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The New England and Bermuda District
Vol. 40 No. 5
July, 2014
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July 2014
The New England and Bermuda District
New England District of
Kiwanis International
Vol. 40 No. 5 - July 2014
• To give primacy to the human and spiritual rather
than to the material values of life.
•To encourage the daily living of the Golden Rule in
all human relationships.
George Delisle
• To promote the adoption and the application of
higher social, business, and professional standards.
Glen Cefalo
•To develop, by precept and example, a more intelligent, aggressive, and serviceable citizenship.
Frank Dennett
•To provide, through Kiwanis clubs, a practical
means to form enduring friendships, to render altruistic service, and to build better communities.
Published quarterly by
The New England District of
Kiwanis International
Sharon J Binette, Editor
Editorial submissions must be received by
the 15th of the month prior
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Entire contents copyright © 2014 by
the New England and Bermuda District
of Kiwanis. All rights reserved. The
contents of this publication may not be
reproduced in whole or in part without
the express written consent of the New
England and Bermuda District.
•To cooperate in creating and maintaining that
sound public opinion and high idealism which make
possible the increase of righteousness, justice, patriotism, and goodwill.
The six permanent Objects of Kiwanis International were
approved by Kiwanis club delegates at the 1924 Convention in Denver, Colorado. Through the succeeding decades,
they have remained unchanged.
In This Issue
2.......................Objects of Kiwanis
3.............Governor George Message
4......Gov. Elect Glen Cefalo Message
5..........Candidate for Gov-Elect Bart
6.........Foster Parent Appreciation Day
6....K-Kids Important to Kiwanis Family
7. ....Danvers Kiwanis Raises $1,500
7...Trauma Bears Donated to Local Fire Dept
8........Key Club Governor Introduction
9...Augusta Club Presents Dr. Alice Savage
Diamond Zeller
10........Dover Foxcroft Upcoming Events
11..........2013-14 Hanson Builders Club
12..............Kiwanis are Teachers Too
13 ...............Circle K Installs Offiers
14..Kiwanis & Key Clubs - Partners in
14.PLGC Notice
15......Mt. Washington Valley Kiwanis
Honors Sierra Abrams
15........Kiwanis Rotary Bike Rodeo
16..Westbrook Kiwanis Annual Golf
17...................First Lady KFNE Project
17............................KFNE New Address
17...................KI Approves Grants
18.........Project Eliminate Gift Form
19............Eliminate Project Report
20. District Convention - Warcick, RI
21. ........Official Call to 96th Annual
District Convention
22 &23.............Convention Program
24......Convention Registration Form
25........................... Delegate Form
25. ..................Danvers Bike Rodeo
26. .............Monsignor Clark School
26...............Key Club Raised $1,000
26..........Division 5 Project Outreach
27............... District Office Supplies
28...........Irving Talbert Outstanding
Secretary Award
29.....Fun and Fellowship - Bermuda
30. ..............................Fisher Cats
31. ......Brattleboro Golf Tournament
July 2014 Page 3
“The Formula” - Creating New Kiwanis Clubs
and several leaders from around
the district. Governor-elect Glen
attended a similar training in St.
Louis in June. This is a start, but
there is much work to be done.
For this program to succeed we
need to identify and train one
This will be my last message to new club counselor and one club
you as governor. Governor-elect builder from each of our 26 diGlen Cefalo will be installed in visions. Many of these key roles
August in Warwick, RI, and he remain unfilled.
will take the reins of the district
on October 1. Between now and Please consider whether your
then, I will continue to do all in Kiwanis experience and knowlmy power to bolster our mem- edge might suit you for one of
bership and the strength of the these jobs in your division. If so,
New England and Bermuda Dis- please contact your lieutenant
trict, and to pave the way for an governor, or contact Formula
eminently successful 2014-2015 chairman Adam Wright, [email protected]
Kiwanis year. Glen and his team advertusmedia.com. It’s time for
are working hard to prepare for all of us to make the decision to
their new roles, and I am confi- move forward and return our
dent they will be ready to serve membership numbers to where
they should be.
when the time comes.
The reasons for the decline, while
of academic interest, should not
be our main concern. Rather, we
need to concern ourselves with
reversing the trend by any and
all means available to us.
By George Delisle
District Governor
During my nine months as your
governor, I have placed a great
deal of emphasis on the need
for membership growth. Those
of you who have attended any
of my official or unofficial visits have heard me speak about
the problem of declining membership and lost Kiwanis clubs.
These are not new problems. It
has been many years since our
district hit its membership peak
of more than 10,000 in the early
1990s. Our numbers have been
on the wane ever since.
Why is this happening? I’m sure
a sociologist would point to
many factors – changing demographics, the decline of the manufacturing economy, population
shifts from New England to other parts of the United States, increasing demands on our time,
the “Great Recession” which has
still not fully released its grip on
New England and more.
However, this year is not over.
We still have fully a quarter of
the Kiwanis year still ahead of
us. That’s three months in which
to extend the benefits of Kiwanis
membership to new clubs and
new communities.
Kiwanis International has inaugurated a new growth initiative
known as “The Formula.” It is a
structured program with a goal
of creating a new Kiwanis club
in every division of every district in the Kiwanis world. This
year has been one of team building and training. I attended a
training session in Pittsburgh,
PA, in May along with District
Formula Chair Adam Wright
Page 4
Yankiwanian July 2014
We need your help!
upcoming Relay for Life walk. A FIRST for
the island, and over 2000 are signed up to
walk! This looks like a long lasting friendship for the New England and Bermuda
Next year on May 22, 2015 we will be sailing to Bermuda to participate in their annual Bermuda Day Parade. There will a
Kiwanis float with children, and we are in
need of Kiwanians to walk along with the
float. This is a milestone event celebrating the 100th year of Kiwanis, 40th year of
Bermuda district, and the 96th year of New
England district. So check your calendar,
mark it down, and come with us. This will
By Glen Cefalo Governor Elect
be so much fun! Plus, if 4 members of your
Divisions 3, 7, 19, 20, and 24 are in need club come it counts as a inter club.
of Lt. Governors for the next fiscal year. If
you are an enthusiastic Kiwanian with the If your Division/Club participates in a padesire to do more, then you may be the per- rade, please tell us so we can come and
son we are looking for! This is a great op- march with you, and also help get the word
portunity to meet lots of wonderful people, out for Kiwanis. There will be information
and to work within your division on some packets to hand out available this year to
fun and exciting Kiwanis projects. Please help celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Kicontact your current Lt. Governor if you wanis
are interested. Training will held on June
Remember to sign up early for the district
6-8 in Mansfield, MA.
convention on August 21-24th in Warwick,
Governor George, first lady Geana, myself, RI, and thanks for being a Kiwanis Memand 47 other Kiwanians and family mem- ber.
bers cruised to Bermuda this past month. If
you weren’t with us you missed a GREAT Glen A Cefalo
time! Thanks to Bob Tandy, Lt. Gov. Al- 2013-2014 Governor-Elect
tama, and the rest of the Bermuda Kiwanis New England & Bermuda District
family for a fantastic time, great food and of Kiwanis
entertainment. While in Bermuda, we par- 508-776-0510
ticipated in a service project for the local
cancer hospital, assembling tents, and labeling and wrapping tee shirts for their
July 2014 Page 5
Candidate for Governor Elect
Bart Stevens
Candidate for Govenor-Elect
As I sit here and type this, I do so on
what we have long been waiting for
– an absolutely stunning day here in
beautiful Maine!! 80 degrees with
a crystal blue sky and a nice little
breeze keeping those pesky bugs at
bay! Summer is now upon us and
I trust each and every one of you is
trying to enjoy it to the fullest!! Busy
time of year for most us as we gear
up for all those great projects our
clubs have going on. If you happen
to be in central Maine on August 9th
be sure to swing by and check out
our 37th annual auction, live from
4-7pm, under the big top at Inland
Hospital, a very generous supporter
of ours!
It has been a busy spring for the Stevens family. Pat and I made it to each
of the Regionals that were held, as
well as countless other caucuses and
meetings around New England. A
couple weeks back I spent the weekend with the 2014-15 LTG class-intraining, a great group of dedicated
volunteers who gave up one of a few
(thus far) beautiful weekends; all for
the betterment of their Clubs and the
District. In our spare time, Pat and
I got word that our oldest son had
proposed to his girlfriend (and she
accepted) with a wedding to look
forward to next August!
