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Constructing Excellence in Wales - Awards 2014
and Exemplar projects and showcased via our best practice clubs. We must
continue to stress the importance of whole life costs, where social and
environmental issues are considered alongside longer-term economic costs –
all of which begin at the procurement stage of a project.
The commitment and passion of the CEW team cannot be overstated. 2014
has been a year of great achievements, but our desire to make sure that
Welsh construction continues to improve and lead the UK is unrelenting. That
is why the winners of the CEW Awards 2014 are so important: they embody
everything that we need to advocate to decision makers in Government, local
authorities, healthcare, infrastructure, education and the private sector.
The proof that collaboration is the right approach is here in this brochure and
was celebrated at the Awards themselves: it is clear that what we are doing
is having a positive impact on Welsh construction and the economy of our
country. That is why it is so important to celebrate your success and why the
CEW Awards are one of the biggest events in the Welsh construction calendar.
Construction in Wales is alive and kicking, we now just have to make sure
people know why it is doing so well – because of the pursuit of best practice.
Let’s make sure we maintain the momentum and great work demonstrated by
our CEW Award winners and that together we deliver projects collaboratively
and that we stay focussed on generating tangible social, economic and
environmental value for Wales. Keep up the good work.
The awards and the details of the schemes and organisational change they
capture give CEW and its stakeholders the promotional material to reinforce
the argument that Welsh construction is building the country out of recession
by adhering to best practice principles. We are seeing success, but we cannot
take success for granted. The Constructing Excellence core message of
collaboration and long-term value needs to be pushed every time a building
project is planned. While construction procurement remains under threat
from proponents of adversarial lowest price tendering, CEW must continue to
press its case, using the data collated from our Award winners, Demonstration
Richard Wilson
Award Judges
Sarah Jones
Nina Ruddle
Vice Chair FBE/Faithful+Gould
Senior Project Manager, Value Wales
Colin King
Stella Saunders
Associate Director, BRE Wales
Construction Management, Cardiff
Chairman, Constructing Excellence in Wales
Mark Adams
Andrew Gibson
Associate Director, DTZ
Cath Bone
Chris Gray
Senior Consultant, Aecom
Managing Director, C D Gray &
Associates Ltd
Simon Lander
Vince Hanly
Phil Lumley
Andy Crisp
Managing Director, Good Relations
Peter Davies
Group Innovation Director, Castleoak
Service Director for Procurement,
Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough
Sustainable Futures Commissioner/
Chairman Climate Change,
Commission for Wales
Keith Jones
Derek Downer
Rhodri-Gwynn Jones
Director and Secretary,
CECA Wales Ltd
Mike Edmonds
Altmore Partnership
Colwyn Knight
Director, ICE Wales Cymru
Partner, ChandlerKBS
Tony Norris
Andrew Sutton
Associate Director, BRE South West
Andrew Thomas
Director, Diligentia Global Limited
Pierre Wassenaar
Divisional Director, Stride Treglown
Partner, Geldards LLP
Andrew Wedlake
Rob O’Dwyer
Operations Manager, Galliford Try
Infrastructure Ltd
Head of Property Services,
Monmouthshire County Council/
Karen Phillips
Deputy Principal, Coleg y Cymoedd
Mark Wusthoff
Branch Chair CIOB Wales/ Cymru
Integration & Collaborative
Working Award
Award Sponsored by
A477 St Clears to Red Roses Improvement - SRB Civil Engineering UK Ltd
This £47million scheme is an exemplar project for the whole industry on how to deliver a landmark scheme
collaboratively. Whilst an NEC3 form of contract and an early contractor involvement procurement approach was
adopted it was the cultural and behavioural changes that stood out.
Its Partnership Charter managed to enshrine a non-confrontational approach
and open door policy that allowed the client, Welsh Government to work as
closely as possible with its supply chain partners Hyder Consulting, SRB Civil
Engineering UK Ltd (Roadbridge / Sisk JV) and their designer Ramboll UK as
well as overcome major operational and maintenance shortcomings of the
existing road. The judges were particularly impressed by the idea of the internal
charter and how its guaranteed goals and behaviours embedded a culture
that supported integration and collaboration. It was clear that they were not
buzzwords, but a project lifestyle that helped overcome a series of issues.
