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The all-in-one Boarding Gate Reader for Check-in - Security - Boarding
Your Advantages
The PENTA Scanner® BGR is the
ultimative Self-Service Terminal,
which combines all well-known
features of the PENTA Family • Additional electronic passport copy at Boarding Gate to prevent fraud
in an innovative concept. The
• Improve the security process by changing the documents.
device is a multiple scanner
which aim is to be installed both • Simple to use human interfaces: Buzzer, LED, Display with touch and individual
graphics give significant user instructions and feedback and provide highest user
in CKI counters (replacing
acceptance and operator convenience.
OCR/MSR keyboards & laser
guns) and the Gate replacing
• Multifunctionality: Selectable Reading Modules make the device ready for your
Barcode Gate (Readers). DESKO
individual requirements. You profit from highest flexibility and mobility.
is therefore oringing brand new
security features to the IT- • Highest integration flebility: Variety of interfaces (USB, RS232, LAN / WiFi) make
the device open for all possibilities for process integration.
DCS/CUTE environment. Smart
(authorized passengers service - supervised boarding)
device technology allows for
enhanced functionality without
• Stand-Alone options (wireless interface technology, battery pack, akku) for integrations
changing infrastructure, thus
- independend from local infrastructure and environment.
making the PENTAScanner®
BGR the ideal technology to • High Speed imaging and OCR read rate of at least 99,98% and scanning of IR, visible,
introduce newly improved
UV & RFID below 5 seconds.
passenger services,such as
supervised boarding,NFC
boarding and ID verification.
System Approach
Every industry - from border control & immigration environments, security & commercial service
industry to passenger service and contract management - has its specific objectives and requirements.
To fulfill individualized concepts, DESKO developed a modular system of DESKO PENTA Full Page
Scanners for ID data entry and verification. The large scanning area supports ICAO and non-ICAO
format documents, while the optionally available 4,3 “ full color display and touch screen turn the
PENTA Scanner® in a full functioning self-service terminal. On board CPU LAN connectivity and battery
pack enable this leading technology for stand-alone operation. The single-step reading process:
optical and RFID data reading without moving the document ensures user comfort.Various hood
optionsmake the DESKO PENTA Scanners® adaptable to different applications from traditional
scanning to quality assurance. Optional mounting kit is available for physical integration, e.g. in kiosks.
Features & Options
- Ruggedized Equipment: unbreakable glass, solid box
- High-Precision optical scan engine (DESKO development for high speed imaging and BC)
- OEM Versions available for Gates & Kiosk projects.
- Stand-Alone device: Battery pack / Akku and WiFi / LAN connection
selectable Modules
- ID and Passport Image Scanning Module: Scans documents with three different light
sources (VIS, IR, UV-A)
- Independent Barcode Recognition Module: Embedded Barcode Engine with
1D/2D Barcode Reader
- RFID & NFC Reading Module: Integrated RFID Module is a dual antenna design that is
especially designed for passport reading and NFC
(ISO 14443 Type A&B including anticolision, autodecetion)
- MSR Reading Module: Integrated bi directional magnetic stripe Swipe Reader
- Human Interfaces for user communication (options to select):
Display: Full graphic multicolor display for individual graphics. Display unit with touch.
LED: Integrated multicolor LED on the front and two additional multicolor LEDs
near the display
Buzzer for audible user feedback
- Hardware Interfaces for technical communication
USB Interface
RS232 Interface
WiFi / LAN connection
Technical Data
Core Device
- Machine Readable Zone of OCR documents according to ISO/IEC 7501-1 and ICAO 9303
(e.g. ID cards, passports, visas)
- 1D/2D barcode documents printed on Paper or presented on displays e.g. mobile phone
- RFID documents according to ISO 14443 (A/B), ISO 7818 (incl. US passport), ICAO 9303 as well
as full NFC support.
- Magnetic Stripe Documents according to ISO 7811/2-5 and IATA 1722c, 722e
Scan Window:
Light Sources:
Status Indicators:
2.5 A max.
219,9mm (8.7inch) x 143mm (5.6inch) x 189.2mm (7.4inch)
94mm (3.7inch) x 131mm (5.2inch)
150 up to 500 dpi
approx. 1500g (3.4 Ib)
IR, visible light and UV-A (optional)
Audible and visible status indicator
We would be pleased to discuss your specific requirements and objectives
in a direct conversation. Feel free to contact us at your convenience.
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