EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT CHF 200.– - Visit USA Committee, Schweiz

Switzerland’s main trade
promotion for travel to the U.S.
Mövenpick Hotel Zurich-Regensdorf
February 5, 2014
Ea count
dis 200.–
for rejuly 12, 2013
visit usa committee
Mr. Werner E. Wiedmer
Ms. Colette Ernst
Mr. Kurt Eberhard
Mr. Stefan Sidler
Mr. Heinz Zimmermann
Executive Board
Mr. Werner E. Wiedmer
Committee Chairman
Ms. Colette Ernst
Kuoni Travel
Mr. Kurt Eberhard
Hotelplan Suisse
Mr. Stefan Sidler
Swiss International Air Lines
Mr. Heinz Zimmermann
Top Line Marketing
Air France KLM Delta, Marilena Pagliuca
American Airlines, Karolina Zajdel
Caesars Entertainment, Sandra Kohler
Hertz Car Rental, Roberto Delvecchio
Holiday Autos, Paola Zuber
Knecht Reisen, Kenny Prevost
Para Tours, Hans-Peter Riesen
Skytours, Beat Diggelmann
Thomas Cook AG, Marta Di Girolamo
TUI FlexTravel, Paul Heimo
United Airlines, Ernst Kaufmann
U.S. Airways, Markus Boecker
Group Membership
Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Alamo Rent a Car
Alaska Travel Industry Association
Amarillo CVC
America Unlimited GmbH
Arziona Office of Tourism
Beaches of Ft. Myers & Sanibel
Busch Entertainment Corporation
Chicago/Illinois FVA
Circle Line (Sightseeing Cruises)
Colorado Tourism Office
Fairflight Touristik GmbH
Georgia Tourism
Gray Line New York Sightseeing
Greater Miami CVB
Herzog HC GmbH
Hilton Hotels
Hyatt International Hotels & Resorts
Kansas Travel & Tourism/Oklahoma
Marriott International Inc.
Massachusetts Office of Tourism
Memphis & Mississippi Tourism
Naples/Marco Island/Everglades
New Orleans/Louisiana FVA
New York State Division of Tourism
NYC & Company
Orlando Tourism Bureau
Oregon & Washington State FVA
Palm Beach County FVA
Papillon Helicopters
Pennsylvania FVA
Puerto Rico Tourism Company
Rocky Mountain Int.
SeaWorld Park & Entertainment
South Carolina Tourism
Springfield - Illinois CVB
St. Petersburg/Clearwater CVB
Starwood Hotels & Resorts
Sunny Cars GmbH
Tennessee Tourism
Texas Tourism
The Florida Keys & Key West
United Airlines
U.S. Airways
Utah Office of Tourism
Vail Resorts
Wiechmann Tourism Service GmbH
Wyndham Hotel Group International
Dear Partners
The Visit USA Committees Germany, Austria and Switzerland,
ten years ago, teamed under the name of „DACH“ to jointly
represent their markets characterized by the same language,
similar mentalities and economic strength. „DACH“ is composed
of the official abreviations of the three countries and stands
for „roof“ in English. It is a 100 million people market which is
expected to produce over 2.5 million arrivals to the U.S. in 2012.
Switzerland per se contributes about half a million visitors to above
figures, mostly travellers with an attractive purchasing power. Although
small by geographic size, the country ranks economically 19th among
the world’s leading economic powers. Swiss have been visiting the U.S.
in large numbers for about two decades. Faced with a mature market,
the Visit USA Committee focuses on introducing new U.S. products
and, particularly, on educating the trade which still accounts for nearly
80 percent of all U.S. trips. The format of the annual Visit USA Seminar
has been adapted to serve this particular goal. It is the established and
recognized promotional trade platform to kick-off the season .
You are cordially invited to join in 2014.
With best regards
Werner E. Wiedmer
Committee Chairman
Re r this
fo ent:
ev ays
it pto be
How to participate:
visit usa Seminar 2014
Event Profile, How to Attend, Fees
All participants are required to have the basic status of an exhibitor.
Exhibitors are provided with «ready-to-move-in» exhibition booths
(see below) which are attractively arranged in the marketplace.
The marketplace is a village-like exhibit built around a centrally
located plenary area also referred to as the «forum». A mix of time
slots used for networking at the exhibit and workshops results in
a lot of circulation with a high attendance. Circulation and attendance
is also promoted by means of an interactive and entertaining «Knowledge Contest» with attractive prizes.
Exhibition Booths «Ready-to-move-in»
Exhibitors don’t need to worry about space rental, booth construction,
signage (exhibitor name) and decorations. The participation fee
includes a full package – all you need is to show up with your promotional literature and brochures. The package of the standard booth
incl. tables, chairs and F&B for two.
Member discount
Visit USA Committee members are entitled to a rabate of CHF 200.–
(please indicate your membership on the registration form).
It is possible to attend the Seminar as a sub-exhibitor in the booth
of another exhibitor. Sub-exhibitors are also provided with a name
plate similar to that of the main exhibitor. The following rules apply
for sub-exhibitors: Cost for a sub-exhibitor in a standard booth:
CHF 1’000.– In a double booth one sub-exhibitor is free of charge.
In a quadruple booth two sub-exhibitors are free of charge.
