Lab Instructions w/ BCP

Saliva Testing:
•Preparation for the test: Complete this test as soon as you can after leaving our office. This test is your second
priority after you complete your blood testing. The box with “One Day Hormone Check” on the outside is the
saliva testing kit. This test measures your hormones and your adrenal gland function. Contact FedEx and schedule
to ship the specimen overnight delivery.
• Day of test: Follow the instructions located inside the box to complete the test correctly; read the instructions
before you do the tests, as there will be foods you can and cannot eat the day you complete the testing. Remember
to refrigerate the saliva samples as you are taking them.
• Collecting the samples:
•Write your first initial, last name, date, and time on the labels provided and attached to the tubes.
•Before each collection rinse your mouth with drinking water.
•Fill each vial with saliva to the 3 ml mark at the times indicated on the instructions.
•Remember to cap all vials tightly after collection.
•Place the sealed vial in the biohazard bag and freeze immediately.
• Shipping the samples: Keep samples frozen until ready to ship. Plan to ship the samples Monday-Friday,
overnight shipping. Contact FedEx and follow the instructions listed in the kit. To ship your samples place all
vials and pad in the biohazard bag. Place completed requisition form on top of biohazard bag and close plastic
box. Fill out the prepaid shipping envelope. Place the kit box into the mailing envelope and seal.
*Your payment of $144 to Genova Diagnostics is payment in full. In some cases, patients receive two yellow letters, 21 days
apart, from Genova that appear to be bills. These are not bills and should be ignored as no more action is required on your
part. However, if a blue statement is received from Genova, more action may be required and you should call our office for
more information.
Diabetics Only:
Blood Sugar Records: Remember to check your blood sugars first thing in the morning and also immediately
before going to bed at night. Record the values on the form our office supplied you and bring with you to each
appointment in our office.