Now that we are well beyond the
halfway point of the current administrative year, it is time to start think-
ing District Convention! Although
there are no contested races at this
point in time, it is still critical that we
come together with a great turnout.
Governor George and his Team have
been working hard putting together
some great educational programs for
this year’s event, along with planning a fun time for all. Continuity
remains a key ingredient as we move
from one administration to the next.
As we prepare to welcome the new
Governor, Governor Glenn, we must
not forget that this is merely a change
in figure-heads. The work of the District must continue uninterrupted
and much of the success of our Clubs
depends upon it. Having served as
Functions Chair for 11 Governors,
it never ceases to amaze me what a
great slate we generally move forward. Each Governor has goals they
wish to accomplish, but each realizes
much of their success rests upon relationships built over the years. Each
current Governor seems to have developed a great rapport with their
predecessor, and as such works hard
at maintaining that same rapport
with the next administration.
If elected, rest assured I will continue
this trend! These past dozen or so
years have provided me with great
insight into personalities, both in my
professional real estate and my Kiwanis lives, and I feel I have gained
some valuable knowledge as to what
works and what doesn’t work quite
as well. I look forward to learning
and sharing even more in the years
to come. I truly encourage you all to
talk up the Convention and to make
every effort to attend. This is one of
our few opportunities to come together to learn, and more importantly, to
SHARE. The life-blood of our District is our local Clubs, and the countless individual ideas which make up
these Clubs. From the smallest to
the largest, each Club strives hard to
make a difference, and THIS is what
Kiwanis is all about.
Shifting gears just a bit now!! Please,
please register early for your rooms.
The registration deadline for rooms is
July 21, and there are NO guarantees
this will, or can be extended. It is the
peak summer season and the room
rate is a good. You can always cancel
if it becomes necessary, but you may
not be able to add a room after the
deadline. As has become something
of a tradition these past few years, we
will be hosting an outing on Thursday night before the convention begins on Friday morning. This is an
opportunity to come together to just
plain have some fun before we jump
into the education and business sessions. We have done boats and trains
in the past while in Rhode Island, so
this year we are going just a little bit
more low-key.
At 5pm on Thursday, August 21st we
will board our deluxe motor coaches
which will whisk us away to beautiful Newport. After a 30-45 minute
ride (never know about that RI traffic!), we will enter the Newport Playhouse and Cabaret Restaurant for an
evening of fun and relaxation. Now
in its 31st year, this locale is a favorite
of locals and tourists alike. A family
run business, they cater to your needs
as if you were a member of their own
family. We will enjoy a great buffet,
a wonderful play and a fun filled cabaret. The buffet is prepared on-site
and does not skimp on quality or selection. A full liquor service is available at an additional charge for those
who would like to partake. After
dinner we will stroll into the comfortable theater for a Broadway-worthy
play entitled “Murder at the Howard
Johnson’s”. After the play it is back
to the dining room, or the lounge, for
a delightful Cabaret!!
GREAT price of just $60 per person.
Guaranteed to be a fun filled, relaxing evening!
On Friday morning it’s down to business!! Please sign up early for this
annual opportunity of networking,
learning, and sharing!! I look forward to seeing each you, old friends
as well as new friends, and I APPRECIATE your support, your vote, and
your friendships.
Bart Stevens
Candidate for Governor-elect
Page 6
Yankiwanian July 2014
Foster Parent Appreciation Day
Q: What do EGGS and the Kiwanis Clubs of Berkshire
County have in common?
A: Both are dedicated to improving the lives of children.
The EGGS Foundation (Education, Grants, Gifts, Scholarships for Foster Children) was founded in 2003 with
the mission to provide resources to enhance life experiences for Berkshire County foster children. Through
the years, EGGS has granted more than $100,000 to
these children for musical instruments and lessons,
prom dresses, class rings, family vacations, class trips,
driver’s ed, computers, summer camp and so much
swing, climbing wall, mini golf, KidZone, Euro Bungy
trampoline and laser trap. The Kiwanians provided
each child with a wristband admission, made sandwiches and assembled bag lunches for all participants,
managed the registrations, and generally enjoyed the
day almost as much as the children.
“It is heartwarming to know that the Kiwanis Clubs of
Berkshire County were able to provide such a wonderful day for so many children,” Sheffield Kiwanis member Pat Salvi said.
Sadly, the EGGS Foundation had to close its virtual
doors at the end of 2013. Fortunately, the founder contacted Sheffield Kiwanis last fall with the hope that one
special project would be able to continue – the annual
Foster Parent Appreciation Day. The members of all
three Berkshire County Kiwanis clubs embraced the
idea of partnering on this project, and the balance of
the EGGS Foundation money was granted to them as
start-up funding.
Working with the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) and KidsNet, a program of
MSPCC, the Kiwanis Clubs of Berkshire County –
K-Kids Important to Kiwanis Family
It is my pleasure to be serving as the district Kkids administrator this year. It is a new experience for me and I look forward to working with
you. In January, I spent a weekend in Indianapolis with other advisors from around the world
for training with our sponsored youth groups.
The young ones are an important part of our Kiwanis family. I encourage those clubs who do
not have a K-kids to look at the benefits of chartering a club. For additional information, please
contact me by email at [email protected]
Sheffield, Lee and Pittsfield – joined forces to host this
fun day for the children. The day is special for many
children as it may be the one day of the year that siblings who have been placed in different foster homes
have to spend the day together.
Foster children, their siblings and foster parents spent
a warm, sunny June day at Jiminy Peak Mountain Adventure Park in Hancock, taking advantage of activities including Mountain Coaster, Alpine Slide, giant
Yours in Kiwanis,
Kim I Michaud
K-kids Administrator
July 2014 Page 7
Danvers Kiwanis Club Raises $1,500
The Danvers Kiwanis Club was
asked by the Danvers Texas Roadhouse to team up for a great event.
The Danvers Kiwanis club did not
hesitate when asked knowing that
Kiwanis has had a long standing relationship, Over 100 people showed
up to support the cause. There was
country line dancing food and fun!!
The event raised $1,500 that President Elect Gayla Bartlett and Club
Secratary Kay Maurice presented
the check at the camp. They also
got to do a camp clean up with the
gang from Texas roadhouse. It was
a great event and a great day of
team work.
Some of the Kiwanis gang at the
event with Andy The Armadillo
Check Photo L_R
Michael Smith Director of Special
Events for Camp Sunshine, Gayla
Bartlett President Elect. Kay Maurice Club Secretary, Michael Halpern Market Partner for Texas Roadhouse.
Kay and Gayla in Action Cleaning
up the play ground
Trauma Bears Donated to Local Fire Department
The Kiwanis Club of Lewiston-Auburn recently donated trauma bears to
the Minot Fire Department.
Ruth DeCoster, an Auburn resident
who belongs to the Kiwanis Club, presented the bears to Ben Limerick, left,
training officer and president of the
West Minot Fire Company, and firefighter Jacob Green, center.
“When there is a young child experiencing trauma during an emergency,”
DeCoster said, “the bears are used by
EMT staff for two purposes: first, to
help calm the child, and secondly, to
help create an immediate bond between the EMT and the child in stress.”
Trauma bears were also donated this
year to several other fire departments
in Androscoggin County.
Kiwanis Club is an international community service organization. Community service is at the heart of every
Kiwanis club, no matter where in the
world the club is located.
The Lewiston Auburn Kiwanis Club
meets the first three Wednesdays of
each month from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. at
Fusion Restaurant at the Ramada Inn
in Lewiston. On the fourth Wednesday of each month, a dinner meeting is
held from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. at The Vil-
lage Inn in Auburn. All are welcomed
to attend. Those interested in learning
more can visit www.kiwanisauburnlewistonmaine.org. Membership questions can be directed to club president,
Sarah Glynn, at [email protected]
Page 8 Yankiwanian July 2014
Greetings New England and
Bermuda District of Kiwanis!
gestions on how to make the District work
better. I care about Key Club a lot, and as
Governor, I will promote the District wherever I go. NED the Lobster goes with me to
every Key Club event, and every chance I
get I try to educate more people about Key
Club and what we stand for.
Malcom Badger,
Key Club Governor
My name is Malcolm Badger, and I am
the 2014-2015 New England and Bermuda
District of Key Clubs Governor. I live in
Jackson, NH, and I am a member of the
Kennett High School Key Club in North
Conway, NH, which is sponsored by the
Mount Washington Valley Kiwanis Club.
