Sun Peilin is een welbekende Chinese spreker die ons de TCM bij

Sun Peilin is een welbekende Chinese spreker die ons de TCM bij allergiën gaat uitleggen.
Peilin Sun studeerde af in 1981 in TCM aan de Suzhou Medical Academy in People's Republic of
China. Daarna doceerde hij TCM en behandelde patiënten aan het Yang Zhong People’s Hospital en
Medical School. Nadat hij zijn Masters Degree of TCM behaalde aan het Nanjing College of TCM in
1988, gaf hij daar les aan het Nanjing International Acupuncture Training Center en aan het WHO
Collaborative Centre for Traditional Medicine. Sinds 1991 heeft hij een praktijk in Gent (België) en
geeft hij les in TCM in België en andere Europese landen. Hij publiceerde artikelen over TCM in
verschillende tijdschriften en is auteur van verschillende boeken, o.a. Hoofd redacteur van “The
Treatment of Pain with Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture” uitgegeven door Churchill and Livingstone.
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Allergic disorders treated with acupuncture
SUN Peilin (Belgium)
Living in modern society, it is impossible to avoid contacting different chemical materials as well as
contaminated air, food and water. In order to reject these harmful materials, the first procedure for the
human being is to form allergic reaction. Another phenomenon is that not everybody living our society,
who definitely encounters the same environment, is suffering from the same problem.
Both modern medicine and TCM look into this procedure completely different with each other. i.e. the
former often apply anti-allergic drugs or even corticosteroid medicine without or less consideration of
its side-effects; while TCM views the body as whole entity, considering the interior environment
imbalance is the chief pathology.
This seminar covers following topics:
 Hay fever
 Allergic asthma
 Atopic dermatitis (eczema)
 Urticaria
 Food allergy
The course analyzes not only the etiologies and their associated pathologies of these disorders, but
also the treatment with acupuncture. Some essential points are discussed and explained in details to
demonstrate the conditions they are applied effectively. Meanwhile the importance of diet and
emotions in the occurrence of these disorders are also stressed in order provide the patients a general
views of how they these disorders happen and how they should be managed. Syndrome differentiation
and personal individuality are hereby again the key and root differences between TCM and modern