It is not unusual in schemes of this nature to come up against environmental
or sometimes historical sites. The A477 Trunk Road forms part of the Trans
European Road Network and this makes it one of the most strategic routes
linking the rest of the UK and Europe to West Wales and Ireland via the ferry
port at Pembroke Dock. The 9.3km scheme to improve the road required 15
new structures and a new layout to improve reliability, journey time and road
safety. The route bypasses the villages of Llanddowror and Red Roses, crosses
the River Hydfron and passes through several environmentally sensitive
areas including the Taf Valley – each presenting its own issues. On the A477
the design and construction team faced significant construction challenges
including archaeological finds (Bronze Age Cremation Site), multiple on-line
utilities services, cultural and environmental constraints, severe weather
conditions and significant on-line works. These challenges demanded and
secured strong relationships with the community through a wide range of
initiatives with local charities and schools. But the commitment to all of the
stakeholders also enabled the team to liaise with landowners and farmers to
help minimise impact of the works, eliminating over 7000 vehicle movements
on the local roads. Right from the beginning of the project, the early
involvement of the supply chain made it much easier for challenges to
be overcome.
The professionalism throughout the A477 St Clears to Red Roses Improvement
Scheme shines through and there is a lot for the rest of the industry to learn
from the team.
Constructing Excellence in Wales - Awards 2014
SME of the Year
Award Sponsored by
Provelio Limited (Winner of the 1-50 category)
Lloyd & Gravell Ltd (Winner of the 51-250 category)
In a business that has grown into a nationally recognised
practice its team has remained focused on leadership,
integration and collaborative working as an organisation
and throughout the schemes it is involved in.
Since joining the Carmarthenshire Framework in 2002
this business has been committed to the principles of
best practice, particularly in terms of its leadership and
development of its people to ensure it delivers a great
end product.
They are a small organisation with big systems and a desire to be better –
they are constantly looking for ways to adopt, improve and advocate best
practice. One example is the funding and production of a research paper “From
Uncertainty to Certainty” which compares two similar jobs using different
procurement methods. Since publication Provelio have presented on this topic
at numerous conferences and events across the country and promoted the
argument via social media. People development and a strong culture are at
the heart of its success and the judges commented on Provelio’s wide range
of commitments to staff training and the benefits available to them. Well over
forty hours of training has been made available to each staff member each
year and 80% of staff are involved with some form of community benefit
programme. The strong culture is reflected in the emphasis on health and
safety and its zero accident rate and this is underpinned by clear evidence of its
processes, accreditation and adoption of best practice.
From around 16 employees in 2002 it now has over 60 permanent and
temporary people – all of whom are briefed and encouraged to pursue
collaborative working methods. This is captured in a great film that impressed
the judges, but aside from this, it was clear to the judges that there is a clear
and continuing commitment to training as the team at Lloyd Gravell see this
as not just the future of the business, but an investment for the region. There
is great evidence of this in the form of a commitment to apprentice schemes
in particular the support for the Constructing Carmarthenshire Together
Partnership (CCT) and links with Skills Wales. Via CCT, the company runs the
Next Steps project – a competition based programme giving people of all ages
the chance to win a two-year apprenticeship with them. From the outset the
Lloyd & Gravell workforce were fully involved. It is a fine example to other
SMEs and the bigger players too.
Sustainability Award Our Legacy
Award Sponsored by
Sustainable Housing Development: Great House Farm, St Fagans, Cardiff
- LivEco & Gillard Associates
Great House Farm is a clear demonstration to the house building community about what can be done – even on a small
scheme – and shows the benefits of a commitment to sustainability. Whilst this, like all projects, is the result of teamwork,
the architect Alan Gillard has taken this winning scheme forward because of his belief in the design and concept.
The story of Great House Farm, which is a relatively small speculative
residential development of nine mixed dwellings and apartments, is about
getting the overall design carried through to development and bringing the
developer up to speed on these issues. It is the power of design that has driven
this project. The architect and the client shared the same conviction for a
sustainable scheme, addressing the compliance issues around the conversion of
a grade II listed barn as well as associated landscaping, garaging, and external
works. Along with the contractor and supply chain the scheme arose from a
bold idea into an inspiring housing development that has lessons for all sectors.
Unfazed by legislative changes and contractual problems en route, the client
managed to bring about a seriously innovative housing scheme as his first
development. Building to a minimum of Code 4, the key concept was the
fabric first approach, which resulted in an extremely efficient envelope using
standard components. Attention to detail in construction enabled a virtually
airtight construction. The combination of this plus heat recovery, mechanical
ventilation, and a highly efficient heat pump for heating and DHW resulted in
an excellent SAP rating and allowed high scores under ENE1 and 2. The judges
observed that whilst it is a small project, less than £2m, it was completed with
a measured approach, commitment and a clear focus on the outcomes and is
an example to other developers – large and small across Wales. The scheme
goes a long way to prove that it is not only desirable to build homes that aspire
to the lowest carbon emissions, it is also achievable. It is a great example to
other house builders and sets a precedent which informs those in charge of
housing policy, that sustainability and affordability can go hand in hand. If
Welsh Government is to meet targets for carbon reduction it is a lesson which
cannot be ignored.
