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10/11 ANEW 2nd Anniversary Lunch
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Morning Devotional Scriptures
Proverbs 4
Numbers 1
Numbers 2
Numbers 3
Numbers 4
Psalms 26
佐敦にある言語教室、「Stream of wisdom」にて、水曜日オープンセルが始まりまし
・「Stream of wisdom」に通っている316名の日本人と良い関係作りができ、福音が
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For as the soil makes the sprout come up and a garden causes seeds to grow, so the
Sovereign Lord will make righteousness and praise spring up before all nations. Isaiah 61:11
Family of God
“Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them
on the tablet of your heart. Then you will win favor and a good name in the sight of
God and man.” (Proverbs 3:2, NIV)
Loving kindness and faithfulness are God’s characters! Through the continuous
infilling of the Holy Spirit, we receive more love and faithfulness. Wherever we go,
we show God’s love and faithfulness to the people, i.e., be gracious to them, accept
who they are and be kind to them... then let them know the truth, help them to make
it right again in Jesus. That is one of the 611 core values - Grace and Truth; Grace
before Truth.
By the Grace of God, we receive the Spirit of Sonship, we are the children of God!
Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, Filipino, Indonesian, Cambodian, Indian, and other
nationalities, Jew and Gentile, when we abide in Jesus, we are one family of God!
We have peace with God and peace with one another.
ANEW’s second anniversary is near. God is really gracious to us. Not only the
Filipino family in Hong Kong is growing bigger and stronger, but also ANEW is
branching out to Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and more places in Philippine. There
are 4 daughter churches in Okinawa by ANEW’s second anniversary on 11/11. The
Japanese prayer altar and cell groups led by Miyazaki Izuru and Katsura are steadily
growing and preparing for the Japanese 611 worship in Hong Kong. Bernard and his
wife Annye, having the burden and fire for the Indonesian maids, came to join 611
Bible school and ANEW on 10/10 with their 3 kids. From the nations, God called and
brought them here. They are all nurtured and nourished in the 611 family by the love
and faithfulness of God. They then can mother and father their spiritual children,
become an ANEW Family in Grace and Truth. So let love and faithfulness never
leave us; bind them around our necks, write them on the tablet of our hearts. Then
we will win favor and a good name in the sight of God and man!
The dilemma of believing when asking in prayers
Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you
have received it, and it will be yours. Mark 11:24
For most things we want in our lives, we may not have a habit of asking for them to be
given to us. If we want them enough, we just go for them directly and immediately.
However, at times we have to ask for receiving certain things. Usually it happens when
they are what we can’t easily get for ourselves, or they are in the hands of someone else.
The good news is that, God has promised His children that whatever they ask for in prayer,
it will be theirs. But there is a very significant part in between: “believe that you have
received it.”
Do you struggle to believe that you have received what you ask for in prayers? May be
your sight is filled by the impossibilities as suggested by the environment. May be your
mind finds it difficult to fathom how God can be so sure to give you what you ask for. May
be you have judged yourselves as undeserving to what you want to receive. Indeed, the
mind likes reasoning and the heart often prefers a sense of cautiousness which doubtful
statements are good at providing.
Do you know what you want to ask for from the Father? It is in fact easy for us to wish for
something, but a lot of times it is difficult for us to be sure of whether we truly want what we
wish for. It is in fact easy for us to agree that God can give out anything, but a lot of times
we are uncertain of what the Father thinks about what we ask.
Asking the Father for something in prayer is about an anticipation of receiving. But in the
process of asking the Father, we may well discover the many dilemmas in our minds and
our hearts. Yet, do not let these struggles to confuse the plain truth Jesus put before your
eyes. “Believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” May we first receive
these words in trust in Him, and the rest is a journey of life discovery in faith, in God.
Shalom in Christ Jesus!
I’m Ps. Bernard Hutabarat from Indonesia. It’s
all by God’s grace that my family and I are
here in 611 Bread of Life Christian Church –
Hong Kong. My wife is Annie Sinaga, and I
have three children : my son George who is 6
years old, my daughters Laura and Catherine,
who are 4 and 2. We are expecting and
praying for God’s glorious love to shower upon
the Indonesian souls, and we pray that they
will experience the wonderful touch of God.
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the Indonesian
for Christ.
reflections, testimonies, and scriptures.
Please contact Annie by calling 56315206 /
63327958, or e-mail to:
[email protected]
Dr. Dick Eastman: The Power of God-Sized Prayers
Praying Circles Around Life’s Greatest Challenges
Dr. Dick Eastman
Tim Middlebrook
International president,
Every Home for Christ
International (EHCI)
Executive Director/CFO, EHCI
Manasa Kolivuso
“Brother Joshua”
Asia-Pacific Regional Director,
National Director, EHC Israel
10:30 - 12:30: Dr. Dick Eastman: “The Power of God-Sized Prayers”
14:00 - 16:00: EHCI Team (Combined Service of Youth Zone and ANEW)
17:30 - 19:30: EHCI Team
19:30 - 21:30: EHCI Team
09:00 - Worship Service:
11.00 - Worship Service:
Rev. Manasa Kolivuso
Rev. Manasa Kolivuso
We welcome you to join us at 611 BREAD OF LIFE CHRISTIAN CHURCH
1/F., Shopping Arcade A, Wealthy Garden, 2-18 Tsuen Kwai Street, Tsuen Wan, N.T.
Contact: EHC (Asia) Ltd. at 2392-0195 or [email protected]