Lesson 2 Large and Small Communities

Large and Small Communities
Unit 3, LESSOn 2
Urban Areas
Urban areas are cities like New York City.
Many people live and work in urban areas.
In an urban area there are many buildings
close together.
Suburban areas are smaller communities
near cities. There are usually neighborhoods
of homes in suburbs. A suburb has fewer
people than a city.
Rural Areas
Find and underline
a form of each
vocabulary word.
urban area noun,
another name for
a city
suburb noun, a
community near a
rural area noun,
an area in the
country, usually
away from a city
Rural areas lie outside of cities and suburbs.
Farms are usually located in a rural area.
Rural areas have fewer stores, schools, and
homes than cities or suburbs.
What are suburban
areas? Circle the
Moving Between Communities
sentence that tells
the answer.
People sometimes move to different
communities. Those who want open space
may move to a rural area. Those who want
to be near cities and have a large home
might move to a suburb. Still others move
to an urban area to be near stores, schools,
and places of work.
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Why might people
move to different
Highlight the
sentences that tell
the answer.
Use with Communities Near and Far