I am now on my 4th year of being in Key
Club, and I have been Freshmen Representative, Sophomore Representative, and
Lieutenant Governor of Division 5 before
being elected as District Governor.
One of my goals for this Key Club year is
to have a board that works well together. In
my opinion, it is much easier to get through
problems and conflicts when everyone is
on the same page, and everyone works
well together. I want to be friendly, easy to
talk to, and I definitely will be open to sug-
Promoting Key Club by doing more projects with our District charities is another
one of my priorities, and Camp Sunshine
especially has a special place in my heart.
I have volunteered at two Bereavement
sessions at Camp, and they were both lifechanging experiences. I am looking forward to working with the New England
District of Kiwanis, and I can’t wait to meet
some of you at Kiwanis District Convention in Rhode Island!
Yours in service,
Malcolm Badger
Governor- New England and Bermuda
of Key Clubs
[email protected]
July 2014 Page 9
Circle K Governor
Hello Kiwanians!
My name is Rachel Shanley, and I am the
2014-2015 District Governor of the New
England District of Circle K. I recently
graduated from Northeastern University
with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
and Human Services, and will be starting
Northeastern University’s Master of Education, Higher Education Administration
program in the fall. When not in classes,
I love participating in all things Circle K,
including fellowship events, service projects, fundraisers and Kiwanis Family relations! In the past, I have held the positions
of District Editor and Greater Boston Lieutenant Governor in New England Circle
K, and was also a Lieutenant Governor
and Convention Chair in the California
Nevada Hawaii District of Key Club International. I hope to continue my leadership
and participation in the Kiwanis Family
by joining a Kiwanis club once I graduate!
This year I hope to meet many of you and
share with you the many benefits of sponsoring or partnering with a Circle K club
in your area. Circle K is an amazing organization, full of college students who are
very invested in their communities and
making the world a better place! Over the
next year, we hope to build our relationship with Kiwanis through hosting a Kiwanis Family picnic in the Fall, inviting
all Kiwanis members to come to our Fall
Conference (October) and District Convention (March), and attending as many
Kiwanis events as possible! Also, this year
we have a ton of college students who
are interested in starting Circle K clubs at
their colleges, which means we need your
help sponsoring these new Circle K clubs!
If your club has any interest in sponsoring a Circle K or just has a service project or fundraiser you need volunteers for,
please feel free to email me at rshanley.
[email protected] or call me at 408-679-9115.
In Service,
Rachel Shanley
New England and Bermuda District
Circle K District Governor
Page 10
Yankiwanian July 2014
Augusta Club Presents Dr. Alice Savage with a Diamond Zeller
I would like to recognize the Augusta Maine Kiwanis Club as the outstanding clubMay
in New
30Eng& 31, June 1
land and Bermuda District for the month of June.
2nda Annual
On June 5th the club presented
Diamond Zeller
May 30
& 31, JuneHeritage
to Dr. Alice Savage for her efforts on behalf of The
Eliminate Project. They also2nd
a Zeller
Dover-Foxcroft, Maine
their president-elect PaulPiscataquis
Michaud bring
total to 11 Zellers.
– www.doverfoxcroftkiwanis.org
Founders: Kiwanis Club
of Dover-Foxcroft
Air Balloon
and Piscataquis
Commerce –Dover-Foxcroft,
The club
Local Agriculture,
Artisans and Tradesmen
of Dover-Foxcroft
Maine – www.doverfoxcroftkiwanis.org
Eliminate Project to bring their total funds raised
and Piscataquis
Chamber of Commerce
– www.piscataquischamber.com
*Live Music*Balloon
Movie Night*
to $58,194 saving 32330
Celebrating our Heritage
Artisans and Tradesmen
3 Days
of Fun For
Whole Family
Congratulations to club President
Max- Glows* Movie Night*
*Live Music*Balloon
well, Eliminate Division Coordinator
3 Days of Fun MiFor The Whole Family
chaud and Lt. Governor Jacqueline Harjula for
their efforts on behalf of The Eliminate Project.
Clubs should support The Eliminate Project to
have fun and improve community
and save lives at the same time.
Kiwanis Club of Dover-Foxcroft and Aktion Club of Mid-Maine – Concessions at Dover-Foxcroft Fire Station
for updates: www.doverfoxcroftkiwnais.org
2014 Maine– Whoopie
Pie Festival
Kiwanis Club of Dover-Foxcroft and Aktion Club of Mid-Maine
at Dover-Foxcroft Fire Station
Check for updates: www.doverfoxcroftkiwnais.org
Dan Bennett
District Coordinator Get ready to join the FUN at the 2014 Maine Whoopie Pie Festival
Dover July
24th, Upcoming
25th, 26th -Events
July 24th, 25th, 26th - ANNUAL KIWANIS AUCTION
FAIRVIEW AVENUE DOVER-FOXCROFT, MAINE - Sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Dover-Foxcroft
50/50 RAFFLE: Need
not be present
to win. To
purchase your tickets contact:
- Sponsored
Kiwanis Club
of Dover-Foxcroft
Tim Hague
at 564-8126MAINE
or 951-0715
or by
July 24th
- 4:00 to 9:00 PM
RAFFLE: Need not be present to win. To purchase your tickets
updates: or
Tim Hague
951-0715 or any Kiwanis member
Thursday, July 24th - 6:00 to 9:00 PM - Friday, July 25th - 6:00 to 9:00 PM - Saturday, July 26th - 4:00 to 9:00 PM
Watch for updates: www.doverfoxcroftkiwanis.org
Saturday, August 2nd – Annual Shiretown Homecoming Celebration
Town of Dover-Foxcroft
– Annual
Our ClubAugust
their services
in support
of the Shiretown
Homecoming Committee
Kiwanis Club and Aktion Club
Floats of
in the
Parade and concessions on the Public Beach
at the
Public in
at Greeley’s
Landing, Homecoming
volunteers their
of the Shiretown
Kiwanis Club and Aktion Club Floats in the Parade and concessions on the Public Beach
FIREWORKS at the Public Beach at Greeley’s Landing, Dover-Foxcroft
Check for updates: www.doverfoxcroftkiwanis.org
Yankiwanian April 2014 Page 11
2013-14 Hanson Middle School (MA) BUILDERS CLUB
HMS Builders Club began in September with
election of officers and a HMS fall grounds
spruce-up + cleanup. The year-round recycling team has kept the school’s dumpsters
loaded with recyclables. Builders also helped
to run the Fall HMS Game Night. In October Builders volunteered at the WhitmanHanson Educational Foundation Kids Fitness
Festival. Builders sold chances on a Halloween Boo Basket and proceeds were given to a
needy Hanson family. Halloween Treats were
also donated to the Hanson Senior Center.
November proved a busy month. $400 was
raised for Eliminate, the Kiwanis/UNICEF effort to eradicate Maternal Neonatal Tetanus.
Builders sold Kiwanis Christmas wreaths in
December and raised $300 for a Dollars for
Scholars scholarship and distributed holiday
cards to the HMS faculty. In January Builders
reorganized and began planning 2014 events
and activities. February was the month devoted to the Hanson Senior Center. They took
Valentine greetings and goodies to the Center
and had lunch with seniors. Builders also sold
300 Valentine carnations to help fund this proj-
ect. In March Builders collected money, food
coupons, and food items for the Hanson Food
Pantry. In April, they helped GREEN HANSON pick up litter around town for Kiwanis
One Day/Clean Up Green Up and began preparing for a May Penny Drive. The penny
drive was for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society and raised $770. Builders also provided
spring cleaning services during May for the
HMS Faculty. The end of year installation and
farewell meeting for 8th graders was on June
6th and 11 departing members received KPTI
Key Club Bears, an annual tradition. Builders
joined Key Club at a table to help the sponsoring Kiwanis Club of Hanson at the First Annual Hanson Day at historic Camp Kiwanee
on June 8th. The camp was purchased by the
Campfire Girls with a loan from the Kiwanis
Club of Boston and was originally called the
Kiwanis Club of Boston Camp for Campfire
Girls before the town purchased it as a recreation area, including the Needles Lodge and
several cabins on the property. It is a favorite
spot for weddings, reunions, and other events.
Faculty Advisors: Josh Lopes & Carolyn Pires
Kiwanis Club of Hanson Advisor: Gret Lozeau
Page 12 Yankiwanian July 2014
Kiwanians are Teachers too!
them without fail, whether it’s at
the start of the bike-riding season
(the suggested time,) or midway
through the summer. They contact
the people at KPTI and get all the
materials – everything from safety
handouts for parents and coloring
sheets for kids, to stickers that can
be put on helmets.
