
more information about how you can
make a difference and get your voice
heard – please ask about the next
meeting from Maxine Carter (Head of
Reception) or go to
And finally….
If you have any feedback for us – please
make it as constructive as possible and
tell us who you are – we really would like
to know how we can make things even