Institute for
14 November 2014
1 - 5pm
8th Floor, Newcastle University Business School
The inaugural Institute for Sustainability Conference will take place on Friday
14th November 2014. The conference will be opened by PVC for Research
and Innovation, Prof Nick Wright, and will feature an overview of Institute
activities from Prof Phil Taylor, Director of the Institute for Sustainability.
Presentations from Newcastle University researchers will showcase the range
of high quality, interdisciplinary research supported by the Institute.
All academics and researchers from Newcastle University are welcome to
attend. For further information, and for details on how to register, please visit
our website.
Institute for Sustainability Conference 2014
Date: Friday 14 November
Location: 8th Floor, Newcastle University Business School
Registration and coffee
Opening remarks on the Societal Challenge themes
Prof Nick Wright, PVC, Research & Innovation
The Sustainability challenge and highlights from Institute
Prof Phil Taylor, Director, Institute for Sustainability
Towards energy neutral treatment of municipal wastewater: Shaving 1% of the UK electricity bill
Dr Jan Dolfing, Senior Researcher, CEG
Flash presentations on an Institute funded project
1. Nature and Nurture: Linking causative agents in the environment with increased incidence of
Primary Biliary Cirrhosis (PBC) - Dr Phillip Probert, Research Associate, ICM
2. Making MAPISCO high impact and multi-disciplinary - Dr Matthew Grainger, Research Associate,
3. The Upcycled Cafe – exploring attitudes to waste - Dr Ben Bridgens, Lecturer, CEG
4. Integrated assessment framework for quantifying multi-hazard risk to infrastructure - Prof Qiuhua
Liang, CEG
5. DRYING: Development of a low cost solution for non-intrusive online moisture content
measurements and control in drying of sensitive food products - Dr Stuart Crichton, Research
Associate, EEE
6. OpenMovement BuildAX Building Environment Monitoring Platform - Sam Mitchell Finnigan, PGR
Student, CS
7. Versatile electricity energy storage system using thermodynamic resorption and compressed
ammonia technologies - Dr Huashan Bao, Research Associate, MSE
Coupled human and natural response, Guiana Shield
Dr Isabella Bovolo, Guest Staff, CEG
Flash presentations on an Institute funded project
1. Effects of climate change on an northern peatland: greenhouse gas sink or source – Kerry
Simcock, PGR Student, CEG
2. Exploring the global dynamics of anaerobic digestion process (EXPAND) - Robert Pattinson,
Research Assistant, CEG
3. Collaboration between NewRail and Xiamen University of Technology on sustainable lightweight
railway vehicles - Dr Emmanuel Matsika, Research Associate, MSE
4. Newcastle Allotment Biomonitoring Study - An investigation into the relationship between
allotment soil lead concentrations and the blood lead concentration of gardeners - Lindsey
Bramwell, Research Associate, IHS
5. Resource efficiency in Jamaican Maroon communities: A historical and scientific inquiry - Dr
Stuart Crichton, Research Associate, EEE
6. Transport Poverty and Urban Mobility - Roberto Palacin, Senior Research Associate, MSE
7. A natural habitats safeguarded by Protected Areas? A large-scale European case study - Dr Ailsa
McKenzie, Research Associate, Biology
International Strategy Session
Led by Dr Phil McGowan, Biology
Closing remarks
Prof Phil Taylor, Director, Institute for Sustainability
Networking session with beer from Wylam Brewery