Constructing Excellence in Wales - Awards 2014
Value Award
Award Sponsored by
Ysbryd y Coed - Elderly Persons Intermediate Care Unit - Interserve Construction Ltd
Too often healthcare and particularly the care of the elderly are hamstrung by budgets. Indeed, mental health services
have always been a Cinderella service, having to fight deeply entrenched social and, often political prejudice. It is always
refreshing to find people who recognise the need for more enlightening services and who are willing to translate their
passion into practice.
This is exactly what has happened in this winning scheme. The team behind
Ysbryd y Coed have overcome those issues via a collaborative approach
with a constant focus on putting the end user – the patient – first and
In healthcare real value is measured in terms of the welfare of patients
and the experiences of family, friends and the staff using a facility. Here it
was abundantly clear to the judges that Ysbryd y Coed provides a positive
environment for patients and staff. There is real hard evidence too that
goes beyond the anecdotal feedback from patients, staff and families. The
unit is clearly driving better patient outcomes as residents reside in the
same geographical location with an improved atmosphere for friends and
family visits and has a lower staff churn rate.
The overall value of the Ysbryd y Coed scheme is around £13.4m and sits
within the £72m project Reshaping Mental Health Services in Swansea.
Over 90% of the contract value was passed into the local economy and a
tranche of orders were given to Welsh based sub-contractors. This and the
focus on patient outcomes were underpinned by a collaborative approach.
This led to design features that allow patients to sleep better, therefore
requiring less medication and, due to the layout, fewer staff are needed.
That means efficiencies on the one hand, but better quality of care on
the other – two things normally compromised because of budgets, design
cuts and a short term cost management focus. From personal experience
of family caring, the unit manager fuelled an evident passion for patientfocused design principles; private en-suite rooms, adaptable for couples,
family or friendship pairs, connected to a safe “wander-loop” to help
patients navigate around.
One aspect of the submission that really impressed the judges was the
comments of one nurse who explained the improvement to patient
welfare and behaviour – driven by patient focussed design supported by
the construction process and helping to deliver savings to the scheme as
well as long term value.It is really exciting that a building can make sucha
difference to the care of people and achieve significant outcomes for
the patients.
Innovation Award
Award Sponsored by
Waste Reduction Strategy - Willmott Dixon Construction
The commitment from the top of the organisation right the way down to site level made the difference with the
success or failure of this strategy. Whilst the business already had a strong organisational culture around waste
minimisation and sustainability it recognised that more could be done – it set tough targets and adopted a well
thought through process to drive change with a strong emphasis on reducing and minimising waste on site.
This meant a strong push on changes in behaviour, particularly focussing
on sub-contractors. So, the judges were very impressed, especially with
the data that supports the results. Nobody sets out to create waste, but
sometimes teams overlook how materials might be handled, received and
then disposed of.
Special Recognition Award
Read Construction Holdings Ltd
By incentivising sub-contractors and motivating individuals a pattern
of behaviour is shifted, there is more control of stock and materials are
checked more thoroughly before being disposed of or put to use. The
process is strict but efficient. Sub-contractors bringing waste to the locked
compound daily to be recorded and then measured against targets. At the
end of the job, sub-contractors are billed for the amount of waste they
produce in excess of their predictions. If they produce less waste, then they
keep the cost saving.
The judges were especially pleased to see someone at site level able to
influence change. The project is a fine example to the industry as a whole.
Overall the Willmott Dixon strategy was regarded as a step change in
waste reduction that has clear potential to make substantial changes in
the embedded impacts of construction in Wales and the wider community.
The project is head and shoulders above the rest of the industry and has
some important learning for the wider industry as very few people properly
manage waste on site.
The judges wanted to acknowledge the tremendous commitment to
collaborative working and the innovative use of BIM and the passion shown
by the team at Read Construction. They recognised that it is a brave step
by an SME embracing the principles of new ways of working. They are
clearly passionate towards building integration and sharing of work process
changes and this openness to sharing information and experiences is a
breath of fresh air that should be recognised. The judges look forward to
seeing further evidence of the great strides taken by this company in future
award submissions.
Constructing Excellence in Wales - Awards 2014
Health & Safety
Award Sponsored by
Special Recognition Award
Designed For Life: Building For Wales - NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership
Throughout the Welsh built environment exemplary health and safety standards
are regarded as a given. Therefore, the winner of this special recognition award
must go beyond the baseline. The winner must display leadership, vision and
commitment to safety and putting the health of individuals on site and in the
community first and foremost.
NWSSP-Facilities Services manage frameworks for all health construction
projects in Wales in excess of £4 million as agents for Welsh Government.
