Dante Brooklyn II PDK Datasheet

`` Based on IP networking technology:
Built on industry networking
standards including IEEE 802.3 and
The Future of Digital Media Networking - Today
`` Professional quality audio: Sample
accurate playback synchronization
`` Extremely low latency
`` Mix sample rates and bit depths all
on the same network: Run 48kHz,
96kHz and other supported sample
rates and bit depths over the same
network at the same time
`` True plug and play networking:
Automatic device discovery and
network configuration - no need for
an IT specialist on your sound crew
`` Descriptive label-based routing:
No magic numbers
`` Network your PC or Mac with Dante
Virtual Soundcard: Directly connect
DAW applications with Dante Virtual
Soundcard software - no extra
hardware required
The Dante™ Product Development Kit (Dante PDK™) is a fully-featured Dante
product development and support platform containing hardware and
software implementations of Dante technology, alongside development APIs,
supporting tools and documentation.
`` One network for everything: Use the
Learn about Dante development
The Dante PDK contains all you need to become confident and familiar with Dante technology and
products, enabling you to understand how you could incorporate Dante to revolutionize your
product and solution roadmap.
`` Integrate into existing Ethernet
Design and build innovative Dante-enabled products
The Dante PDK has all the components required to develop your own Dante-enabled networked
digital audio product: from simply adding I/O and front panel control, to deeper Dante integration
with your own specialized features, through to exploiting Dante’s control and monitoring capabilities
to enable standout systems and solutions. The Dante PDK also comes with 40 hours of Audinate’s
expert technical support to ensure fast feedback and minimal delays in getting your new product or
solution to market.
Fully-featured PDK including hardware and software
The Dante PDK incorporates Audinate hardware, software applications, development tools and
expert technical support. It includes two Dante Brooklyn II Modules installed on audio baseboards to
allow you to set up your own Dante audio network right out of the box. Connect a PC or Mac® to
your Dante network and use Dante Controller software to easily configure and control your Dante
audio devices, and record and playback audio using the Dante Virtual Soundcard with your Digital
Audio workstation application.
The Dante PDK includes unlimited access to an online repository of searchable documentation and
digital resources, to help get you started and to support your ongoing development process.
same network for audio,
synchronization AND control,
including Dante control software
running on a PC or Mac
networks: Use standard VoIP-style
QoS to integrate Dante into
existing network infrastructure
alongside other applications
`` Combine multiple Ethernet network
speeds and types: Flexibility when
you need it - from 100 Mbit and
1 Gbit copper through to fiber optic
`` Cost effective: Uses off-the-shelf
Ethernet switches
`` Scalable from a single channel to
thousands of channels
`` Multiple redundancy methods
Explore the breakthrough benefits of Dante
Future-proof your roadmap.
Built on IP networking standards, Dante is designed to easily adopt latest networking technology as
it becomes available. Dante uses global networking standards such as IEEE 802.3 and UDP/IP, and
can adapt to new standards via software and firmware field upgrades.
Configuration and operation made easy.
Dante-enabled products use automatic network configuration and discovery techniques that turn complicated audio setup procedures into plug and play. Connect
your PC or Mac direct to the network and use Dante’s control software to easily
configure or route your audio, and Dante’s friendly labels to rename your equipment and audio channels with names that make sense to you. Use the Dante API
development tools to integrate Dante control into your own control software for a
seamless user experience.
Top: In
Bottom: Out
Word clock In
Word clock Out
5v DC In
Clock select
Analog Out L/R
Network your Digital Audio Workstation with zero hardware.
Dante Virtual Soundcard (DVS) enables your Mac or PC to join in and behave like
any other Dante-enabled hardware equipment. Just plug in to the standard Ethernet port on your computer to use digital audio processing, recording or playback
applications direct to the network.
Make IT networks work for you.
Dante runs on standard Ethernet/IP networks and inexpensive off-the-shelf computer networking hardware, and doesn’t require dedicated or specialized network
infrastructure. Design your network the way you need to, mixing 100Mbps,
1Gbps, Cat5 and fiber to suit your requirements. What’s more, using standard
VoIP-style QoS, Dante can be run alongside ordinary data traffic, so you even have
the option of integrating your professional media operations into larger managed
Analog In L/R
SPI port
Power LEDs
Input select
Serial port
Reset button
Dante Module
2x20 connectors
(under adaptor card)
Industry standard
expansion 1-8 IDC
Interfaces and controls provided by the PDK Audio Baseboard
Dante PDK Features
Dante Modules Included
The Dante Brooklyn II Module is a mini-PCI form factor connector-based card, with 64 channels of
bidirectional audio, and supports the full set of Dante features, including the ability to exploit the
Dante API to develop and run your own applications directly on the module itself.
The Dante PDK includes two Brooklyn II modules.
Supporting Hardware
The included audio baseboards allow you to connect a range of audio equipment directly through to your Dante network, both analog (via the stereo RCA
connectors) and digital (via either S/PDIF RCA connectors, or AES/EBU XLR). Word
clock I/O allows you to experiment with and understand Dante’s synchronization
The Brooklyn II modules are installed on Brooklyn II Adaptor Cards and provide
headers and connectors for the full range of Brooklyn II interfaces, including serial
audio, clock, network, SPI, GPIO and I2C.
Audinate Software Included
The Dante PDK includes a range of software allowing you to turn Dante-enabled
audio devices into digital audio networked solutions. Dante Controller software
automatically discovers and displays all devices present, allowing you to configure
audio devices, label devices and channels, and set up audio routing simply and
Jumper for audio
baseboard DB9
serial connector
Brooklyn II
Flash write
RJ45 connectors
Auxiliary pins
B0 & B1
SPI B interface
SPI A interface /
Flash SPI
Audio lines /
Flash SPI
(DediProg connector)
Audio clock
Audio baseboard
dip switches
GND test
point anchor
MinPCI socket
Interfaces and controls provided by the Brooklyn II Adaptor Card
The Dante Virtual Soundcard allows you record and playback audio using your
DAW software, while connecting directly to the network via your PC or Mac’s
standard network interface. Finally, the Dante API contains the information and tools you need to
tightly integrate Dante into your product and enable your own revolutionary Dante-enabled solution.
What’s Included
2 x baseboards with power supplies and multiple I/Os including:
`` Stereo analog audio I/O (RCA)
`` AES/EBU digital audio I/O (XLR)
`` Word clock I/O
`` Expansion connectors
`` Serial and SPI port connectors
2 x Brooklyn II Adaptor boards with interface headers
2 x Brooklyn II 64x64 modules
Dante Licensed Software Applications
Dante Controller
Dante Virtual Soundcard for Mac
Dante Virtual Soundcard for Windows
2 x Dante Virtual Soundcard License IDs
Configuration Software
Hardware Module Configuration Tool
`` S/PDIF digital audio I/O (RCA)
Dante PDK Users Guide
Dante Virtual Soundcard User Guide
Dante Controller User Guide
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Dante Product Development Support (PDS)
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