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Free photo e-Mag of railway happenings in WA during April 2014
Publisher Jim Bisdee
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P2517 & P2511 on 2K42 Watco/CBH grain from Kalannie at Bellevue 14/04.
Photo Sean McGarraghy
Qube U201 ran light engine to HVR Pinjarra yard to be stored following the rake of ex ICTS flattops being
hauled by road from Gemco Bellevue to Pinjarra. Three DFZs DFZ2403, DFZ3406 and DFZ2405 that had
been recently transferred to Albany for use on woodchip traffic to free up P class units were themselves
replaced by DBZ2310, DBZ2312 & DBZ207 in a locomotive transfer movement on April 27th. Rio Tinto
hired CFCLA C44ACi locomotives CF4401, CF4403, CF4409 and CF4410 that were worked light engine to
Parkes NSW on April 3rd. These locomotives were hauled to WA in two movements two on 2NP3 arriving
24/4 and two on 4WP2 arriving 27/7 that were hauled a four locomotive movement by 8118 to UGL
Bassendean on April 30th to be prepared to be trucked to 7 Mile Dampier. SCT freight 3MP9 was derailed
west of Tarcoola when hit a washout on April 10th that saw ARTC Trans line closed till April17th causing
disruption in the lead up to Easter. Re-sleepering of the Cockburn to Forrestfield Up Main continued during
the month with being nearly complete by April 30th. Two DBZs DBZ2310 and DBZ2312 that had been
stored were returned to traffic and hired to Watco/CBH on April 10th for short time till replaced by P2511
and P2517 on April 13th that have more route availability and are more suitable to Watco/CBH needs.
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NR103, DL39 [first DL in over a year] & NR44 on 2MP5 entering West Kalgoorlie 9/4. Photo Peter Donaghy
NR86 in original livery on 1PX4 empty steel about to depart West Kalgoorlie 6/4.
Photo Peter Donaghy
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ACN4168, ACN4141 & ACN4147 on 1761 Karara ore at Grants April 27th.
CBH118 & CBH119 on 4S56 Watco grain cross Avonlink railcars at Midland April 3rd.
Photo Phil Melling
Photo Jim Bisdee
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P2505 & P2512 on empty Mt Gibson Ruvidini Ore at Kojarena April 27th.
Photo Phil Melling
DBZ2310 & DBZ2312 on 7K42 Watco/CBH grain at High Wycombe April 13th.
Photo Phil Melling
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S3302 [box on front has Cattron DPU equipment] S3307 DPU on 2832 empty caustic/alumina at Picton 21/4
S3307 DPU on 2832 empty caustic and alumina entering Picton Yard April 21st. Both photos Simon Barber
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NR49 & NR18 on 4PW4 stabled on loop at Curtin April 13th owing to ATRC line closed due to derailment.
Q4005, Q4007 & Q4002 showing all the Q class liveries West Kalgoorlie 18/4.
Both photos Peter Donaghy
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L3115 on 4135 empty ballast at Woodbridge April 2nd.
MMY32 Aurizon rail grinder east of Moonyoonooka April 21st.
Photo Jim Bisdee
Photo Phil Melling
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LZ3109 on 4134 ballast at Jandakot on upgraded Cockburn Forrestfield Up Main 23/4. Photo Simon Barber
CBH008 & CBH007 on Watco/CBH grain at Bringo April 21st.
Photo Phil Melling
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8118 on 6P31 hauls EMU set #99 and its powered bogies thru Woodbridge April 4th.
U201 and rake of flattops stored in HVR yard Pinjarra for Qube April 23rd.
Photo Jim Bisdee
Photo Simon Barber
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New three aspect signalling installed at east end West Kalgoorlie yard April 5th.
Photo Peter Donaghy
NR47, NR81 & DL48 on 6MP4 run into muddy Parkeston April 27th.
Photo Peter Donaghy
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DAZ1901 on 4250 empty HVR coach movement Pinjarra-Alumina Junction April 23rd. Photo Simon Barber
F40 hauling a HVR coach approaching Isandra on Dwellingup line April 23rd.
