Correspondent Lending ATR/QM Guidance

C o r r e s p o n d e n t L e n d i n g BULLETIN #2014: 13 TO: Distribution DATE: April 16, 2014 RE: Amended Correspondent Lending ATR/QM FINAL Guidance EFFECTIVE DATE: April 16, 2014 Correspondent Lending ATR/QM Guidance
CMG Financial Correspondent Lending’s policy pertaining to the Qualified Mortgage and Ability to Repay Rules, established by the CFPB, has been amended. The following items have been amended from the ATR/QM Policy that was sent via bulletin number 2014l
02 on January 14, 2014: •
VA IRRRL transactions will not require the LGC prior to purchase; however, evidence the funding fee has been paid or
the loan is exempt will be required prior to purchase.
Nonl IRRRL VA loans that are manually underwritten will require the LGC prior to purchase.
FHA streamline refinances will not require the MIC prior to purchase; however, evidence the upfront MIP has been
paid will be required prior to purchase.
FHA nonl streamline transactions that are manually underwritten will require the MIC prior to purchase.
CMG will no longer require the seller to complete the residual income portion of the income debt worksheet on a
transaction that has an AUS approval with a DTI over 43%. CMG auditors will calculate the residual income and
determine if the file meets the CMG residual income threshold requirement. The minimum residual income
requirement is posted on our income debt worksheet and is tiered based on reserves and occupancy. We reserve
the right to decline to purchase a file that has a DTI over 43% with very low residual income and low reserves.
Please see Quick Reference Chart links below: •
CMG ATR/QM Quick Reference Guide:
CMG ATR/QM Amended Policy:
CMG Income/Debt/Residual Income Worksheet: andl Debtl Worksheet.pdf
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