Through the principles of integrated supply chains and collaborative working
all parties have a part to play in health and safety. A 20% improvement in H&S
performance is expected and measured through Key Performance Indicators.
So what has been achieved over the last 7 years?
The framework target threshold set in 2006 for AFR was 0.46, against the
Construction Industry average recorded at the time of 0.58.
In this instance, eight out of the nine projects have achieved or are currently
reporting Zero AFR & AIR. The average AFR for the nine projects is just 0.03.
Each of the projects considered here will have faced their own specific
challenges in enabling a safe environment for the workforce. However, what
is special here is the way long term relationships between an integrated team
led by a committed client have consistently maintained the safety of their
workforces over a long period of time and across a number of diverse projects
across Wales . There are major lessons to be learned here for policy makers,
construction clients and the wider industry. This is a well-deserved award.
Two completed projects achieved a Zero AFR & AIR over a total of 156,646
operative hours spent on the projects. Six of the projects currently in progress
have reported a Zero AFR & AIR over a total of 1,033,592 operative hours spent
so far on the projects. One project currently in progress on site has a reported
AFR of 0.23 and AIR of 660 over a total of 429,480 operative hours. For all
nine projects over a total of 1,619,718 operative hours there has been just 1
reportable accident.
Chairman’s Special Award
Kachumbala Widows Cooperative Mill & Grain Store Uganda Project
up the challenge of designing a mill and grain store structure, raise £40,000 and
send qualified tradesmen to Uganda, to supervise construction and pass skills on
to local people. Under the umbrella of Constructing Carmarthenshire Together
(a partnership between CCTAL, Coleg Sir Gar and Carmarthenshire County
Council), several organisations, including local SMEs from the county joined
together to complete the build sending teams out as part of their respective
development training, or as a volunteering holiday. During the build, Ugandan
people learned skills to allow the future growth and prosperity of the region,
giving them a chance to create a sustainable future through employment and
We always encourage collaboration as a means to deliver long term value when
we put a construction project together, but it is not often that we work on a
scheme with the sole intention of developing teams, fostering new skills and
talent and developing leaders for the future. But that is exactly what has been
occurring since 2011 as part of the Engineers for Overseas Development (EFOD)
Carmarthenshire project to support the Salt Peter Trust.
The Trust founded Kachumbala Grace Farmers Group in Uganda in 2011 with
the aim of lifting destitute widows out of poverty. Members were funded for
eight months to grow and harvest Cassava on their own land, the harvest
providing sufficient food for 12 months with surplus to sell to fund essentials
such as oil, kerosene, salt and soap. EFOD Carmarthenshire was formed to take
Welsh apprentices had an exceptional chance to experience another culture
and pass on their skills in what is a life-changing opportunity for everyone
involved. The project has several offshoots including plans to build a vocational
school, a college and a training centre for local people to learn life-long
skills including IT and sewing. It is an inspirational example of what Welsh
construction can deliver – anywhere in the world. But it has also proved to be
a great learning experience for those taking part, bringing vital experiences to
share with colleagues and customers in Wales. The Chairman looks forward to
seeing the continuing benefits that this project can bring, not just in Uganda
but to the communities of Wales through the development of our young people.
Young Achiever of the Year
Award Sponsored by
Daniel Rossiter - Cardiff Council
Anyone that is named
as CEW Young Achiever
stands out because they are
already showing the energy,
enthusiasm and the drive that is needed
as a champion of collaborative working
and best practice.
Daniel, an architectural technician at Cardiff Council, is already demonstrating
significant leadership and initiative across numerous projects and schemes at
the age of 27. His main focus has been with regard to the 21st Century Schools
programme but he has really caught people’s attention with his role as a CPD
coordinator for the Council which has led him into contact with a variety of
young people and managers as the main contact for work experience.
He has set up an average of six placements each year liaising with Universities
and developing strong links with schools as well as taking the time to help the
development of architectural staff both professionally and as a volunteer. In
particular he has shown a great affinity with young people, often making a key
difference to their awareness of the practical skills that support an architectural
practice. Alongside this, Daniel has been acting as a key member of the BIM
steering group and supported CEW to create a BIM toolkit for clients across
Wales. He has supported BIM best practice initiatives with Monmouth and
Carmarthenshire Council and his commitment has been rewarded as the first
RICS certified BIM Manager in Wales. In a nutshell, Daniel understands the key
drivers in Welsh construction – sustainability, whole life costs, collaborative
procurement and the importance of engagement. One thing that stands out
about Daniel is how he sees architecture – it is not an island of expertise.
