Project profile - Sarajevo Business Forum 2014

Camp Zulić
Štrbački buk
77000 Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina, National Park "Una"
T/F: +387 (0)37 310 243, GSM: +387 (0)61 891 677
• The Camp "Zulić" is situated within the National Park Una on the Una River bank. It is 35 kilometers far from Bihać and 700 meters from the waterfall Štrbački buk. In the virgin part of the
nature and wilderness.
• We offer you an opportunity of camping, picnic, hotel accommodation and active leisure.
• Rafting on the Una river, hiking and mountain biking on designated roads and trails, visiting
nature beauty of the National Park Una, cultural and historical heritage, hunting, fishing, scenic
flying above the Una river.
• Camp ''Zulić'' is situated in the most beautiful part of the National Park ''Una'' only about 700
meters from the waterfall Štrbački buk. Approximately 10.500 tourists visited this place in 2012.,
about 35.000 in 2013., and in 2014. we are expecting from 50.000 - 70.000 visitors.
• Camp Zulic will be located on 22.000 m2 with provided motel, bungalows, camping area suitable for motor vehicles, tents, and camper homes.
• Until now the investor Muhamed Zulić has built water supply system in the total lenght of
about 3.5 km, sanitary facility, a place for guests with the park benches of about 150 seats, place
for barbecue, house for rafting tours, but also organisation and cleaning of the whole camp.
• The basis for development of this project is tourism in National Park ''Una''. National Park ''Una''
is spread through the valley of the upper stream of the river Una as well as through the valley
of the river Unac, right tributary of Una, all the way to the river Krka in the west. The area od the
National Park is located on the extreme western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the municipality of Bihać.
• With the realisation of this project camp ''Zulić'' could offer accommodation for approximately 50 people in the motel and bungalows. Also in collaboration with the local population
this camp could offer their services and eco food from rural households from this region, but
also this would help the development of rural tourism.
• Along with the planned activities including rafting, accommodation for guests, and other hospitality services, it is also planned the recruitment of 10 people.
• 90% of the visitors come from the European or Arab countries
• Value of this project is 800.000 BAM˝.
• So far, investor has invested 1/3 of the project value.
• Time required for the construction: 1 year.
• The investor possesses the majority of documents and project
documentation, while the rest of the documents needs to
comply with the regulations of the National Park ''Una''.
Muhamed Zulić
Jablanska bb
77000 Bihać
GSM: +387 (0)61 891 677