You can visit the KPTI website at
kpti.org and download many materials. You can call the KPTI office
and ask questions.
By John Maihos
KFNE PResident
I remember graduating from high
school and remarking to one of my
teachers that she has a few more
years to go before she could graduate too. She just smiled; I’m sure
that she had heard that before. It’s
true. Our teachers stay in our school
systems and the students advance
While these services are all “free,” it
is important to remember that Annual Gifts from Kiwanis Clubs, and
individual donations from Sustaining Kiwanians to the Kiwanis Foundation of New England (KFNE) is
what keeps the machine running.
KPTI is our foundation’s signature
project, and we are thankful for ev-
Aren’t we, as Kiwanians, a bit like
the teachers? We volunteer in our
community and the youth advance
through. If your club sponsors even
one program that involves young
children, you’ve experienced this.
Whether it’s Key Club or a Kiwanis Bike Safety event, we are
the “teachers;” the kids progress
through the system, retaining some
of the knowledge we’ve shared.
How does the teacher do it? Think
about it…year after year; the same
questions, the same wise-guy students, the same challenges. The
answer is that the teacher gets
motivation from the challenge of
teaching! When a student grasps
a concept… that “aha” moment…
that’s the reward. When a student
tackles problems differently, with
the spirit of adventure and discovery… that’s the reward. When the
teacher watches the student graduate… that’s the reward.
some times to get everyone to settle
on a date, and volunteer to help…
but we do it.
Why do we do put ourselves
through the same thing over and
over? It’s that smile that the youngest of kids beams when she goes
through the obstacle course, maybe a bit unsure, but she completes
it! It’s the innocent attentive look
that a child displays when an adult
who they look up to talks about the
importance of wearing a helmet.
It’s the “aha” moment when a kid
learns to be aware of his environment at a railroad crossing. It’s the
eye contact from the parent who
shows thankfulness that Kiwanians
are in the community to help save
the life of their child.
The next time you plan a Kiwanis
Bike Safety Rodeo, remember all
the positives. Remember why we
are doing this. It’s not a mandated
community service exercise; it’s a
chance to save a kid, a family, from a
traumatic accident. We will eventually “graduate” from Kiwanis, but
our journey is a life’s journey and
a life’s love – just like our teachers.
The Kiwanis Foundation of New
England relies on Annual Gifts
from clubs to maintain the programs at KPTI, grants to Kiwanis
Clubs, and scholarships to New
England & Bermuda students in
our Sponsored Leadership Programs. You and your club can still
get your annual gift in. Visit KFNE.
ORG for details.
ery member’s voluntary donation
of $25 each year, and every Kiwanis
club’s voluntary gift of at least $10
per member.
Kiwanians are like the teachers. We
run a rodeo and do the same thing;
we deal with the same set up and
Year after year we conduct Kiwanis same teeth-pulling that it takes
Bike Safety Rodeos. Some clubs do
Circle K Club Installs Officers
The Johnson & Wales Circle K Club had their installation on Thursday, May 15th,
at The JWU Wildcat Center on Shipyard St., off Allens Avenue in Providence.
Lt. Governor Bob Kinney, and Past Presidents Bob Chavenson (in Red Jacket)
and Jerry Reis were in attendance.
Left to Right: Scott Cox (President), Karl Uzcategui (Atlantic Division Lt. Governor
Governor)), Jennifer Vargas (Vice
President), Tessa Scott (Club Historian), Keisha Toussaint (Club Secretary), Anny Giang (Treasurer) and Sooin Ji
(Immediate Past Treasurer)
Treasurer).. The club meets every other Tuesday, downtown campus.
The Circle K Club and volunteers had spent the day working on various projects for the betterment of the
community. They had painted shower curtains, socks and
more to be donated to KPTI and others, and also had
written letters to personnel in our armed forces. A great
start to a new administration. Congratulations to all! The
Fall River Club is very proud of everyone in the new club!
Above: Lt. Gov. Karl opens the meeting,
and conducts the installation of officers.
Right: The man that never sleeps,
Kiwanis Lt. Gov. Bob Kinney,
congratulates incoming and outgoing
officers and members.
Page 14
Yankiwanian July 2014
Kiwanis and Key Clubs - Partners in Service
Kiwanis of Manchester, NH is A video showcasing the partnerproud to sponsor four (4) Key ship debuted at the event.
Clubs in area high schools: Manchester Memorial and West, Bedford, and the Derryfield School.
A strong partnership has developed that involves active participation from the Key Clubs at
service events presented by Kiwanis. In recognition of the Key
Club’s commitment to the partnership, Kiwanis of Manchester
hosted a special evening to acknowledge a group of outstanding Key Clubbers.
Photo: (top) Asad Pasha, Bedford
is presented with an award for
meritorious service to his club,
school, and community. Jerrod
Boussard, Key Club Lt. Governor and a member of the Memorial Key Club and Michelle
Chretien, Kiwanian and Chair
of the recognition event. (Bottom l to r) Donna Le, Memorial,
Eric Desmarais, West, and Tessa
Coleman, Memorial share $2500
in scholarships awarded annually by Kiwanis of Manchester.
Emma Efrati from Memorial is
presented with her award for
meritorious service. Absent was
Cassie Roveto, who earned the
meritorious service award representing West.
bottom line. Special thanks to
Professional Auctioneer, Frank
Eaton from Variety Auctions in
Epsom, NH for volunteering his
$19,000 for the Kids of Manchester, NH (Photo attached)
The 46th Annual Kiwanis Charity Auction took on a new life as
one of the Club’s major fundraisers. A longstanding an outdoor
event, this time a scaled down,
but more profitable auction was
held at the Club’s regular meeting venue. The silent and live
bid items included autographed
celebrity and sports memorabilia, getaways, appliances, services, and lots of gift cards. The
Auction was topped off by a special raffle of 100 bottles of wine
valued at $1000 won by Kiwanian Dottie Gove and her husband, Andy. Sponsorships also
contributed significantly to the
Grandson and Granddad – Newest and longest serving members. (photo)
At 24, Chris Grant is the youngest member of the Kiwanis of
Manchester, NH and one of ten
new members joining the Club
since the start of the fiscal year
in October. Stan Grant recently
celebrated his 55th anniversary
making him the longest serving
member of the Club. Together
the Grant’s represent a continuity of service to Kiwanis and the
youth of Manchester that crosses
PLGC - Notices
Under the PLGC By Laws:
1. Article VIII – Nominations and Elections of Officers and Directors:
2. Article IX – Meetings: At the Annual District Convention - 22-24 August 2014.
(Nominations, Elections and Amendments will be held at the annual
Breakfast Meeting of the PLGC).
3.Article XII - Amendments to PLGC By Laws.
July 2014 Page 15
Mount Washington Valley Kiwanis
Honors Sierra Abrams
IN THE PHOTO: From Left to Right – Abby O’Haire
(K-Kids Pine Tree School Advisor), Sierra Abrams,
Diane Gamache (K-Kids Pine Tree School Advisor),
Marie Lee, (Kiwanis Club President)
The Kiwanis Club of Mount Washington Valley
announced this week, that Sierra Abrams of Pine
Tree School is the recipient of the Kiwanis International Foundation K-Kids Leadership Award.
Sierra was nominated by her K-Kids advisors
Diane Gamache and Abby O’Haire. This award
is a testament to Sierra’s leadership, community
service and character. Along with receiving a
medallion and certificate from Kiwanis International, Sierra received $100 from the MWV Kiwanis to donate to a charity of her choice. Sierra
is one of eight students to receive this award in
the country.
Kiwanis and Rotary Annual Bike Rodeo
The Norway-Paris Kiwanis Club and Oxford
Hills Rotary Club partnered up for their Annual
Bike Rodeo.
Each year, according to AAA, approximately
200 children under the age of 15 die as a result
of bicycle crashes. Thousands more are treated
in emergency rooms for bicycle related injuries.
While bicycle helmets have been shown to reduce the risk of head injury by 85%, only 5% of all
children cyclists nationwide use bicycle helmets.
Many children and their parents are unaware of
these statistics and the basic techniques for staying safe while riding a bicycle.
