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Jeremy Smith
I have a wide range of experience and will bring all of this to the table on any job. By doing
this it has afforded me to win multiple Addys, to be printed in HOW Magazine and to win
several other awards. Working with clients as big as the NBA, NFL, NIKE, and ADIDAS to
small budgeted companies, I still manage to create impressive design that not only pleases
the client, but also grabs attention of the correct audience. I started with fine arts, then
began working my way into design, bringing anything I could from one to the other.
Specialties: Furniture design, animation, physical 3d design, sound design and recording,
video editing, interface design, user experience, web design, and photography
Creative Direction
Graphic Design
User Experience
Web Design
User Interface Design
Art Direction
Branding & Identity
Video Editing
Interaction Design
Concept Development
Logo Design
Adobe Creative Suite
Creative Strategy
Corporate Identity
Web Standards
Interactive Advertising
Brand Development
Photo Touch-up
Interactive Experience
Corporate Branding
Social Media Marketing
Marketing Communications
Digital Marketing
Digital Media
Digital Photography
BFG Communications
05 / 2014 - Present
Creative Director
J(uu)S Design
01 / 1998 - Present
A Full service freelance company. With clients all over the US, I tend to get passed along to
help agencies out with a quick creative solve in their time of need. I give a fast, precise,
creative answer that my clients respect and pass along to their colleagues.
BFG Communications
03 / 2013 - 05 / 2014
Associate Creative Director
Working with a team to satisfy the creative needs for several clients including but not limited
to Whirlpool EveryDrop Water, Mello Yello, and Ace Hardware. These needs include web
design, interactive ads, print, video, social media, photography and animation.
BFG Communications
08 / 2012 - 03 / 2013
Senior Interactive Art Director
Most of my time as an Art Director at BFG was dealing with only one client. This might not
seem like much, but it was the agency's largest client making up more than 40% of the
agency's income. This kept me and the team very busy. We worked on a range of programs
that included sweepstake activations, a closed community with legal age gating and a wide
wide range of gaming and interactive activities.
BFG Communications
07 / 2011 - 08 / 2012
Art Director
Worked on various jobs and clients focusing on keeping web and application/game work
flowing with creative direction and design.
RARE Design
12 / 2006 - 06 / 2011
Senior Designer
Worked with a wide team of copywriters, project managers, grips, Creative Directors,
Directors of Photography, blah blah blah… I worked at RARE for 11+ years and we did a
TON of work. I was highly involved with this company from the beginning. From sports
companies (Nike, Adidas, etc) to Teams (Texans, Grizzlies, 49ners, etc) to hospitals to
alcohol to hunting lodges… we were all over the place and in a good way.
RARE Design
2000 - 2006
The owner of Rare afforded me a lot of creative liberty. I took as much advantage of this as I
could. I would jump up to the opportunity to do photography, video work, sound design,
interior design, you name it. I found that I could apply my design instincts to just about any
medium and find a way, or a person, to help with what I didn't know. Rare also allowed me
to be closer to the client and more involved in the process than other agencies might have.
With all this I quickly grew the trust of the owner and was on every project as a designer and
became the standard in house photographer.
G&M Design
05 / 1996 - 08 / 1997
Screen Printer
Screen printed and developed all screens. Did everything from start to finish.
University of Southern Mississippi
1997 - 2001
• 2006: Silver ADDY award for TV Commercial and Advertising. • 2003: PIAS awarded for
magazine complexity and design. • 2001: HOW Magazine “Top 100 Poster Designs”.