It is part of the collaborative construction family and his behaviours and
attitudes demonstrate real foresight. These days an architect uses many
specialists to deliver a project, years ago they used to do a lot themselves, and
now best practice is delivered by sharing information and ideas – something
championed by Daniel. He has a broader view of the Welsh built environment
than many other professionals and his desire to take his academic and
professional career further and share his experiences shows great maturity. It is
impressive to think that in five years time he hopes to have gained his doctorate
and be passing on his experiences and commitment by lecturing students. He is
a young achiever now, but he also has huge potential to be a great influence of
Welsh construction in the future.
The Achiever’s Award
Award Sponsored by
Colin King - BRE Wales
This award recognises
outstanding performance or
influence by an individual
who has been inspirational in
the opinion of the sector peer group.
Using those criteria Colin King has been in the running for this award since its
inception. His passion, commitment and knowledge have, to quote the judging
criteria again; “changed the behaviour and performance of others and delivered
disproportionate benefits for, and left a legacy in, the outputs of the built
environment sector”. It is difficult to summarise the work he has undertaken
and his achievements in the short space available.
Suffice to say that Colin’s commitment to best practice, sharing his expertise
with others as far and wide as possible is evident in the number of presentations
he has delivered right across the UK. Colin is passionate about buildings. He
is able to impart on audiences his passion, with a sensible, common sense, and
often straight talking methodology. He has made a major contribution to the
technical advancement of our knowledge and understanding about buildings –
how they perform, how to improve them, resolution of problems. As a Director
of BRE in Wales his work is leading UK advances in retrofit and the development
of holistic integrated solutions that are able to deliver high quality buildings
with minimal impact. But his reach, influence and impact is far wider than just
Wales. He is in constant demand because of his ‘common sense, no nonsense’
approach. Unlike many people that are experts in their field he is inclusive, he
engages with all stakeholders and he makes it easy for people to understand
building physics and the carbon reduction agenda.
Colin is, without doubt, a champion of change, a leader and a thoroughly nice
individual – a character, an engaging personality as well as one of the most
experienced professionals in his field in the UK, not just in Wales. He has been a
supporter of CEW and all it stands for since its inception in 2002 often working
alongside the team, providing support, advice and acting as a sounding board
when CEW and its stakeholders required guidance. He has definitely made a
positive difference to the Welsh Construction industry and has inspired and
influenced others and he is a most worthy winner of this award.
Constructing Excellence in Wales - Awards 2014
Client of the Year
Award Sponsored by
Football Association of Wales (National Football Centre)
The new National Football Development Centre demonstrates the Football Association of Wales (FAW) commitment to delivering
a sustainable future for Welsh football. Therefore, as part of a joint venture between FAW and stakeholders such as UEFA, FIFA, the
Welsh Government, Sport Wales and Newport Council, the project demanded a clear brief and strong leadership from the FAW.
It was clear to the judges that this was established from the outset. One
judge commented that it was an impressive project where the client led
the collaboration with a whole host of stakeholders. There was a strong
emphasis on communicating what was important and good use of
publicity and high profile football figures such as Ian Rush to underline key
issues such as health and safety.
operation for the Welsh Football Trust – WFT. The client was focused on
achieving a high standard of quality and finish from the outset, with
durability being a key feature. The client realised this vision could not be
achieved without the trust, involvement, commitment and collaboration
of the whole supply chain, together with all the other stakeholders and the
wider community.
The client (Kevin Moon-Welsh Football Trust) led the whole team, right
through from concept and planning, design and detailing, material section
and site operations. Throughout the scheme the clients drive and vision
had a positive impact. Indeed, whilst it might be fair to say the client
was not an expert, they knew what was wanted and the finished centre –
opened by Micheal Platini and Carwyn Jones, First Minister of Wales – is
an example of collaboration with a client with clear objectives. Indeed, the
centre is central to the future development and success of Welsh football
– hence the client team’s vision. It is a purpose built facility providing
top class training, playing, sports science and education facilities as well
as HQ administrative accommodation for its coaching and development
There were also great lessons to be learned by the contractors with
sporting psychology and a team ethos being played out across the
scheme and the Best Play Team Play – Gorau Chwarae, Cyd Chwarae
theme connected very well with the principles championed by CEW. This
was a clear cut client, supplier relationship which worked exceptionally
well because the client was clear about what he wanted and needed. The
contractor site team commented that: “The client was made in heaven they knew what they wanted and what they needed. They worked tirelessly
to achieve their vision, by involving and listening to every member of the
team: truly inspirational.”
Leadership & People Development
Award Sponsored by
Melin Homes
The Arbed 2 ERDF project is a flagship £45 million Welsh Government project aimed at providing Social, Economic &
Environmental benefits for Wales along with tackling fuel poverty within communities where it is most needed.