Please complete and return the enclosed registration form or use the
online registration on www.vusa.ch
Fees and booths sizes
Standard Booth
Size 5 sqm/55 sft
Double Booth
Size 10 sqm/110 sft
Quadruple Booth
Size 20 sqm/220 sft
Early Bird Discount * for registrations until
July 12, 2013 COB for a Standard Booth
Cost:CHF 3’000.–
Cost:CHF 5’000.–
Cost:CHF 7’000.–
Cost:CHF 2’800.–
*please note that discounts cannot be cumulated, except for membership
workshop: the way to
get maximum attention
What is referred to as workshops are in fact presentations in small
groups which may be given by a limited number of exhibitors and
which will be seen by virtually all of the some 400 attendees.
Your face will be known to the visitors and traffic at the booth can
be considerably increased.
The duration per workshop is 20 minutes. Technical equipment
such as beamers and screens are provided. Please note that workshop
presentations have to match the overall theme of the event and, as a
result, are subject to approval by the event organizers.
Applications are accepted based upon the following criteria
 CVB’s as well as other destination organizations and tour operators
are given priority.
 Theme and «quality» of the presentation. Criteria applied include
the content and substance, illustrations (pictures) as well as the
technology used.
 A presentation can be made only by exhibitors with own exhibition
 The Committee Executive Board reserves the right to preview the
presentations and make a final selection.
Please note!
A rehearsal including all presentations for the purpose of coordination
and final adjustments as deemed appropriate will take place on Tuesday
February 4, 2014. This rehearsal has proven to be most useful and as
a result is compulsory.
Cost per workshop
CHF 2’200.–
dis 200.–
for rejuly 12, 2013
Featured Destination:
be the event highlight
The format of the Featured Destination has been created to offer
a given state, region or city the opportunity to get special exposure.
Tourism activities typical for the U.S. or subjects like the National Parks
may also be considered as featured highlights. Creative solutions are
allowed in order to make the most out of your presence as featured
destination (e.g. presentation of typical F&B, cultural contributions,
entertainment, decorations, giveaways etc.). The event organizers
and the Committee Executive Board are open to discuss good ideas!
What is included?
 A large size (approx. 20 sqm/220 sft) exhibition booth in the center
of the market place (exhibit).
 A customized bar where attendees may be provided with refreshments (hospitality). Beverages (non-alcoholic) and staff are provided
by the Committee at no charge! You may dress the staff with your
T-shirts or other relevant outfits.
 A 30-minute time slot to present your destination(s) or product
to the audience at the plenary opening session. Included are
2 microphones and 1 large screen beamer with the screen.
Other audio-visual equipment is charged extra.
 Booth decorations and name. Decorations will be basic
(U.S. colours etc.). They may be complemented by typical
additional decorative items as deemed appropriate.
How do you apply? What is the procedure?
When you submit your registration just check the box informing us of
your interest in being featured destination. Checking the box is NOT
yet a commitment. You will then be contacted to discuss the project in
order to fit our program as well as your budget and to hopefully meet
your expectations. Once the deal is concluded it will be reconfirmed
to you with all relevant details. Your commitment starts with our
confirmation. Again... creativity is everything! Let us have your ideas!
Applications will be handled on a «first come first served» basis.
Cost for the basic featured destination package:
(Special activities will be charged extra depending upon technical
requirements, infrastructure etc.)
CHF 10’000.–
Visit USA Seminar
Förrlibuckstrasse 110
CH-8005 Zurich
Tel. +41 (0)44 749 25 25
Fax: +41 (0)44 749 25 20
E-Mail: [email protected]
Visit USA Committee
P.O. Box
CH-3001 Bern
Tel. +41 (0)79 417 09 57
E-Mail: [email protected]
Registration Visit USA Seminar 2014
We herewith register for the Visit USA Seminar on February 5, 2014 in Switzerland
❏ VUSA Member
❏ VUSA Non-member
❏ Standard Booth
❏ Double Booth
❏ Quadruple Booth
❏ We register as sub-exhibitor Double booth: One sub-exhibitor is free of charge
Quadruple booth: Two sub-exhibitors are free of charge
Please indicate name of main exhibitor:
CHF 3’000.–
CHF 5’000.–
CHF 7’000.–
CHF 1’000.–
❏ We apply for a workshop presentation
CHF 2’200.–
Equipment provided includes bright-area projector, screen, slides projector, video beamer.
(Time available 20 minutes)
❏ We may apply for „featured destination“ status. Please contact us for further details.
Participation / Payment Conditions
Invoice to be paid within 30 days after invoice date. Full payment is required until January 17, 2014 in
order to have a guaranteed exhibition booth and other services ordered.
Event location:
Mövenpick Hotel, Zentrum, CH-8105 Zurich-Regensdorf, Switzerland
Terms of cancellation:
up to October 31, 2013: no charge
up to November 30, 2013: 50% charge
as of December 1, 2013: full charge
Company: Person in Charge:
Street / Nr.:
City / ZIP:
E-Mail: Phone:
Please note that the exhibition space is limited. We recommend that you secure your booth
by submitting your registration no later than September 20, 2013.
Visit USA Seminar
Förrlibuckstrasse 110, CH-8005 Zürich, Fax: +41 (0)44 749 25 20
Online registration: www.exhibitor.vusa.ch