important information about your new bnb debit mastercard

Bridgehampton National Bank
2200 Montauk Highway
P.O. Box 3005
Bridgehampton, NY 11932
January 27, 2014
Welcome to Bridgehampton National Bank. Enclosed is your new BNB Debit MasterCard® and BNB Debit MasterCard®
Agreement (see reverse). Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be mailed separately on January 29, 2014.
Your new BNB Debit MasterCard® allows:
• Purchases at participating merchant locations that accept MasterCard® for up to $1,500 per day.
• ATM Withdrawals up to $600.00 per day.
• A combined daily (purchase and ATM withdrawal) limit of $1,500 per day.
• A Rewards program. Sign up for our Rewards Program at
• Surcharge free at BNB’s ATMs –see our website for a complete listing. Please refer to the Account Service Charge
Disclosure and the Electronic Funds Transfer Rights and Responsibilities you received in your January 14th Welcome
Package for all limitations and fees that may apply.
If you currently have a First National Bank of New York (FNBNY) ATM only card you will receive a BNB Debit
MasterCard® with the features described above. Access to savings accounts attached to your BNB Debit MasterCard®
will only be available as an ATM transaction.
Your new BNB Debit MasterCard® will be eligible for use on Friday, February 14, 2014, after 5:00pm. You must
activate your card at an ATM 1 by using your new PIN.
On February 14th, after 5:00pm, through February 17th, you may activate your new card at any ATM by doing a withdrawal
transaction. Balance inquiry will NOT be available until February 18th.
On or after February 18th, you may activate your card at any ATM by doing a balance inquiry, transfer, or withdrawal.
Important Note:
Your current FNBNY Visa® ATM/ Debit Card will no longer be valid as of February 18, 2014. Please cut it up and
discard it after that date.
If you currently have automatic EFT transaction(s) being deducted from your FNBNY account using your FNBNY
Visa® Debit Card number, please arrange to have it changed to your new BNB card number effective February 18th. .
Your card must be activated in order for your EFT transactions to go through.
If you have any questions regarding this information, or if you don’t receive your new PIN, please contact BNB’s Electronic
Banking Department toll free at 1-855-702-8344.
Michelle Dosch, VP
Director of Electronic Banking
You will be charged a fee for ATM withdrawals not done at a BNB ATM. This amount is in addition to any surcharge imposed by the ATM owner/operator.
The undersigned ("You" or "Your"), in
consideration of Bridgehampton National Bank
("We" or "Our" "the Bank") issuing me a
known as "the Card(s)", hereby agree to be
legally bound by the following terms and
4. You may use the Card at any point of sale
terminal (POS) to purchase goods or services
from merchants who have agreed to accept your
will be accepted at any merchant location
displaying the MASTERCARD logo or accepting
debit cards.
I have the accounts(s) including such
transaction, savings and/or credit (loan)
account(s) with you set forth on my application
form. I hereby request that you issue to me
By using this agreement:
5. The Bank has the right to refuse a transaction
on your Account when the Card has been reported
lost or stolen or where the Bank reasonably
believes there is unusual activity on your Account.
If you use the Card(s) to access an Account that
is no longer available or lacks sufficient funds to
complete the transaction, the Bank may at its sole
discretion, charge or credit the transaction to
another account.
1. The Card(s) remain the property of the Bank
and will be surrendered immediately to the
Bank upon request. You cannot transfer your
Card(s) to another person and we may cancel
and retrieve your Card(s) at any time without
notice to you.
2. You may use the Card(s) with your
personal identification number ("PIN") at any
automated teller machine ("ATM") which is a
part of the electronic funds transfer network
to which the Bank belongs. The Card(s) may
be used to a) withdraw cash from your
account(s) b) transfer funds to or from your
account c) makes cash advances from your
overdraft line of credit. d) receive information
regarding account balances. Do not reveal
your PIN to any person not authorized by you
to use your Card and do not write your PIN
on your card or any item kept with your Card.
If you choose to reveal your PIN to a person
authorized by you to use the Card(s) you are
responsible for any use of the Card(s) by
them whether used at a full service ATM, an
electronic cash dispensing machine, a POS
terminal, a home computer or otherwise.
3. Deposits may also be made at
Bridgehampton National Bank ATMs only.
Final credit of deposits made by you is subject
to verification by the Bank of the actual
amounts deposited and paid. The deposit may
not be made available for immediate
withdrawal depending upon availability of the
items deposited as stated in our Funds
Availability Policy.
6. You must contact us immediately if the
Card(s) are lost or stolen or if your monthly
statement shows transactions which you did not
make or were made for an incorrect amount.
(See disclosure statement informing you of your
rights under the Electronic Funds Transfer Act).
You may contact us by phone or in writing at:
Bridgehampton National Bank
2200 Montauk Highway
PO Box 3005
Bridgehampton NY 11932
or the Hot Card Service Center at:
7. From time to time we may amend or change
the terms of this Agreement. We will notify you in
writing of any such amendments or changes and
your use of the Card(s) after the effective date of
these changes shall constitute your acceptance of
and agreement to such amendment or change.
8. Refer to the Account Service Charge
Disclosure provided to you at account opening for
any fees associated to using this card.