That is impressive on its own, but the manner in which the Melin team
of surveyors and officers delivered and then monitored and evaluated the
community benefits such as employment and training across 14 local
authorities in south Wales caught the attention of the judges. The task
demanded strong leadership, but also a team approach. The judges commented
that it was well planned and executed throughout with excellent vision and
strategic thinking. Key to the success of the whole scheme was the involvement
of SMEs within the framework and Melin worked hard with the various subcontractors to help them raise their own standards, giving them data to help
them improve further. Each of the SMEs has an employment officer engaged
with them, helping them understand their respective challenges and helping
support sustainable employment for individuals and their requirements for
recruitment, training and business growth.
This also allowed Melin to demonstrate an understanding of how small
businesses need cash flow and their payment terms reflected this. Melin
also made every effort to employ local people and were committed to be
fully engaged with the community. Indeed, the leadership and development
demonstrated went beyond the contractor and employees and reached out to
the community where they worked with tenants giving advice on energy use
and behaviour change. This was not lip service or box ticking. Educating tenants
and changing behaviour is central to the success of the project and Melin
teams would always follow up with tenants. The whole approach to community
involvement, engagement with local contractors, providing employment for
long term unemployed and apprenticeship opportunities is earning the project
exemplar status. More importantly the team demonstrates a restless desire to
improve all of the time. Created in 2007 Melin Homes own and manage over
3,500 properties in Blaenau Gwent, Monmouthshire, Torfaen, Newport and
Powys and is a major provider of affordable homes in South East Wales.
The whole organisation has a fresh and dynamic outlook and their intention is
to make a positive difference in the communities within which they operate.
This project is an excellent example of leadership and people development
on a major scale that has had a huge impact on the development of so many
different people from tenants to local supply chain and from disadvantaged
groups to local businesses.
Constructing Excellence in Wales - Awards 2014
Project of the Year
Award Sponsored by
Coleg Cymunedol Y Dderwen - Leadbitter - A Bouygues Company
The judges stated that the £35.5m project to build a new secondary High School for Bridgend County Borough Council
bringing two existing schools together into a new facility was difficult to find fault with. From the outset, it was
designed to be Exemplar in every aspect ranging from sustainability, local investment and engagement to learning
environment and a community hub.
The result is a school building that is an inspiration for staff, pupils and the
community alike and lays down future best practice for truly sustainable
buildings. The judges were especially impressed with securing the outstanding
BREEAM rating and the commitment to meet the combined heat requirements
for the heating of the swimming pool and a local residential home as well as the
school itself. The overall scheme was delivered within a strong framework that
benefitted from clear client leadership. The collaborative approach helped in the
provision of a teaching wing complex wrapped around a central atrium that also
has one wing dedicated to community use and multi agency accommodation.
The headmaster noted that the team demonstrated a real and deep
understanding of how the school space can be used to support educational
innovation and transformation. He was also impressed by the exceptional levels
of engagement with the whole of the school and wider community. All schools
have strong links to the communities they serve and so the construction team
made great efforts to engage with local people, staff, parents and pupils but the
project team’s genuine enthusiasm and excitement for the project was seen as
instrumental in making it a total success. Without the level of real engagement,
real partnership and real energy displayed, the school would have been finished
but not in the same manner and not occupying a world class building that
supports all of the many curricular, pedagogical and relationship transformations
that were core objectives. But the delivery and great design could not have been
delivered without a commitment to collaborative working and a clear sense of
shared responsibility.
The judges were also keen to comment on the strategic thinking that was
evident in the submission and the scheme as a whole and the strong results
derived from a rigorous process and robust framework. The leadership and vision
from the client and early appointment of the contractor and designers allowed
for sufficient design time and the development of a robust target cost as well as
determining the expectations of the community. It is a worthy winner and an
exemplar scheme.
The Association for Project Safety is delighted to be associated with the Constructing Excellence in Wales Awards. APS,
like Constructing Excellence, is committed to improving the industry through the shaping and sharing of best practice
and congratulates all of the award winners and runners-up for their determination to make tangible improvements to
construction health, safety and the environment.
Arup was founded in London by Ove Arup in 1946 with an initial focus on structural engineering. Now with 14 offices
across Great Britain it has since grown into a truly multidisciplinary organisation. Arup has worked across Wales since
1970 and is now the most substantial and diverse consultant in the Principality.
Notable projects in the built environment include the design of the Wales Debating Chamber and substantial
contributions to the Millennium Centre and Stadium. In the fields of health and education the exemplary projects of
Swansea University and the Design 4 Life program. Arup brings together broad-minded individuals from a wide range of
disciplines and encourages them to look beyond the constraints of their own specialisms.
