To the CMC congregation and friends for helping the GEMS and

To the CMC congregation and
friends for helping the GEMS and
Cadets to raise almost $3,000.00
for kids to attend Pine Trail Camp
through the bake sale and pancake
Did you know that each week mounds and mounds of
laundry (tablecloths, dish towels, etc.) accumulate in
the church kitchen? Thanks to a wonderful ministry
that was started several years ago called “Laundry For
The Lord,” CMC does not pay laundry costs which
results in a sizeable savings for the church. We’d love
to take this opportunity to thank the members of that
team for this wonderful service that they provide. We
also want to thank Beth Seiler for responding to a
recent announcement in the bulletin to take an open
spot in the rotation.
Jayne Cummings-chairperson
Sandy Derks
Sherry Diepenhorst
Carol Disselkoen
Dee Hartgerink
Erma Nykamp
Bright and early every Sunday morning, a willing
volunteer from CMC hops in the church bus and
drives to Freedom Village to pick up our dear elderly
friends that live there. If you see these capable and
willing drivers, please shake their hand and thank
them for providing this valuable option for our senior
John Boockmeier-chairperson
Mark Bos
Terry Derks
Jim Marcus
Art Tolsma
Dennis Woltjer
Ken Baron
Kenny Van Kooten
We need more Sunday
drivers on a five-week
rotating schedule.
CDL license required.
Please contact Peggy
at 796-3348 or
[email protected]
for current 5th-6th graders
At Cran-Hill Ranch, we’ll have three days and two nights of fun, fellowship, and faith-building as the “funnest” and craziest group
of high school, college-age, and adult volunteers come alongside our current 5th and 6th graders. Come join the adventure!!!
Sign-ups are open through Monday, June 30.
for current 7th graders
This trip is an outdoor adventure to the mountains and rivers of West Virginia. On this trip, students are challenged spiritually,
emotionally and physically as they take a step deeper into authentic community, deepening faith, and transformed lives!
for current 8th-12th graders
Partnering with CSM (Center for Student Missions), we’ll live in the city, learn about the city, and become a part of solutions for
the city—all while helping them and helping us to be better ambassadors of Christ in our respective cities. Our work will include
prayer walks, serving in soup kitchens, talking to homeless people, loving kids, and more.
for current 10th-12th graders
The pilgrimage is a spiritual adventure trip that god has used to be life-transforming through the years. In the short view, this
trip is primarily a spiritual formation/discipleship experience. In the long view, it is a trip about discovering life purpose, calling,
and mission.
for current 11th-12th graders
Designed to be an international experience tied to CMC’s global ministry partnerships, this trip sends students to “work”
alongside RCA medical mission staff and Moravian missionaries as they share the love of Christ in practical ways with the
people in this beautiful yet remote part of Central America.
for current 12th graders and young adults through age 29, singles and married couples
This trip will be an exciting, profound, and fast-paced trip but while we are “on-the-go” most of the time, we will have time to
pray and process what we are encountering.
Please pray for the students and leaders as they gather for team meetings and
begin to prepare for their summer experiences.
Registration has closed for all trips with the exception of the Washington DC and
West Virginia trip where some spots remain open. Also, the registration deadline
for the Cran-Hill Ranch experience is Monday, June 30. Registration forms with
more information can be found on a cart at the entrance of the youth center or at
the Information Center in the mixing area.