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Pramod Udupa
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To pursue excellence in the field of digital ASIC/FPGA design and contribute to it. VLSI
Systems Engineer with more 2 years of experience in ASIC/FPGA design flows/tools.
Current Position
Jan.2011– Ph.D, INRIA Rennes, Lannion.
Jan.2014 Worked on low-complexity algorithms and high-speed parallel architectures for 100 Gbps Coherent
Optical OFDM Systems, [Expected Date of Completion: March 2014]
Academic Qualifications
2006–2008 Master of Engineering, BITS, Pilani, Pilani, CGPA - 9.2/10.
Specialized in Mircoelectronics & VLSI
2002–2006 Bachelor of Engineering, M.S.R.I.T, Bangalore, Percentage - 81%.
Electronics & Communication Engineering
Professional Experience
Aug.2008– Research Assistant, I.I.Sc, Bangalore.
Dec.2010 Worked on Acceleration of Numerical Linear Algebra Kernels on FPGA using Bluespec System
Verilog (BSV)
Jan.2008– Internship, NXP Semiconductors, Bangalore.
Jun.2008 Worked on Power planning strategy for sizing power grid structure for a complex SoC
Technical skills
Design Entry Verilog, VHDL, CatapultC HLS, Vivado HLS, C/C++, Bluespec System Verilog (BSV)
FPGA Design Xilinx ISE, Altera Quartus, SOPC Builder
ASIC Design Modelsim, Design Compiler, PrimeTime, SoC Encounter
Productivity Matlab, MS Office, LaTeX, Tcl
Operating Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Communication 802.11a WiFi
1 French
National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control
for Research in Computer Science and Random Systems
2 Institute
Major Digital VLSI, Computer Architecture, OFDM Systems, Parallel Architectures, DSP Algorithms
Subjects and Architectures, Fixed-Point Systems
Projects Done
OFDM Design and implementation of end-to-end parallel OFDM transceiver system using CatapultC
Transceiver tool. Fixed-point Optimization of the architecture is done and performance of the system is
characterized by using data from experiment. Verilog generated is targeted to Xilinx FPGA
and ASIC design flow.
CO-OFDM Developed algorithms for decoding data in Coherent Optical OFDM system and validated
Algorithms using experimental data in Matlab. A novel synchronization algorithm was developed.
Power grid Allocation and sizing of resources for power grid design in SoC. The sizing was tested on
Sizing two complex SoC’s and analysis of IR Drop done to validate the sizing.
ALU of DSP Design of ALU of a DSP using Verilog HDL and implemented using ASIC design flow.
DAC Design of 10-bit Voltage mode DAC.
TLP Study of Thread Level Parallelism in Multi-Core Architectures.
Ph.D thesis
title Sampling, synchronization, digital processing and FPGA implementation of 100Gbps COOFDM systems
supervisors Olivier SENTIEYS and Laurent BRAMERIE
description Thesis is done in CAIRN team of INRIA1 /IRISA2 . The thesis focuses on developing parallel
low complexity algorithms and architectures for a high speed 100Gbps CO-OFDM system
implemented on a FPGA board. Contributions include low-complexity timing synchronization
and parallel architectures for timing synchronization,FFT/IFFT and scalable parallel COOFDM transceiver architecture for very high speed signal processing. The development of
communication IPs is done using CatapultC high level synthesis (HLS) tools from which
HDL is generated for synthesis.
Master thesis
title Power Planning Strategy to implement complete Power Grid Structure for a complex SoC
and its validation
supervisors Viswanathan N and Anu Gupta
description In this thesis, a power planning strategy for sizing the metal widths for power supply was
designed. The metal widths are calculated based on constraints like maximum IR-drop,
maximum metal width available at a particular layer. The methodology was tested on two
real large SoC designs for its validation.
P. Udupa, O. Sentieys and P. Scalart. A Novel Hierarchical Low Complexity Synchronization Method for OFDM Systems. in IEEE 77th Vehicular Technology Conference
Spring, 2013.
P. Udupa, O. Sentieys and P. Scalart. A Block-Parallel Architecture for Initial and
Fine Synchronization in OFDM Systems. in IEEE International Conference on Communications, 2013.
P. Biswas, P. Udupa et al. Accelerating Numerical Linear Algebra Kernels on a Scalable Run Time Reconfigurable Platform. in IEEE Computer Society Annual Symposium,
A. Rao and P. Udupa. A Hardware Accelerated System for Deep Packet Inspection.
in 8th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Formal Methods and Models for Codesign
(MEMOCODE), 2010.
Academic Honours
GATE Scored 488th rank in GATE 2008
Scholarship My entire M.E program in BITS,Pilani was funded by NXP Semiconductors scholarship,
which is given to selected few M.E students in IITs/BITS
IIRC Participated upto the penultimate round in Intel India Research Challenge 2006-07
Professional Proficiency
Limited Working Proficiency
Working Proficiency
Native Language
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Personal Information
Nationality Indian
Date of Birth 19/06/1984