This unconventional approach to design springs in part from Arup’s ownership structure. We are one of very few truly
independent major design consultants with the firm owned in trust on behalf of its staff. The result is an independence of
spirit that is reflected in the firm’s work, and in its dedicated pursuit of technical excellence.
Atkins is one of the world’s leading design, engineering and project management consultancies. We have the breadth and
depth of expertise to respond to the most technically challenging and time critical infrastructure projects. We are proud
to have a significant presence in Wales, with offices in Cardiff, Swansea and St Asaph.
Bouygues UK is a major British player in the Construction, Housing and Development Sectors.
We deliver innovative and sustainable construction, with intelligent management throughout the entire life-cycle of each
project which guarantees efficiency and excellence. Our unrivalled technical project solutions, combined with the strong
financial position of our Group, are key differentiators. We are committed to delivering our Construction and Housing
projects with a local focus from our Cardiff office that fully embraces and involves the communities we work and live in.
Our award winning staff have successfully delivered projects in partnership with our Welsh clients.
Shaping a Better Life through our global strength and local focus.
BRE is an independent research-based consultancy, testing and training organisation, offering expertise in every aspect of
the built environment.
We help clients create better, safer and more sustainable products, buildings, communities and businesses. BRE is wholly
owned by the BRE Trust, with profits used to progress the state of knowledge in the construction industry and drive
forward cutting edge research and the dissemination of information.
The Chartered Institute of Building is at the heart of a management career in construction.
We are the world’s largest and most influential professional body for construction management and leadership. We have
a Royal Charter to promote the science and practice of building and construction for the benefit of society, and we’ve
been doing that since 1834. Our members work worldwide in the development, conservation and improvement of the
built environment. We accredit university degrees, educational courses and training. Our professional and vocational qualifications are a
mark of the highest levels of competence and professionalism, providing assurance to clients and other professionals
procuring built assets.
Constructing Excellence in Wales - Awards 2014
CLAW, the Consortium of Local Authorities in Wales, has an important role as the leading Welsh local government forum
for the management of property assets in public sector. With close links to the Welsh Government and the Welsh Audit
Office the main purpose of the organisation is to assist authorities with sharing best practice, training and development
needs, and the development of common standards. CLAW welcomes the opportunity to sponsor the CEW Awards for
2012 and looks forward to continued and strengthen links with CEW for the future.
The Welsh best practice clubs are vibrant clubs providing a stimulus for the sharing of ideas and best practice across
each region as well as building important links with each other and industry groups. The Clubs have an important role in
reaching out not just to the industry itself, but to the communities affected by the developments. They organise events
to share best practice amongst members, to educate local people and play a central role in creating a sustainable future
for the industry in Wales.
Costain is one of the UK’s leading engineering solutions providers, delivering integrated consulting, project delivery and
operations and maintenance services to major blue-chip customers in targeted market sectors. The Company has a history
spanning nearly 150 years and, during that time, has been involved in some of the world’s major projects including the
Channel Tunnel and the Thames Barrier. Faithful+Gould is a world leading consultancy, offering a versatile blend of project, commercial and cost
management. Our expert approach is totally focused on adding real value and enhancing long term returns on
infrastructure investment, through exceptional levels of service and expertise. We have a long and successful
history in Wales, serving our clients from our Cardiff and Swansea offices.
The G4C is the part of the Constructing Excellence movement that particularly champions the contributions of young
professionals in the industry, but that also embraces all new comers to the industry and recent graduates who have an
interest in the Welsh built environment and developing their career.
GD Environmental is one of Wales’ leading Waste Management and Recycling Companies and delivers a comprehensive
range of waste disposal and recycling services to a range of public and private sector clients across Wales.
With over 35 years’ experience within the waste industry sector, GD Environmental is recognised as one of the most
environmentally considerate waste management companies operating in the UK today, as recently commended by Lets
Recycles ‘Awards for Excellence’. With a heavy focus on reducing landfill reliance through maximising waste recycling,
GD Environmentally proudly offers its clients a recycling rate of 96%, whilst diverting 100% of waste from landfill.
With recycling, treatment and transport facilities in Newport and Llanelli, our professional and friendly team can provide
you with one off support, or tailor-made waste management services to suit the needs of your business.
The team at Green Triangle Management Systems has a long and successful history of providing Environmental, Health &
Safety, and Quality management consulting services to both public and private sector clients throughout the U.K.
We specialise in the implementation of management systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and PAS
402. In addition we also provide a variety of training programmes to compliment the implementation process including
internal auditing, spill response, duty of care, risk assessment and waste awareness etc.
We have worked with a diverse range of sectors including construction, manufacturing, waste management, printing
and health care. We understand that all businesses have their own unique challenges and therefore we always provide
a bespoke service tailor made to the requirements of our Clients so that our systems are user friendly and achieve
maximum benefit for the Client in terms of efficiency and buy in.
