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Bob Backer
Celebrating 30 Years at Blondie’s!
Blondie’s Tavern
11737 Old Route 16 Street
Rouzerville, PA 17268
Franklin County
Pictured: Bob Backer and the staff of Blondies in Rouzerville, Pennsylvania.
Business History
Originally from upstate New York, Robert “Bob” Backer moved to Pennsylvania with his family in 1980 when his job as
an engineer for a hydraulic crane company expanded to the area. Sensing the possibility that his job security was at stake due to the
turns in the economy, Bob sought out other options, mainly purchasing a restaurant. He had worked as a bartender throughout
college and was always intrigued by the industry and the prospects of being his own boss. In February of 1983 Bob found a “fixerupper” in Rouzerville, PA and got to working on repairs. Ten months later Bob and his staff introduced the locals to Blondie’s
About the Business
Bob and his partner Ann are the fifth owners to take residence of the property that dates back to 1933. After Prohibition
had been lifted, the original owner served beer as well as gas, bread, milk and other staples to the public. Fifty years later, Bob
decided to serve only beer and a limited menu out of the 800 square foot establishment. After a number of renovations and currently
boasting a total of 6000 square feet, Blondie’s now features Dagwood’s family dining room, the Tailgate Lounge, a separate area for
catering events, and the Rouzer-Dome. The Rouzer-Dome is found on the second floor with a full bar, dining area, interactive group
games and a roof that opens to showcase the stars from April until October of every year. Blondie’s features a number of specials
and events including “Tunes in the Attic,” “Ride Back From the Wall,” and “The Greater Rouzerville Open,” all of which you can
read about on Blondie’s website or their Facebook page, “Blondie’s Tavern.”
Giving Back
As a long-time member of the community, Blondie’s has become part of a number of charities and organizations benefiting the area. To name a few, Blondie’s participates in the Knick Knack Pittie Pack Animal Rescue, the Alliance of Bikers Aimed at
Education, Fallen Firefighters, the Hospice Dove House, Special Olympics, the Wounded Warrior Project and various bike rides
benefiting Spinal Bifida, Breast Cancer Awareness, and Leukemia. Blondie’s was also the co-founder of the Rouzerville Business
Association (RBA), a non-profit organization established to renovating and restoring area parks and community grounds. The
RBA’s greatest effort to date is the building of the 9-11 Memorial that houses three artifacts from one of America’s most tragic pages
in history and honors all those who perished.
Pictured: 1. Blondie’s Tavern in Rouzerville has outside seating, multiple full bars and a dining room. 2. The second floor Rouzer-Dome
Bar. 3. The Dagwood’s Family Dining area. 4. The first floor bar in the Tailgate Lounge. 5. Blondie’s, a local favorite!
By: Nicole Scott
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