Chapter VI Registration of charges Sections 77 – 87

Chapter VI
Registration of charges
Sections 77 – 87
read with
Companies (Registration of charges) Rules, 2014
Section applicable from September 12, 2013: Section 86
Sections applicable from April 1, 2014: Sections 77 to 85 and section 87
Duty to register charges, etc.
Section 77, Rule 3 - 6
It shall be the duty of the Company to register the particulars of charge signed by the
Company and the charge-holder together with the instruments within thirty days of its
Form CHG-1 (other than debentures) or Form CHG-9 (Debentures including
rectification) shall be filed for registering the charge
Charge may be on property or assets or any of its undertakings, whether tangible or
otherwise, and situated in or outside India
Time limit for registration of charge
Within thirty days
of creation of
After thirty days and within
three hundred days of creation
With consent of Registrar in
Form CHG-10
After three hundred days of
creation of charge
With approval of Central
Government in Form CHG-8
Any subsequent registration of a charge shall not prejudice any right acquired in respect
of any property before the charge is actually registered
Registrar shall issue a certificate of registration of charge in Form CHG-2 for certificate
of registration of charge or Form CHG-3 for certification of modification of charge, to
the Company and to the person in whose favour the charge is created
Certificate issued by the Registrar shall be conclusive evidence that the requirements of
Chapter VI have been complied with.
Charge created by a Company shall not be taken into account by the liquidator or any
other creditor unless it is duly registered and a certificate of registration of such charge is
given by the Registrar
Nothing in section 77(3) shall prejudice any contract or obligation for the repayment of
the money secured by a charge
Application for registration of charge
Section 78
If Company fails to register the charge, the person in whose favour the charge is created
may apply to the Registrar for registration of the charge along with the instrument created
for the charge
The Registrar may, on such application, within a period of fourteen days after giving
notice to the Company allow such registration
If registration is effected on application of the person in whose favour the charge is
created, that person shall be entitled to recover from the Company the amount of any fees
or additional fees paid by him to the Registrar
Section 77 to apply in certain matters
Section 79
Provisions of section 77 relating to registration of charges shall apply to
Company acquiring any
property subject to a
any modification in the terms or
conditions or the extent or operation of
any charge registered
Date of notice of charge
Section 80
If any charge is registered, any person acquiring such property, assets, undertakings or part
thereof or any share or interest therein shall be deemed to have notice of the charge from the
date of such registration
Register of charges to be kept by the Registrar
Section 81, Rule 7
Registrar shall keep a register containing particulars of the charges registered
Register shall be open to inspection by any person on payment of such prescribed fees
for each inspection
Company to report satisfaction of charge
Section 82, Rule 8
A Company shall give intimation to Registrar of satisfaction in full of any charge within
thirty days from satisfaction of charge in Form CHG-4
Provisions of section 77 related to time limit shall apply on registration of satisfaction of
If intimation for satisfaction is not in Form CHG-4 and not signed by the charge holder,
then Registrar shall within fourteen days, cause a notice to be sent to charge holder calling
upon him to show cause as to why payment should not be recorded
If no cause is shown, the Registrar shall order that a memorandum of satisfaction shall be
entered in the register of charges kept by him and shall inform the Company that he has
done so
If any cause is shown under section 82, Registrar shall record a note to that effect in the
register of charges and shall inform the Company
Nothing in the section 82 shall be deemed to affect the powers of the Registrar to make an
entry in the register of charges under section 83 or otherwise than on receipt of an
intimation from the Company
Power of Registrar to make entries of satisfaction and release in
absence of intimation from the Company
Section 83
• The Registrar may on evidence being given to his satisfaction with respect to a registered
 that the debt for which the charge was given has been paid or satisfied in whole or in part,
 that part of the property or undertaking has been released from the charge or has ceased to
form part of the Company’s property or undertaking, as the case may be,
enter in the register of charges a memorandum of satisfaction with respect to the above
stated charge
• Notwithstanding the fact that no intimation has been received by him from the Company
The Registrar shall inform the affected parties within thirty days of making the entry in
the register of charges
Intimation of appointment of receiver or manager
Section 84, Rule 9
If any person obtains an order for the appointment of a receiver or if any person appoints
such receiver or person under any power contained in any instrument, he shall within
thirty days of the passing of the order or of appointment, give notice of such
appointment to the Company and Registrar alongwith copy of order or instrument in
Form CHG-6
Any receiver or manager shall, on ceasing to hold such appointment, give notice to the
Company and the Registrar to that effect and the Registrar shall register such notice
Company’s register of charges
Section 85, Rule 10 and 11
Every Company shall keep at its registered office a register of charges in Form CHG-7
alongwith the copy of the instrument creating the charge
Entries in the register shall be authenticated by a Director or the secretary or any
authorized person
Register of charges shall be preserved permanently and the instrument creating a charge
or modification thereon shall be preserved for a period of eight years from the date of
satisfaction of charge by the Company
Register of charges and instrument of charges shall be open for inspection during
business hours by any member or creditor (without fee) or by any other person (with
prescribed fee), subject to such reasonable restrictions as the Company may impose
Punishment for contravention of any provision of this chapter
Section 86
Fine: One lakh to Ten Lakh
every officer who is in default
Imprisonment: maximum six months, or
Fine: Twenty Five Thousand to One Lakh
rupees, or
With both
Rectification by Central Government in register of charges
Section 87, Rule 12
Central Government may, on application made by the Company or interested person
in Form CHG-8, extend the time limit, if Central Government is satisfied that
following omissions was accidental or due to inadvertence or it is not prejudice the
position of creditors or shareholders of the Company
 Omission to file with the Registrar the particulars of any charge or modification
of charge or any charge subject to which any property has been acquired by a
 Omission to register any charge or to give intimation to the Registrar of the
payment or the satisfaction of a charge within the time limit
 Omission or mis-statement of any particular in respect of charge or modification
or memorandum of satisfaction or any other entry made under section 82 or 83
 On any other grounds, it is just and equitable to grant relief
If Central Government extends the time for the registration of a charge, the order
shall not prejudice any rights acquired in respect of the property concerned before the
charge is actually registered
The order passed by the Central Government section 87(1) of the Act shall be
required to be filed with the Registrar in Form No. INC.28
E Forms
Form CHG 1: Application for registration of creation, modification of charge
Form CHG 2: Certificate of registration of charge
Form CHG 3: Certificate of registration of modification of charge
Form CHG 4: Particulars of satisfaction of charge thereof
Form CHG 5: Memorandum of satisfaction of charge
Form CHG 6: Notice of appointment or cessation of receiver or manager
Form CHG 7: Register of charges
Form CHG 8: Application to Central Government for extension of time for filing particulars
of creation/modification/satisfaction of charge
Form CHG 9: Application for registration of creation or modification of charge for