The Norway-Paris Kiwanis Club has sponsored
an annual Bike Rodeo in ongoing effort to teach
children and their parents bicycle safety skills in
a fun family setting. In addition to providing a
safety check of your child’s bicycle and ensuring each child receives a free and properly fitted
helmet, this year’s Bike Rodeo has expanded to
include a variety of “stations” where your child
will learn – and practice – proper hand signals
and bike safety skills. Each child who completes
the course will be entered in a raffle to win a free
bicycle donated by Hannaford!!
Local law enforcement personnel will be on hand
to help familiarize riders with the keys to proper
bike safety, and will help run participants through
various obstacle courses to hone their skills.
This widely popular annual event will be expanded again this year to include a special station for
fingerprinting children, sponsored by the local
Masonic Lodge, and a Car Seat Safety Check conducted by the staff from Stephens Memorial Hospital and The Family Birthplace. Certified Child
Passenger Safety Technicians will be available to
provide free hands-on seat inspections.
“It’s the responsibility of every single parent, caregiver or anyone who transports children in their
vehicle to make sure their passengers are safely
restrained – every trip, every time,” said Carol
Welsh, RN, Prenatal Outreach Coordinator for
Stephens Memorial Hospital’s Family Birthplace.
“When it comes to the safety of a child there is no
room for mistakes.”
Welsh stated, “Car seats, when installed correctly
and used, are extremely effective in saving children’s lives. Proper use of a car seat reduces the
risk of death by as much as 71% for infants. However, car seats are complicated to install and use
and there are many models to choose from. Even
the most conscientious of parents may make mistakes. It has been found that nine out of ten car
seats are not installed or used correctly, and that
only 5% of children who should use a booster seat
actually do.”
Page 16 Yankiwanian July 2014
2014 Tournament Registration Form
Participant Types (circle one)
Team Name__________________________________
Player #1
11th Annual
Kiwanis Kids
Charity Golf Scramble
July 21, 2014
8:30 am Shotgun Start
18 Hole Scramble
Located at:
Name: __________________________ Handicap: _____
Address: ________________________________________
City: _____________________ State: ____ Zip: _______
Phone: __________________________________________
E-mail: __________________________________________
Player #2
Name: __________________________ Handicap: _____
Address: ________________________________________
City: _____________________ State: ____ Zip: _______
Phone: __________________________________________
E-mail: __________________________________________
Player #3
Name: __________________________ Handicap: _____
Address: ________________________________________
City: _____________________ State: ____ Zip: _______
Phone: __________________________________________
E-mail: __________________________________________
Player #4
Golf and Recreation Center
60 Val Halla Rd
Cumberland ME 04021
Westbrook Kiwanis Supports:
Name: __________________________ Handicap: _____
Address: ________________________________________
City: _____________________ State: ____ Zip: _______
Phone: __________________________________________
E-mail: __________________________________________
Scholarships for Westbrook High School Students
My Place Teen Center
Westbrook Little League
Bide Rodeo Helmets
Kids Emergency Assistance
• Clothes for Kids
• Key Club Activities
• Eliminate Project
Yankiwanian July 2014 Page 17
KFNE First Lady Geana Project
It is hard to believe that almost a year has gone
by since George was elected Governor of the New
England and Bermuda District of Kiwanis. I have
had such a great time traveling with George when
I was able to. It was fun to meet and talk to Kiwanians I had never met before and to visit with
Kiwanians I have come to know over the years.
I would like to thank all of the clubs and individuals who made a donation for the silent auction at the convention in North Conway, New
Hampshire in November. My First Lady’s Project
for the year was the Kiwanis Foundation of New
England Grant Program. Through your generous
donations we were able to raise over $4,000. I am
happy to say that several grants have been given
out and you will hear about them and see video of
them at the District Convention in August in Warwick, Rhode Island.
There will not be a silent auction at the convention
in August this year. There will be a presentation
of checks and this will be at the KFNE Luncheon
on Saturday, August 23, 2014. I am once again
asking for your support whether it be for the Red
Jacket Program or for the First Lady’s Project, the
grant program. If you or your club would like to
present a check, please let me know. It would be
most helpful if you would let me know if the donation would be for the Red Jacket Program or the
First Lady’s Project or just a general donation to
the Kiwanis Foundation of New England.
Once again, I thank you for your previous support
and l look forward again to your support at the
convention in August. It has been a pleasure to
serve as your First Lady and as the Secretary of
the Kiwanis Foundation of New England. I forgot
to put 1 thing in the piece for the Yankiwanian.
After I ask for people to let me know if they will be
making a presentation would you please add my
e-mail address for them to get in contact with me.
It is [email protected]
New KFNE Address
We would like everyone to know that
the KFNE Office in Framingham, MA
is now closed.
The new mailing address is:
Kiwanis Foundation of New England
P.O. Box 2307,
Westfield, MA 01086-2307
The new phone number is
(508) 919-6353
KI Approves Grants
At our February board meeting, Kiwanis International Foundation approved 27 grants for a total
of more than $582,000 to support Kiwanis-family
projects. Two clubs in the New England and Bermuda district received grants, the Dover-Foxcroft
club for its backpack food program and the Greenfield club for phase four of its reconstruction project at Camp Kee-Wanee. Grants were also extended to Key Leader, Circle K International, and
Aktion Club.
These grants are made possible by gifts to the Kiwanis Children’s Fund, which includes Annual
Club Gifts, participation in Skip-A-Meal, and
general contributions to Kiwanis International
Foundation. To make a gift now, click here (link:
https://secure.qgiv.com/for/?key=kif). For more
information about Kiwanis International Foundation grants, click here (link: http://www.kiwanis.
your Kiwanis-family club affiliation when submitting funds online.
Give quickly and securely at www.TheEliminateProject.org/give. Don’t forget to include
Donor to be credited
Phone (with area code)
Preparer name
Thank you for supporting The Eliminate Project and for doing your
part to change the world!
The Eliminate Project: Campaign Office
3636 Woodview Trace
Indianapolis, IN 46268 USA
U.S. & Canada: 1-800-KIWANIS
Please allow three weeks for the award to be prepared and delivered. If
you have any questions, contact the campaign office at 1-800-Kiwanis,
+1-317-217-6213 or [email protected] Return this
completed form via email, fax (+1-317-471-8323) or mail:
Phone (with area code)
Postal code
Kiwanis-family program affiliation:
Ship award to:
Number of club members
Key Club
Security code
Recognition certificate(s) will be emailed to the point of contact to be
personalized and distributed.
Email (required)
Anticipated presentation date
Recipient name(s)
Builders Club
Recognition information:
Club number
American Express
Pay by check:
Make check payable to the “Kiwanis International Foundation” and
include “The Eliminate Project” on the memo line.
Aktion Club
Eliminate Week
Name as it appears on credit card
Expiration date
Card number
Pay by credit card:
Club name
Club associated with this gift:
Funds raised through:
Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF
Show Your Love, Save a Life
Total funds
1K Club: US$1,000
For per-member average (select only one)
Bronze Club: US$10 per member
Silver Club: US$25 per member
Gold Club: US$50 per member
Club recognition
Recipient name (required)
Elimidallion: US$625 (SLP members and advisors are eligible)
Individual recognition
Do your part. Make your mark. Give to The Eliminate Project:
Kiwanis eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus.
For Service Leadership Program members, clubs and advisors
The Eliminate Project gift form for Kiwanis-family members
Page 18 Yankiwanian July 2014
GIEP-613-1 (8/13)
Yankiwanian July 2014 Page 19
The Eliminate Project Report
Thank you to all the clubs and SLP that have donated to The Eliminate project. To date we have raised/pledged
$535,134 saving 297,297 lives.
Six of our clubs have joined the Global Service Society by pledging $350 or more per member for The Eliminate
Project pledging $223,888 and they are as follows;
Platinum Club Scarborough $1582 per member
Model Clubs:Augusta, Beverly, Danvers and Norwalk $750 per member.
Silver Club Newport $665 per member
Fourteen clubs have raised between $ 3,000 to S19, 000 each for a total of $95,963 and they are as follows;
Meriden, New London and Weston CT, Lower Cape, Mashpee, Natick, Pembroke, Taunton, Sheffield and
Westfield MA, Rockland ME, Hookset NH, St. Johnsbury, Montpelier and Hardwick VT
• Twenty nine clubs have raised between $1000 to $3000 each for a total of $58,307.
