ABI Instructions - Duarte Unified School District

Duarte High School Aeries Parent Portal
What is ABI?
The ABI (Aeries Browser Interface) is designed to allow parents access to their student’s information.
This information is only accessible by knowing the student’s ID number, telephone number, and
Verification code. By setting up an account and/or logging onto the Aeries Parent Portal, you agree to
abide by the School District rules and regulations.
Open a browser and go to:
The following screen will appear:
Choose the language you prefer
Click on Create New Account
1. Step 1 screen:
Click on Parent and click on Next
2. Follow the directions on the screen to enter your email
address and to create a password. Please make sure
that the password is safe and cannot be easily guessed by
others. Make sure to retype the same email address and
3. The last screen indicates an email from
[email protected] will be sent to your
email address to confirm your parent portal account.
Do not click on the <<Next>> button.
Open another browser window to
check your email to confirm your
parent portal account.
Click on Confirm This Email
A pop-up window will appear indicating that your account has been verified.
Click on Return to Login Page.
The following screen will appear:
Enter the following information that was provided to you on the label sticker on the front of
your student’s locator schedule card:
 Student Permanent ID Number
 Student Home Telephone Number
(this is on the schedule itself – use ONLY numbers, i.e. 6261234567 )
 Verification Code
Click Next
Click on the Home button to view your student’s information, such as attendance, grades, etc, and
get started!