Minutes - Rosalind Franklin University

September 5, 2014
CLC 1.044
1. Call to order of Senate Meeting by Principal Senator Lise Eliot at 12:02 pm
2. Approval of Minutes of May 12, 2014. Motion to approve, David Harrison; Second,
Phil Gianfortune. No changes were recommended. Minutes
approved. http://www.rosalindfranklin.edu/facultyaffairs/Senate.aspx
3. Report from students on the Interprofessional free Community Clinic (ICC). Five
second-year students from Scholl College spoke about the ICC: Hannah Sungurlu, Garret
Strand, Joseph Wilson, Nicole Fields and Ethan Knowlton. This is one of the few
student-run clinics in the country. Its first anniversary is approaching. They have served
106 patients in 205 visits. Most patients are from underserved and underrepresented
populations. 317 student volunteers from many professions are involved. Faculty
volunteers from various professions as well. The reason for speaking to the Senate is to
spread the word and recruit more clinical faculty members to serve as preceptors, so they
can expand hours and the number of patient visits. The clinic is currently open on
Thursday evenings. The students’ Powerpoint presentation will be posted on the Senate
4. Principal Senator Report:
a) New Board of Trustees representative: Dr. Welch and the Board’s Nominating
Committee interviewed our three top candidates and selected John Calamari,
Chair of the Psychology Dept., to represent the faculty. His nomination will come
before the full Board for approval next week. We thank Monica Oblinger, whose
seat Dr. Calamari is filling, for her outstanding service in this role over the past
three years.
b) Website Improvement: The UK consulting firm, Headscape, has met with
faculty, students and staff about the website and other aspects of RFU’s digital
presence. According to Roberta Lane, they will present a webinar on Sept. 17th to
share their findings with the President’s Cabinet.
5. Committee Reports
Awards Committee – No activity.
Faculty Affairs Committee – Active in the spring, concerning a faculty member who was
dismissed due to misappropriation of funds. The committee concurred with the findings.
Rules Committee – Some replacements will need to be found for newly vacant senate seats.
Sabbatical Leave Committee – Dan Peterson was awarded a sabbatical for research in
University Tenure Committee – No activity.
Faculty Compensation Committee – No activity.
6. Other Reports:
1. Update from Faculty Representatives to the Board of Trustees (Dr. Abel)
Becky Durkin presented student satisfaction survey report.
Bret Moberg discussed his annual code of conduct and conflict resolution
policies to the board.
Academic Retreat set for Weds September 10, 2014.
Recommendation made for a student representative to the Board of
Trustees. This student will have a one year term and be interviewed
similar to faculty appointment. Shannon Liu currently under
Bylaws discussed in previous senate meeting were approved.
Institutional Advancement discussed challenges of fundraising and ways
to improve donations.
2. Office of Faculty Development/Faculty Affairs (Dr. Hansen)• Academic Retreat 9/10/14-Centennial room. Board would like greater
input from community. They wish to monitor academic progress; to see
how we are doing in heading in the right direction. The Board has
requested dashboards to monitor university progress. This will provide a
robust view of our academic world.
• 8 Storyboards with dashboard information include: Admissions; Student
Achievement, Affordability, Educational Environment, Diversity and
Inclusion, Participation in Interprofessional Education, Online Learning
and Innovation to Enhance Student Learning. These will showcase our
growth, retention rates, enrollment and graduation rates, satisfaction of
students, faculty and staff, assessment outcomes for students and programs
and student finances.
• Introduced Glenda Gallisath AVP of Accreditation and Assessment.
• Recently developed a Faculty Position Policy draft—that is, who can be a
faculty member? IBHE recommends a degree higher than who you are
teaching, but for some disciplines the terminal degree is at the master
level. Exceptions would include years of experience and/or unique
knowledge of content as an expert. He requested feedback on the policy.
For Rea Katz, Academic Development:
September 16th Lecia Apantaku and Mike Fennewald will present
on Writing Patient Vignette Questions.
November – sequel to student learning styles by Steve Weiand
Faculty needs assessment last spring. Complete document is on INSITE.
Ice Cream Social September 19, 2014 at 2 pm to discuss these findings.
Orientation for new faculty less than 1-2 years occurring on 9/23 and 10/3.
Calendar on INSITE page includes information about the following:
Tamzin Batteson seminar on publication and grant writing on website,
may repeat series.
Library Resources series by Charlotte Beyer
Glena Gallisath will do a seminar on academic assessment with HLC tasks
Educational Technology
Advancement and Promotions information by Dr. Hansen
Leadership series
Many videos on a variety of topics available.
7. Report from Roberta Lane, Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration
on RFU’s new organizational structure- Ms. Lane presented new organizational charts for
the University and explained her role, which is different from the prior COO. Her
Powerpoint is posted on the Senate website. Two additional points:
a) Distribution of responsibilities:
 Provost Office--Academic Legal Issues-affiliation agreements,
partnerships etc. (Amanda Miranda is handling regulatory compliance).
 Roberta Lane--Business agreements.
 Bret Moberg--First contact regarding any student lawsuit and insurance
(Jackie Poulsen insurance consultant).
b) There is always an ADMINISTRATOR ON CALL. This is a member of the
President’s Cabinet. They make a determination on school closings. (Bo will revisit
this procedure in January.)
8. Adjournment - Meeting adjourned at 12:56 pm Motion to adjourn, Phil Gianfortune;
Second, Melissa Skratsky.
Respectfully submitted,
Diane R. Bridges PhD, MSN, RN, CCM; Secretary, University Faculty Senate