• Twenty eight clubs have raised between $300 to $1000 each for a total of $15,037
• Thirty nine clubs have raised less than $300 each for a total of $4865
This represents 76% of the clubs in the New England and Bermuda District Non clubs gifts total $61,591
Not to overlook the efforts of our SLP clubs. They have raised $75,483 to date with 150 clubs participating.
18 clubs have raised more than $1000 each with 5 raising $2,000 or more and they are:
New England Key Club District $4076, Wentworth Intermediate $3695, Lynnfield H/S $2245
Northeastern University $2223 and Ledyard H/S $2057.
The next 12 months are crucial for Kiwanis International to reach the goal of raising/pledging $110 million by
International’s 100th Anniversary in June 2015. Worldwide The Eliminate Project has raised $53 million to date.
The New England and Bermuda goal is to raise/pledge a total of $1 million saving 555,555 lives and we have the
potential to reach this goal.
If a club were to sign a Letter of Intent and send it to International this month they would have 5 years to raise
the funds and it would help UNICEF stop this horrific disease in the remaining 25 countries were tetanus kills
58,000 babies every year.
We can reach this goal if 12 clubs sign a Letter of Intent to become at least a Silver club this will raise $263,000.
If 54 clubs sign a Letter of Intent pledging to raise $1,000 per year for 5 years would raise $270,000.
There are 38 clubs that have not yet taken the opportunity to join in the effort to save lives with a donation to the
project. Potential is unlimited.
Your club can raise fund thru fund raisers, club treasury, club foundation, individual gifts and joining The Walter Zeller Fellowship with a gift of $1290.
Please contact me to discuss your individual club potential and help the District reach our goals.
Respectfully submitted,
Dan Bennett
[email protected]
Page 20
Yankiwanian July 2014
District Convention, Warwick, RI
Kiwanis fun and fellowship, with some serious business mixed in, will be the order of the day at the 96th
New England and Bermuda District of Kiwanis Convention August 21-24 in Warwick, RI.
Charles, governor of the West Virginia District of Kiwanis, who will offer some unique perspectives from
Kiwanis’s smallest district (just 1,024 members in 50
The beautiful Crowne Plaza at the Crossings will
provide the setting for a full weekend of social activities, delegate sessions and educational opportunities,
culminating with the installation Saturday evening
of 2014-2015 District Governor Glen Cefalo and his
Saturday’s buffet breakfast will precede the meeting of
the Past Lieutenant Governor’s Committee, which will
be followed by a presentation on a new District project
near and dear to Governor-elect Glen Cefalo’s heart –
training for infant car seat installers. There will also be
a session on the status of The Eliminate Project by District Eliminate Chair Dan Bennett. Saturday will feature
the return of the Kiwanis Foundation of New England
luncheon, with a briefing on the most recent projects
of your Foundation and an opportunity for clubs and
individuals to honor members with KFNE Red Jackets.
Attendees will hear about the Foundation’s continuing
support of the Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Institute at
Tufts Medical Center in Boston, progress toward the
long-planned Hap Gerrish Pediatric Trauma Registry,
and the latest developments in the Foundation’s club
grant program. Be sure to come and meet your KFNE
board members.
The convention begins Friday morning at 8:30 with
the traditional opening session, followed immediately by presentation of distinguished club and division awards for the 2012-2013 Kiwanis year by Past
Governor Frank Dennett. Awards for club growth,
Interclubs and club newsletters for the current year
will also be presented, as will the prestigious Irving
Talberth award for club secretary of the year.
The district education team, led by Education Chair
Wanda Baril and Master Trainer Foster Crawford,
has prepared a full lineup of training and education
opportunities for your convention Friday. Highlights
will be an orientation session for first-time convention attendees presented
by Immediate Past Governor Frank Dennett; an
introduction to “The Formula,” Kiwanis International’s world-wide membership growth initiative
by District Formula Chair
Adam Wright and Kiwanis International Region
One Formula Coordinator
Denny Kiroff; and a session on public relations,
publicity and social media by Maine “Woman of Achievement” and WAGM
television personality Shawn Cunningham.
Friday will also feature a Service Leadership luncheon, where Key Club Governor Malcolm Badger
and Circle K Governor Rachel Shanley will preside
over a session highlighting the amazing work done
by our Service Leadership Program members, including K-Kids, Builders Club, Key Club, Circle K
and Aktion Club.
At Friday’s dinner for outgoing lieutenant governors and committee chairs, Governor George will
recognize some of the outstanding achievement of
the 2013-2014 board. Guest speaker will be Sherry
After lunch, the House of Delegates will convene to
elect the 20142015 district
and consider
proposed Bylaws changes.
Be sure to select delegates
for your club
their names to
district secretary Bill Jenkins
the convention.
On Saturday evening we will install Governor Glen
Cefalo and his new leadership team. The convention
will close Sunday morning with an informal breakfast,
followed by the first official meeting of the new Board
of Trustees.
The Convention is a great opportunity to learn more
about Kiwanis and to get to know your District leaders. Register at www.newenglandkiwanis.org, and
make hotel reservations by calling (401) 732-6000. You
must mention Kiwanis to get the convention rate of
$100 per night plus tax, and reservations must be made
by July 21
Yankiwanian July 2014 Page 21
New England District Kiwanis
118 Union Avenue, Suite 11
P.O. Box 687
Framingham, Massachusetts 01704
July 1, 2014
Official Call to 96th Annual New England & Bermuda District of Kiwanis Int’l. Convention
In accordance with the New England District of Kiwanis International Bylaws, Article VIII, Section 4, please
find this to be the Official Call to the 95th Annual New England District of Kiwanis Convention to be held
August 21, 22, 23, & 24, 2014 at the Crowne Plaza at the Crossing, 801 Greenwich Avenue, Warwich, RI
The business of the convention shall be to elect the 2014-2015 Officers of the New England District, to
act on any proposals for amendment to the District Bylaws, act on any Resolutions to come before the
Convention and to take any other action properly brought before the Convention, in accordance with the
Bylaws of the District.
Each Kiwanis Club in good standing in the New England District shall be permitted three, (3), delegates and
three, (3), alternates who must be elected in accordance with the Bylaws of the District. All officers and
Past Governors of the District, who are active, privileged or senior members of a Kiwanis Club of the
District shall be Delegates-at-Large to the Convention. Also a Past Lieutenant Governor may represent any
one club in his/her present division, not otherwise represented by three, (3), delegates, provided he/she is a
member of a Kiwanis Club in good standing, and the club within his/her division has chosen him/her a
delegate at a duly held Board of Directors meeting of such club. Lieutenant Governors-designate shall be
Delegates-at-Large to the Annual District Convention.
Proposed Amendments to the Bylaws, which shall be submitted only by a club in good standing or by the New
England District of Kiwanis Board of Trustees, shall be received by the District Secretary at least sixty,
(60), days prior to the date of the Convention. All resolutions submitted thirty, (30), days prior to the date
of the Convention shall be referred to the Committee on Resolutions for its consideration and
recommendation to the Convention. No resolutions other than those submitted or originated by the Committee
on Resolutions shall be considered, unless consideration thereof shall be recommended by two-thirds, (2/3),
vote of the members of the Convention present at any session.
Respectfully submitted,
William T. Jenkins
District Secretary
New England & Bermuda District Convention
Thursday, August 21st
Registration Open
Welcome event
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
5:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Plaza Foyer
Newport Playhouse & Cabaret Theatre
Friday – August 22nd
Registration Open
Delegate Credentials Registration Open
Exhibit Tables Open
Breakfast: On Your Own – No Program
7:30 am – 5:00 pm
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
8:00 am – 5:00 pm
7:00am – 8:00 am
Plaza Foyer
Plaza Foyer
Grand Foyer
Opening Session
8:30 am – 9:00 am
2012-2013 District Awards
9:00 am – 9:45 am
5-Year Plan for Growth – “The Formula”
10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
Denny Kiroff, Kiwanis International Region One Coordinator
Adam Wright, New England & Bermuda District Formula Chair
2013-2014 New England District Board Meeting
10:00 am – 10:50
Rhode Island
Publicity, Public Relations & Social Media
Shawn Cunningham
11:00 am – 11:45am
Welcome to the Convention - First Time Attendees
Past Governor Frank Dennett
11:00 am – 11:45 am
Rhode Island
Service Leadership Programs luncheon
12:00 Noon- 1:30 pm
Salon 1-2-3
Kiwanis Foundation of New England Board Meeting
1:30 pm – 2:15
“Hit the Road Running” - Incoming Presidents
Foster Crawford, Master Trainer
1:30 pm- 2:15 pm
Rhode Island
Past Governors Committee Meeting
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Salon 4
Division Caucuses
3:30 pm – 4:00 pm
Leadership Reception for Club Presidents/Lt. Govs
Governor George Delisle
5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
To Be Determined
Social Hour
6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Grand Foyer
Outgoing District Officers and Lt. Governors Dinner
6:30 pm -9:00 pm
Salon 1-2-3
Hospitality Room Open
9:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Barrington &
Yankiwanian July 2014 Page 23
Saturday – August 22, 2014
Registration Open
Delegate Registration Open
7:00 am – 1:30 pm
8:00 am – 1:30 pm
Plaza Foyer
Plaza Foyer
Buffet Breakfast and Past Lt. Governor Annual Meeting 7:30 am – 8:30 am
All attendees invited
laza Ballroom
Past Lt. Governor Committee Meeting
8:45 am – 9:30 am
laza Ballroom
Child Safety – Car Seat Installation
9:00 am – 10:00 am
Salon 4
ELIMINATE – How far have we come?
