TSTC Marshall CDL Program - Texas State Technical College

TSTC Marshall CDL Program
2400 E End Blvd. S ~ Marshall, TX 75672 ~ 903-923-3403
Smart Option Student Loan®
Monday – Thursday: 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. ET
Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. ET
Saturday 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. ET
For questions or help with your application, please call: 1-888-272-5543
It’s a private loan
Variable interest rates from 3.17% APR – 9.37% APR
Fixed interest rates from 6.41% APR – 11.69% APR
Defer your payments until after school or pay while in school
You may prepay your loan at any time, with no penalty
Apply online and get credit results in about 15 minutes
Have co-signer available in case your application gets denied or you don’t have credit
Basic information required
Select your school
o Texas State Technical College Marshall
o School code: 033965-00
Provide financial information
Submit your application
APPLICATION – you and co-signer, have the following available before getting started:
Permanent and current addresses, if different
Previous address if you've lived at permanent address for less than one year
Your social security number
Academic period – start and end date
Employment information
Financial information – monthly mortgage or rent payments
Provide two (2) personal references – name and contact information (not required for cosigners)
From the Office of Financial Aid
Pam Evans
After you and your co-signer (if you had to have one) submit your application to Sallie Mae
for the final time, meaning:
All information has been given
Credit checks have been run
Terms have been accepted and signatures have been applied, you need to call Sallie
Mae within forty-eight (48) to seventy-two (72) hours and make sure they don’t need
any other information
Once Sallie Mae runs the credit checks and verifies the information, they will send it to me
for certification. By law, I’m required to give clients “Rights to Cancel” of nine (9) business days
from date of certification. Any holidays that fall within those nine (9) days will extend your
disbursement date. That gives you the right to cancel your loan within that time period should
something come up and you need to start on a later date or you’ve changed your mind.
Sallie Mae will disburse your funds accordingly and send it via UPS. Normally, I receive the
funds late afternoon of the following day, although, sometimes it takes up to seventy-two (72)
hours. You will be notified by the Recruiter for Professional Truck Driving, Tammy Hicks, when
your check is here. You may then go to the Cashier’s Office in the Administration Building to sign
it over to TSTC so your bill can be paid. If you requested a refund, Tammy will notify you when it’s
ready. Refunds are usually made within the first or second week of class, depending on when your
check was received by TSTC.
NOTE: If you have any questions after submitting your loan application, I’ll be your contact
~thanks, pam