Independent Program for Police Officers Part-Time

Tactical Shotgun Course
The Miami Police Firearms Detail is offering an 8-hour Tactical Shotgun Training Course. This course is set up
to provide the student with tactical techniques for handgun and shotgun shooting. This course will also
provide the student with handgun transition techniques when transitioning from long gun to handgun.
During this course, through practical exercises, the student will develop additional skills and knowledge in the
proper selection of ammunition and/or weapon as well as the correct use of sling systems. During this class,
the following topics will be covered: Positioning Shooting and moving positions, Low Ready, High Ready
Position ,SUL, Kneeling ,Squatting, Sitting, Prone, Admin Load (cruiser safe load)Admin Unload, Low Tactical
Load, High Tactical Load, Combat Load (over/under)Moving forward, backward, left and right, Static Turns,
Transitioning drills Shooting on the Move, Fanning-out drills.
October 30, 2014
(Closing day for Miami P.D. only is September 30, 2014)
December 17, 2014 (Closing day for Miami P.D. only is November 17, 2014)
0800 – 1700 Hours
Miami Police Training Center – 400 N.W. 2nd Ave. Miami, FL 33128
Report to:
Medley Fire Range - 9700 N.W. 97th Avenue, Miami, FL 33178
Multiple Subject Matter Experts from the City of Miami P.D. Survival Team
Julie Lamelas, 305-603-6623 – [email protected]
Tactical Attire (T-Shirts, Jeans, BDU’S, Tennis Shoes or Boots)
Region XIV Trust Funded
REGISTRATION PROCESS FOR OUTSIDE AGENCIES: To register for a Miami Police Training Center
Region XIV course please complete the required internal request form through your department and
once approved go to the below listed web site to download a student application form.
Accommodation for Participants with special needs: To ensure that we can accommodate persons
with disabilities who wish to attend our courses, please be sure to identify the accommodation
needed when you complete and submit your application.