Dan Bennett, District Coordinator
9:30 am – 9:45 am
Salon 5
Meet the Candidates & House of Delegate Etiquette
11:00 am to 11:50 am
Salon 1-2-3
KFNE Luncheon
Noon – 1:45 pm
Plaza Ballroom
House of Delegates
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Salon 1-2-3
Reception for 2014-2015 District Officers & Board
5:00 pm- 6:30 pm
Social Hour
5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Grand Foyer
Banquet - Installation of 2013-2014 Officers and Board 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Hospitality Rooms Open
9:00 pm – 11:00 pm
lon 1-2-3
Barrington and Greenwich
Sunday, August 23, 2014
Governor George
2014-2015 District Board Meeting
7:30 am – 9:00 am
9:00 am – Noon
Thank you for attending the Convention
Have a safe trip home and best wishes for an exciting year ahead in Kiwanis!
N.E. District of Kiwanis 2013-14
96th District Convention
N.E. District of Kiwanis 2013-2014
96th District Convention
Crowne Plaza at the Crossing
801 Greenwich Avenue
Warwick, RI 02886
- (CONTACT HOTEL DIRECTLY) Crowne Plaza at the Crossing
801 Greenwich Avenue
Warwick, RI 02886
August 21, 22, 23 and 24, 2014
Meals & Registration Form (Online Only)
For meals & registration use this form as a reference guide. You can
register multiple attendees on the RegOnline website. Logon to RegOnline
at http://www.regonline.com/96thannualdistrictconvention.
For Room Reservations Call: 401-732-6000
Reservations can be made Monday thru Friday
Confirmation Only by E-mail
8:00 AM till 5:00 PM only
When making reservations you must indicate you are attending the
New England & Bermuda District of Kiwanis Convention to receive the
Kiwanis rate.
If questions call the District Secretary at 617-899-9916
([email protected]).
Deadline to register for this room rate is
July 21, 2014 or until rooms are sold out
Room rates are $100.00 ++ single or double
Deadline for meals registration on the online system is August 19,
2014. Walk-ins are welcome, with meals being available on a “space
available basis”
The room rate is guaranteed 3 days before the Convention and three
days after for those looking for a little vacation time in Rhode Island.
Room type not necessarily guaranteed, based on availability only.
Function Chair Bart Stevens --- E: [email protected]
Name ________________________________________________ Guest/s Name/s___________________________________________
Address _______________________________________________________ Tel. (day)_______________________________________
City/State ____________________________________
Zip Code ______________________
Kiwanis Div. & Club ___________________________________ Kiwanis Title (if any) ______________________________________
Registration fee (for Kiwanians only)
Before 8/9/2014 After 08/08/2014
Thursday Musical Venture
Friday 2013-2014 SLP Luncheon
Baked Scrod
Boneless Chicken
Saturday PLGC Breakfast (Open to All)
Saturday KFNE Luncheon
Fillet of Sole
Chicken Cordon Blue
Friday Awards Dinner
Saturday 2014-2015 Board Dinner
Sunday Morning Breakfast
Vegetarian alternative available upon request for Friday or Saturday dinner (no price difference).
In the Online Reservation system you can use either PayPal or a credit card for payment. Walk-ins must either have cash or a credit card.
Yankiwanian July 2014 Page 25
Crowne Plaza at the Crossing, Warwick, RI
August 21, 22, 23, 24, 2014
THIS IS TO CERTIFY that the following members are duly elected delegates of this club to the above New England District
Convention. In accordance with the by-law provisions, each chartered club in good standing in the District is entitled to three (3)
delegates, one of whom shall be the President, and three (3) alternatives, whose names appear below and are elected to serve in
the event that the delegates cannot attend.
1. Delegate _________________________________________________________________________________________
2. Delegate _________________________________________________________________________________________
3. Delegate _________________________________________________________________________________________
1. Alternate _________________________________________________________________________________________
2. Alternate _________________________________________________________________________________________
3. Alternate _________________________________________________________________________________________
Kiwanis Club of _________________________________ (Signed) _____________________________________________
Dated ________________________________________ (Signed) _____________________________________________
Send copy to: District Secretary, New England & Bermuda District of Kiwanis, 1 Harpers Hollow, East Sandwich, MA 02537
Danvers Club Bike Rodeo
The Danvers Kiwanis Club Bike Rodeo was
held on June 21. We had a wonderful time and
we were able to fit 67 children with helmets.
We had our partners the Danvers Police and
Lahey Hospital there to fit hepmets. The Kiwanis along with the Explorers ran the opstical
courses for the children. They were so proud
and excited to get their certificate of completion. This is a wonderful time for Kiwanis
members to conect with each other and show
the community what we do. We also gave out
extra road race t-shirts so everyone was in the
Kiwanis logo! Events like this and seeing all
the smiles on the childrens, parents and our
members faces make me so proud to be a member of Kiwanis!!
Page 26 Yankiwanian July 2014
Monsignor Clarke School
The MSC Builders Club did many service projects school community who is acquiring a Habitat
since early April. Below is a summary of some of home.
Holy week walk for hunger: our entire
the projects that they have done:
school community walked laps around our school
Cereal drive and food stacking event at RI on a very chilly morning during holy week raisCAN: 165 pounds of cereal were donated from ing awareness and donations for a local homeless
the community. Twenty one club members had a shelter.
tour of the facility and then stacked/organized the
shelves on a day off from school. The organization
was low on toiletries so two moms went out and Key Club Raises $1,000
purchased 70 pounds of items during the event.
South Kingstown Town Beach Clean up: After a year of fundraising, the Ridgefield High
our group alone picked up over 500 pounds of School Key Club has made it to their $1,000 goal
trash/debris on the beach
for the Danbury Hospital Kids Care Club. Fund•
Earth Day clean up event at Christ the King raisers included several bake sales over the course
Parish: we helped make this first annual parish of the year, including an especially successful one
event a success by working approximately 18 man
at the Ridgefield Town Holiday Stroll. In addition
hours to clean up the church grounds
Peanut butter drive to support local chari- to a money donation, the Key Club has drawn sevties including the Johnnycake Center, Domes- eral ‘superhero drawings’ to be given to the chiltic Violence Resource Center and the Welcome dren. It is our hope, that these drawings will put
a smile on the children’s faces. We are very happy
The MCS community has also participated to have reached our goal, and look forward to conin other events including the CRS food packing tinue fundraising next year!
event in which over 10000 meals were packed.
Several of our middle school students participated
Mary Lodigiani and Kent Rapp, Co-Presidents
in this wonderful event.
Habitat for Humanity: our parents/staff Loren Euvrard RHS Key Club Advisor
volunteered 120 hours to support a family in our and Kiwanian
Division 5 Outreach Program
On June 7th Kiwanis 36 members from Division
5 gathered at the local Baptist Church where they
put together packages of macaroni and cheese.
Each packet serves 4-6 people. They packaged
10,500 servings. Clubs that were in attendance
were: Norway-Paris, Saco River Valley, Sanford,
Scarborough and Westbrook. Some of the clubs
were able to distribute some of the boxes of mac
and cheese they had packaged to their local food
pantries. Approximately 20 boxes were also donated to the Good Shepherd Food. The event was
organized by Ava Adams and Robert Talley. This
will become an annual division 5 project! The
project raised over $2,000
Yankiwanian July 2014 Page 27
District Office Supplies Available
As many may know, with the retirement of long-time Administrative Secretary Fran De Sousa, the opportunity to restructure the way we support the District is here. Since many of the things that Fran did
well, supported by Joan and Ann, have been automated, thus reducing the need for a physical office.