Hugh James is an established Top 100 law firm of around 550 people, including 44 partners, offering a comprehensive
range of legal services across the UK from offices in Cardiff and London.
Our construction team advise and support clients during all stages of a construction and engineering project bringing
their experience and specialist understanding to both public and private clients who operate in this sector. Our clients
range from government, registered social landlords and insurers to employers, developers, national contractors,
consultants and funders.
ISG Construction Limited is the construction division of the International Construction Group ISG plc. The construction
division operates through a series of regional offices giving full UK coverage.
ISG Construction Limited is the formation of a number of businesses that previously operated under separate branding.
These were all pulled together under the banner of ISG Construction Limited in 2011.
This pulled together a £500m construction business and enabled the business to streamline itself to co-ordinate with the
rest of the ISG group.
This has underpinned the goal, and maintained its business position, as one of the top ten construction companies in
the UK. While maintaining its regional approach to its clients, consultants and supply chain and its ethos of a family run
business, yet with expert support and knowledge to draw upon from an experienced major international company.
Regionally, the business has operated as a leading contractor in the South West and South Wales for the last 90 years and
has delivered major works from its local offices in Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter and Southampton continuing the focus on local
Kier’s local offices offer a comprehensive construction service to both the public and private sector throughout Wales and
the south-west of England. We participate in a wide variety of frameworks, which brings our clients the added benefit of
early stage contractor participation to review value engineering and affordability.
We are currently completing a variety of flagship projects across Wales; including the refurbishment of the grade listed
Pontypridd Lido and the construction of the new Ice Arena Wales in Cardiff Bay. We are also delivering SCAPE framework
projects in Cardiff and Aberystwyth as well as projects on major frameworks in the South East, South West and Mid Wales.
SEWSCAP is a South East Wales Schools and Public Building Contractors collaborative framework hosted by Rhondda
Cynon Taf County Borough Council acting on behalf of the councils of Blaenau Gwent, Bridgend, Caerphilly, Cardiff,
Merthyr Tydfil, Monmouthshire, Newport, Torfaen and Vale of Glamorgan authorities. The framework places Community
Benefits at the very heart of all their contracts. Over 25 projects have already been let or built under the framework
valued at over £250m.
The framework has been divided into lots, to achieve a range of contractor sizes and abilities in keeping with the
anticipated range of projects and over 450 welsh Small to medium enterprises(SME’s) have been utilised in the supply
chains of the main contractors some of whom are Welsh SME’s in their own right. Typically contractors are spending
over 80% of their spend in the Welsh economy as part of the school build project and offering opportunities for
apprenticeships, trainees and general employment as part of their contracts.
South Wales Chamber of Commerce is a membership organisation and one of 51 UK Chambers accredited to British
Chambers of Commerce. We provide enhanced networking opportunities and a wide range of discounted services and
savings designed to support businesses as they grow.
A key focus is international trade including training, documentation and advice on accessing new markets. We are the
voice of our members locally, regionally and nationally on issues of key importance.
CEW Awards 2014 nominated charity Wooden Spoon
In 1983, a group of English rugby fans were drowning
their sorrows in a Dublin bar after England’s disastrous
performance in the Five Nations Championship.
The victorious Irish fans presented the group of miserable friends with a
wooden spoon in sympathy, and after a Guinness (or four), they came up with
the idea of holding a charity golf match to see who deserved the honour of
keeping the spoon.
The plan was scribbled onto a napkin, and put into action a few months later
at Farnham Golf Club in Surrey. Over £8500 was raised and donated to a local
special needs school.
30 years later, the Wooden Spoon charity has over 35 regional volunteer
groups across the country working tirelessly to raise valuable funds. Every
single penny they raise stays in their community and is spent on local projects,
helping the lives of local children.
The Wales committee covers the whole of south Wales from Chepstow to
Pembrokeshire, including the main coastal cities of Cardiff, Newport & Swansea
& the valley areas, up to the Brecon Beacons. We currently comprise a group
of 10 hard working volunteers from a range of backgrounds including legal,
construction/property, finance / banking, a sign language interpreter & a
former international referee.
We are supported by many companies and organisations, Welsh or based in
Wales. Over the last 10 years or so, the region has helped to fund a variety
of projects for disadvantaged children across south Wales, including sensory
gardens, play areas, a hydrotherapy pool & community rooms/facilities.
For more information about the projects we have funded or to see how you
can get involved, please check
[email protected]
Constructing Excellence in Wales
2nd Floor East
Longcross Court
47 Newport Road
CF24 0AD
T: 029 2049 3322
F: 029 2049 3233
E: [email protected]
Constructing Excellence in Wales
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