Citi Direct Presentation Service Exporters (English)

Citi Direct Presentation Service for Exporters
Streamline your export letter of credit payment cycle time and your improve working
capital via an instant and secure electronic presentation of export documents
Designed to automate your Export Letter of Credit document presentation and examination
processes, Citi’s Direct Presentation Service can help your company reduce costs, save time
and speed payments.
How it works
The exporter transmits export LC documents electronically to Citi for pre-examination using
Direct Presentation Service, a Web-based transaction and information platform
1. Citi will send the exporter an email alert advising that documents are compliant and
attaches a cover letter
2. At the same time, an automatic notification is sent to the
courier service
3. The exporter will attach the cover letter to the original documents and send to the
issuing bank
4. If discrepancies are uncovered, the Exporter can make corrections immediately online
and resubmit.
Direct Presentation Service Web-Based Platform
Courier Partnership
6 Exporter sends original
5 Electronic notification
1 Exporter submits
2 E-mail alert to Citi.
documents to Issuing
Bank using Citi partner
documents to Citi
for pickup sent to the
Documents have been
submitted by Exporter
Key Benefits
• Retain total control over
document flows since
physical documents do not
leave your office until they
are ready to go to the
issuing bank
• Reduce Days Sales
Outstanding (DSO) and
speed up payments by
getting documents to the
issuing bank and buyer
• Minimize the time spent
manually managing documentary pre-examinations
by adopting real-time
document exchange,
automated processes, event
notifications and access to
an online audit trail
LC Issuing
4 E-mail notification that
documents are clean,
cover letter and courier
AWB ready to print
3 Citi examines documents. If
documents are clean, sends e-mail
alert with Citi document cover
letter and courier AWB to Exporter
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Citi Transaction Services,
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