While other line items will increase we will be able to significantly reduce our out-of-pocket cost related to the office and support personnel, dodging the need for a dues increase and should let us provide
additional support to our programs. Registration for conferences and conventions now require online
access but there is out-of-pocket cost with each registration. Consideration is being given to passing
part of this cost on to the registrant.
The three ladies provided accounting support, telephone coverage, conference and conventions support, LTG education manuals and a depository for district documents. When Fran took a six month
family medical leave prior to her retirement, I assumed the accounting support and have retained it.
Now Ann and I have been scanning documents and uploading them into Just Cloud with the intent to
provide limited searchable access for interested members. If you have ever visited the Framingham office you saw the wall of Governors. Now pictures of governors from 1918 to 2014 resided in the cloud.
District Boards, financial statements, tax returns, etc. are also there. The history of the district, with
revision 4 are there (if you have copies of versions 2 and/or 3 please send to me). It is also interesting to
see the 96 years of accumulated data now residing in 39 banker boxes waiting to be shredded.
With the imminent closing of the office there is a lot of equipment and furniture to be disposed. Review
the following list and let me know if there interest. If you want a picture of an item before making a bid
that will be provided to you via an email request. If you are the high (or only) bidder your donation
will go to KFNE. This is a cash and carry.
3’6” x 6’5” Wooden 6 Drawer Desk
4’10” x 2’6” Desk with 3 Drawer Computer Table Extension
7’10” x 3’7” Conference Table
Red Barrel Chairs (3)
Office Chairs (Swivel) (2)
Table Chairs (3)
White Floor Lamp
Electric Typewriter (Brothers) and Typewriter Tables (2)
Minolta (Bizhub 200) Copy Machine (110v) with Toner
HP Color Scanner (new)
Canon Fax Machine
Electric Stapler
Metal Cabinets (3 shelf) 36” x 42” x 12” (3)
Metal Cabinet (4 shelf) 3’ x 6’ x 12”
4 Drawer Metal File Cabinets (7)
4 Drawer Fire Proof Metal File Cabinet 20” x 31” x 56” (HEAVY)
Pigeon Hole Metal Cabinet 30” x 36” x 12”
2 Door Metal Cabinet 3’6” x 72” x 18”
Have you heard of the Irving Talbert Annual Award for the outstanding club secretary? It is awarded
each year at the DCON. If you know of a secretary that is deserving consideration please let me know
by August 1, 2014.
My contact information is as follows: William Jenkins, District Secretary, New England & Bermuda
District of Kiwanis, 1 Harpers Hollow, East Sandwich, MA 02537-1506, [email protected]
Page 28 Yankiwanian July 2014
A good secretary is important to every Kiwanis Club. The New England & Bermuda District of Kiwanis has instituted
the “Irving Talbert Trophy” in recognition of the District’s Outstanding Club Secretary. The recipient will receive
this award, named in honor of Irving Talbert, who was our first permanent District Secretary.
The winner’s name, club and year the award was presented will be printed on a plate on the base of the large,
silver, cup. Usually the cup is also displayed at the District Convention. The winner will retain the cup until the
following year.
Lieutenant Governors or clubs wishing to submit nominations should contact the District Secretary prior to July
30 . Each division/club will submit names of nominees to the District Secretary for selection of the award winner.
Recordkeeping and reporting make up the main criteria for the selection of the outstanding secretary. The
guidelines are as follows:
100% of the following:
1. District and International dues paid by November 30 .
2. Online monthly reporting is current through June 30 .
3. Certification of Election of Delegates to International Convention 30 days prior to the convention.
4. Certification of Election of Delegates to the District Convention.
5. Certification of Election of succeeding year’s club officers by May 31 .
Any two of the following:
1. Attendance to the International Convention.
2. Attendance to the District Convention
3. Attendance to a Mid-Winter Conference or a Regional Conference
4. Attendance to a Governor’s Visit to your Division.
5. Attendance to the Lieutenant Governor’s Training Conference
The following points may be kept in mind when making a recommendation:
Keeping Records:
1. Maintaining complete records on membership and club and Board meetings.
2. Reminding committee chair people to report to the Secretary.
3. Inform Treasurer of member billing and accounts payable.
1. Submitting all required reports promptly, accurately and thoroughly.
2. Report all new members and those who have left the club (with the reason noted)
3. Answer all correspondence promptly.
4. Report financial obligations of club to the Board for action and prompt payment.
Other Considerations:
1. Assist with club bulletin and other member communications.
2. Number of years of service as Club Secretary.
3. Assistance given Club President and Lieutenant Governor.
Yankiwanian July 2014 Page 29
Fun and Fellowship - 2014 Bermuda Cruise
Fun, fellowship, great food and
the spirit of Kiwanis service were
all in evidence during the recent
10th annual New England and
Bermuda District’s cruise to Bermuda, with Governor George
Delisle’s official visit to Division
26 as a highlight.
More than 50 Kiwanians, spouses, friends and family members
were aboard Norwegian Cruise
Lines’ Norwegian Dawn when
she sailed from Boston Friday,
May 16. Cruise Chairman Bob
Tandy and wife Deb once again
served as organizers and hosts
most beautiful beach and rated
as the #8 beach in the world by
TripAdvisor. With the beach as
a background, Division 26 Lieutenant Governor Altama Burgess presided over the formal
program. The presidents of the
St. George’s and Hamilton Kiwanis Clubs presented reports
onm their recent activities before
Governor George addressed the
members present on the importance of membership growth.
A troupe of the island’s famed
Gombey dancers performed for
the assembly thanks to Cruise
Chairman Bob Tandy. The
Gombey is a centuries-old Bermuda tradition reflecting the island’s blend of African, native,
Caribbean and British cultures.
for the week-long excursion.
The Dawn arrived at Bermuda’s
Royal Naval Dockyards on Sunday morning, May 18. Cruisers
were at liberty to explore the
shops and recreation facilities
at the Dockyards, or to visit the
National Museum of Bermuda,
just a short walk from the pier.
Taxis, buses and water taxis were
available to transport cruisers to
any part of Bermuda.
On Monday morning, someof
the cruise participants were
taken to the Bermuda Cancer
and Health Center for a service
project in which Kiwanians assembled tents in preparation for
the 2014 Appleby Bermuda Half
Marathon Derby which was run
on May 26.
En route back to Boston, cruise
participants enjoyed a group
dinner in the Norwegian Dawn’s
La Cucina Italian-themed restaurant on Wednesday, May 21.
The Dawn returned to Boston on
Friday morning, May 23, leaving
all who participated refreshed,
relaxed and full of great memories.
Governor-elect Glen Cefalo and
Cruise Chairman Bob Tandy
have already started planning
for the 2015 Bermuda cruise,
which will depart Boston on
The official Governor’s Visit was Friday, May 22 to allow particiheld Monday evening (May 19) pants to march in the 2015 Berat scenic Horseshoe Bay, wide- muda Day parade on Monday,
ly considered to be Bermuda’s May 25.
Page 30 Yankiwanian July 2014
Support Kiwanis International’s ELIMINATE PROJECT
Purchase a ticket from your local Kiwanis Club for $10 and $4
from that ticket will support Kiwanis International’s efforts to
eradicate maternal/neonatal tetanus.
Sunday, July 20 v. Portland (Red Sox affiliate)
First 1,000 fans receive a free Fisher Cats hat
Ticket orders are due to your local club by
Tuesday, July 1
**Make individual checks payable to your local club**
Club Treasurers: Please submit one check for all your club tickets payable
Mail to:
NH Fisher Cats | C/O Tom Gauthier | 1 Line Drive | Manchester, NH 03101
Sunday, July 20 | 1:35pm
New Hampshire Fisher Cats vs.
Portland Sea Dogs (AA-Boston Red Sox)
(Make checks payable to YOUR LOCAL CLUB)
2nd Annual
Golf Tournament
July 17, 2014
Brattleboro Country Club
Brattleboro, Vermont
12:00 Noon
For more information and Registration
Form Please Contact:
Kiwanis Club of Brattleboro
C/O Patti Hurd
221 Main Street
Brattleboro, VT 05301
(802) 275-3904
[email protected]