Photo Simon Barber
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CFCLA CF4410 & CF4403 behind NR108 & NR42 shunting 4WP2 West Kalgoorlie 27/4. Photo Peter Donaghy
NR119 & NR57 hauling CF4401 & CF4409 on 2NP3 at West Kalgoorlie shunting 24/4. Photo Peter Donaghy
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NR119 & NR57 haul [dead] CF4401 & CF4409 on 2NP3 west of Cunderdin April 24th.
Photo Jim Bisdee
NR108 & NR42 haul [dead] CF4403 & CF4410 on 4WP2 steel west of Hines Hill 27/4.
Photo Jim Bisdee
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8118 hauls CF4401, CF4409, CF4410 & CF4403 on 3PN1 transfer at Woodbridge 29/4.
Photo Jim Bisdee
CF4403, CF4410, CF4409 & CF4401 being hauled by 8118 to PTA line at Woodbridge 29/4. Photo Jim Bisdee
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NR113, NR35 & DL48 on 1PM5 intermodal at Herne Hill on April 20th.
P2511 & P2517 hired to Watco/CBH on 4K02 grain Bibra Lake April 23rd.
Photo Sean McGarraghy
Photo Simon Barber
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DFZ2403 on 2602 woodchip about to depart port unloader Albany April 14th.
CBH010 and ACN4145 stand in loop at Grants on April 21st.
Photo Simon Barber
Photo Phil Melling
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CBH013 & CBH017 on 1A33 Watco/CBH grain from Hyden at Elleker April 14th.
Photo Simon Barber
DFZ2406 & DFZ2403 [on rear] on 2603 woodchips at Elleker April 14th.
Photo Simon Barber
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P2509 crossing DFZ2401 and ACN4168 & ACN4170 all on ores in Narngulu yard April 7th. Photo Phil Melling
ACN4143 on 2874 empty alumina passing thru Yarloop April 21st.
Photo Simon Barber
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CF4403, CF4410, CF4409, CF4401 stabled at Parkes NSW awaiting transfer to WA 18/4.
Photo Joel Turner
CF4401, CF4409, CF4410, CF4403 stabled at Parkes NSW waiting transfer to WA 18/4.
Photo Joel Turner
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CBH011 & CBH010 on 5K17 empty Watco/CBH grain passing L3115 on 5134 ballast at Jandakot April 10th.
CBH017 on Watco CBH 2A72 empty grain to Cranbrook at Kendenup on 14/4.
Both photos Simon Barber
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CBH008 & CBH007 on Watco grain crosses CBH010 & CBH002 on empty Grants 21/4.
NR82 & NR118 on 4PM6 stabled in West Kalgoorlie owing to TAR derailment 10/4.
Photo Phil Melling
Photo Peter Donaghy
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LQ3121 & L3113 on 2033 empty Kwinana to Forrestfield ore at Wattle Grove 14/4.
P2509, P2514 & P2510 on 5720 Mt Gibson Perenjori ore at Narngulu East 10/4.
Photo Jim Bisdee
Photo Phil Melling
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P2507, P2506 & DBZ2407 on 7720 empty ore east of Moonyoonooka on April 19th.
DFZ2406 leads 2603 woodchips into port unloader at Albany April 14th.
Photo Phil Melling
Photo Simon Barber
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ACC6031 & ACB4401 DPU ACB4403 & AC4303 on 6418 empty ore at Binduli 19/4.
Photo Peter Donaghy
N R106 & NR105 on late 7SP3 departing Parkeston April 21st.
Photo Peter Donaghy
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6021, 6016 & 6006 on 7PM1 Aurizon intermodal at Woodbridge April 5th.
Photo Jim Bisdee
LZ3114 on 4164 empty rail train wagons Flashbutt Forrestfield at Hazelmere April 2nd.
Photo Jim Bisdee
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UGL Bassendean shunter ex Westrail TA1813 shunting in UGL siding adjacent to RHWA Museum April 30th
on only private siding left on suburban network with access to PTA lines.
Photo Jim Bisdee
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